Stony Inseparable Part 5: “This is so exasperating”


The reason behind Wanda witch’s revenge

Nat got to know some shocking things regarding Clint

Clint got 2 slaps from Steve and Nat.


Part 5:


N:”Enough Clint, enough. I thought we can resolve it by talking to each other but you ruined everything Clint, everything.”

S:”Nat what happened?”

T:”Nat. Are you okay?”

N:”Clint. Clint was cheating on me this whole time.”

S:”What? Cheating and Clint!”

T:”Nat. What’s this?”

N:”Even I couldn’t believe when I saw those things. This man was cheating on me. Clint just why.. why you did it? You could have told me earlier, I would have leave you.”

C:”Wow Nat, just Wow. Don’t act so good and innocent Nat. You are the one who ruined my happiness. What I could have told you that I’m….”

L:”Jeez, so much drama going on.”

T:”Loki don’t do that. What happened friends?”

S:”Thor, we will tell you after sometime and Clint what are you even saying! Just stop it.”

C:”No Rodgers oops Stark no. This time she has to listen everything.”

N:”What? That you were cheating on me the whole time and you are not happy with me. Or yo’re a…”

L:”Shut up guys. Why you just have to fight every time we are here, this is so exasperating.”

T:”Loki, stop your rant.”

S:”Loki don’t utter a word a now or else—”

T:”Steve, leave that. Clint you should go home with Nat.”

C:”Which home? That one where she too is living where it’s getting hard for me to live. I feel chocked over there. I just can’t.”

N:”You think that I want to live with you after knowing this. Nope. I’m leaving you right now. I need a divorce.”

Nat looked at everyone before continuing and tear dropped from  her eyes.

C:”Let’s have it.”

S:”Nat. What are you even saying! Tell me just what happened?”

T:”Nat. We are here for you. Say it.”

N:”Clint. Clint…”

C:”This might be hard for you. Let me say it. The thing is, I’m homo. I like guys more. I like Pietro.”

Steve and Tony looked at each other and then at Nat. Thor too looked at Loki while Loki just stood over there with expressionless  face.

N:”Nope. It’s not Clint. I don’t mind you being homo. I am happy but I’m feeling bad that you cheated on me. You could have asked me once, I would have left everything.”

C:”Wow Nat. Just stop your nice act. This is not gonna end well.”

N:”See Clint, you just never believed me because you didn’t want to. At least believe me now.”

C:”Nat. I just can’t.”

T:”Barton you need to go home. Just leave.”

C:”Even I don’t want to be here and you Nat, I will give you a divorce in 2 days.”

N:”Nope. You can’t give me a divorce.”



N:”I will give you a divorce on your face.”


Clint said and began walking but he faint.


All ran towards Clint except Nat and Steve

S:”Are you okay Nat?”


Nat hugged Steve and let her tears made their way down her cheeks.

S:”Shh. Nat everything is good. We’re here for you. Now there will be no more sad for you.”

N:”Steve. He could have told me earlier. I would myself have helped him in getting near Pietro but instead he choose to betray me.”

S:”Nat. Don’t cry now. I know this is hard but be strong.”

L:”Jeez this is so hard. I can’t deal with it.”

Loki began leaving hall but stopped seeing towards the lift door

L:”Oh a new drama. Look who we have here Wanda and today’s hot topic Pietro.”

T:”Loki control your tongue.”

W:”What the heck is this? Clint liked my brother.”

P:”Jeez, are you serious! What the heck Clint likes me!”


Wanda glared at him for not making a scene.



Wanda dragged Pi outside while Loki too left.

End of Scene 1:

Scene 2: Out of Stark Tower

P:”What’s this Wanda? Why did you dragged me outside?”


Wanda looked at back and yelled “oh no.”

P:”What happen?”

W:”Nothing. I just dragged you out because you were so messed up over there.”

P:”But Wanda, just think Clint Barton likes me. Like me.”

W:”I know. But that’s happiness. Now that Nat is sad Steve too is sad and hence Tony too. So we can take an advantage of this situation and can make them suffer more.”

U:”And how would you supposed to do that?”


W:”Listen Loki. Just don’t come between us.”

L:”I won’t but just asking that how you will carry out that in presence of JARVIS?”

P:”Wanda. He sounds right but wait, why are you helping us?”

W:”Do you want to help us!”

L:”Oh not at all. I don’t want to cheat them again instead I would save them.”

W:”So yo’re gonna reveal our truth.”

L:”Yo’re thinking I won’t.”

W:”You will, but don’t you want to avenge on them!”

L:”Why would I?”

P:”Let him leave Wanda, we don’t want your help.”

W:”Just shut up Pi. We need you Loki. Yo’re our hope over here.”

Wanda shed little tears and looked at Pietro. He signed her to stop it but instead she smirked.

W:”Loki. They have done injustice with you too, don’t you want to take revenge on them.”

Loki went to thinking phase and didn’t say a word. Again Wanda looked at Pietro again asked her to stop that.

W:”Just think. We both can have our own justice once you agreed with me. Just think about it, everything they have done to you, every sorrow you had because of them, each injustice you had, just remember them.”

P:”Wanda. Stop it. Loki you don’t…..”

W:”Shut up Pi, let me talk to him.”

L:”Nope. I don’t want to avenge on them. I don’t want to. I’m not gonna cheat on them.”

W:”Really? You really don’t want to.”

L:”Nope and I’m gonna reveal your truth to everyone.”

Loki began walking while Pietro too began to leave.

Wanda laugh hard—

W:”Loki the looser”

Loki turned to her with fire emitting from his eyes.

L:”What you said?”

W:”God of mischief is a lame looser”

Wanda again laugh

L:”Dare you say again and you will regret it.”

W:”Loki looser.”

Loki got angry and soon turned himself in snake form.

End of Scene 2:

Scene 3: Avengers Tower Hall

Clint get little senses but found it difficult to walk

B:”Are you okay Clint!”

C:”Yeah. Little bit tired.”

T:”Nat, I think today you should stay here only. Nat go to your floor and have your night here. We will talk in morning. Banner help me in taking Clint with us.”

S:”Nat come. I’m gonna take you.”

B:”Clint, let’s go to your floor too.”

C:”Banner. I don’t want to say anything. I need some rest. Let’s go.”

Banner took Clint with him and Steve took Nat. All 4 of them ached near a lift door where suddenly lift door opens—-

All are shocked as one person who should not be here for now came from the lift




A drama outside lift. Of course, Nat will say something to Pi or not? What will Clint say?

Loki has turned himself into a snake will he bite Wanda or not?


A/N: So that was 5th part, hope you have liked it. Press star and leave a comment below to let me know.




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  1. Renimarenju

    Liked this episode very much….Aww clint likes pietro…..seriously ……I felt bad 4 nat, but happy that our stony is with nat…..And this episode lovey dovey convo’s of stony was missing…….I really missed it, but they were consoling our nat naa, so no prblm…….Overall this was an awesome chappy…..Gud job dear…. waiting 2 know more twists and to see my stony ……..Loved it…

    1. Sarpikaa

      Renju di ???. Thank you thank you so much for liking this. Hmm. The next is gonna have so much twists. Hope you will love them too. ???. Hmm. I wanted to make their scene when they were talking through eyes but then didn’t.

  2. Fenil


    1. Sarpikaa

      Thank you HM. Hope you have enjoyed a lot. ???

  3. ItsmePrabha

    oh so Clint likes pietro..interesting… but feeling sad for Nat..oh god!! Wanda is so irritating…excited for the next part..Will be waiting for it..Till then Take care Sairu..

    1. Sarpikaa

      Di. Glad that you like it. Hmm. Nat is sad but soon will be happy. Hmm. I will update soon di.

  4. Medha

    Hey sorry for being late ? !! Update was really awesome…. this Wanda is really annoying ? & that teary scene was really panic…. !!
    Waiting for the next update….. Good Luck Sairandhri ?

    1. Sarpikaa

      It’s okay MT. Glad you like it. Hmm. I will update soon.

  5. Niyati

    Awesome di ….Ioved it ….Wanda is very irritating ? ….Eagerly waitung for next one …Update soon & love u di ? ?

    1. Sarpikaa

      Hey Niyu. Will update soon dear.

  6. Siddharth

    I am very very sorry dear. I dint see the msg. Episode was quite interesting. Huh this wanda. ?.

    1. Sarpikaa

      It’s okay SM. No worries. Wanda ?????

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