Stony Inseparable Part 3: “I need to kill them”


I know I know I am so late. Please forgive me for that. You can beat me with Sandal but first read the chapter. Then decide what to do?



Till now we have seen that Tony got caught stealing donuts  by Steve , their cute fight and little romance. Now moving towards the part 3…..


Part 3:


Scene 1: Stark tower, Morning

Stony were lying on the bed having their face towards each other. Steve has his hand over Tony’s chest while Tony has his arm around Steve’s waist.

“Good morning Tony and Steve. ???” the voice in British accent.

T: “JARVIS let us sleep for god sake. ???”

S:”Um. Actually I told him to wake us up. ??”

Steve then try to get up but Tony didn’t let him and made his grip more strong.

S:”Tony. Please let me get up. I have lots of work. ???”

T:”I’m your work. ????”

Tony made his grip more strong.

S:”Stop with this cheesy lines ????. Now go and get freshen up we need to plan for party.”

T:”Party. ????”

S:”Not your Drunken one. ????”

T:”I’m not thinking about that ???”

S:”I know you well Mr. Tony Rogers. ???”

T:”Well. You do Mr. Steve Stark. ????”

S:”Now get up. Everybody might be coming.”

“Yeah” said Tony and kissed Steve’s cheek and went to bathroom.

End of scene 1:

Scene 2: Stark Tower’s living room

Tony was on sofa while Steve moving back and forth from kitchen to living room and so on.

T:”Steve. Wait. They are returning home only. ???”

S:”Tony. Get your…  ????”


S:”legs up over here and help me. ???”

T:”????. My Capsicle ????”

S:”JARVIS don’t say anything to them.”

J:”Sure Steve. ??”

T:”Let’s get over with it Capsicle. ??”

Steve and Tony again began walking towards kitchen but large sound of lift door’s opened heard.

U:”Hey guys. ???”

T:”Barton. ????”

Tony ran towards Clint and gave him a tight hug.

T:”I missed you man. ☹️☹️☹️”

C:”Missed you too. Hey Steven. ☹️☹️☹️”

S:”Hey Clint ??”

Steve went to him and gave a side hug.

S:”Where is Nat? ???”

C:”Um. She didn’t come. ???”

T:”Any problem? ????”

S:”Clint. What’s the deal? ????”

C:”Means she went to get ready or else her real w***h face will come out ????”


S:”Language Barton ???”

C:”I know. I know ??”

S:”Better ??. Okay stop it. Wanna have some food?”

C:”Badly ???”

Steve and Clint went towards kitchen, Clint sat on chair over dining table while Steve came with Doritos and Nachos.

While Tony was staring at the food like ???. After some time Steve went to kitchen to get some water while Tony came to Clint.

T:”Barton. Give me that ???”

C:”What? ???”

T:”Cut it. Give me that Doritos dammit. ??”


Barton began but Tony cut him off.

T:”You b****h. ??”

C:”Language. ??”

T:”Oh please. ???”

C:”Steve  ??”

Tony hurriedly ran towards sofa and sat on it.

End of Scene 2:

Scene 3: On road

Bucky and Banner were on bike.

Bu:”Banner. For god sake set your a** properly on this  ??”

Ba:”What did you say? ???”

Bu:”Banner. Please, the bike is getting uncontrollable.”

Ba:”Let me drive this piece of metal then? ???”

Bu:”Never.  ??”

Ba:”Then deal with it.  ??”

Bucky halt the bike and asked Banner to get off the bike. Banner did the same and looked at Bucky.

Ba:”Now what? ?????”

Bu:”Take this. ???”

Bucky gave keys to Banner. Again they get on bike and Banner began driving.

Bu:”So you lost at the end James ???”

Bu:”Just focus on driving Banner.  ??”

Suddenly a car in front of Bucky’s bike took a turn while Banner lost the control of bike and then–

Bu:”Banner. The car….”

Bucky screamed but then “Dashed…………………………….”

End of Scene 3:

Scene 4: A hotel room of New York

U:”Finally we are going to meet our family. ????”

U:”Yes Pietro. We are going to meet them Our family. Our word of mouth family ?? ”

P:”Wanda. Please stop that revenge. It’s not gonna end well. ????”

W:”Just cut this crap Pi. I need to avenge his death. ??”

P:”Wanda. That’s not their fault ☹️☹️☹️”

W:”Shut up Pi. That Steve and Tony killed my boyfriend. I need to make them suffer too. ??”

P:”Wanda. Do you think it’s their fault? Ultron may have done something horrible. ???”

W:”Are you my sibling or them? ????”

P:”Wanda. It’s not possible to avenge on them. There is JARVIS so you can’t defeat him. ??”

W:”I don’t care. We will find something. ??”

P:”We? It’s not we it’s you only. ???”

W:”Pi. Don’t you want to help me? ???”

P:”Nope Wanda. Yo’re my sister so I won’t reveal anything to them until I think your revenge is not harming the Avengers. ??”

W:”I can understand. I promise that I won’t do anything which can be harmful for Avengers and can endanger the world. ????”

P:”That’s my sister. We can talk it out too Wanda. That’s best solution. ????”

W:”Hmm. ????”

Wanda then hugged Pietro.

P:”Okay I need to get ready. ???”


P:”Wait. We will have Clint over there.”

W:”What’s the big deal?”

P:”You know that how he stares at me everytime and his looks. I just don’t feel so good.”

W:”Everything will be good.”

Pietro left the room.

W:”Oh poor Pi. I know I am a bad sister but I need to kill them as they did to my Ultron. ?????”

End of Scene 4:


End of Part 3:



Huge revelation



So, that’s all for part 3. Hope you have liked it. I know the plot twisting is something big thing but it was planned by me. There are lots of twists gonna come in your way. Can you take it?

So Bucky and Banner has met with an accident. What will happen to them?

Wanda witch on revenge mode. What could be her next step?




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  1. Siddharth

    Awesome episode deeps ??. Tony and Steve scene was very funny totally loved it ?. Bucky&banner met with an accident ?. Last part was very interesting . So now new twists wl come like avengers movie. Waiting for next ?

    1. Sarpikaa

      SM. Glad that you like it ????. Do you think they can survive the accident? WAnda witch seems to be twist in the tale. Hmm. Seems to be various twists are gonna be there ??????

  2. Fenil


    1. Sarpikaa

      HM ??????????. Glad that you love it.

  3. Renimarenju

    Wow, this episode was so interesting to read…..Loved tony and steve scene to the core as they are jut rocking and I am loving them….Hmmm….this wanda is the twisty one with weird thought……i can’t see any harm for stony……….Lovely chapter……And doesn’t matter episode came as late, as it’s upto the convenience of author and no need to say sorry for it……..Waiting to see more twists ….. Belated eid mubaraq dear,….

    1. Sarpikaa

      Renju di I am glad that you loved it. Hmm do you Wanda will able to avenge them? Hmm. Hoping Wanda won’t harm Stony. Twists are there in next part too.

      1. Renimarenju

        Waiting 2 see the twits….Keep rocking dear…

  4. Medha

    Hahaha It’s fine Sairandhri I will not beat u with sandal ?? but next time se don’t delay hah ? !! Aur nah many emojies were not displaying ?? overall it was fantastic ????…….waiting 4 new twists & turns ?

    1. Sarpikaa

      Hmm. I will take care of that ????. Abut emoji I will do one thing: I will write it with it’s name means ? (Smiling) like that. Glad you like it. Hmm. New twists are there.

  5. Sonakshi5

    Nice ??????

    1. Sarpikaa

      Hey Sona. ????. Glad you like it. ????

  6. ItsmePrabha

    awesome update Sairu..stony scene is amazing…bucky and banner met with an accident..god..what happened to them??..and the twist at last is fab..will be waiting for the next..till then take care Sairu…Love you..

    1. Sarpikaa

      Di. I am glad that you like it. ????????. Hmm. Even I am worried for Bucky and Banner. Glad that you like the twist ????. Hmm. I will update soon di.

  7. ImRagela

    Hey di ..Sorry for commenting late ..As now only i returned from school ..Stony was awesome..they r ?????..And i am so worried for Bucky and Banner..Precap seems so exciting ..eagerly waiting for the next ..Love u ????????

    1. Sarpikaa

      It’s okay dear. How was the school? Glad that you like it. I am worried for them too. Hope nothing will happen to them. I am updating soon dear.

    1. Niyati

      Sorry for commenting late di.It’s fabulous .Loved scenes of Steve & Tony . Very funny update . waiting for new twist ?

      1. Sarpikaa

        It’s okay dear. Pleasure is all mine. ???. Hmm. There will be lots of new twists in upcoming parts ???????????

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