Stony- Inseparable Note and Character Sketch





The purpose behind writing this fiction is the beautiful feeling I got after going through an Insta page and my love for this both characters…… (My lovelies)


Special Thanks to:


The credit for inspiring me for writing this goes to the @tonyandsteveforever on insta……

He has posted such an amazing posts which really inspired me a lot.

Thank you tonyandsteveforever




So, I do not own any rights of the characters. It belongs to MCU only. I don’t own any kind of right for those characters….




1. Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark/ Iron man:

Husband of Steve Rogers, you all know his nature from Avengers so I won’t discuss it. What you don’t know is his love for his Steve. So let’s focus on that… .


2. Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/ Captain America:

Husband of Tony (Duh!!! Of course) . As you know him from Avengers so let’s focus on his love towards his Tony…

-* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -  




So this is the little bit character sketch. Tell me how’s it was?




Chapter 1……




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  1. Siddharth

    Totally different concept loved it. Waiting for it update soon ?

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      Thank you so much Shammu. Hmm. Glad that you appreciate such concept.

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  4. GuruMaa

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  10. Renimarenju

    So captive title and a unique way of presentation…..Really this was something extra ordinary …….. u are really creative…….Gud job yaar……..Loved it…..

    1. GuruMaa

      Hey Renimarenju dear. Hmm. I am so glad ????????. I am glad that you like it. ????????

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    Nice concept didi

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