Stony- Inseparable Chap 2: Hitler


Tony’s blind trust on his Stuart (Steve)

Their cute romance

Now, moving towards chapter 2


Chapter 2:


Scene 1: Stark Tower hall:

“Steve entered into the hall while Tony was sitting on sofa.”

Steve: “Today Tiger will get this. ???? ”

"Tony has a large popcorn bowl in his hands

“Tony has a large popcorn bowl in his hands…”

Tony: “Now no fear!! ”

Steve: "Tiger!! What the heck is this? "

Steve: “Tiger!! What the heck is this? ?????”

Tony: “What happened? ????”

Steve: “Why this popcorn? ????”

Tony: "Why means? I was feeling hungry and you know that I can't handle hunger for more time

Tony: “Why means? I was feeling hungry and you know that I can’t handle hunger for more time. ??☹️☹️”

Steve: “Then what about your health huh? Here, I made you a healthy food and look at you!!! ?????”

Tony: “Health is secondary thing. Why to left food for it? ?? And now you won’t divorce me even if I get fat. ???????”

Steve: "Wait

Steve: “Wait. What did you say? Divorce. You think I can’t!! ??????? (brow up)”

Tony: “Not at all. I trust my honey. ?????”

Steve: “???”

Tony: “And my love too ???”

Steve: “???”

Tony: "And most important my Stuart

Tony: “And most important my Stuart. ??????”

Steve: “????”

Tony: “????”

Steve: “No chance Mr. I am going to leave right now!!! ???”

"Steve ran towards their room while Tony stayed over there

“Steve ran towards their room while Tony stayed over there.”

End of Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Tony (self): “Hey Tony. What you did man? I know Stuart won’t leave me. Let’s dial Natasha she must have something.”

“Tony dialed Natasha’s number……….”

Natasha: “Hey Tony. Call at this late!!. ???”

Tony: “Nat.. I am in trouble. ☹️☹️??”

Natasha: "I know I know

Natasha: “I know I know. Just got it. You made Steve mad, right? ??????”

Tony: “How do you know!!! . Are you spying on us? ????”

 Are you spying on us? "

Natasha: “????. What a silly thing man. Steve just called me and asked me not help you with anything. ??”

Tony: “What? How he guessed I will call you? ???”

Natasha: “Duh… ??? Tony…He is your husband after all. What kind of question is this? ???”

Tony: “Oh god. So, you won’t help me? ☹️☹️??”

Natasha: “Not directly. But let me tell you one thing: You know Steve’s weakness. A hot chocolate and…. ???”

Tony: “And complete it. ???Like this is not a freaking 90’s movies? ???”

 Like this is not a freaking 90's movies?"

Natasha: “And of course his Tony mate ?????”

Tony: “Oh. Okay. Thanks dear.”

Natasha: “Welcome. Best of luck ??????”

“Tony hang up the phone.”

Tony (self): “I am his weakness ?????☺️☺️”

Tony (self): "I am his weakness "

End of Scene 2:

Scene 3: Stony’s room:

“Tony entered into the room while having 2 mugs of hot chocolate into his hand. Steve was looking into some book and was little bit happy too.”

Tony: "Hey Stuart

Tony: “Hey Stuart. ???”

“Steve ignored him. ????”

Tony (self): "Ignoring me honey

Tony (self): “Ignoring me honey. Hmm now just wait ?????? (one brow up)”

Tony: “Honey. Don’t you want hot chocolate huh? . I have made special one for you with extra special love ??????.”

Steve: ""

Steve: “?????????”

“Steve was finding it hard to ignore that ????”

"Steve was finding it hard to ignore that "

Tony: “Okay. Let me gulp then!!!”

“Tony lift the mug…….”

Steve: “Wait!! What is this Tiger? ??? You made this specially for me and now yo’re gulping it only. ???(one brow up)”

Tony: "But you didn't want it

Tony: “But you didn’t want it. So,..”

Steve: “Shut up. Now gimme my mug ???? (one brow up)”

Tony: “Take it. ????”

Steve: “Tiger!!! ?????? (one brow up)”

Tony: “What? ???”

Steve: “It’s empty!! ??”

Steve: "It's empty!! "

Tony: “I know. ????”

Steve: “???”

Tony: “Okay. Okay. This one.”

“Steve took that and began gulping it.”

Steve: “Tiger. This is just amazing. Better than the last one…. ???????”

Tony: "I know

Tony: “I know. Today was with special love thing so…. ????”

Steve: “???☺️☺️☺️”

Tony: “Okay. I am going to kitchen to clean up. ???”

Steve: “Wait. I will go and clean that after sometime or tomorrow. You just wait here. ????(one brow up)”

Tony: “Oh. Okay . I want to use restroom.”

“Tony said and began approaching the restroom but Steve stopped him in middle.”

Tony: “What? ???”

Steve: “Tiger. 1st give me that donuts from your pocket!! ???????”

Tony: “Stuart. I don’t have anything.  ???”

Steve: "Is it? "

Steve: “Is it? ???? (one brow up)”

Tony: “Hmm ????”

“Steve just looked at him for sometime and then put his hand in Tony’s pocket and took out the  donuts from his pocket.”

Tony: “. What’s this? ?????”

Steve: “Don’t be so innocent. I know you better. ???? (one brow up)”

Tony: “Okay. You caught me. But let me eat one please… ☹️☹️☹️”

Steve: “Nope. ???”

Tony: “Hitler  ☹️☹️☹️”

End of Scene 3:

Scene 4: Stony’s room balcony:

“Steve and Tony both are sitting on the sofa over there.”

Tony: “Stuart. You know that I can’t just hold my hunger.”

Steve: “I know. I was mad but just for little time. ????”

Tony: “So after that it was just an act? ???”

Steve: “Of course. My dear hubby ????????”

Tony: "So then what were you looking at?"

Tony: “So then what were you looking at?”

Steve: “Pics of my loved ones ??????”

Tony: “That is…. ?????(one brow up)”

Steve: “Avengers’s… ????”

Tony: “Wait. Wasn’t it looking like my photo album? ????”

Steve: “?????☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️”

Tony: "I knew it

Tony: “I knew it. ??????”

“Steve just put his head again on Tony’s shoulder while Tony too put his head on Steve’s. ??????”

End of Scene 4:

Scene 5: Same setup (After 10 minutes…)

Tony: “Stuart….???”

Steve: “Hmm  ???”

Tony: “Wake up honey. ???”

Steve: “Um. ???”

Tony: “Honey, do you want to break my bones? ???”

Steve: “Um. ???. Not at all. Okay come let’s just sleep.”

“They both got up  and went inside the room.”

Steve: “I am just coming… ??”

“Steve went to restroom. As soon as he closed the door Tony ran towards the donuts and as soon as he was about to put….. ????”

Steve: “Tiger!!! Do you think that I don’t know you huh? ????. I went that’s why only. To catch you red handed. ????”

Tony: “Okay. Last time, I won’t repeat it again. ☹️☹️???”

Steve: “Promise ????(one brow up)?”

Tony: “???”

Steve: “Tiger ???(one brow up).”

Tony: “. Of course I promise Hitler ????”

Steve: “Hitler Rogers Stark ???????????”

Tony: “My Hitler ??????”

End of Scene 5:


End of Chapter 2



Chapter 3 ??????



So, how’s our Stony’s were? Did you like their love-fight? ??????




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  1. Siddharth

    Awesome episode deeps, ?Tony&Steve conversations were best and donuts scene was funny ?. Update next part soon ?

    1. Chandramukhi

      Hey Shammu master ?????????. Glad you like it. Hmm. Will do it as soon as possible. ???

  2. ImRagela

    Wooooww di ..I am just loving Stony’s cute fight ???????..So cute and funny…And especially Donut fight ?????..And tony saying Steve Hitler ????..Superb di ..Post the other ff too..Waiting for the next …love u loottt ????????

    1. Chandramukhi

      Regu ???????. I am so glad dear that you like it ???????. Hmm. Donut and Hitler thing was ?????. Hmm. Will post soon dear. Love you too a lot ???????

  3. ManyaPV5

    Superb episode di! And their fight ???????? +Donut scene and Tony calling Steve Hitler ?? was totally amazing. Loved it to the core update soon :D.

    1. Chandramukhi

      Vipu (Vips). ????????. I am glad dear that you love it ????????.Hitler and Donut is ????. Hmm. Will update soon dear. Love you a lot ????????

      1. ManyaPV5

        love u too di ??????

  4. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Great episode…loved stony’s scene…and the donut scene ??? just loved it ? update soon

    1. Chandramukhi

      Hey Kavita ??????. Hmm. I am glad that you love it ??????

  5. Parulkashyap

    i love hot chocolate too sooooooooooo sweet epi dr luvd it

    1. Chandramukhi

      Di ????????????. Hmm

  6. Renimarenju

    Oh God, Steeve and Tony just made me 2 laugh throughout the episode……A feel good episode which can make every one 2 smile…….Loved it a Lot…….I loved when tony said himself….”I am his weakness”
    And all their lovely convo’s…..Of course filled in love which made everything as special…….Such a delightful episode……U nailed it dear…….Gud job….

    1. Chandramukhi

      Renju di ????????????. Even I too laughed so much.???????. Hmm I am glad di with this ??????. Di ??????

  7. ItsmePrabha

    I am already in love with this Jodi Stony… Their Cute little fight is so Adorable… Hot chocolate and Donuts scenes are So Nice…Awesomely cute Chappy… Will be waiting for the next… Till then Take care and Love you Sairu….

    1. Chandramukhi

      DI ????????????. Hmm I am glad that you like their fight, love and everything. Hmm Donut scene ??????

  8. AryanBhattacharya

    Lovely episode di. Mostly I loved Tony and Steve’s conversation.

    1. Chandramukhi

      Arya ??????????. Hmm I am glad that you like it ????

  9. Niyati

    Di, this episode is damn funny . Loved that Donut scene ? ….Loved stony conversation ….Update Soon

    1. Chandramukhi

      Niyu ???????. I am glad that you loved that. Hmm I will soon dear.

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