Stony- Inseparable Chap: 1 Blind Trust


So, this is the 1st chapter…………..

Let’s move towards without much discussion and blabbering…

Chapter 1:


Scene 1: Stark tower, living room:

Tony: “Hey Bruce buddy. How you have been here???????”

Bruce: “Umm. Tony ????.”
Tony: “Bruce. What happen???????”

Bruce: “Umm. Tony. Just look at it…..”

Tony: “?????????????.”

Bruce: “Tony ??????.”
Tony: “So? What’s in this?”
Bruce: “Tony. Don’t you think they both….”

Tony: “✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?✋??????. I trust my Steve.”

Bruce: “Then too once…”

Tony: “Mr. Banner. Please… ✋?✋???. I know my Steve better.”

Bruce: “I know Stark. Even I am not doubting them but then too at least once…”

Tony: “Just for proving you wrong and my trust on my honey right I will come with you. ???”

“They settled themselves in car and directed towards Tony’s farm house.”

End of Scene 1:

Scene 2: Tony’s farmhouse (Outside):

Tony: “Let’s clear a stain from my Steve. ????”
“They headed towards the door and Tony opened it and entered in hall. Where suddenly Steve arrived with Bucky.”

Steve: “Oh hi Mr. Banner. ??. Honey you suddenly here??? and why are you angry?”

Tony: “Hmm. Nothing just there were some butterflies trying to ruin my flower ???.”
Bruce: “???.”

Tony: “So what’s happening Stuart. ????”

Steve: “Don’t call me this. ????”

Bucky: “Mr. Stark this is so funny. Your Stuart is just amazing.”

Bruce: “Bucky so what were you doing here? You said you are going to friend’s house for preparations. ???”

Tony: “???.”
Bucky: “Oh Banner I was doing that only. Steve tell Mr. Stark about present. Oh shit….???????”

Steve: “Bucky!! ????. Arghh.”
Tony: “Stuart what happen????”

Bruce: “What surprise huh? ??? (one brow up)”

Tony: “I am asking ✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?”

Bruce: “☹️☹️☹️”
Steve: “Nothing Tiger. It just slipped from Bucky’s mouth!! Right Bucky? ??? (one brow up)”

Tony: “Oh my poor Stuart. You knew that you can’t lie in front of me!! Then just why? ???”
Steve: “Tiger ???. You know me so much better. It’s a surprise. Please let it be as surprise.”
Tony: “Stuart. I trust you my dear but would you make me wait for long dear. Even Bucky knows. What about me? ☹️☹️☹️☹️”

Steve: “Sorry honey but this is for you only. Wait for sometime honey, I am damn sure you will like it. ???”

Tony: “I know my Stuart. I will love whatever he will do for me. ???”

Steve: “???.”

Tony: “???”
Steve: “???”

Tony: “???? (one brow up)”
Steve: “???? (confuse+one brow up)”

Tony: “???”
Steve: “???”

Tony: “???”

Steve: ” ???”

Bucky: “Mr. Stark. I know this is a secret but let me tell you the surprise is so awesome. ☺️☺️☺️”
Steve: “Bucky no.”

Tony: “Is it? I believe but Bruce don’t right? ??? (one brow up)”
Bruce: “Umm.”

Tony: “Okay. So do one thing let him see the surprise he too will then believe my Stuart? Deal? ????? (one brow up)”

Steve: “Ohhh. Umm. Okay Mr. Banner. Come with me.”

“Steve and Banner went and came after sometime.”

Steve: “See Tiger he loved the surprise. ☺️☺️☺️☺️ ”
Tony: “Is it Bruce!! ??? (one brow up)”
Steve: “Hmm. Tell him Mr. Bruce.”

Bruce: “Yeah. ????. Hmm.”
Tony: “Say Bruce ?????? (one brow up+ angry).”

Bruce: “???”
Steve: “Nope Mr. Bruce. Don’t say anything. It’s our secret.”

Tony: “Stuart will you do this to me! ???”
Steve: “Tiger. Please. Don’t make me feel guilty. ??”

Tony: “Okay. Leave it. Even my flower is safe now.”

Steve: “Which flower?”

Tony: “Nothing. So can we leave Stuart?”

Steve: “Some work is left. You go I will come.”

Tony: “Not at all. Come with me now or else I am waiting for you. ??? (one brow up).”

Steve: “Wait ???. Okay let’s leave. I will do it tomorrow.”

Tony: “You go and pack anything. Bucky help him man.”

Steve: “Okay.”

“So Steve and Bucky left. Bruce and Tony face up time.”

Tony: “So?”

“Tony asked and fold his arms around his chest and ???.”

Bruce: “Tony. I am sorry man. I know but it’s just I am sorry man.”

Tony: “It’s okay Bruce but never do that again.”

“So Steve and Bucky came and they all switched off the lights and closed the door. Bruce and Bucky went on his bike while Tony and Steve settled in car.”

Steve: “Tiger please let me drive today I want to drive. Please ??”
Tony: “Nope Stuart. Yo’re tired from today’s work and consider it as return favor for your surprise. ???”
Steve: “☺️☺️☺️. That much trust?”

Tony: “Blind trust ☺️☺️☺️”

“Everything went to silent and Steve put his head on Tony’s shoulder.”

End of Scene 2:

Scene 3: Outside Stark tower:

“Steve was fast asleep on Tony’s shoulder. ?????”

Tony: “Hey Stuart wake up. ??”
Steve: “Let me sleep Tiger. Why are waking me up in this morning? ????”

Tony: “???. Stuart. It’s not morning honey it’s night we are outside. Now wake up.”
“Steve woke up with extreme tired but then went upside.”

End of Scene 3:

Scene 4: In Stark tower’s hall:

Steve: “I am feeling so sleepy but I won’t sleep ???”
Tony: “Why ? (brow up)? As you didn’t take dinner?”

Steve: “Umm ???. How you found out?”

Tony: “It’s heart connection my Stuart.”

Steve: “And you too didn’t take dinner right Mr.? ?????? (brow up + sun glasses)”
Tony: “How you found out? ???”
Steve: “The 2nd end of connection is here only ???”

Tony: “???”

Steve: “That’s why I was not sleeping as you didn’t take dinner. Now come and have it.”

Tony: “Of course. Will you too?”

Steve: “Of course. I can’t sleep without food.”

Tony: “Hmm. Unless my shoulder is there!! ???”

Steve: “???☺️☺️☺️. Okay let me grab the dinner.”
“Steve ran way while Tony ????”
Tony: “Ohh. My Stuart ????”

End of Scene 4:


End of Chapter 1:



Chapter 2. ??????


So, this the chapter 1. Comment down below about the chapter……




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