her point of view –
I received a call from an unknown number..I glanced at him..he was sleeping peacefully..I just kissed his forehead and got up to attend my call so that I don’t disturb his beauty sleep…
The phone dropped from my hand listening to the callers voice on the other end of the was him.. the Man who had ruined my life so called father..
I wondered what business he might have with me .. I had already sent him the cheque for this month…maybe he needed more money..but that was not it… this time he needed something more than money… he needed me to come and meet him..
I was shivering badly now from the memories of the past..
I had no option but to leave..I cursed the moment I made a deal with him about it .. the moment I had given up to his blackmail..

Flash Back –
My parents had fought as usual …Dad came home drunk..On not finding mom in his room he got furious..he barged into my room with the bottle still in his hands..
I was trembling in fear under the sheets.. Suddenly he came over me and started kissing my face..and then tried to pull the sheets away . .I resisted pulling the sheets above my head..but his grip was firm and I was only a child…
Finally he pulled the sheets away and was now on top of me..his breath was heavy..his hands went towards my br*ast and he pinched them..
I let out a scream …That scream still echoed in my ears..
He had tried to do this earlier on many occasions but had never reached this far..
He often made me sit on his lap and carresed my body when we were alone at home ..
But that night he went a bit too far..
his point of view –
I got up only to realise that I was alone on the river side .
.. she had left..
.once again..
.maybe she had gone to the hotel ..or for some of bhabhi’s work.
.. so I got up..took our things and reached the hotel..she was not there…
I tried calling her number..she dint pick up..I checked the room again .her stuff was gone ..
realisation hit me…i was lonely again..she left me again ..why …why always me..??
why does she love to hurt me ?? doesnt it hurt her back?? cause it did to me with double the intensity…
. but I couldn’t break down today…I had to be strong for was his wedding day .. I had to be happy for him..I can’t drown him in my sorrow today …so i collected myself and went down attending the rituals…
a smile on my face when all the heart did was cry…cry for being lonely again..cry for being betrayed yet again..

her point of view –
I came to the hotel…grabbed my bag and headed to the railway station..cursing myself and my life under my breath..
yet once again .. life had played a dirty joke on me…
yet once again I had to leave him..leave my life…
life had given me a second chance and I ruined it again..
I boarded the train with a heavy heart..
I was heading to the beast..


P.S – my sincere apologies to anybody who was offended by this chapter ,but this is a harsh truth of the society and things need to get better..

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  1. SPP

    Absolutely true

  2. Shruthis


    1. Stoneheart

      thanks shruthis

  3. Very nice

    1. Stoneheart

      thanks mahjbeen

  4. Omg poor swara…plz save her….nice part dr…so emotional….you said right dr bitter truth…..

  5. nice and u said right that truth is bitter..

    1. Stoneheart

      thanks radhika

  6. Nice nd dis story has truth

    1. Stoneheart

      thanks chinni .
      ur name is so cute

  7. Agreee…..i cant write nyc awesome comments. Becoz a girls dignity is being played un society.. bt i cn praise for diz piece na bringing d fact to ppl… weaome stonehrt

    1. Stoneheart

      thanks navi … m glad u liked it

  8. *awesome stonehrt last line mistake

    1. Stoneheart

      thats alright…not words but feeling matter

  9. Soujanya

    awesome…..and u said right it was a bitter truth of our society

    1. Stoneheart

      thanks soujanya..

  10. thamiazh magan

    its a bitter truth which need justice

    1. Stoneheart

      yes it does.
      thanks thamiazh

  11. U r ryt.. Sh.. And i know a girl with similar experience..she was 10 when it hpd…she’s younger dan me… It was her uncle… And he blackmailed her by saying dat he’ll do same with her lil sis… She confessed all dis secretly to a psychatrist who came 4 giving us awareness class… I was one of the volunteers of dat class..and i heard she saying the things dat blo*dy f**kard bastard..did with her.. Painfull n disgusting… I got nytmares after it.. Now he’s in jail..and she’s shifted to another place.. I always pray 4 her happiness.. Plz pray 4 her too..

    1. Stoneheart

      yup hope i wish she gets better soon..

  12. Omg… was an emotional episode

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      thanks aanya

  13. Awesome dear

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      thanks anu ann

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