My Stolen World ( RAGSAN and SWALAK fanfic) chapter-4


Recap:- laksh and sanskar light moments .

Chapter -4 ( his hell , his reign )
He had his own priorities . But his pervert mind had just started getting insane thinking about her . She was not his distraction only . He was confirmed about that . Sanskar was driving his shiny black turbo . No music . No humming . The silence near him pushed his soul to loose more in her innocent eyes . Ragini . He spoked . He laughed thinking about how his heart pacing thinking about a demure girl. His shirt was glued to his body like another layer of its own yellow – white skin . The exposed naked chest and his rippling muscles can make any woman to lay for him at any moment . He got down from his car . Eyes of the demon had just scanned the whole building but halted the procedure when fall on a tall ,lean figure in that crowd . She had got her hair open . He banged his fist on the door . The f**k she had to flaunt her beauty to all men around her . He cursed. He checked her out completely . From Head to toe . Her short red T-shirt showing her curves perfectly . The ripped jeans had got his attention . The skin was visible from torn area of the fabric . She bend down to pick her scarf . His got narrowed seeing her t- shirt which moved up while bending showing her bare waist . Automatically the possessive male aroused inside him more . His hawk eyes noticed the leery gaze of men who were just drooling over her. Enough of her skin show . He mutttered .

Sanskar banged the door of his car . He fist was clenched. The footsteps halted when the view riled his thoughts . Her head spinning slowly listening some music . The glossy lips of her were moving . His eyes soften seeing her eyes closed and the cute curves of her lips . She smiled . Sanskar closed his eyes to capture her smile in the album of his good memories . He treaded his steps towards entrance . All the girls gasped seeing him in white shirt . The grey shade sleeveless jacket had just improvised his charm . He looked towards his watch . Perfect 9:00 A.M. He was on time . He believed in punctuality like his mother . Ragini didn’t failed to notice his clenched fist in the pockets of his pants . She lowered her eyes when she saw him throwing daggers from his eyes towards her . Her spine shivered sensing his anger . He sighed like a unpredictable bull. Ragini bite her lower lip and tucked her hair behind her ears.A chuckle escaped from his mouth sensing her nervousness. Girls were losing their patience . Mostly put off few layers of their clothes . They all got busy in renovating the make- up of their face . Music auditions were taken personally by him .Sanskar had increased all fantasies of females . Ragini felt the vibration on her thighs . Damn .Swara . She muttered . She turned and her phone went off . Low battery sucks . Ragini hissed. Ragini joined her palms . Her fingers clamped with each other . Her body stiffened . Realisition hit her mind and she turned . The crowd was silent . She peeped from the space between them . The Savage inside him was broken. His knuckles got bruised . A man who was half unconscious was breathing heavily . Sanskar had landed few kicks on him . She heard ftom someone . She covered her eyes when he punched that man .He was lying almost dead on the floor . Sanskar grabbed him from his collar . Don’t you dare talk about my woman . He spoked and pushed him on the floor . She gasped seeing the man who had just lost his few permanent teeths. Blood was trickling down from his face .
He grunted and push the door of his office . Ragini got worried seeing his bruised hand.
Auditions had started . In a few minutes she will have another encounter with him . She moved towards washroom . Her phone was switched off . She splashed water on her face and looked towards the wide mirror . Quickly after wiping her face ragini put minimal make up . She closed her eyes. A strong force pulled her arm towards her right side. In a moment her fragile structure was wrapped by his strong muscular arms . “What are you wearing babe ” sanskar muttered in her ear. Her body stiffened in his arms . The hoarse voice had just frozen her senses . She looked in the mirror . She placed her fingers on his bruised knuckles . Her eyes droop down more when his scent entered in her lungs . He smelled nice . The perfume he was wearing had started showing its effect on her. Her mind become numb . She little struggle to free from his grip . Sanskar eyes were closed . He was inhaling her scent . The brows raised up when his nostrils encountered a woody cologne. The f**k this is not mine . Ragini quickly move forward when his hold got loose on her . Sanskar clenched his fist . He treaded his steps towards her . She moved back . This irked him more . He took a long steps and caged her . Ragini whose back was touching the cold wall breathed heavily . Who was that guy . Her eyes widened listening his question . She stammered . ” what are you asking ” . He chuckled and his eyes got narrowed . “That f**kard who was with you this morning ” . She gasped . She wet her lower lip . His gaze moved on her lips . Damn . She was getting on his nerves .Sanskar went nervous seeing her antics

He scowled more now . The woman had beat crushed his confidence. . I ask you a question. He again spoked looking straight in her eyes . Ragini blinked her eyes and her fist got clenched. A friend . She replied . Samskar didn’t like her tagging a random men in her so called ‘friend’ list . His attention got diverted when he heard a knock on the door of washroom . He moved back . Ragini who moved forward to open the door halted when sanskar grapped her arm. What the hell are you doing . His questions wrere breaking more her crumbled confidence . Iam just opening the door . She retorted back. A chuckle filled the air near him . Really. But I thought that it will not be good for the image of the girl who is supposed to be present with a man in ladies washroom . Sanskar moved back and rested his back on the door . Her forehead was covered with sweat. Her feet stumbled little . He again blurt out something . I am worried about my image . People to tag me in their cassonova list if they found me with some whore.
Her jaw dropped . Did he just use that word. All her dreams crumbled. She was confident about her feelings that she had some connection with the man standing in front of her . But he just make her feel like a sl*t .Her eyelashes sticked with each other because of her tears . Swara was right . He is arrogant . Jerk . Though her heart wasn’t accepting her words . She moved towards door He gulped seeing her approaching
towards him. She opened the bolt of door . Her eyes were wet . But she never blinked while looking straight in black eyes that were masking the softness inside them . Before she can leave he hold her wrist . Her mouth turned ‘o’ and she didn’t turned back . Sanskar was feeling guilt . He stabbed himself more than hundred times in his wild thoughts . She struggled and though he don’t want to still he jerked her hand and left her. Ragini stood there frozen watching him leaving her all alone .

His fingers were frantic on his laptop . Laksh was severely engrossed in his work .The coffee mug with vapours above it was not able to distract him . The dining table had now started getting occupied with different cuisines . He was sitting on stairs all dressed in formals . The jacket was kept on the counch. His attention shifted towards the kitchen . Swara hold her head . Her anger crossed all patience today . Ragini’s phone was switched off . Here laksh who was patiently doing his work got lil disturbed seeing a site . Swara who just lost in her world unknowingly stumbled. She was that her bones will be broken today . But a pair of strong arms pulled her up . Rizvan . The other chef of the kitchen . He chuckled seeing the frightened look of her oval shaped face . Laksh opened the top buttons of his shirt . The exchange of warm smiles between their kitchen chefs made him restless . He cursed louder to gain attention . Zia one of the member of kitchen staff muttered . Se*y he isn’t it . Swara who heard this give a proper glance to laksh . Her gaze got stuck on the tattoo on his left lower arm . Something written in italics . She thought . The rippling muscles of his chest and the tattoo was really eye captivating . Instant blush arise on her cheeks realising their past moments when they fought with each other . The sweet slumber was woken when he stared her back throwing daggers from his black eyes . Crap . Now what . Swara muttered and took a deep breath in . Her mind was really pissed off more . She treaded her steps towards the table to put jug . Her mind diverted when rizvan came from behind and she moved back to adjust her stole . They both collide and jug falls on her foot . A scream filled the hall. Laksh who had mug in his hand quickly put it down . The mug got a crack and the left coffee started pouring out of the cracks . F**k . Shit babe . He spoked softly and hold her foot . Laksh looked in her eyes . The site blogged his senses . Her cheeks are all red and were wettted by her tears . She had pressed her lips to not shout more . Laksh scowled more . I never met a stupid bee like you
Swara whose anger was now on peak shouted . Will you pls stop acting like a pig …geez its paining . She wiped her tears and put a glass piece out of her skin . He hitter his fist on the ground . One glass piece pierced his palm too .laksh didn’t flinched too . He turned his head to avert his gaze and in a moment swara was on his arms . Her heart skip a beat when he pulled her more closer . Her arm circled his neck to support herself. Swara who shocked expressions increase more . He was easily carrying her in his arms . She looked towards him with all her wet hazel eyes . Her nose turned pink because of rubbing it with her finger . Laksh didn’t look in her eyes once . Arrogant . Fool . She pressed her lips not to blurt out the words on him . He entered and made her sit on his royal bed . Though her eyes never stop checking out his room whenever she entered in his one . The most beautiful room . No it was a mini suite .she thought . He bring first – aid box . She winced in pain when he removed glass pieces from her foot . He was all quiet . Swara felt lil awkward at his silence . No more scowling . No more grunting like a wild boar . He took out cotton and daped it in the antiseptic . She chuckled seeing him bandaging like a well renowned country doctor . Her face frowned . He didn’t bother to see her while completing his work . Swara muttered more curses and tried to get up on her own . He came back from washroom . Laksh who just clenched his fist angered more seeing rizvan at the door . He just came to know the status of her wound . Laksh signalled him to go away . The former nodded and silently left them . Laksh again picked her in his arms and put her slowly on his bed . He extended a tablet towards her . Swara took the tablet silently . She can sense that his quietness had everything related to his anger . You sleep . He spoked . Lunch . She retorted back . He turned to look her face . Swara lowered her eyelashes to avoid his intense gaze . Servants will bring here . He replied curtly . Her brain got numb listening his short replies . Laksh just moved out of his room . Swara saw her bruised palm but before she can say anything he just banged the door and left .

Swara laid back more on his bed . She saw his some jacket on the bed . She hold the jacket . The perfume on it was strong . Her nostrils got expanded more to fill her lungs with his scent which mingled with a expensive perfume . She realised how he lifted her in his strong arms and her palm was touching his neck . Her body from side was plastered to his front while climbing on stairs . Goosebumps arise on her skin . Her cheeks turned crimson red and she quickly brushed her thought.Laksh. Really .She spoked.

Ragini composed herself and headed into audition room . She saw him all sitting and sipping the coffee . Jerk . She thought . Sanskar smiled seeing the message beeped on his phone . Ragini saw him smiling . She spoked to herself . What makes him smiling like an idiot .the brute will not smile for worth millions too. Her throat went dry . She was nervous too . For a second she was cursing her to make herself land in his reign . She gulped and her memories strike a picture in her mind . She and her sister both practicing few lines together . A beautiful smile played on her lips . Sanskar stiffened seeing her smiling . Now what make her smile like hell . I will kill that bastard ragini . He banged his fist and his thoughts riled up more the pressure of blood flowing in his veins . Sanskar spoked loudly “Seems like miss gadodia had come here to have a glimpse of Sanskar Durga prasad Maheshwari .” he said and smiled . She opened her eyes . All were staring her with brows up . She clemched her fist . Her heart filled with a new agony . She closed her eyes . In a minute the Hall was filled with the sweet voice of her . The spark run down on his spine . His eyes narrowed . The top buttons of his shirt was opened by his finger . After listening her voice sanskar had hardly control over his desires . To have her in his arms . The jacket was now on his left arm . After her few minutes of playing with mike . Everyone’ s eyes almost left the socket . The silence had broken all boundaries . Laksh got the call and he rushed out of the house . Swara saw him pulling the car almost colliding it with others . Laksh reached the hall . He was frozen . His steps got glued to the ground . Laksh was not in the state to stumble too . The site was mind blogging . Sanskar’s palm was on the mike and his voice filled the hall with the song . After many years he was singing . Laksh pulled his hair to make himself belief that the view is real .

” Teri nazaro tere sapne ..tere sapno me narazi
Mujhe lagta hai ki bate dil ki hoti lafzo ki dhokebaazi ..tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai bedard thi zindagi bedard hai …agar tum saath ho .. agar tum saath ho ” Sanskar open his palm and his eyes were closed . The tears had already made their way down on his cheeks . No smile . Immense pain was written on his face . A drop also escaped from laksh’s eyes . His lips were shivering . Ragini was silently weeping seeing him singing . Sanskar detached the mike from stand and he opened his eyes after finishing the song . The beautiful smile played on his lips . The moment had just bring a new hope inside laksh . He clapped gaining all his strength. Sanskar saw the mike in his hand.

Precap :- his hatred , his possession


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