My Stolen World ( RAGSAN and SWALAK fanfic) chapter-4 (contd)


Chapter -5 ( his agony ,his desperation)

The corridor was filled with the heavy sound of his footsteps . The top buttons were opened . Laksh entered his palace after few hours all tired. His steps stumbled when he was climbing up the stairs . His eyes were struggling to prevent it from getting closed . Somehow he just barged in his room . Laksh hold his head again . All of a sudden he felt something like hammer on his back . Dizziness attacked his conscious mind . The eyelashes dropped down and laksh lost his senses . His body crashed but not on floor but on something very soft . Like flesh . In a minute he was dragged and laid on bed . Laksh . She called out with her voice broken . Her steps treaded towards the table . She checked few drawer and weak smile appear on her lips . Her senses were giving up all patience. She can feel her hands shivering . Swara stop being prude . She cursed herself loudly fifth time . Quickly in a minute his shirt buttons were opened . His naked chest came in her view . She blinked several times but her heart registered that she was badly ogling his body . Her heart skipped many beats when her fingers moved over his toned abs . She closed her eyes and emptied the needle piercing his taned skin . Her forehead had drops of sweat and lips got wet by her tongue . She licked her lower luscious lips more than twice. The hair strands got stuck to the oval curves of her tiny face . Her eyes scanned again his body . No doubt girls will not reject to sleep with him more than once . Her cheeks got crimson red . Swara got more worried when he didn’t move a finger . She hesitated but then she kept her palm over his left chest . She chuckled reminiscing how sanskar dragged him to gym for excersice in the morning . She felt his slow beating of his heart . His breath rate was also feeble . She parted her lips when her fingers unknowingly remove hair locks from his forehead. Her bile rose up when her eyes strike a wound on his broad waist . She touched the deep mark . Looks like a cut from knife . She muttered . Her thoughts halted and back stiffened when she heard his voice . Shit . The demon was awake . Since when . Her gaze shifted to him and meet his intense one . Woman its hurting . Laksh said with no expressions . Her confidence had abruptly left her alone with him . Her eyes widened when she saw his lips stretching . Now what makes this king smile like an idiot . She thought but then he throw one complex question over her .

‘Are you done checking me out ” his gaze shifted on her fingers which were still on his wound . Swara gasped and opened her mouth .
I was just seeing . Her throat went dry . Geez . So embrassing Swara . Her mind snapped few more words .
“Seeing what ” his smile was vanished . And now like a cold hearted typical billionaire buissness tycoon he throw daggers towards her from his cold brown eyes . She didn’t answer him back . It took few seconds for her to realise that it is impossible to make him understamd few things as his pride had occupied his cro -magnon skull . She tried to move away .
Again a devil smile played on his lips . “Not before answering my question ” . She turned back listening his hoarse voice but a scream escaped from her mouth when she lost her balance . He pulled her towards him . In a moment he was on top of her . His one lower arm was above her head . That was supporting his body helping the latter to balance itself .and fingers of other one clamped with her delicate ones . His breath was falling on her cheeks ,nose ,lips . Her lips parted more sensing his intense gaze on them . Laksh can feel her front boss*ms agasint his hard chest . “Answer my question ” he asked curtly . Swara was effected by his proximity. His woody cologne had mingled with the scent of the expensive perfume he was wearing . All this had blocked her senses . His face bend more and he looked straight in her hazel eyes . “Babe I asked u something .” Babe . Crap . Swara was jerked with his word . Her hands little pushed him to get up but her efforts were failed . After a long two minutes of battle with him she gave up .

Fine . I was just checking that wound . She retorted back . Why . He asked another one . Now she was all frustrated . So many questions at one time . I was not ready for any creepy oral test. She spoke and give him a smile a forced one . He moved beside her . A black coffee with cheese sandwiches . He ordered her and got down from his bed .Swara rolled her eyes . Egoistic fool . She spoked . I heard that . He snapped back opening the door . Swara gasped and quickly moved out of the room . All she heard his laugh while leaving . She halted her steps when she reached the kitchen and took a deep breath . Her face already lost the color because of lack of air in her lungs . But something inside her mind was pinching her . He got fainted . She know the reason . Now this thing angered her more .The douch was a patient of Diabetes mellitus . Still he skipped his meals . In the morning because of his so called urgent meeting he avoided his breakfast and then due to some call he left the served lunch behind . Swara put more pressure on her nerves to curse him . Offcourse she was freaked out seeing him straight landing on her . Her heart sinks infinite times when she checked his low pulse at that time . Swara moved inside the kitchen all irritated . Laksh was in shower . His mind went few hours back . The things started roaming in his brain . Again his brother will hurt himself for listening his soul .
Ragini had locked herself in her room . She was crying burying her face in her soft heart shaped pillow . All eyes were swelled up but tears didn’t stopped . Her sobs continued. She was scared seeing his anger . The way he looked towards hid mike after singing . Her smile faded when she saw him breaking the mike stand and breaking all mirrors of stage with his mike . Some glass pieces pierced his lower arm when he break one glass with his hand . She cried more seeing his lower arm covered and his shirt smeared with red blood . His anger crossed all boundaries . He dragged her out of his office. She stumbled and fall on the ground . Ragini teared her pillow remembering all incidents two hours before . DJ was worried seeing her condition .she well very much aware of upcoming storm . She was worried about Swara more . All she know that Swara will not tolerate this kind of behaviour towards Ragini . DJ hold her head and sit on the counch .
Sanskar was laying on the top of his car. His had kept his one leg on the knee of other . One arm was beneath his head . He was sipping bear . Her sobs were still ringing in his ears . A tear escaped from his left eye . His fist was drenched in his own blood . He had punished himself for his behaviour . Sanskar cursed himself for singing again in his life. His heart sink thinking about his family . All were murdered brutually . The throat blocked near his Adam’ s Apple and he started getting hiccups . A chuckle filled the atmosphere . He laughed thinking about his fate . “Stop cursing me ragini”
He mumbled to himself .His phone buzzed . He saw the name on the screen . Lucky . “Bro stop behaving like a nerd chick who got ditched by any handsome hunk or love -sicken puppy ..come back home” laksh spoked fully irritated.
“Kiss your ass ” sanskar replied and chuckled .

“Sanskar are you drunk ??” Laksh asked him . He voice sounded concern for him . Sanskar laughed more ” lucky I love you man ” . Laksh retorted back ” hell Sanskar you are heavily drunk ” . He just barged outside from his room stuffing a sandwich in his mouth so that he should not get any hypoglycemic attack further. Swara was shocked again . She cursed him for not taking rest . Laksh warned sanskar ” Stay there you b*t*h …don’t you dare to drive in this condition” . He got inside his car and in a minute it was frantic on the streets .
Sanskar laughed more . ” Bring Ragini too ..I will kiss her ” said sanskar and took a sip from his bottle . Laksh accerleted more almost colliding the car with the.truck . His bile rose up and all he wanted to do now is to slap his brother a very tight one . He traced him with the help of GPS . Sanskar looked towards the clouds . It was about to rain . He smiled reminiscing the proximity with her in the washroom . His closed his eyes thinking how he wrapped his arm around her bare waist . The scent of her cotton soft skin provoked the savage animal inside him who just concerned about his prey . His eyes filled with more lust reminiscing how he slowly moved his fingers on bare back . He just called himself jerk realising his state that how he badly want her in his arms for eternity . Laksh halted and bite his lower lip seeing his brother who just waving his fingers in the air . He got down and rub his nose with his thumb. Sanskar got up and folded his legs when he saw laksh approaching towards him . “Where is she ” sanskar asked . “In my bed ” laksh replied casually and put his palm in the pockets of his track pants . Sanskar was drunk . He was not in the state to understand any sarcasm ,or any lame joke . He clenched his fist and got down from his car . In a second his hard rock fist landed on laksh’s cheek . Laksh stumbled and somehow prevent himself from falling . “Watch your mouth Laksh “sanskar spoked . Laksh pressed the bruised part of his lower lip from where blood had started oozing out . He clapped and laughed holding his stomach “Congratulations bro love her ” he spoked and moved forward towards sanskar quickly . In the twinkling of the eye he punched sanskar on his face . Dizziness hovered sanskar because of alcohol and the strong punch and he landed semi – cautious on laksh . Laksh stumbled back and hold his brother . “And don’t you dare punch my million- dollar face again ” he smiled and lifted sanskar in his arms and moved towards his car .

Precap :- laksh and swara fight .ragini and sanskar immense romance .

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