Hiii friends thank you all for your comments let’s start the story

The kingdom of Delhi in the Times of legends and fables there was a City in the top of great clifs that look out over a cerulean blue ocean

A teacher came to the kingdom the see the children’s of king

Watchman: good day madam
Teacher: iam here for kings daughter tutoring session
Wm: of course madam but I feel I should warn you she in one of those moods
T: I understand she’s Is a teenager at her age girls are often in one of those moods

Teacher came to the room and saw a girl sleeping it was princess

T: are you aware of the Time
P:yes iam but I do not want to get up and see the morning light
T: do you plan to sleep the day away then….. see its a lovely morning birds are singing the Flower are in bloom its a fine say to take lesson outdoors and today we shall do that

Little later

P: ah there she is hello man
T: hello princess I take it you had a sleepless night
P: yes but I dont want to talk about it
T: too bad do you think you are the only person who have problem
P: who told you
T: everyone is talking about it
P : his mother says iam not good enough for him she doesn’t want me to see him
T: I understand and I sympathise now let me tell you the story of romance , trust , separations , second chances and a very powerful disapproving mother ………. I going to tell you the story of the girl named ……….

To be continued

Whos story the teacher is gking to tell to the princess and sorry friends for this short episode I will try to make it big tomorrow and one more thing the p here refers to princess and please do comment your opinions on the story thank you

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