Tony folded the newspaper and announced Radhika that he is going out and would be back soon. Radhika nodded her head. She then resumed her work of watering the plants. Once she finishes it, she went to her room. She then went near her cupboard.

She took a deep breath and opened it. She then digged her hand deep inside her clothes and took a magazine. She then sat on the couch and stared at the front cover of the magazine. As she stared at the magazine, there were some emotions in her eyes which could not be read by anyone unless he is meant for her.

She slowly started to caress the magazine’s front cover and brought it near her lips and gave a long kiss on the cover. She then drew back the magazine. She could see him, her secret crush or maybe love in a white shirt and dark blue jeans. The top two buttons were opened which gave a clear view of his toned, hot chest.

Yes her secret love none other than PRINCE ARJUN SINGH RANA. Yes, Radhika had a great love/crush on Him from a long time. She would dream about him in her dreams with her in his arm. Yes, this radhika is only radhika like other girls who always daydream about their prince charm. But this radhika is being closed in a dark room with 1000 locks.

The radhika that world knew is a strong, ferocious girl but yet kind-hearted. The radhika, tony knew is a talented, cunning, clever thief. But this radhika is completely opposite and is hidden in dark and no one knew about her existence. Radhika then cut out his picture from front cover and placed the magazine on the table.

She then moved near the cupboard and pushed it sideways. It magically moves and one could see a door with a strong lock. This is a secret room where other radhika lives. The radhika world doesn’t know.

When she found out about this room she insisted tony to let her have it for herself. Tony too agreed and gave her the room. After that she never allowed anyone to enter that room. Even tony didn’t bother to enter in that room.

She took the key which hanged on her neck like a pendant. If anyone sees that they would never find out it being a key. She specially made it for her on her first pocket money. She unlocked the door and closed it behind her and bolted it. The room contained a fan, a table and a chair. There is a window and sill too. The view from the window is just awesome. Whenever she feels lonely she would come here and spend time. The walls only had arjuns pictures. There were photos of him and her looking at each other’s eyes with full of passion [edited one, instead of her it was actually a modal]

On the table lies her personal diary. She loves to write her feelings in it. It is the only way to calm her racing heartbeat. The most of her writings were about arjun. If in real, the diary somehow comes to arjun and if he reads at it, he would surely fall in love with her.

She took the glue and stuck the picture on the empty space on the wall. She then decided to pen down her emotions in her diary. As soon as she finishes, she heard the front door opening. She then realised that tony came. She looked at the time and almost an hour and a half passed by.

She quickly closed her diary and switched the light off. She then closed the door as softly as possible because doesn’t want tony to come to know that she was spending time in that secret room. She then pushed the cupboard back to its original position and hanged the key around her neck.

She heard tony calling for her. She took a deep breath and calmed down her fast beating heart and put on a smile and went downstairs. There she saw tony sitting on his arm chair beaming with happiness. Radhika had a confused look on her face. As tony saw her, he asked for a glass of water. She went and brought a glass of cold water. She waited for tony to finish it. As soon as he finished drinking, she collected the glass from him and went to keep it in kitchen.

Radhika: tony, did anything happen? Why are you smiling like a fool?

Tony: nothing good news….

Radhika: what? Did Mary proposed you or did she say yes to your proposal? If that is the case then I will start to prepare for your marriage…what say???i knew, you are nervous…but it happens when you are old that to “too old”…its ok…

Tony: hai! Don’t say I am old….i am just hmm…leave it, age doesn’t matter. By the way you are getting older. You know you are “24”… and look at me, would anyone say that I am father of “24”…chi…shame…shame

Radhika: hmm….yaa…you are right tony. You don’t look so old. With no hair on head and with wrinkled face you absolutely look like MR. INDIA…

TONY: Thanks for the compliment…and about Mary, she refused me….i proposed her yesterday in shahrukh khan style but she rejected me. This is the 50th time proposing her in my life time but every time her answers were no. she said she can’t cheat her husband and would live a life of a widow than being my wife…it really broke my heart…you tell me is there in my problem with me? Am I not looking handsome, s*xy? I should look handsome as I tried all face cream and beauty tips…

Radhika chuckled at his saying and went near him and gave a kiss on his head and hugged him and said “aww…MR. INDIA don’t be sad, you look hot and s**y, and even handsome. You can awe any girl. Even my srk is nothing in front of you…understood. You leave Mary, just think she is not your worth. Understood?

Tony nodded his head like a good boy and gave radhika a right smile showing his all 32 teeth. Radhika then went to prepare lunch. Here Tony’s phone rang. He attended the call.

Tony: is everything ok?

Other side: ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Tony: ok, then…bye..

He then smirked and said “the actual place of “WAZI DIAMOND” is in my hand….and started to laugh like villains in Hindi films. Radhika who heard this came out and stood in front of him with both hands on hips. She had a boring and questioning face. Tony who saw her expression stopped laughing.

Tony: actually I was practicing the villainous laugh….for ah…for hmm….simply yaa…simply…

Radhika: really?

Tony: hmm…

Radhika chuckled and came near him. She then pulled his cheeks and startled to shake it and said “tony you are so cute and dump that you don’t even know to lie. And by the way the laugh was stupidicious…understood, don’t ever try it…it really scared me to death. Now like a good boy tell me the truth…spit out, each and everything.

She kept on staring at him.

Tony raised his hand and said “I surrender”

Radhika moved back and sat on the sofa. Tony went and brought today’s newspaper and showed it to radhika. Radhika took it and saw at the side. On the other side there was a big advertisement about xxxx innerwear, a modal in innerwear. Radhika who saw this thought that tonny was seeing this.

Radhika: chi…tony I never imagined you will do this and that too you showed it to me without any shame. At least not you, but think about me…I never thought you…

Tony who expected radhika’s eagerness on diamond got shocked on her expressions.

Tony: I thought you will like it and will be eager. I thought you will appreciate me…

Radhika: what? I …appreciating you for this cheap act of yours?? answer me TONY DAMN. How can you think in your wildest dream that I will appreciate you? You are disgusting.

Tony: what wrong in it? I admire it and not only me but whole people will admire it na…

Radhika: tony, it is enough. You feel it is not wrong. Because the whole world admire it, you will always admire??

Tony: shut up! What are you talking about? And by the way when did it become wrong to admire a diamond.

Radhika: now you are calling it diamond. All men are disgusting. If they see any hot or s**y girl they will forget about themselves…

Tony: now why are you talking about a girl?

Radhika: see now you are trying to act innocent.

Tony: enough! I am talking about the WAZI DIAMOND which was gifted to ranas by EMPORER AURANGAZEB.

Radhika: kya??

Tony: what kya??

Radhika: I thought you were admiring this girl” and showed him the picture”

Tony: radhika…how can you think about me like this? You disappointed me today. Go away, I don’t want to see your face…GO!GO!GO![ he said in filmy way].

Radhika laughed at it. She then hugged him and said sorry. Tony kissed her forehead and hugged her. He then took the newspaper and said to radhika “by the way, this girl is very s**y, how did I miss her?? And winked at her.

Radhika punched at his arm and gave him a disbelieve look. She moved to kitchen to cook lunch. Suddenly a MSG came for tony on his phone stating:





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