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chapter 1

somewhere in mumbai, at talvar’s house around 8 a.m.
it was sunday, so mr. and mr.s talvar used to wake up late. that day mrs. talvar woke up around 8 am to take milk which is kept at the doorstep. maids arrive at 10 am only. as she came to living room, the sight shocked her too much. the living room is empty. all her expensive furniture, vase, wall clock etc…disappeared.

the furniture may be expensive but she was concerned about the availability of these things again. the furniture was made of tiger’s skin and was bought from japan; the vase was bought from china and had real gold designs. the wall clock was studded with pearl especially bought from atlantics deep under the sea.

she couldn’t take digest the fact and screamed loudly. and for sure all her neighbours heard it and came running to her house. within 2 minutes her house is crowded. there were many people standing in the living room in the place of her most valuable things. this broke her heart into million pieces.

among the crowd she could spot her fat bellied husband who didn’t mind her worries. he was yawning. seeing him her anger rose twice. her plum face became red like tomato. soon whole mumbai came to know about the theft in talvar’s house, the great business tycoon. richest person in india.

of course media has to come. after all what can be more spicy news than this. all the journalists of mumbai thanked the thief whole heartedly who had enough courage to steal in the house which is guarded by 100 body guards and cameras. within half-an-hour the entire journalist were pushing each other to talk to mr. and mrs. talvar.

mr. talvar was dressed in formals and was still yawning. when his wife came to know about the reporters coming he was forced to dress up. but mrs. talvar was in her finest silk saree with double make up. the lipstick which she worn shined more than her face. she wore ruby set. as soon as reporters started to ask her question she faked some tears and started to tell the story especially never forgot to describe about her japanese furniture, chinese vase etc…

all news channels flashed live news about this.

[can you guess who the thief is??]


somewhere in pandya’s street

a small house. the front door is closed but could hear two people laughing. one male and other female. the voice of the woman was sweet and was music to the ears. the two was watching t.v, that too new,s channel playing talvar’s theft case.

the woman: tonny dekho, chori ho gaya phir be gamand kam nahi hua. i feel like slapping that moti’s face. uff!! those fake tears. it makes my blood boil. what is the need for the rich people to show off?

tonny : who sab choddo. think about the thief who got so much gut’s to steal in their house without leaving any single proof. hats off. i am a big fan of that thief.

the woman: yes you are right. by the way i feel you are flattering me too much. this is the fiftieth theft i have done and nothing much great as usual. and by the way celebration is needed for half century tonny. champagne lekar aao.

tonny : at least give me some repect akir me tumhara baap hun. naam se math bulao [sorry for wrong hindi..please forgive me]

the woman: tonny ko baap wala calling acha nahi hai. we are mordrn generation thieves and should be trendy and when you have sucha a nice name “tonny”, then how can i call you baap, tonny.

tonny sighed and got up to take the drinks. he brought it and poured it in two glass and gave one to her and said “me tonny chakravorthi dedicate this drink to my daughter radhika chakravothi who has successful completed her 50th theft. i am really proud of her and she has roshned my name. love you. cheers!!”

and both drank. they did many nok-joks. radhika drank too much and became full drunken. tonny drank little. she soon dozed off. tonny took her to her room and laid her on bed and covered her with blanket and kissed on her forehead. he switched off her room’s light and closed the door and went to sleep in his room.


somewhere in vijay pur

we can see a big palace. yes it belongs to rana’s. the only royal family, in indian. a huge bell is ringed and we can see a lady in mid-fifties walking swiftly and her high heels clicked on the floor as she walked. she wore a purple coloured silk sari, a diamond set. 8 ring in her both fingers. she was walking towards dining table. her name is nithiya sing rana. the present queen of rana family.

already 2 people were present in the dining room. one her husband vikram[ who is paralysed and can’t walk] and her younger daughter myra[ who has come from london for vacation]. she greeted both of them and sat on a chair. she then clapped her hands twice and 5 servants came and laid the food on table. they then started to eat. the way they ate was so decent like a complete royal people. after dinner, nithiya called ganesh lal.

nithiya: arjun kaha hai?

ganesh lal: rani saan arjun baba meeting ke liye gaye hai aur late hoge.

nithiya : teek hai


somewhere between delhi and mumbai in airplane

our heart throb , girls dream prince, the handsome greek god arjun sing rana was travelling with his pa aman. he was busily discussing something. suddenly an air hostess came and gave him water. he took it and said thank you and dint forget to give his signature smile. the air hostess who was affected by him was blushing, when she saw her smile and his hand touched her hand while taking water she blushed too much and her face became red. her heart stared to beat fast. but here arjun never noticed about this as it is usual for him. he kept his glass back and resumed to work….to be continued

precap: radhika in rana’s palace…..

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