Still need u (Pagal Nilavu fan fiction) Karthik’s feelings.

Hi guys I am Santhiya
I know it is been a week. Sorry for that. Please forgive me guys. Thank u Sweety&Prinku for ur support. Keep supporting me like this.
As asked by Prinku& Sweety I am concentrating on other couples too. Thank u for suggestion Prinku
Again I know much of my nonsense. So now moving on to the story.
As per the story Sakthi& Prabha on honeymoon. Let them enjoy.
So now I am concentrating on Karthick&revathi along with Arjun&sneaha.
Here karthick is the biological son of Sakthi&Revathi.The marriage track between Revathi&Jeeva is going on.
Karthick’s POV
I went to her room to meet her&talk to her. I knocked the door. No response. So again I knocked it. No response. I called her. No she is not attending the call. I went to uncle’s room to check whether she is there. I went there and I could see the door open. I went in. Nobody was there. I got more tensed. I went again infront of her room. I swiped my phone. I could see her picture in my phone. Her smile. God I miss that so much. I called her. No response. I am getting terrible thoughts. I am sweating badly. She is not attending the phone. Revathi come on yaar pick it up. I am really scared. I went down. I saw Arjun sleeping in couch.On the other side my mom&dad were having breakfast. I asked them. She is in room. I hurried up. I knocked the door. No response. I opened it. It wasn’t locked. The room was so messy. Books photos were everywhere. Revathi Revathi I shouted like I am in a jungle.
POV ends.
Arjun’s POV
I wake up suddenly hearing some noise.. I woke up with a sudden jerk. I got panicked. Where do this voice come from?upstairs!!! Sneaha!!No she is not here Arjun. Get it in ur mind. Why Karthick is shouting like this. I went to see wheather anyone is in home. But Sakthi&Revathi already left. He went on shouting. I thought to ignore it. Even I helped him they will definitely blame me. Let me stay away from it. I could clearly hear karthick’s voice. He is shouting like he is in a jungle. He sound worried. I climbed the stairs.
POV ends
Karthick’s POV
I searched her in bathroom. She was not there. But I feel someone other than me is in this room. I was searchin for her phone. My eyes caught her duppatta. I went near it.As I went near it. I hear her sobbing. I toched her shoulder. She turned & looked into my eyes. Her eyes was completely re and swollen. Karthick she said my name and I lifted my head& looked into her eyes. I felt like she is pleading me to take her in my arms. She needed me. I could clearly see in her eyes. I hugged her. She hugged me like a baby. She started crying more after hugging. She buried her more into me. I kissed her collar blade. I feel the wetness of her crying in my shirt.
POV ends.

Precap:Arjun learns the truth.Arjun’s confrontation to Tamizh.

Hey guys how was it.

Both positive&Negative comments are welcomed.

Thank u once again.

Guys from tomorrow I will give regular update.



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  1. Hye u r writing with pagal nilavu if u can join raja rani semba n kartik also yaar plz ??

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      Sure Diya. I will try multi tasking. Even my bestie is also a fan of semba&Karthik.

      1. Hi dear.. it was another super update.. thnx for considering our wish. Dnt worry abt low responses dear.. u hv started to do something new.. u vl slowly yet steadily gain high responses n readers on tamil ff too.. coming to Karthick n semba even i want u to try it.. as even i like ther jodi..

  2. S as sweety said don’t worry u deserve bst n tanx for joining semba n kartik

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      sure guys by tomorrow evening u will be reading both pagal nilavu&Raja Rani fanfiction. Please do read it. Suggest others to read it. Hope u guys like my try. Please bear with my mistakes.

  3. thank u so much fr writing was awesome.i m big fan of kartick and revathi

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      Thank u Priya for reading it.

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