Still need u (Pagal Nilavu fan fiction) Dream

Arjun’s POV
When I reached upstairs it was complete silence. I could see a door half open.I opened the door. Karthik &Revathi . They were lost in a hug. I thought they will change their position after realising that I am here. But no change.So I came out.
Karthik &Revathi they two are a couple. But Revathi’s Engagement was fixed with Praveen.
No no Arjun it may be a misunderstanding. They are good friends. But what is the reason behind this long lasting hug.
Karthik came out. I took my phone pretending to be using it.
I turned to see them. I wanted to ask them. But my mind stopped me
Don’t poke Ur nose,it forced me to shut up.
I lifted my head to look at them.
Revathi was standing alone. She was sobbing. She looked weak. Where is Karthik? I searched him.
He came out. He made a quick glance at me.
He holded Revathi’s hands. They were about to take a step.
Karthik ,I called him.
POV ends.
Arjun:Karthik do u have 5 mins to talk.
Karthik:Arjun I don’t have time to listen to Ur useless things.
Arjun:okay fine. Everytime I am not the villian. I just came to help u.
Arjun’s POV
My mind warned me not to involve but no me shameless idiot went to help him.In turn, The great Mr. Karthik shouted at me.
In helping them I forgot to speak to Tamizh.
I stepped to my room.
Revathi stopped me.

Revathi:Arjun sorry for that.
Karthik:Hey bro Sorry. I know I was rude at u when the fault is not urs.
Arjun:Karthik it’s okay. I got panicked when u shouted. I thought there is a problem. That’s why I thought to speak with u. May I know the problem.
Karthik:Arjun thanks for Ur concern. We r okay. Stay away from this please.This none of Ur business. I don’t want Ur help.

Arjun:Glad that u r fine.

Karthik made a quick smile and left still holding Revathi’s hand.
I went to my room.
How dare he? Why he is being rude at me? What did I do know?
Infact he is right. That is none of business. All I want is my sneaha back. I should stay away from them.
Let me get fresh and speak to Tamizh.
I was taking a hot bath shower. Whenever I close my eyes all I could see is her face.
Kan moodu thirai podhum
Kadavul ethirae vanthathae Pola
En Kan munnadi avalae vanthu ninalae……
I still remember that when we both locked in bathroom afraid of being caught with her mother.
Actually we caught.
The day when I found her here in unconscious state.
God everywhere I have her memories. I miss her too much.
Who must be now? One second,I excused.
I opened the door.
My eyes I couldn’t believe them. She was there. My girl she was standing infront of me.
Sneaha,came out without my knowledge.
Arjun,She said my name. I was dying to here my name from her.
I hugged her. She hugged me back.
That was a tight one.she kissed my shoulder.
It sent an shock to my spine.
I broke the hug and kissed her forehead.
She looked into my eyes. I could see the pain&love in her eyes.
She kissed my right cheek. I closed my eyes to feel her lips on my skin. She kissed my left one.
I opened my eyes. God I started to daydream. She is making me mad.

I excused . I wore my clothes. I opened the door.
Tamizh:Arjun I want to talk to u. Are u free now?
Arjun:Yes even I wanted to talk to u.
Wait for me in the hall . I will be in five minutes.

After five minutes.
Arjun:So Tamizh what do u want to talk to me?
Tamizh:Arjun even u wanted to talk with me. U say it first.
Arjun:Bring it on Tamizh.
Tamizh: Actually Arjun let me keep it straight. I think u know that I love u. I want to marry you. I just wanted to ask that Do u love me?
Arjun:Tamizh actually I never fell in love with u. I think u as a good friend.
Tamizh:Does this friendship can change into love.
Arjun:It cannot.
Arjun:Because I love someone else.
Tamizh: Who who is she?
Tamizh:Arjun don’t say me that u love sneaha.
That is true. He love sneaha, came Prabha’s voice.
Tamizh:Prabha Anna..
Prabha:U say me Arjun. Do u love sneaha?
Sakthi:Say it now Arjun u deserve a happy life.
Arjun:Tamizh listen I love sneaha. I love her a lot. She too loves me. I want to be with her. I want to marry her. Please don’t get any other thoughts in Ur mind. I cannot love u. We r not meant to be together. Because I LOVE SNEAHA.
Tamizh looks angrily at every one,she was abt to cry. She leaves.
Arjun :Tamizh …Tamizh… listen to me please.
Prabha stops him.
Sakthi:Leave her Arjun. She need to learn how it pains. She always made us feel the pain. She need to go through this.
Arjun:But sakthi…
Prabha:As a brother I will speak to her. U later speak to her and clear it. If u avoid the conversation it will be dangerous.
Arjun nods his head.
Arjun:S sakthi.
Prabha:Arjun u know I hated u when u came here. When u took my place. When my mother made u everything. Now I came to understand that she did it because she want u to marry Tamizh.
Sakthi:When we contacted sneaha we came to know that u both are in love with each other and everyone against it.
From her we came to know that u r really a good person from heart.
Prabha:U do everything my mom ask u to do. I know that U can pay anything for Ur gratitude towards her. But paying Ur life is not right.
Sakthi:Arjun we may be wrong for u. But before doing something keep one thing in mind Ur life is not only Ur life Someone’s life is also associated with u.
Prabha:Arjun Sneha done a big help to me. She brought my life back to me. So I will make sure that no injustice happen to her.
Arjun: Don’t worry Prabha I won’t give her chance to cry. She means the most to me.I love her. She is my first love and she will be my last.
Prabha:Happy to hear from u.
Arjun:Thank u Sakthi&Prabha for this conversation. It makes me feel good.
Prabha: it’s ok Arjun. We did this for sneaha. But still we r at the same point where we were.
Arjun:Okay. When did u guys arrive?
Sakthi:At morning.
Prabha:By the way where is karthik&Revathi.
Arjun:I don’t know.
Prabha:ok Arjun. We make a leave.
Arjun:Prabha.. can I ask something?
Prabha:S not too personal.we aren’t that close.
Arjun:ya okay. Did Karthik& Revathi love each other?
Sakthi:Yes they are in love.
Arjun:Do u guys know about her engagement?
Sakthi&Prabha: Engagement????

Precap: Dilip’s plan. Letter from sneaha.

Hlo peeps How was the episode. It is a long one. I know. Please read it. Please comment to share Ur thoughts. All silent readers keep reading suggest others to read.
A big thank u to Sweety,Anokhi,Diya for Ur support.
Sorry guys I forgot the character name to whom Revathi is engaged. So I gave a name.
Hope u like my attempt.


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