Still need u (Pagal Nilavu fan fiction) Do or die

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Sakthi&Prabha: Engagement??
Sakthi:Appa didn’t say anything about it to me.
Prabha:We should meet them and congratulate them. Atleast they are marrying without any problem and with parent’s happiness& blessing.
Sakthi:I am so happy for Karthik&Revathy.
Arjun:Sakthi Karthik and Revathy are not getting engaged.
Prabha:What? Just now u said that they are getting engaged.
Arjun:Revathy is getting engaged to Praveen.
Arjun: Don’t u know Praveen?
Sakthi:No who is he?
Arjun:I just know that Revathy and Praveen getting engaged. I thought they are happy about this relationship. But what happened today I cannot understand what is happening in Revathi’s life.
Prabha:U better not get to know anything. That’s none of Ur business.
Sakthi:Prabha he is just concerned.
Arjun:ok I will take leave.
Prabha:Please leave.


Dilip: Sneaha listen I love u why u don’t understand me?
Sneaha:U love me right then y u don’t understand me that I love Arjun not u. U were my friend now u don’t deserve that place too in my life.
Dilip:Right I was ur friend now I am going to be ur husband I deserve a special place in ur heart.
Sneaha:Shut up u bastard.
Dilip:Sneaha a!!a!!
Sneaha: Don’t shout! I am not ur maid.
Dilip:Sneaha sneaha u won’t be my maid u will my queen. Let it go sneaha either maid or queen u r going to be mine.
Sneaha:Dilip how much u try I am never going to be urs. I am all Arjun’s.

Sneaha’s pov
I was crying whole night. All I could think is Arjun and the time spend with him. After that conversation with that mongrel I wanted to shout and call Arjun& take me from this hell. I heard Foot steps. This must be Dilip. For the past few days all I am hearing sound of two types of foot steps and orders like Eat ,Don’t be like this u going to get nothing being like this. I am literally in hell. He knocked the door. I remained silent to show my rejection. But no that knock was only to show that he is gentle man. He opened the door no no he broke the door.
Sneaha sneaha he called out. I looked up.
Get ready fast we r going out, he ordered.
Do I look like Ur slave,I shouted.
He made me wake up.
Yes baby doll u r mine, he said with a smirk.
Dilip even in Ur dream I am not going to come with u,I sounded strong.
A jug of water fell on me. I was shocked. My eyes were paining. I tried to open my eyelids. I blink for five times in a second. I see water and through it I could see is his blurred face.
I was about to slap him.
He caught my hands. He kissed my hand.
I instantly removed my hand from him.
Babydoll u look tired so I washed ur face in my style. Go get ready fast let’s go for a romantic dinner and make out today. I will make u mine forever.
He left.
Disgusting.. disgusting… I shouted.
How he can be such ruthless. He is so mean. I cannot believe I trusted such a person. I am such a fool I was thinking him as my best friend.
I hate myself hate u sneaha,I shouted.
But I love u,Dilip said it by tapping my shoulder.
I turned he was standing with a dress in his hands.
Wear it,he ordered.
It was a short dress. I never imagined to wear it. I thrower the dress outside.
Amma amma I shouted from upstairs. Hoping to get justice from her. No I forgot she broke my freedom. Hope she break this one too.

To great disappointment I went to great ready. I was strong on one point I am not going to wear that short dress. I am well prepared to ruin all his plan with my complete effort.
U don’t have energy to even walk u r going to spoil his plans,my brain questioned me.
I will do it, I said to myself,gained my courage and went down.
No one was there. I went out Dilip hugged me from back he kissed my shoulder.
Dilip… Leave me,I shouted.
Hey baby y are u shouting,came his irritating voice.
Who has been always with me. Who always holder my handed and encouraged me in college to overcome all the hurdles. All the place he touch me is burning. I cannot tolerate any more.
Whose jokes and laughter always made me smile. Now his voice make me fear the most. He was my best friend. But he never considered me as a friend. He expected more from me.

Hlo baby doll what happen?,he asked me.
Nothing thinking abt Arjun,I said with a smirk.
I could see that tension in his face. I wanted it.
He came close to me. Don’t worry baby after today night u will never think abt him. This is my promise.,he said with a smirk.
No what he is saying? He planned something so bad. What should I do know let me cancel this plan.
No no if I cancel it I won’t get a solution to this problem.This is the only chance to contact Arjun.
All I should I do is
Irritate him,ignore him,be careful,be conscious.
I hope I succeed.
If he succeed I will lost everything. No I can’t let this happen. I never allow him to succeed.
I can do it. I will.
With hope of winning I stepped out.

PRECAP:Sneaha’s plan. Sakthi&Prabha talk to Karthik&Revathy.

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