I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) – Introduction

Hi everyone,i am pari a completely new member of this website…..i read a few ff and i got inspired so much that i myself decided to write an ff.?
so this my intro
a successful businessman as in the original serial,arrogant,loves his family,hardworking and had a bitter past.
serious,caring,lover her family,hardworking actually work holic ,was not like that before but something happened which made her so.
Sonakshi is a nutritionist,and is in Canada…there she on the list of top 5 nutritionist. Everything is going well but she does not seem to be happy.
On the other had Dev,is in Mumbai ,on the list of top 5 business men of India. He has everything one can desire but there is one thing he misses a lot

what is dev missing,why has sonakshi’s behaviour changed a lot….ans to this will be give in my episodes.

so how was my intro,was it nice….shall i continue ,waiting for your suggestions…good or bad..plz comment


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  1. Manya

    Hey pari I am ayushi
    Intro seems interesting❣
    Post soon
    Love love?

  2. Hey Pari di!
    First of all, I’d like to welcome you to the wonderful KRPKABinas’ society ???
    Hope you have loads of fun here!
    Coming to the fr, I’m so happy to get my old Sona back????
    Eagerly waiting dear☺️☺️
    Post soon!
    Love ya!??????

  3. Yashfeen

    Hieee pari…to u wholeheartedly welcme to d world of our beloved devakshi…m dam happy tat mre n mre ppl are joining in…I vl get mre interesting stries to read n cherish every moment..n ur intro ws really nyc..I vl luv to get d ans of ol questions asked so dear post soon..
    Take care

    1. Erina

      Yaa u r rgt dear. I’m missing my pari nd i’m surprised how do u know??? But i’m happy that u guessed rgt.

      1. Yashfeen

        Even I miss hr..n hr ff…I knew u called hr pari..she named devakshis kids in hr ff erina n yash..

    2. Erina

      Yup i know nd i know that my pari call u yashu.

      1. Yashfeen

        Ya..ryt..i wsh she turn up soon..wid a new plot n fab ff lyk d previous one..

    3. Erina

      I also wish but nowadays she is hell bsy in her studies na thats why

      1. Yashfeen

        Right…engineering is nt tat easy especially physics….
        Well..if dnt mind asking…wat r u pursuing???

    4. Erina

      So i guess u r engineering student. Is’nt it so????? Nd totally agree not only physics chemistry is also taugh na… By d way i’m pursuing my masters dear in commerce nd why should i mind???? Be comfortable to ask anything afterall we r not stranger na

      1. Yashfeen

        Na…m nt engineering student…tat ws in sakthi’s context…ya in case of chem its biochemistry tat kills me i have it ds sem..n m suffering thou phys phobia…i cn deal wid every subject aprt phys..well m also doing masters bt in biosciences..
        Whr do u live??India or abroad…n if india thn whr??
        True we r members of krpkab family..bt m nt tat familiar till nw..thou trying to make mre frns on TU..

    5. Erina

      Well i’m indian nd i’m northy means from bihar. Where r u from?????? if u want to be familiar with me u r welcome. U disappointed me i thought we r frnds bcse we belong to same family nd for me my family r my friends (talking about krpkab family). Seriously i loved physics rather than chemistry. Nd one more thing we both have made this intro page into our personal chat session ?????

      1. Yashfeen

        Ya…but i guess its fine..page is thr fr expressing n talking so tat perfectly fine..m frm kanpur..UP. place frm whr dadi bua beLonged too..bt ryt nw m residing in delhi..we keep raoming in whle of india…n ya v r frns fr sure..bt lyk v r chatting we didnt do before..hence..physics mjhe rula deti hai…ro ro k maine 12 dia…n tat tym ws in chennai..u r commerce student..so u mst have droped ol dese subjct in 10 itself???

    6. Erina

      Yaa dear i have dropped it after 10 bcse i just hate chemistry thats why… Nd yaa of course we r chatting for first time but i know u quit well…..

    7. Erina

      So u r dye heart fan of gautam ????

      1. Yashfeen

        Ya..hes world to me..anythng fr hm..well..wat i feel cnt b expressed in wrds..

      2. Yashfeen

        My mom call me day dreamer…bt i knw hw to fulfill my dream…n one day i vl..wsh me luck..

    8. Erina

      All d very best swtheart but can i know ur dream don’t tell me ur dream is to meet gautam one day. Is it so?????

      1. Yashfeen

        No..tat nt my dream

    9. Erina

      U know what dear mjhe to aate jaate jo mil ta acha lgta h????? abhi tk koi aisa nhi mila jo mere liye sab kuch ho jaise tmhre lye gautam h nd one more thing u know mjhe pehle lga that u r a boy ???

      1. Yashfeen

        Seriously…by my name???

      2. Yashfeen

        Mjhe ache lagte hai log bt aaj tk gautam jitna acha koi ni laga…n u knw wat shaheer sheikh ko krpkab mein dekha tb 2 -3 mahine baad pata chala ki ye navya ka actor tha..

  4. Interesting

  5. Madhuri

    Hey pari. Ur intro is quiet interesting. Post the story soon

  6. Aaru

    Nice intro..N do post d episodes soon..rock it rockzzzzzz

  7. Interesting

  8. welcome……pari…????…….and the intro seems interesting……..post episode soon ???????❤❤?

  9. Erina

    Hey swtheart first a fall welcome to ur most rocking, crasy nd mad fanclub. Intro sounds interesting nd seriously i’m happy to see ur ff nd if i’m not wrong u do comment on ff na… So post soon dear

    1. Erina

      U know what ur name remind me of someone whom i’m missing nowadays like ur ff name i still miss u. Its ur name only which attracted me more todays u.. so continue soon

      1. Yashfeen


  10. Bhoomi

    Intresting… Post soon…

  11. Rockzzzzzz

    Thank you all lot guys …..iam brimming with joy after seeing your comments.
    i hope i will get the same response even in my ff also
    thank you once again?????


    Brilliant, superb…
    U r amazing..

    Eagerly waiting for the episodes…

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