I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 7

Hey ,pari here…glad that u liked my previous episode,couldn’t reply personally to ur comments….so sorry for that.
here is the episode


finally everyone has completed college,even dev and sona…its their farewell day now and everyone is quite excited but our sona is super duper excited

(bose house now is like a small middle class home,not like how i had described in the starting)

sona(talking to herself aloud not in her mind)finally!finally my college is finished….farewell tomorrow and then after that i will get a job…i will fulfil my dream…yipee..yipee…super excited…after all tomorrow i have to do the toughest and the most important job…i have

just then sona gets a call from alia

SONA:oh,its u..say why did u call
ALI:first tell me whom did u expect to her
SONA:me ..i thought my cousin….she said that she will.
ALIA:(not believing her)oh ..hmm by the way i called u to ask something.
SONA:what???i am sure about the dress.
ALIA:yup..iam confused as,usual
SONA(laughs)wear the blue one shoulder gown,that u recently bought .
ALIA:oh,ya awesome i forgot about that…..thanx
SONA:that’s why i amcalled as ur best friend na
ALIA:hmmm…tell me what are u gonna wear
ALIA:plz i am ur bf na
SONA:no emotional drama…its a suprise…meet u in the party…bye
ALIA:fine( a bit angry)bye.

sona smiles and keeps the phone…i have to look my best tomorrow….dev i will be waiting for u…


the college auditorium,is the place where this party is been conducted…hall is full with handsome boys and beautiful girls…dj has been setup and dance floor has been arranged ….the hall is brimming with excitement

sona enters from the main entrance….as soon as she enters alia shouts in the microphone”here comes our college’s best outgoing student and the most beautiful girl….our dear Sonakshi bose
(alia is acting as an anchor)
sona is shown,she is wearing a beautiful shoulder less gown..pink..baby pink one..her hair curled and arranged at one side..pearl three layer necklace and a pair of white designer earrings completed her look..she was looking gorgeous
as soon as alia announced everyone turned and looked…all the boys were dieing to say at least a hello…but sona was not interested she didn’t even look towards him
sona went to alia
ALIA:wow yaar..looking damn gorgeous….loved ur suprise
alia hugs sona

SONA:(smiles)thnx…u too r looking cool as usual
ALIA:tq,did u see how the boys were trying to get ur attention.
SONA:hmmm(looking here nad there)
ALIA:sona,whom r u searching for
SONA:hmmm…he didn’t come yet.
ALIA:who didn’t come yet…everyone is here
SONA:no dev is not here
ALIA:oh,he i don’t think he will come..u know he is a kind of fun hating person.
SONA:no he is a bit serious than u for studies,but today is farewell be will surely come

someone calls alia and she leaves….leaving sona alone.
SONAP.O.V.:were are u dev..how much will u make me wait ,come fast na…want to tell u something very important..plz god send dev soon,cant wait anymore

but unfortunately,sona ‘s wish did not come true and our dev didn’t come…all the boys wanted to dance with sona but sona was not interested and kept on waiting for dev in one corner…alia came so many times..to tell her to dance to enjoy,but sona didn’t agree and stood in one corner seeing others enjoy and impatiently waiting for dev..for her dev.
finally the party finished …everyone started to leave but sona still had hope that dev will come…alia comes to sona
ALIA:what is this,u spoiled u r whole farewell just for dev…see i said na he wont come..he is a serious,boring and one of the oldest student in our college.
how could u even made him ur friend…he doesn’t even desrve that
SONA:stop(angrily)dev is not like that..i don’t why he didn’t come but he is not like that stop saying bad about him and ya u don’t know about him so u don’t have a right to judge him
ALIA:(shocked)who is dev for u…he is not ur friend for sure…u cant say all these things to me just for a friend..i know
SONA:ya ya he is just not a friend to me ….i love him …i love dev(sona realises what she said and her anger calms down)
ALIA:(smiling)finally my bf fell in love…wow congratulations..didn’t i said that dev is not just a friend for u.

SONA(tears in her eyes)ya i love him(this time calmly)want to be with dev for forever…i thought that today i will tell everything to him but he didn’t come..i lost him(hugs alia)
ALIA:no u didn’t …u know his house na,come lets tell him now
SONA(wiping her tears)r u sure
ALIA:200%,u wont get this chance again

they both reach dev’s house(at that time his house is a rented one as small poor,house)to their disappointment the house is locked.they both ask dev’s neighbour.
NEIGHBOUR:oh dev,he has shifted to some other place with his mother…their owner removed them as they were not able to pay the rent.
SONA:what how could he do so…what does he think of himself….prime minister of India or what…stupid
ALIA:stop sona calm down

the neighbour goes and sona hugs alia and started to cry
SONA:(CRYING)i lost him…where will i find him…i lost him
alia tries to calm her down

after a few years

sona is now working in a hospital as a nutritionist…she is well known nutritionist in Mumbai.her past with dev have got buried in her heart as the time has passed..but still she was not able to lovrle anyone else.she is still in love with dev,she tried finding dev but she couldn’t …neither she got to know the reason why dev dev didn’t come for the farewell.
the secret that sona loves dev is just between sona and alia

so how was it…i know u don’t have a single clue for what was going to happen in the next episode..but i promise the next episode will be very interesting…full of drama
for this episode plzzzz leave ur comments as it will help me in the next episode.

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