I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 6

Hiii,everyone,sorry for the late update but as i said i am going very busy these days…..anyways i hope u all like this episode nad i get more comments……


dev and sona,in just one week have become very good friends,maybe because of the similarities they share……alia is having a thought they both are in love and hence start teasing her…..but the fact is that both dev and sona both treat each other as friends and nothing else….they don’t want to…..as both are more interested in making a successful career

SONA:alia did u prepare for the test….its gonna be tough
ALIA:nope…i am gonna bunk that class
SONA:but alia…if u keep on doing like this then what will happen of ur career…ur parents dream…..ur future
ALIA:chill sona,why do u stress so much…just today…and u know my life …this time …the college time will never come back….if u don’t enjoy now u will regret
ALIA:no but and if….u didn’t try it and hence u don’t know…come on try it..its fun.
SONA:no not at all…i wont u go
ALIA:fine meet u at the end of the day
SONAok…will u drop me home back
ALIA:ya sure i will be there
SONA:ok don…..enjoy
ALIA:yup by the way u also enjoy ur test(laughs and leave)
SONAP.O.V:i too wanna enjoy but i cant let my career on stake…..i am doing right

as sona was walking deep in her thoughts she clashed with dev …but this time devhold her from the waist and doesn’t let her fall…they both share an eye lock….sona was shocked and suprised but dev was concerned.
SONA:(getting up)i am so sorry…did i hurt u dev
DEV:(helping her to stand)nope,r u fine?(looking concerned for her)
SONA:i am fine…(looking a bit sad)
DEV:u r sad,tell me what happen…i am ur friend na
SONA:actually today we are having a test a tough one and alia escaped it by bunking.she said me that if i don’t enjoy now u will regret later …in ur future.
DEV:so do u also want to escape the test
SONA:no not like that ….just thinking that will i regret it …i mean
DEV:i understand…but according to me….if u follow ur career….then it would be better because there will be many chances when u can enjoy but right now career is the most important..i hope u r able to understand.
SONA:hmmm…..thank god i met u or else i would be regreting the whole day…that alia she is mad and she will,make me mad too
DEV:(laughs)sona when is ur test
SONA:its..oh no,i m gonna be late bye and thnx
DEV:bye….all the best(smiles)

the day gets over like this and finally its time to go home.
SONAP.O.V.:oh god were is this stupid alia….waiting near the gate for so much time and she surely would be partying not even recieving my phone….what a best friend u have made sona….but what to do she is my only one best friend….cant even stay without without her

her thoughts her interrupted by someone…no other than our dev
DEV:hey,how was ur test…why didn’t u go home…why r u not going home.
SONA:Omg,these many questions…take a breathe dev…my test was awessome…yes i am waiting for someone…alia my “best friend”
DEV:oh that’s good…but don’t u think its late….i mean 99% of the college has left and its not safe
SONA:i know but what to do….alia said me that she will drop me home.
DEV:then call her na…(getting a bit irrated)
SONA:as if i didnt(showing alias anger on dev)
DEV:so what happen(getting calm)
SONA:her phone is switched off(hopeless tone)
DEV:leave her i will drop u home…i guess ur home is on the way to my home itself.
SONA:ya ur right…but i don’t want to trouble u
DEV:what trouble sona…friend in need is fa friend in deed na
SONA:(smiles)ok fine
DEV:i hope u don’t mind walking ….just 7-8min from here…i know a shortcut..we can talk
SONA:uff..why do u worry…chill….i love walking.
SONA:ya so how is ur studies going

like this they both start walking…firstly talking about studies then about their life

SONA:u know dev…it was a childhood dream for me to become a doctor..a nutritionist…to treat many patients
DEV:hmmm,glad that u r gonna fulfill ur dream soon
SONA:what about u…ur dream to become a businessman na
DEV:more than me its my mothers dream(tears start forming in his eyes as he says this)ma worked day and night just to make sure that i will be able to complete my studies…just for making my future bright..she scarificed everything..every single thing,u know she use to do 8-9 different jobs per day….whenever i tried to help her she always said that …my dev is made to make people work under him not to work under people.
SONA(holds dev’s hand and says)dev …i know u will surely become a great man one day one day everyone will be working under u,ur mom will be the most proudest mother….All the best my friend
DEV:i hope so….u too will become the best nutritionist in the world
SONA:but…dont forget me..after becoming rich…always be my friend
DEV:sure,and u too …dont forgot me
they both laugh
SONA:ok so promise.
SONA:that u will never forget me!
DEV:ok promise..u tok don’t forget me.
SONA:promise dev.
they both keep on walking and
DEV:what happen
SONA:i am crossing my house(smiling)
DEV:oops…lost in the talks when we reached ..i didn’t even figure out
SONA:yes exactly…bye now meet u tomorrow.
DEV:ya bye

like this they complete they complete their college and finally its their farewell…sona is egarely waiting for dev…she wanted tto say him something….something really very important.
but no sign of dev…sona is tensed.

so how was it???plz comment

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