I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 5

Hiii,sorry i was not able to personally reply to ur comments but thank you so much ……love u all..


DEV P.O.V.:u loved me na but now u hate me…it was all my fault…i still remeber the first day when we met

FB(dev is remembering this)
both dev and sona are doing their college,dev is studying commmerce wheras sona is doing medical science.
its their first day today

SONA:hey I am so excited today…i just love it…finally my dream is gonna come true. I will soon become a new doctor.
ALIA(sona’s friend):auff! Sona u can never change…always study or career,study or career…
SONA:then what should i think
ALIA:about making new frnds….u know boyfriends
SONA:I am not interested
ALIA:thats what u van never change
Sona:ok fine I cant and I will never…now lets go we are gonna be late
ALIA:ya ya gonna meet my new boyfriends….lets go.
SONA:(smiles)coming my bf (here best frnd)


DEV:finally my college….now I am quite near to fulfil my mothers dream….the best day of my life.
now its class time and both dev and sona go to attend their class…after attending classes they get a lunch break and both of them go towards the canteen….

SONA:did u check this alia….its so important.
ALIA:what where is he…is he really so handsome…where is he..is it that one.
SONA:OMG,again boys I am talking about the subject..
ALIA:oh I forgot how can Ms.sonakshi Bose talk about anything else

they both are walking…sona is holding some books and reading one too while alia is busy in checking out he boys.
dev is cmng from the other side and coincidencly he is already immersed in a book.
ALIA:hey look he is so cute and handsome
Sona:I said na I am not interested
ALIA:fine I will meet u and ur boring books in the canteen

sona and dev are walking without looking forward and clash both dev and sona collide….sona falls down and dev somewhat losses his balance but some how,balances himself….
SONA:aah! Cant u see and walk.
DEV:(bends down to pick his books which had fallen due to collision.)its not alone my cault u could also see and walk.
SONA:getting up)ok fine both of us didnt see,so from my side I am sorry.
DEV:picks sonas books also and I am also sorry by the way r u fine.
SONA:ya I think so ….checks herself.
DEV:thats good.
SONA(taking her books from dev)u r a medical science student…
DEV:no I am a commerce student.and u r medical science
SONA:yup,by the way my name is Sonakshi bose
DEV:oh nice name,my name is dev,dev dixit

they do a formal shake-hand
SONA:so friends.
DEV:sure,did u have ur lunch.
SONA:well no I am about to…i am going to have
DEV:can we
SONA:sure why not??

they both go to the canteen and have lunch.
after lunch they both depart.

SONA P.O.V.:now where is this alia…we will get late for the class..this girl doesnt understand anything ….always behind boys.

then from the back alia comes and hugs sona

ALIA:so so sorry,but I saw that u were busy…so I thought of leaving u alone
SONA:oh he…he is dev and he is a commerce student….he seems hardworking…
ALIA:he is so handsome….i guess he the most handsome guy in this while college but I heard that he is not interested in any girls…only matters studies.
SONA:thats good..
ALIA:but he talked to u…that means…
SONA:the bell ..
SONA:we are late for the class…come on…all because of u
the both run…..like this their first day gets over….

I know its short but had less time so….really sorry …..by the way how was it???did u like it…i need ur suggestions like something how dev and sona can come together…i have a plan but still for improvement…so drop in ur comments and ur suggestions….

once again sorry if I disappointed u all….?

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  1. Post soon

  2. Hey Pari di!
    The episode was adorable! However, it was toooooo short! Please post longer ones next time!
    Well, I could’ve suggested a few ideas for Devakshi to come together, however, I wouldn’t be disclosing them as I want to see what you’ve thought of??
    Pops the next chapter soon! And a big longer one for sure!
    Loads and tons of love!?????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Glad that u liked my episode….u didn’t drop ur suggestion..i just wanted them for improvement ,now if u don’t like my plan then don’t complain….????
      I will post a longer one next time…if I get enough time…actually I am going quite busy this week.

  3. Hey….come on….be sensible……u didn’t disappointed……. But made this episode superb……..and it was seriously…….?❤️?????????????❣??☺️???????❤️…….and @alia lol…..???……..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much…and alia ,i am glad that u liked it,i added her because i wanted some positivity in my ff….and i guess alia’s character is doing it

  4. Bhoomi

    Awesome episode ??

  5. Rj12

    Amazing episode post soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanx and i will update soon

  6. Aaru

    Superb episode it was..

  7. Awesome episode dear

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanx….a o…it means so much for me

  8. Manya

    Episode was so cute?????????
    Eagerly waiting plzzz post soon and go according to ur plan?
    Love love❣

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      TQ,i will try my best to update soon…..i hope u will like my plan

  9. It was cute. Loved it. ??

  10. Manyaa

    Lovelyy epi…post soon….

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