I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 4

Hey everyone,i am pari here…..i am glad that u r all liking my ff
Here is the 4th episode


sona and dev both are moving towards the lift from two different directions…so now u know lift is at the centre…sona from the right and dev from the left

SONA P.O.V.:why am I having this strange feeling….its as if something is gonna happen but what
DEV P.O.V.:I am nervous…THE DEV DIXIT is nervous how is this possible…i am not finalising the deal the first time then why am I…is this strang feeling nervousness or something else ….

so both are thinking something and moving and as the were like 6footsteps away from the lift both gets a call…this call interupts their call nad both of them move towards the other side and attend the call

SONA:ma, I have reached
ASHA:u r fine,any problem…
SONA:no no ma….i am alright how r u all

the other side

DEV:yes I have reached
CLIENT:thats good, u need to come to the 3rd floor…meeting will start within half an hour.
DEV:ok thanx and don’t worry I will be in time

so now both of them ends their calls and now looking at their phones are moving forward

both dev and sona collide with each other,due to this sona’s phone falls down and she was about to fall when our dev holds her….the both share a lock…both their heart beats were beating faster…the world has stopped for them…minds became numb and both were completely lost…..(background kuch rang pyar ke..song plays)
like after 2-3mins sona comes back to her senses and moves which makes dev come back to his senses and he held sona in standing…now both of them are standing…dev’s eyes were full of tears and slowly he utters the word SONA,with lot of pain….and hugs sona tightly

sona till now was standing straight without any expression on her face…when dev hugs her….tears starts flowing from her eyes and she was about to hug dev back but then she remembers something and her face turns red with anger…her eyes became serious…she tightened her fist and pushes dev with all her force.

DEV:sona….sona I (was so suprised by her action and he tried to something but he is cut between)
SONA:don’t u dare touch me….and don’t call me sona
DEV:(completely heartbroken,just the same look when dev saw sona with reithwik for the first time in krpkab)..but sona
SONA:don’t even try to utter my name
DEV:pls listen to me once

SONA:I don’t want to …..i have already heard from u a lot give years ago and now its enough….i hate u and I never want to see your face.
DEV(after hearing sona just could not hear her and it seems for him as if he was about to fall but some how controlled himself) I am really sorry…
SONA:sorry…sorry..how could u,I have lost myself because of u,I had to leave Mumbai becaue of u,my family had to suffer because of u…no actually its all because of me …my biggest mistake was that I loved u…i trusted u more than myself….i just hate myself and its all because of u(by this she was about to breakdown…but controls herself)
DEV:(cannot even utter a word but tried to)pls font say this,just give me one chance….i will sort it all out.
SONA:not at all …..i will never ever trust u again..never.

the lift reaches the lobbey…and the doors of the lift open and sona immediately press the button of the lift and the door of the lift closed and dev was left there heartbroken,motionless.wordless….

He somewhat comes back to his senses and then finally he move out of the hotel and gets into the car…and starts crying…
DEV:she hates me…sona hates me..she does not rust me.


sona rushes to her room and closed the door and breakdowns completely……she starts crying…all her control was lost…
SONA:why did u did this to me…why???…
aftersome time she controls herself
SONA P.O.V.:why am I crying…i hate dev and I will forever…..he is just a stranger and now I will not cry for him

sona wiles her tears…..


dev was remebring his past….how he and sona met…..

so how was it ,nextly u all will get to know about devakshi life and much more

so keep reading

love u all????

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  1. Bharti123456

    amazing rockzz ur really rocking the ff post soon keep it up

  2. hey rokzzzz
    ohhh yaar itna suspense
    I cant wait for ur next episode
    by d way episode was awesome as always
    love u

  3. Nice episode Pari di!
    Finally, humare Raja aur Rani mil gaye?????
    Felt bad for Dev but couldn’t help but agree with Sona for taking a bold stand and not breaking down in front of Dev just to prove that she too is weak and cares. I’m so damn eager to know the reason behind Sonakshi’s hatred towards Dev! Please let the secrets be disclosed superrrrr soon!
    Post soon and a bit longer one next time!??
    Love ya!??????

  4. Awesome episode dear ??

  5. Manya

    Post soon?
    Love love?

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  7. Amazinggggggggg??❤???………………

  8. Bhoomi

    Awesome…. ??? Very egar to knw about devakshis past ?… post soon…

  9. Aaru

    D episode was like..
    Tauba tera jalwa..tauba tera pyaar
    Tera emotional atyachaar?

  10. amazing rockzzzz….

  11. Saheli

    U simply rock….amazing.kudos to u…..

  12. Yashfeen

    Hey..it ws amazing…n yr 6 footsteps wala scene ws dam badia n full of suspense mjhe toh laga aaj ho pi paiyega ki ni..bt finally dy CLASHED…n bechara dev..hamesha sunta hi rehta hai sabse….n plzzz dbt b late be back soon wid d secret..

  13. Erina

    Awesomeeeee epi swtheart waitingggg for next part so post soon

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