I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 3

Hello everyone,actually when i saw ur comments …..i took out sometime….and i am posting this episode…..

so here is the 3rd episode

sona goes home after her employee informs her that the flight ticket for Mumbai and hotel reservation is done.


ELINA: oh my god…..today its gonna rain heavily….(she sees sona and for teasing her she says so…..sona seldom comes this early)
SONA: actually i am going to Mumbai for…
BEJOY &ASHA: what…Mumbai,but why
SONA:ya,i have an international summit for health and i have received a special invitation….so i have to
BEJOY:ok its good but for how many days??
SONA:just for 3 days
ASHA:shall we also come….its been a long time since we left from Mumbai.
SONA:so sorry i can’t take u all….ma u know u r not keeping well these days and elina has college na
BEJOY:asha sona is right….besides this sona is going for work that also for just 2 days
SONA:ya so sorry,i am going to my room for packing.

sona goes to her room….

ELINA:i am also going to sona’s room,to help her in packing.

elina also goes to sona’s room.

ELINA:sona u r going to Mumbai…..u know na he is …
SONA:i am going to Mumbai for work and he doesn’t matter me….he is just a stranger to me.
ELINA:but still sona u will again have to face those memories and once again..
SONA:i know elina u r concerned for me,but i don’t want my past to affect my present.
ELINA:ya,fine…..i will help u in packing

they both pack sona ‘s clothes and all the essential things that r needed.
SONA:now what elina…did i left anything.
ELINA:no…i want to say that…
SONA:wha,tell what do u want to say
ELINA:that i will miss u.(makes a puppy like face)
SONA:aww,i will miss u too.

they both hug each other and then they both sleep.sona’s flight is at 8:00am .


dev comes back home and goes to meet Ishwari

ISHWARI:oh!u came back how was ur meeting….were u successful
DEV:ya,work got finish so….wellt he deal will be finalised by tomorrow
ISHWARI:i am sure u will bag it.

they both chat for a while and ate dinner,after dinner dev goes to his room
IN DEV’S ROOMdev was studying some files and then keeps it on his study table and goes in his balcony.

DEV’S P.O.V.:(looking at the sky)why i am feeling restless…as if something is gonna happen tomorrow…it cant be because of the deal,its something else..what it could be….


sona was not able to sleep..because sona from inside was nervous at the thought of going to Mumbai….so she finally decides to get from the window and go to her garden to get some fresh air. In her garden there is a bench on which sona sat looking towards the sky

SONA’S P.O.V.:why am i feeling nervous….its five years and still i cant just forget him…oh!god pls pls i don’t want to meet him in Mumbai…..pls

It’s morning and sona gets ready to
ASHA:did u keep everything,ur phone charger….
SONA:don’t worry mom i have kept everything
BEJOY:takes care of ur self
SONA:yes baba
ELINA:all the best…
SONA:thank you and now i am getting late so bye everyone,take care of itself and pls call me if …
ELINA:u don’t worry about it just take care of ur self
SONA:ok fine,meet u all soon.

she leaves for the airport and soon she reaches Mumbai,she was going to her hotel in her car.

SONA’S P.O.V.:so finally i am here…i wish i had not left this place ever ,the air,the people everything is so good over here i just love Mumbai.it was all because of him i have to leave this beautiful place….i just hate u….hate u from the bottom of my heart

she soon reaches the hotel and moves to the reception area and takes her room keys from there…she asks the receptionist for the lift and the receptionist shows her the direction
just then dev enters the hotel and move towards the reception and after getting the lift’s direction…moves there(meanwhile sona had already moved towards the lift

so how was it?
pls drop in your comments

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  1. Interesting. Nice episode. ???

  2. Manya

    Post soon?
    Love love?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      i will try to post soon

  3. Bharti123456

    amazing just amazing rockzzz
    they’re finally going to meet

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Ya they are gonna meet but there is gonna be a high voltage drama……s keep reading
      thanx?…..happy that u loved it

  4. Amazing episode Pari di!
    I’m surprised to see Sonakshi’s hatred towards Dev!
    Finally, they’ll be meeting real soon!
    Baldy waiting for the next one!
    Post soon and longer ones?
    Love ya!?????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much????

  5. Awesome episode dear

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      Thanks a lot…..

  6. Erina

    Awesomeeeee epi swtheart nd now i’m eager to know what will happen so post soon

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  7. interesting

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    I m eagerly waiting for the next ff.
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    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Really …..i am so happy that u loved it

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  10. Update next episode soon ??

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      Sur,i will try to update soon…?

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    Nice! Update soon dear!!??

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      Sure and thanx

  12. it’s superb…..????????❤?????❤?????❤❤….now I’m really excited for it……..there meeting after five years, and the reason of sona hatred…….and many more things……..??????????????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      thank u so much……
      and yes u will get to know a lot of unknown things…..?????????

  13. Aaru

    Awesome dear..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      thank u so much……
      and yes u will get to know a lot of unknown things…..?????????tq?

  14. Caira

    Amazing… please post long episodss from the next time

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      TQ I will try for that…..actually I am very busy with some work so ….but I will try my best?

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    Superb… post soon.. ???

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    Super thrilling…all d best …keep it up and continue updating fast 🙂

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  17. Very nice episode rockzzzz!!!! Very very very very eagerly waiting for the next update. Plz plz post it asap!!!!!!! Just love the episode??❤️❤️?????

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    Oh! Cliffhanger Eh? 😉 Not Bad ! Update Soon! 😀

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