I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 2

Hey everyone ,pari here
Here is the second episode


DEV:(was seeing the photo) i wish i didn’t said that….i am really sorry…..i miss u….i miss u a lot….(he was on the verge of breaking down)

when all of a sudden there is a knock on the door….dev comes back to his senses and controls himself and says”come in”

TINA:sir they have arrived.
DEV:ok i am cmng.
TINA:ok sir

dev agaain keeps the photo in the drawer and leaves for the meeting


SONA:Raj(sona’s P.A.) what is the next appointment.
RAJ:mam u are having an appointment with Mr.Kapoor(he is a Mumbai based businessman but due to some health problems he came to Canada ,he was a patient of sona.)
SONA:ok,and raj now you can go home….u have been working restlessly since yesterday.
RAJ:but mam u too have been working na….
SONA:its different for me,u go home and that’s my order(she said this sternly)
RAJ:ok mam( he smiled and left)

after raj left sona gets lost in her thoughts……
Sona’s P.O.V.: i was not like this i used to enjoy each and every moment of my life,this money,work ….did not matter me much….it’s all because of u ,i hate myself all because of you….i hate u…i hate u..(tears start rolling on her cheeks)

there is a knock on the door….as sona hears the knock,she comes to her senses and wipes her tears……then she says”come in”.
MR.KAPOOR:hey Dr.bose…how r u??
SONA:hello Mr.kapoor,i am fine thank u and what about u?
MR.KAPOOR:as u can see i am completely fit and fine(Mr.kappor is a man with a cheerful smile and he is in his 40s)
SONA:that’s great,what brings u here
MR.KAPOOR:well i have a good news for you….there is gonna be a international summit of health,top doctors are invited….i am the sponsors of the event,and i have come here to personally invite u….it’s gonna be a great event
SONA:wow that’s great thnx for the invitation,i will surely come…
MR.KAPOOR:its in Mumbai

just then Mr.kapoor phone rings and he says “ok done so meet u there,will be waiting for u,bye”.

SONA P.O.V.:what in Mumbai,oh no how can i go there…but why shall i matter….we both are just strangers ,its five years since we have not met and we will never meet.
she calls to one of her employee and asks her to book a flight ticket for tomorrow,also a room in hotel.


DEV:here is the presentation,so what do you think about it
CLIENTS:its great,u have cracked this deal
DEV:thank you so much…
CLIENTS:but we need to even contact with our business partner ….it would be better if u accompany us
DEV:sure where do we need to meet.
CLIENTS:we have planned a meeting in hotel deluxe.
DEV:ok done


employee:mam we have booked ur ticket and we reserved a room in hotel deluxe.
SONA:ok fine u can leave

i don’t think it was long enough guys but i qm lacking of time….i try to post a longer one next time…and most probably i will post the next on this Wednesday as i am busy

so how was this episode i hope it was better than before plzzzz comment….

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  1. Hey Pari di!
    Lovely episode! Short but sweet??
    So it seems to me that Dev and Sonakshi are going to be meeting each other quite soon!
    Badly waiting for Wednesday to come!
    Post soon!
    Love you!??????

      1. Rockzzzzzz

        I am rally sorry for the above reply

  2. Rj12

    Amazing rockzzz.
    Keep rocking this ff

  3. Awesome episode dear. Plzz write long episode.

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Tq,next time i will try

  4. Ali


  5. Manya

    Post soon?
    Love love?

  6. Raya

    Nice post next soon

  7. Y soo late

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Really sorry for that

  8. Erina

    Its totally different but its amazing nd interesting swtheart. So post soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much?

  9. Angel20

    Wow nice one! Update soon!

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      TQ sure i will update soon….

  10. Aaru

    Amazinggg..keep it up..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanx a lot

  11. Caira

    Loved it??✌??

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanx a lot….

  12. DevSona

    Fantastic epi… 😀

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanx a lot

  13. Saheli

    Cool…..next episode plz….very entertaining

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you so much?

  14. Bhoomi


  15. fabulous epi……?????????????❤???……..and now….dev gonna see sona …..?????????????????❤?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thnx a lot?. well yes dev sona r going to me and a full on drama will happen….so keep reading

  16. Yashfeen

    Heya…it ws really amazing…I hope thr vl b dhamaka on der meeting(wch fr sure vl take place)….hotel deluxe beware…

  17. Awm???????……..
    I just luv it…..??❤????????✌…….
    Plz jaldi sa dev and Sona ko Mila do.?????

  18. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Update Soon!

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