I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 14


Episode 14

sona moves towards dev with a confused expression while dev gives a smile to her.

SONA:whats all this
DEV:I won.
DEV:oh no ..are u suffering from some memory loss anyways no problems I will remind u about yesterday.u said that u wont come today and I kept a challenge that u will come and see I have won the challenge as usual(raising his collars)
SONA:(still having a confused expression)so what about this reunion party?
DEV:uff.. Now do I have to explain each and everything to u.see to bring u here and reunion party could be the best thing.
SONA:so u mean just for bringing me here u are now hoisting a reunion party.
DEV:ya now u got it.

raj comes with a big cardboard box in his hand .

RAJ:hey sona lets get on the work.
SONA:dev I mean Mr.dixit,raj is also involved in ur plan.
DEV:umm..no and even yes.
RAJ(giving a weird expression)what plan
SONA:nothing raj..u start the work I have to talk to Mr.dixit.

raj giving a nod moves from there and now

SONA:so Mr.dixit.
DEV(gulping after seeing sona’s angry face)umm..if I have invited u u wont come so I used raj for it,he doesnt know anything about this challenge.
SONA:thats it..now I font want to hear anything else..now u listen
DEV:…..(giving no reply,he is having tension expression on his face)
SONA:I am going..do u get it..i am not gonna be a party of ur so called reunion party .
DEV:no pls
SONA:enough(was about to go )

dev holds her hand and says “pls don’t go”…but sona jerks her hand gets free if dev’s hold.
she was about to go out when.
NIKKI:sona di plz stop.
SONA:(turning)Nikki,u don’t even know the matter so plz stay out of it(in a call voice and while saying this sona was looking towards dev)
NIKKI:I know each and everything,about bhai challenge everything infact this reunion party and all it was my idea.
SONA:(shocked)what?u too,how could u do this
NIKKI:I am really very sorry sona di,I know we should not have done this..telling lie and all but the intention behind it was nothing bad..we did this for ma because we know that only u can handle her so..
SONA:(understanding)hmm..fine but u should not have done this,u could have ..
NIKKI:I know and we are really sorry for that,right bhai(looking towards dev)
DEV:(looking towards sona with a hopeful face)hmm..ya
SONA(avoiding dev and looking towards Nikki)ok fine,I will excuse u this time but
NIKKI:promise this was the first and last time
SONA:what about the party
DEV:it will go according to the plan..
SONA:ok then I will checkout the arrangements.
NIKKI(moving toward sona)even I will help u)

they both move and now dev is standing alone in the hall
DEV(to himself)ufff..thank god that this Ms.attitude finally agreed but now because of her now I have to be a part of this stupid reunion party.

while dev was talking to himself,sona comes there and starts laughing
SONA(laughing)omg,u talk to urself
DEV:(coming to his senses)umm.no not at all
SONA(still laughing)come on I just heard u..u were saying something about the party.
DEV:umm.i am going to the office…bye ..do the arrangements properly and take care of ma.
SONA:(smiling)hmm..sure bye.
dev moves and sona from the back tells”don’t forget the party”
dev heard it and without saying goes away.
SONA(smiling to herself)just wait and watch Mr.dixit,today its gonna be fun.

sona goes and start doing the arrangements and finally by 5:30..all the arrnagements are done.

NIKKI:ya,its looking beautiful
SONA:hmm.klok now I will leave I will get ready and come back by 7:00..
NIKKI:hmm ya.bye

sona goes and after she goes dev comes.

DEV(impressed by the arrangements)hmm so everything is done.
RAJ:ya and now is am leaving.
DEV:ok and thanks
NIKKI:bhai do u know its all done by sona di we just hepled her out.
DEV:oh!(sure sitting onthe sofa)where is she.
NIKKI:she just left now and do u know there is a surprise for u.
DEV:for me,what?
NIKKI:I too font know when sona di got to know that it gonna be ur first fun type party..she planned a surprise for u..great na.
DEV:what Sonakshi planned it..god knows what its gonna be..i hope
NIKKI:uff.trust her.it will be great.
DEV:hmm,anyways and now I will go get ready.
(goes to his room)

so how was it ,what will be sona’s surprise..will sona give a sweet surprise or…to know it stay tuned…

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  2. AWESOME is all I can say!
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