I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 13


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DEV(talking to himself a bit loudly)what to do…dev think something or else u will lose…shall I(getting an idea)no no…something else …i guess no that too wont be good..what to do??(dev was talking like this to himself and walking reatlessly from one corner of his room to another)
NIKKI(suddenly without knocking enters into the room and clashes with dev)aah!bhai (falls down)
DEV:aa!who said u to barge into the room(making Nikki stand with one hand and with other rubing the place where he got hurt)
NIKKI:ok fine I am sorry…but why were u walking from one corner to another…r u in tension bhai…any important deal
DEV:umm no its even bigger than that and infact more important too.
NIKKI(sitting on the bed)what more important than that …tell na what is it?

NIKKI:what sona di??she is so sweet how can she be the reason behind ur tension
DEV:she is,not sweet,she is sour just like bittergourd
NIKKI:heehe…what a joke.
DEV:seriously(sitting on the bed beside Nikki)
NIKKI:ok fine what did sona di do
DEV:actually she asked a ….(dev narrates the while incident to Nikki and how he ended up with this challenge)
NIKKI:oh..oh now I get it
DEV:(standing up)now do u have any idea or I have just wasted my time telling u all these stuff
NIKKI:bhai..nikki can do even the most impossible task..dont underestimate me.
DEV:ok then stop this flimy dialouge and tell ur idea
NIKKI:not like this bhai…u have to

DEV:I got it..i will give u whatever u want..now will u plz tell me ur plan
NIKKI:wow..yippee..i hope u and sona di daily challenge each other and then
DEV:Nikki..(getting angry)
NIKKI:sorry bhai..now the plan is….
DEV:umm I must say its a good idea.
NIKKI:after all its nikki’s plan na
DEV:and Nikki is after all my sister
they both laugh Nikki openly but dev as always just giving a small sound and smile

its around 8:30 when sona was dressing up gets a call

SONA:hello who is this
OVER PHONE:hey sona remember me..Raj
SONA:(remembering and shouting u know how one does when someone suddenly remembers something)Raj..oh my god how r u??such a long time
RAJ(studied with dev and sona in the same college and was a common friend to both of them)ya exactly..i am fine what about u
SONA:I am fine too…whats up
RAJ:umm I have a good news
RAJ:we hoisting a reunion party today..everyone gonna come..will u?
SONA:ya ofcourse how can I miss such a great chance
RAJ:oh wow its from7:00pm and its gonna be a madhup of our reunion and diwali too..
SONA:interesting but..(before she could continue)
RAJ:I need ur help(seriously)..actually I have been given the job of planning this event and u know how bad I am at this..so can u plz help me.
SONA:(laughing)I know..and yes I will help u but…
RAJ:great then can u meet me within half an hour in front of cafe today..i will tell u everything there
SONA:ok fine..meet u bye
RAJ:hmm bye

CAFE TODAY(coffee shop)

RAJ:sona here…(waving his hand so that sona could see,he was standing outside the coffee shop)
SONA:(reaching towards raj)oh hi..u have changed a lot..beard and all haan..
RAJ:umm ya..but now we font have time we have to do so many things
SONA:ya ya but where is the party
RAJ:come lets go there(Sits on his bike,asks even sona to sit)
SONA:(sitting on the bike)hmm..fine so how….

they both chat and finally reach their destination Raj stops his bike ..
RAJ:we reached
SONA:oh(looking towards the place and sudenly her pleasent face changes into a horrified one)what here
RAJ:(geeting down and moving straight inside without hearing sona )come
SONA:(shocked)Iswhari mansion…reunion party why is all this..have to find out.

sona goes inside with shock and a pinch of excitement

as sona reaches inside she sees raj and dev standing int he centre of the hall and talking to each other…
DEV:thanks raj for coming..without u I cant manage
RAJ:anything for my friend..i have even bought sona for my help
DEV:(dev’s face brightening up)great …the materials are kept at the backside..u can check
RAJ:ok then..(goes towards the backside)

now only dev and sona are left..in the hall..sona moves towards dev with a confused expression

so how was it was it short..maybe but I will update the next tomorrow itself and I have to keep the suspense of what sona will say so stopped here..anyways how was it I hope it was not bad…waiting for ur comments..

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  1. How many I have to tell u that this is superb and awesome……?☺️?❤️???????????……. Don’t say it bad…… Episode was short and u left me in curiosity……..????…….anyways the episode was amazing and superb……?❤️??????????❣???

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot….ur curiosity will end soon,don’t worry ??

  2. Heshine

    Aww….its awesome….as always di….????waiting for sona’s expression….???haha…..juz keep rocking….di……juz waiting….????fa ur next part….???

  3. Bharti123456

    Superbly fantabuosly awesome

  4. Manya

    Post soon
    Love love?❣

  5. Awesome

  6. Hey Pari di!
    The episode was fabulous!
    Loved it!
    And, you’ve left me screwed up here with all those questions popping up in my mind due to curiosity! Ugggghh! I hate it when I have to wait!
    Well, do try to post soon and a longer one!
    Love ya!??????

  7. Aarti98

    It was short, but no worries..coz it was vry interesting..u rocked it Rockzzzzzz

  8. Niki645

    It was FANTASTIC ?
    Eagerly waiting for next part..

  9. Rockzzzzzz

    Hey thanks everyone…i have listed the next episode. ….will love to see your commments there……????

  10. Rockzzzzzz

    I mean I have updated the next

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