I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 11


Hey sorry for being late….now without any delay go forward for reading the next episode…here it goes

sona was walking on the road thinking about the the things which happened with her since morning…today was really the worst day of her life…
A car with a speed of 80kmph is heading towards her..the car horns but sona lost in her thoughts doesn’t hear it and keeps on moving forward and the car was about dash….sona but then someone just in time pulls her…this pull brings back sona to her senses.
SONA:hey,what are u doing
the person who pulled is none other than Alia(did u think it was dev)
ALIA:what am i doing…what are u doing..the car was about to hit u
SONA(no reply)

ALIA:where were u lost ha…if the car would have hit u then…cant u see and walk..
SONA:(starts crying and hugs alia)
ALIA:(shocked)what happen are u ok…tell me what happen??
SONA:dev removed me from my job(crying)
ALIA:what are u saying(shocked)..this cant be possible…tell me the whole thing

sona narrates her the whole incident..
ALIA:how dare he do this to u…i will not spare him..i will go and meet him now
SONA:no need..i lost my job and its not gonna come back…i just don’t know how he could do this to me…i don’t think he even values our friendship because if he does he would not have’
ALIA:now what ??
SONA:i have to find a new job…come lets go home.


sona tells everything to her parents and then goes back to her room.


sona is sitting on the bed thinking about each and everything that happened between her and dev…she lets out a sigh and lies on the bed with one or two tears falling from her eyes…slowly she sleeps…


sona wakes up have her breakfast and starts searching for job..she tries hard but she does not get any job..
like this 5-6days pass..in these days sona and dev did not talk or met each other


ASHA:sona,did u get any job…
SONA(sitting with her laptop)no ma but i am trying
ASHA:i am your mother and i know that u don’t want to join dev’s offered job but i think u should.
ASHA:u know we are middle class and u r the only one who was earning and god knows when u will get ur next job…not only this u r a doctor and its ur duty to treat each and every patient then why not dev’s mother
SONA(no reply)
ASHA:pls think about it good night..

sona lies on the bed and thinks about her ma’s words and finally she decides
SONA(to herself)i have to do this


sona goes and tells asha that she have decided to join the job offered by dev
ASHA:i know that its gonna be difficult but i know my,sona can do it…best of luck!
SONA(trying to smile)thanks ma

sona goes to dev’s house…
SONAP.O.V.:oh god pls help me…hope that this dev does not create problems

sona enters dev’s house…sona is wearing jeans with a blue colour top…full sleeves but half folded….her hair left out and just a small pendant in her neck.

sona steps in.
NIKKI(dev’s sis)hey…i guess ur Dr.sonakshi bose
SONA:hi …yes i am
NIKKI:oh u look so beautiful..can i call u sona di
SONA:ya why not infact i will love it if u do.

they both smile and then dev comes..sees them smiling

DEV:so Sonakshi from now also u are expert in making friends
SONA(looking towards the other side and does not reply)
NIKKI(seeing this)bhai that means you both know each other
DEV:yes ..we both studied in the same college
NIKKI:so u might both might be very good friends

before dev could reply…
SONA:no…we just met one or two times..we are just a little more than strangers right Mr.dixit.
NIKKI(sensing the anger in sona)ok then u both continue i will take a leave now

DEV:why did u said like that in front of dev
SONA:i just told the truth
DEV:oh come on u too know how good frnds we were and….u termed our relation just more than strangers.
SONA:friends..very good ones..oh really…then u forcefully removed my job,u didn’t understand me…does a friend do like that..no of course not so u are not my friend..get it Mr.dixit(sternly and angrily).
DEV:what??(shocked),…(calming himself down)ok Sonakshi..
SONA:wait a second…its Sonakshi only for my friends its Dr.bose for u ..
DEV:ok.so Dr.bose now that u have decided to work..let me introduce my mother to me…
pls come with me.

sona goes with dev to Ishwari’s room(guys let me tell u on thing even if dev and sona were friends dev didn’t met sona’s family and sona didn’t met dev’s family
DEV:ma,look ur nutritionist have come
ISHWARI(looking towards Sonakshi)smiles and says,come sit
SONA:(smiles and sits)hello aunty…

ISHWARI:hello…well i don’t like eating those boiled vegetables and drinking those juices but dev doesn’t listen
SONA(smiles)i know aunty,but its good for ur health…so u have too.
ISHWARI(makes a face)ok fine.
SONA:ok done i will make ur diert chart…

sona leaves and dev follows

SONA:Mr.dixit,where is ur kitchen
DEV:that side..

so how was it…i hope u all like it,plz comment

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  1. It was amazing…. waiting for devakshi cute moments…

  2. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee epi update asap

  3. Awesome episode dear but plzz post next episode soon

  4. Aaru

    Rocking episode..

  5. Niki645

    Awesome!!!!! Post next part asap

  6. Awesome and superb……???????????❤??❤…..and I thought….it’s dev….??…….the episode was amazing…….hope is good one…..in ur ff…..????❤

  7. Manya

    Super duper hit❤️❣????????

  8. Nice one.

  9. Rj12

    Nice……. super nice……….super duper nice ?????
    And I really thought that the person who saved Sona was Dev ?

  10. Hey Pari di!
    The episode was splendid!
    Loved each and every scene!
    And yeah, I sure did think it was Dev who’d rushed to Sonakshi’s rescue????
    Do post the next one sooon!
    Love ya!??????

  11. Hi!pari (Di).
    Epi was AWSMMMMMMMMMM…????…………
    I just luv it??……
    I m 17.ad u?
    Plz jaldi sa post karooooo
    Waiting badllllllllllllllll???

  12. Amazingggggggggg episode loved it…

  13. Erina

    Interesting epi nd i can say it was commendable ?????????????nd seriously i don’t thought it would be dev as my frnd done same in her ff but urs nd her situation was totally different…. Plzzz post ASAP
    With loads of love to u ??❤??????

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