“STILL ENEMIES???” Introduction and Prologue




Sanskar Maheshwari

He is a 21 year old boy…. Music is his first love and his cousin Laksh is his only family…. He is the leader of the famous band called ” The Beatles 4.” A great singer and an equally skillful guitarist….. He is the only child of Sujata and Ram Prasad Maheshwari…. He leaves his parents because of his father’s bad deeds in the past…. He hates swara to the core and wishes never to meet her again.. He had made innumerable attempts to harm Swara’s paternal sister Ragini in order to hurt Swara…

Laksh Maheshwari

He is five months younger to his cousin Sanskar and loves him terribly. He a funny fun loving boy. He had always been Ragini’s savior from Sanskar and his dangerous immature attempts to harm her. Just like Sanskar, Laksh is a superb guitarist and knows how to play violin too…. He is a member of Sanskar’s music band ‘ The Beatles 4.’

Omi Roy

He is a 22 year old guy who is Sanskar’s best friend and knows Sanskar better than himself. He is an excellent drummer but professionally he is a guitarist…. He is another member of Sanskar’s music band. He is a musician – cum – comedian and has the power to make a cry doll roll on floor due to his tongue in cheek dramas. He is in love with Riya.

Riya Kapoor

A dramatic Punjabi 21 year old girl who loves music…. She was Swara’s senior at school and was Sanskar’s classmate that time and was a good scorer too….. She was friends with Swara earlier but Swara’s transfer to London eventually broke their relation. She was Sanskar’s college mate and there she met Omi …. She loves Omi to the core and she is really possessive about her boyfriend. Just as all other members of ‘ The Beatles 4’, she is also an excellent guitarist. Her love for music can be clearly understood as she can remember a song line for every situation. Just like her boyfriend, she is a great comedian for the gang of four. Riya along with Laksh and Omi belongs to an evil and naughty gang called ‘ The evil doers ‘ and the only motive of this group is troubling Sanskar!!!

Swara Gadodia

She is a sweet bubbly girl who is strong and bold. She is a cute chubby girl who loves every soul on earth except her childhood enemy called Sanskar….. She often refers to him as ‘Mr hell ‘ or ‘ a hellish creature.’ She hates Sanskar because he has tried to harm her only baby sister Ragini who is her life. She is scared of almost none of the silly things and is brave and courageous… She is the only daughter of Sharmista and Shekhar Gadodia and they love her a lot….. Again she is an excellent guitarist and a piano artist…… She is the leader of the music band called ‘ The magical musicians ‘ that consists of four girls including herself…

Ragini Gadodia

Ragini is Swara’s baby sister who is just two months younger to her…. She is the only daughter of Janki devi and Shekhar Gadodia…. She is scared of everyone except her close relatives and Shanaya…. She is a highly religious girl and has a strong belief on her god. She is an excellent sitarist and plays mouth organ well…. She loves Swara from the bottom of her heart and breaks her so called scared shell when Swara is at stake…..

Shanaya Khan

Shanaya is an Indian girl brought up in London. She is an orphan adopted by Shekhar and Sharmista and they treat her as their own child… She can play the flute very well and is also a appreciable sitarist…. Was an excellent academic scorer….. She is very much similar to Ragini except for the fact that Ragini wears traditional Indian clothes….. Has an excellent detective brain and she is an fantastic observer.

Cairi Fernandez

She is Swara’s best friend and is like her….. A funny girl who loves teasing others in some way or the other… She is 21 years old and a year back, she had come to India to marry her Indian lover Raghav Singhania but is betrayed…. Her parents don’t accept her after she ran away in order to marry Raghav…. She is then accepted by the Gadodias and from then she considers them as her only parents…. She is an excellent xylophone player and a beautiful dancer..

In London

Swara hears a knock at the door and unwillingly opens the door to find Ragini standing out with a pleading face.

” no no no… I already told you that i am not accompanying you to that country….. Like seriously? Out of total 196 countries in the world, you choose only India to learn music?? How could you Ragini?? After knowing and experiencing all the dangers there you still choose India to master your sitar skills?????” Swara yelled at the top of her lungs explaining Ragini that how much she would regret her decision….

” Swara please listen!!! You know India has the best musical academies in the world and Sur&Tal academy is one of them… Please my sweet sister… Just listen to me for once”Ragini pleaded making puppy eyes trying to melt Swara’s heart which was currently made of hard Rock….

” and what if i meet that Mr hell again??? I swear that i will literally kill that criminal if i see his egoistic face again!!!” Swara growled making Ragini tremble but she kept buttering her sister….” Offo! Swara! India is not so small that the moment you get down the plane, you will bump into that Sanskar!!! And You know that maa baba will not send me there alone. Don’t you” she added continuing her mission to please Swara.

” no no no… I m not coming… And you can take Shanaya and Cairi with you….. But i AM NOT COMING.. And that’s final” Swara yelled sitting down on her chair folding her hands across her chest…..

“Swara please!!!” Ragini equates.

” no” Swara scowled.

” my sweet sister!” Ragini tried buttering her.

” your drama isn’t pleasing me” Swara said rudely rolling her eyes at her baby sister asking her to stop her drama….

” Swara!!!” Both of them heard an another familiar voice.

” Ragini is trying to please you since the past two days… Why are you behaving so rudely with her?? ” an old lady said getting into the room hitting Swara at the back of her head.

” ahh dadi maa!!!” Swara cried rubbing her head where she just received a blow.

” what Dadi maa??? Your are an Indian Swara and you should be proud to be one…. And how can you conclude that the entire India is a criminal country just because of one immature guy???” Dadi asked folding get arms across her chest.

” but he tried to kill my baby sister” Swara stated blinking her eyes two three times.

” so what? Did she die?? And are you trying to run away from the fact that you saved her every time??? ” dadi questioned.

” no…..buttttttt…” Swara started to explain.

” shut up swara!!! No ifs and buts!!! You are accompanying her to India and that my final decision” Dadi ordered before exiting the room leaving behind a pissed off Swara and an over excited Ragini.

” this was your plan right?…. You just wait and watch” swara grumbled at Ragini who just shrugged her shoulders as if saying i just don’t care!!!

In India

“Seems that someone is missing someone” Laksh snickered winking at Omi and Riya.
” who”Sanskar asked casually without any knowledge of the upcoming news.
” who can you miss.?? Of course your Jerry” Laksh said as a devilish smirk plastered itself on his lips.
“Shut up idiot” Sanskar yelled at him.
” Oh come on Sanskar! Please accept the fact that she was sweet unlike you” Omi teased.

” and anyways, i could only witness twenty of your marvelous fights till the time we were in Swara’s school.” Riya said showing a fake upset face.

” and me?? I have only heard of your fights…. ” Omi cried.

Sanskar gave a death glare to all three of them.

“Locha E Ulfat ho gaya” Riya sang.

“Your are my friends or enemies???” Sanskar snapped getting frustrated.

” we are your friends and so we are troubling you….. And we can never be your enemies because we don’t want to take Swara’s place in your heart” Laksh chirped smirking as always.

” kyonki har ek friend kamina hota hai” Riya sang again.

” and we have a good news for ourselves especially me!!” Omi exclaimed.

” what?” Sanskar asked getting puzzled.

” finally after four years, we will be able to see you fight…..” Riya beamed.

” what? How?” Sanskar asked crossing his fingers praying that his prediction is proved wrong.

” Swaragini are returning back to India and basically Mumbai for mastering music” Laksh informed making Sanskar gasp mentally.
His lower jaw dropped…..

” zor ka jhatka hae zorro se laga” Riya teased.

” chill bro! Tom’s Jerry returns” Laksh exclaimed in a dramatic filmy voice.?

Sanskar mentally kicked his brother in frustration…

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