“STILL ENEMIES???” Chapter 4


11:30 pm
All of Sanskar, Omi, Riya, Laksh and Cairi in cailaks dorm.
Cairi:ohh!! Where on earth are these drama queens???
Ragini enters
Ragini: ragini is here.
She looks at sanskar and gets scared
Ragini: i m sorry i think i came at the wrong dorm…..
Laksh: no ragini u are called here.
Sanskar looks at laksh.
Laksh: yes bro….. Woh actuall, i didn’t no cairi’s friends are swaragini so i……
Shanaya enters
Shanaya: sorry sorry can u tell me where is Cairi’s dorm
Cairi: i m here sweetie
Shanaya: but…
Cairi: tragedy. Sorry dear
Swara is nowhere to be seen.
Laksh and Riya give a sigh of relief.
Ragini: i wanna go.
Sanskar: its okey…. I wnt trouble u nw…..
Shanaya thinks: he isn’t bad at all
Ragini: i m going.
Laksh catches her wrist and pulls her making her sit almost on him.
Laksh in her ears: u remember….. I always saved u when i new about bhai’s plans??
His lips are almost touching her ears. A current passes down her spine.
Ragini nods
Laksh: so stay wid me.
Ragini too numb to react. Her sudden closeness with her childhood crush made her body shiver.

Swara comes inside and the first person she sees is her ” mr hell”
Swara: ohh hello mr hell wat are u doing in my friends dorm???
Sanskar: hold ur tongue. This is my Bros dorm.
Swara: shut up. Get out
Sanskar: if i say the same thing then
Swara: who d hell are u to throw me out??? Ohh i remember u are ” MR. HELLLLLLL”
Sanskar: shut up ms crappy
Swara: ohh!! Now whose loosing control over his tongue
Sanskar: just following my guru.
Swara:…….. Liste…….
Laksh: stopppppppppp.
Everyone looks at laksh with wide eyes. He was the first human on earth to stop this tom and Jerry show and he did this for the very first time………. They thought that laksh had himself invited death for him by interrupting the hate birds.
Laksh then looks at Sanskar who was glaring him and then he looks at swara only to find her giving the most deadly ” now u r dead” looks to him. He gulps hard.
Laksh: i mean i challenge u that u people cnt stay wid out fighting.
Swasan: we can
Riya: den prove it. ( she winks at omi)
Omi; ha. Yes yes prove it….. Whoever starts fighting first looses.
Swasan: challenge accepted.

They look at each other.
Swara: u r gonna lose Mr hell
Sanskar: u r the first to start..
All others cough and swasan become quite.
Laksh: so which movie??
Shanaya: romantic movie
Riya: no comedy
Omi: action
Swara, sanskar, cairi and laksh: horror movie.
They look at eachother and then at others.
Omi: cool idea
Ragini: nope
Swara: majority wins darling.
Laksh: and first time swasan are together fr something except fighting.
Swara : who is swasan????????
Laksh: Swara’s SWA and Sanskar’s SAN make SWASAN.
Swasan: stop join my name with this disaster.
Swara: ohh me disaster???
Sanskar: u said the same.
Again everyone coughs.
Omi: how about horror story.
Laksh: perfect
He goes and switches off the lights and draws all the curtains. Its so dark that one cud not see others face.
Ragini: Laksh wat r u doing!?
Laksh: creating atmosphere baby.
Shanaya: i m scared
Cairi: don’t worry i m there fr u.
Shanaya: exactly y m scared
Cairi: huh??
Shanaya: nothing
Laksh sits besides ragini, swasan on the couch,rimi on the bed and Cairi and shanaya sit on the table.
The movie begins.

8 friends enter a haunted hotel. They go to Room no.4167. A boy goes to the washroom area and someone pulls him inside and cuts his neck. The movie continued and some more of the friends were killed by the witch. The witches face was flashed several times on the tv
It was one hour since they wre watching the movie.

By nw Ragini was too scared. She unknowingly hugged Laksh and was half lying on him. Her face was looking scared. No doubt she looked beautiful when she was scared. Laksh’s 90℅ mind was on Ragini enjoying her conditions and expression changes. He was smiling now and then looking at the princess lying half on him. He quietly slides his hand to her waist and holds her firmly.
Ragini whispers: wat r u doin laksh???
Laksh: helping u come out of the movie. U no u can kill someone with ur scared face like u r killing me. Ms serial killer
Ragini: Laks…
Laksh moves his hand on her waist very smoothly causing her to shiver and she closes her eyes. A smirk played on his lips seeing his effect on her.
He removes his hand..Ragini open her eyes and looks at laksh who pretends that he is watching the movie but he was noticing all her moves and smiking now and then. Ragini’s face becomes dull wen Laksh leaves her. Laksh was actually enjoying her conditions

Riya was half on omi.
Sanskar kept glancing at swara occasionally bt she was cool and calm.
Omi notices thus and asks swara: swara r nt u gettin scared!?
Now Shanaya, Cairi and Ragini burst into laughter.
Riya gt scared, not becoz of the movie but becoz of their laughs…..
Omi: did i just crack a joke???
Cairi:;fr us it ws more than just a joke
Omi: huh??
Shanaya: she means swara isn’t scared of anything. Even if she is scared of something, we dont really know about it.
Ragini: yes my sister is very brave.
Laksh: then please learn something frm her
Ragini: wat on earth are u trying to say??
Laksh: u already understood me
Ragini: no i didn’t
Laksh: well so i wanna say that u r a coward and u shud learn something from ur BRAVE SISTER.
all others were listening to their Argument wen swasan coughed
Riya: it seems that u both are gonna becom my new tom and jerry.
Swara( shocked): TOM AND JERRY
laksh ( wanted to teach Riya a lesson); yeah swara this Riya used to call Sanskar tom and u jerry
Swara: y
Laksh: cause u fight like tom & jerry
Swara: Riya u r dead.
She starts running behind Riya.
Riya also starts running
Riya: like this, you will become tom and i vl become jerry so stop
Swara stops
Omi scared: keah…. I mean yeah
Swara: better
They continue watching movie. Ragini was too scared to open her eyes. She soon fell asleep on Laksh’s shoulder??? Laksh was all the time admiring the scared angel?? and his jerry as he liked to become Ragini’s tom. He too had some feelings fr Ragini. It was nt only sympathy or friendship but he had developed feeling of love fr ragini in this course of 4 years. He used to help her nt out of sympathy but out of love. He smiled looking at his jerry who was sleeping peacefully on his shoulder. Soon, her head slipped from his shoulder and she kept her head on his lap nd held him as if he is a teddy bear? Our sweet and sour Riya and omi were watching raglak. Both smiled as they thought that Laksh maheshwari has fallen for swara gadodia’s sister who was his elder brothers biggest enemy Or rather favorite enemy.
Only swasan and cairi were watching the movie. Shanaya was holding cairi tightly. Her eyes were closed but the voices couldnt let her sleep. Rimi were busy admiring raglak. They sometimes looked at swasan too bt they were busy watching the movie. The movie was soon over and Cairi switched on the lights. She saw everyone else sitting while laksh didn’t even no that the movie gt over and was totally lost in Ragini wen everyone saw him bt no one spoke. They were looking at the sweet Ragini who was looking like a baby sleeping on her mothers lap bt Laksh was totally busy. Even Sanskar was looking at Ragini as she really looked cute as an angel. Cairi went close to him and snapped her fingers in front of his eyes. He gained back consciousness and realised that everyone including Sanskar was looking at him
Cairi raised her eyebrows asking him wat was he doing
Laksh was nt noing wat to say.
Laksh: ummmm. Look she is looking so cute. I thought her to be a baby.
Everyone except swasan smiled as they knew he was lying.
Swasan believed him as they cud nt imagine raglak falling in love. Shanaya was the happiest as she knew that Ragini liked Laksh and wanted to tell everyone bt kept quite.
Cairi was also happy. From the day she came to know about swasan the world war 3,she understood that one day they r gonna fall for each other. She though that these two were made for eachother . no matter how much they fight they wud end up being one. Whatever she thought was usually true so she was happy as destiny had forced them to meet again bt this wasn’t the end. Lot more was to happen. Destiny planned something strange for the two.Their fight can ever turn into love, actually no one cud believe this. It was already 3. Everyone decided to go to their dorms bt Ragini??? No one had the guts to wake her up. She looked so Cute..hw cud one?
Cairi said that Ragini cud stay wid her in her Room. Everyone agreed. They left. Laksh picked Ragini and moved towards cairis room
Cairi: hey wait…. Where r u taking her???
Laksh: to ur room
Cairi: bt i asked everyone to leave so dat she cn stay wid u.
Laksh: wid me? Y?
Cairi: cause u love her.
Laksh: wat nonsense??
Cairi; haha. U cn fool others bt nt Cairi. Cairi Fernandez cn catch lies
Laksh: no u cnt
Cairi: i just did
Laksh: no u didn’t
Cairi: stop fooling urself
Laksh: hw cn u say that so confidently??
Cairi: cause i m Cairi
Laksh: sorry to say bt u r right. But u no we can never be one…….
Cairi: tld u. Ohh!!! U cam be one dear….. Don’t think about swara and Sanskar….. They will also accept ur love for her……………… If i can see ur love then even swara Will.. Just we need to give her hints. Nw take her to ur room.
Laksh: hw cn u trust me.
Cairi: i cn see that u r a gud boy??
Laksh with one eyebrow raised: hw
Cairi: f9 if u don’t want her, she’ll stay wid me
Laksh:sorry sorry sorry gud night bye.
He runs yo his room. Cairi smiles.

Laksh’s dorm.
Laksh sat on the bed with ragini beside him. He didn’t lie as he didn’t want ragini to feel uncomfortable when she woke up. He kept caressing her face and hairs. His rooms door was open so Cairi came occasionally and kepr glancing at laksh. She smiled. Laksh never noticed her. He was really busy in Ragini. He got up suddenly as he feared falling asleep and if he fell asleep, he would surely wrap his arm around hid Angel so went to the living room and switched on d tv. Cairi again saw him and smiled. She went to sleep. He started watching another movie. This was a romantic one. Ragini gt up due to the voices.

Ragini’s point of view.

I was sleeping peacefully but i heard some music. I got up and looked around. I wasn’t in my house. Then i remembered that i m in India and nt in london. Bt i wasn’t in my dorm too. Where was i??? I heard someone watching tv. It was ranveer Singh. Huh??? Wat was he doing in my….no in someones dorm?? Wat the hell was i thinking???y will ranveer singh watch ramleela at this time?? I went out and saw laksh sitting on the couch. He was sleepy..bt wat was i doing in his dorm?? I went to him. Surprisingly, i was no more scared. I kept my hand on his shoulder and he jumped. Maybe i scared him.
Ragini: watt happened laksh??
Laksh: uhh?? Nothing.
Ragini: u r sleepy then y r u awake??
Laksh: woh actually, u were scared so u slept on me and i took u to my room nd came here. U would feel uncomfortable so.
Ragini: laksh nw u go nd sleep i m going to my dorm.
Laksh: riya must have slept, and i m sure u dont hv ur keys
Ragini thinking nd says: yes…. Nw??
Laksh; u go and sleep I’ll watch the movie
Ragini: no, u r awake becoz of me. Even i won’t sleep.
Laksh: bt ragini…
Ragini: no i m swaras sister and u told me to learn something frm her so i learn stubbornness.
Laksh smiles
Ragini continues: nd anyways i like this movie.
Laksh: so sit we’ll watch it
Ragini: yeah.
She sat nxt to Laksh and holds a cushion.
Laksh: i wish i was dis cushion
Ragini without looking at him: stop flirting
Laksh: so u understood??
Ragini: yap
Laksh: wen did u become so intelligent??
Ragini: influence of swara aka sanskar’s jerry
Laksh: jerry??
Ragini: even we used to call them tom nd jerry but nt in front of her u no right to life can get snatched
Laksh: haha agreed
Ragini: nw watch the movie
She concentrated on the TV. Laksh cud nt watch d movie thanks to ragini. He was again busy admiring her. No one spoke fr the nxt half hour.
After 1 hour
Ragini: stop joking
Laksh: i m nt
Ragini: nice acting then
Laksh: i really love u
Ragini looks at laksh with scared eyes
Ragini: u no if sanskar comes to no dis he will kill me. And swara will kill him and u will kill swara and cairi would kill u
Laksh holds Ragini on her shoulders
Laksh: nd who will tell him
Ragini: u
Laksh: i m nt mad.
Ragini: u no laksh………………………….. I loved u 4 years back
Laksh: and nw??
Ragini: i still love u
Laksh: i no dat
Ragini: how??
Laksh: ur eyes
Ragini looks down
Laksh: even Shanaya knows this.
Laksh: i no she knows
Ragini: how
Laksh: wen the movie got over, her eyes were sparkling wen she saw me looking at u. And u no even cairi noes i love u. She allowed me to stay wid u in my room
Ragini: now she will 100℅ tell swara
Cairi: no i wont
Raglak look at cairis rooms door. She was standing there with hands folded across her chest leaning on the doors’ hinge.
She walked towards them and pulled Ragini’s cheeks
Cairi: i no i m swara’s best friend bt i m ur friend too and i no if swara comes to no that u both love eachother, she’ll kill laksh and i don’t wanna be left alone in this huge dorm.
Laksh laughs
Cairi continues: and dare u leave my sis alone. U no i m a black belt.
Laksh: u learn karate??
Cairi chuckles: no i just love my black coloured belt.
Laksk nods in disbelief.
Cairi yawn: nw u both enjoy and i m goin to sleep. Tata
She goes to her room and sleeps
Ragini: she is really mysterious
Lakah : i agree
Ragini: nw??
Laksh: nw my newly made girlfriend, hw about a long drive??
Ragini: who said i m ur girlfriend??
Laksh: u said u love me
Ragini: arey bt
Laksh: no ifs and buts
He gets up and picks his cars keys
Laksh: r u coming on ur own or shud i pick u??
Ragini: noooooooooooo i m coming
Laksh smiled.
They silently slip out of the hostel and reach the parking. Laksh makes ragini sit on his Porsche 911.
Ragini sat on the passenger seat
Ragini: Laksh u no if swara noes dat i was out in night that also with u she will murder me
Laksh: she won’t come to no. And madam its morning it 4AM
ragini: bt still i m scared
Laksh: when i can save u from my brother then i can definitely save u frm ur caring sister. U no she loves u so much. She hates sanakar just becoz of u.
Ragini starts crying: becoz of me my sister has to suffer a lot. Am i so very bad??? I no that incident happened just by mistake but it made my sister bitter foe to ur brother. She suffers because if me….. Meeeeee i m the root of all these fights
Laksh: i don’t think she suffers and please don’t utter a single word against my newly made girlfriend… Is that clear
Ragini: wat are y trying to say?? How doesn’t she suffer???
Laksh: i feel they both love fighting with eachother. U no they can fight on the silliest topic possible on earth.
Ragini: i still didnt understand
Laksh: listen now tell me how many enemies when ur sis has??
Ragini: only one
Laksh: exactly that means she fight only wid him my brother right??
Ragini: yes
Laksh: this means she is not arrogant
Ragini: haa
Lakah: this means that they both like fighting with each other as even my brother’s only known enemy swara. U no ur sister and my brother are alike.
Ragini: this means best enemies can become best friends???
Laksh: exactly. Just remember even tom and jerry are friends. Just that they love troubling eachother.
Ragini: wow swasan as friends i m dying to see them as friends.
Laksh: I think we are here to enjoy and not to think about swara nd sanskar
Ragini: u no laksh i love u
Laksh: oh yeah i almost forgot that u love me
Ragini : lakshhhhh
Laksh: girlfriends atyachaar begins
Ragini: Laksh where are we going???
Laksh: dont Tell me you dont remember our school???
Raguni: wow laksh School
Laksh: childhood memories
Ragini: loveu love u love u
Lajsh: i no Baby. Btw you look really look very cute when u sleep
Rahini: i no swara says i look like sweet little baby
Laksh: fr the first tine she was right
They reach the school and Laksh gets down. And goes towards raginis door and opened it and helps her come out. They walk towards their school hand in hand. The gate was locked. Laksh looked helplessly.
Raginu: y are u sad??
Laksh: the gate is locked
Ragini: so watt??
She takes out her hairpin and inserts it in the key hole.
Laksh: watt r u doing??
Ragini: opening the lock
Laksh: bt how???
Ragini: u remember sanskar used to lock me in the dark room??
Laksh: yeah
Ragini: so swara taught me to unlock the lock. U no she is so talented
Lakah: tees mar khan huh??
Ragini: yesssss. Look its done
Laksh: amazing!!!! U sisters are just fabulous
Ragini: lets go
Laksh: yes sure
They both enter the school and visit all the classrooms, labs, canteen and everything. About roaming for one hour, they plan to return as it wad already half past five. They return quietly still hand in hand. In their way, they bump into Shanaya
Shanaya: where were u both
Raglak look at each other
Laksh: woh we were going to raginis dorm
Shanaya: like this( pointing towards their hands)hand in hand??
Raglak: umm aa woh we wrre…….
Shanaya: just kidding guys i no everthing. At night i knew something like this would happen.
Ragini: cow??? I mean how???
Shanaya( chuckles) : sixth sense baby…
Laksh: so help us save ourselves from modern Hitlers.

Shanaya: sure ill take ragini wid me and u go and sleep i m sure u didn’t sleep fr a minute.
Laksh: okey
Shanaya takes Ragini with her.

Precap: and the tom and jerry show continues

So how was todays episode???? Longest update ever…… Total 3585 words. I no everyone loves tom and jerry so ill be back with typical tom and jerry fights. I m sure one question is present in ur mind that how swasan become enemies?? Right?? And that too becoz of sweet and adorable Ragini??? Even i have the same doubt but i cant really break the suspense so soon so u have to wait fr the coming episodes. Till then vote,comment and share. Hope u liked it.
Nxt update on next sunday…….I wrote this in Between my board exams so sorry for the mistakes. And after two updates on the same day, i want gud , acha wala response. ………okey guys??? C u then on sunday…. Till then keep voting and commenting……………????? ba bye????

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