“STILL ENEMIES???” Chapter 3


It was about one in the afternoon…. The sun was shining brightly outside…… Cairi was lying comfortably on her bed in her dorm room, when She saw Laksh peeping inside….

“Laksh i’m awake ….. Come inside….” She said softly making Laksh jump in horror… She chuckled.

Seconds later, she found Laksh sitting besides her with a small smile…

“Are you feeling sleepy?” He asked to which she shook her head….
“So…. How about watching a movie?

“Ummm… Good idea…. But how about watching a movie with our friends?” Cairi suggested…

“Friends?” Laksh asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah friends!!! I mean you call your friends here and I’ll call  mine….” Cairi stated.

“Woah!!! Never knew that you could give perfect ideas” Laksh commented making Cairi chuckle…

“Haha…. Thanks”

“Okay…. So we’ll start at twelve” Laksh insisted.
” you mean midnight?” Cairi questioned.
“Yeah!” Laksh replied casually with a small smile.
“Why so late?” Cairi asked.
“Tomorrow is a holiday…. And it’ll be fun watching a movie at night…. Maybe I’ll find someone in your group…. It’s easy during night time you know” Laksh said dropping a wink at Cairi…

“Huh?? Okay then…. I’ll call my friends….. Let’s see if you find your ‘someone’ in my group…. Beware…. My group consists of wild cats… And they bite” Cairi replied with a chuckle…

“Hm…. let’s see” Laksh said with a sigh.

“But before everything… We need to clean your room” Cairi suggested….

“What? Are you sure?” Laksh Asked dubiously checking Cairi for any signs of a i-was-joking look…

“I’m pretty sure” she answered confidently before pulling Laksh towards his room…

“Urgh! We won’t be able to do this on our own…. I’ll call my friends too” Cairi suggested and Laksh nodded in agreement.

Shanaya’s point of view…

I was literally staring this guy as he played his guitar…..

“What exactly are you staring me for?” He asked as he stopped his work to look at me… Maybe he just got me wrong….. Is he thinking that i was droolinggggggg…. Wait! No!! Impossible!!!

“You aren’t so bad” i answered without any realization.

“So who said that I’m bad?” He asked confusingly..

“Swaaaaa……… Ti” i answered trying to cover up my mistake.
“And who’s that?” He asked scratching the back of his head as i wished I had an Axe to chop off my head for my stupid self….
“Uh! She’s an astrologer who told me that my dorm mate will be a devil who will be no less than a monster and will trouble me to hell” i made up a lie.
“Oh… so you believe innn…” He started only to be cut by me.
“No… I don’t believe in horoscope and stuffs…. I just went to her for passing my time!” I stated… I don’t even know if anyone of that name even exists.
“You are really a mystery” he commented as i smiled.
“I am”
Cairi’s point of view.

My first destination was Ragini’s room… I rang the door bell. A cute chubby fat girl opens the door… I tried peeping inside…

“Uhh…. Is this Ragini’s dorm?” I asked when i couldn’t find Ragini.

The girl nodded and moved aside.

“Look at her… She looks as if she just had a break up…” The girl told me as i could see Ragini sitting there like a old sobbing lady.

“What happened to you Ragini?” I asked as i made myself comfortable over the couch and the girl sat beside me.

“I’m getting bored….” Ragini complained.

“Well…. so can you come and help me and my dorm mate clean his room?” I asked perfectly knowing that she wouldn’t deny at all.
“Wow! Why not” she jumped up in excitement…. Dude it’s cleaning a room… Not going to some amusement park…

“Okay let’s go and call Swara…” I suggested and she nodded.
“Wait… Can i come too?” The fat girl asked…
I’m already liking this girl.
“Why not” i and Ragini answered together….
“Yippie!” The girl shrieked.

We left there room and in no time reached Swara’s. Their rooms were so close to one another…
Omi’s point of view
I’m already liking this girl…. Like she is cute.. She is sweet… She is Fun loving… She’s funny… God knows why Sanskar hates her…
“hey Swara… Tell me something about yourself” i asked as she stopped munching on her pizza to look at me.
“Um..aa….woh…errr….. What should i tell you about myself?” She asked after thinking for so long.
“Anything” i answered.
“Oh! Okay! Well then my name is Swara Shekhar Gadodia…. And I’m nineteen years old…” She answered cheekily as i slapped my forehead.

Suddenly the door bell rings… I opened the door to find Riya along with two other girls entering the room…  They didn’t notice me and pulled Swara out with them.

Do you realize that I’m still alive?

Forget anyone else! Did my girlfriend realize that she just ignored me?

Not fair!?

Riya’s point of view

We four were moving constantly in the corridor when i realized that we are moving towards Sanskar’s dorm… Shit!shit!shit!
“Uhm… Aha!!! Where exactly are we going?” I asked clearing my throat.

oh please don’t say dorm number 97…. Please!!! Fingers crossed.
“To dorm number 97” Swara replied.

What else could i expect from a god like you? Huh! Cheater!
“What? I mean why?” I asked nonchalantly…
“To call our friend Shanaya” replied the girl who is taking us to her dorm.
“Shanaya? Who Shanaya” i asked doubtfully…. How many people are there with them?
“Chill Riya! You won’t be the left out” Swara assured.
Can i just stab myself?

“Uh? No…. I mean please don’t go there…. I mean a monster lives there who is extremely handsome, hot, extremely fair and sometimes sweet too… He is perhaps the ‘most wanted munda’ of this college followed by his brother” i ranted…

Wait but anything as such is known as every girl’s dream… And not a monster!

“Are you sure that he isn’t your boyfriend?” Swara’s friend asked.
“Nah! He is with me!”Swara replied for me.
“What?” Ragini almost yelled.
“Hey! I mean Omi Roy is my dorm mate.” Swara corrected…
“Ohh!” Ragini sighed in relief!
“So what did you think?” Swara cross questioned Ragini… While Ragini kept stammering for an answer..

Everyone laughed at her… She looked funny…
She pouted! LOL!

“Papa toh band bajae re!” I started singing realizing that we are dangerously close to Sanskar’s dorm!
Everyone looked at me as if i died a second ago and now I’m back alive!
“Jai jai bajrang bali!!!” I started singing again…

Everyone looked at me more intensely!
“Are you drunk?” The new girl asked.
“Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi…” i wanted to continue but stopped because the girls could any time hand me over to the mental asylum.

“I want to call your friend!” I demanded.
“But she doesn’t know you!” Ragini said.
“Everyone knows Riya!” I said flaunting myself!
Before i could open my mouth to sing, Swara stopped me
“Okay! Okay! You call her!”
“Yay! Where’s the party tonight!!” I sang again.

“Oh! Yeah i forgot to tell you about a midnight party me and my dorm mate are throwing tonight… So you all have to come there” the new girl informed.

“Yeah sure” Swara chirped.

“We are in front of dorm no. 97…. Stay away… I’ll call your friend.. Shanaya!” I said and rang the bell.

A girl opened the door….. I thought her to be Shanaya… Sanskar was no where to be seen… I sighed in relief..

We informed Shanaya about the party and took her with us….. As we reached in front of the new girl’s dorm, i realized that it is Laksh’s dorm….

“Hey guys! The principal is calling me…. I’ll be right back…. Okay?” I lied and they all nodded…. I immediately called Laksh.

“Laksh… Come out….i want to tell you something” i whispered over the phone…

“What?? Wait… I’m coming” he said casually..

“Don’t come through the door… Come from behind…. From your window!” I suggested.

“What? Why? Okay! I’m coming” he said with confusion and seconds later he was standing in front of me…

“What happened? Why did you call me here?” He asked loudly.

“Shhh!! Shut up….” I shushed.

“So she is your dorm mate?” I asked as he nodded.

“You know… She is Swara’s best friend…. And I’m sure you must have already informed Sanskar about the midnight party… Haven’t you?” I asked as his face turned pale.

“Yyyyyess!!” He muttered with hesitation…

“Great… you could have called him later…” I whisper yelled at him.
“But still… Swaragini would know that I’m here…. So indirectly they’ll know that even Sanskar is here…” He explained….

“Now?” I asked worriedly.

“God Allah Aur Bhagwannn…. Bachao hame!!” We both exclaimed…..

Shit shit shit!!! Well see the end of ourselves…..

Laksh’s point of vote

“Now what am i supposed to do? Sanskar will skin me alive” i thought to myself…

“God… allah ..Jesus.. ganpati ..mother Mary.. Shiv ji.. Hanuman ji…. Krishna ji… Saare bhagwaano….. Help me!!!” I shrieked…

“What are you doing here? come and help us” Cairi half screamed in my ears
“No i can’t” i replied.
“Why?” She asked.
“Because Swaragini are in there!” I replied.

“I mean… I don’t want to be the only boy alone in my room… So bye” i screamed and ran away.


Cairi’s point of view
“What a strange boy” i muttered to myself before going back to work. We finished cleaning the room in some time…

“Umm… By the way why was Cairi so desperate to help her so called dorm mate?” Swara asked wriggling her eyebrows at me.
“Nothing like that… His brother will come to our party tonight and he could have killed him for the super messy room he had… So i helped him.. Out of sympathy” i replied.
“I understand the SYMPATHY here” Swara teased.
“Stop it Swara” i yelled at her.
“Chill…i was just kidding… But maybe someone got serious” here she goes again.
“Swara…. ” i screamed at her before our pillow fight begun.
She laughed like a maniac.

“Okay so now we should leave… It’s already six” Shanaya said with a sigh.
“Don’t tell me you’ll take six hours to get ready!” I commented with a chuckle.
“No but i don’t think I’ll stay here for the next six hours…. Anyways… My dorm mate doesn’t know that I’m here… He must be worried…” Shanaya said with concern.
“Looks like Shanaya has a very caring dorm mate… Even Riya said that he is handsome… Am i just missing something?” Swara teased her.
“I don’t know about me.. Because i already have a boyfriend.. But seems that Swara is in a very naughty mood today.. Do you…. Want his phone number?” Shanaya shot back…

“Haha… Good one Shanaya” i chirped giving her a hi fi….
“I’m going… Bye” Swara cried and stormed out of there hall.
” even i should leave” Ragini said and we nodded.. She left.
“Looks like Swara got really pissed off” i commented and Shanaya chuckled.
Hmm” she hummed.
“Bye Cairi!” She bid me bye and i was left all alone in this huge dorm.

Now what am i supposed to do? Even that Laksh guy is not here… Let’s watch tv!

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