“STILL ENEMIES???” Chapter 2


Chapter 2 : New Friends

Swara’s point of view.
As i walked out of the principal’s cabin, i had a very strange feeling. A feeling that i had almost 4 years ago. Maybe because i have returned to my mother land after 4 years so i got this unusual sensation but i ignored it as i entered the rest room where all the three girls were looking at me as if i suddenly grew two heads. Was I looking so dumb??? I looked at myself. Nope……. I wasn’t looking bad. Infact i was looking beautiful…… Though i say it myself but i was really looking like a Barbie doll. I chuckled seeing their over shocked faces. I didn’t bother to ask them as i know their answer would be ” nothing” so i kept quite. Their was dead silence in the room when Shanaya spoke up… Ah finally!

“So how are we planning to manage our dorms?” She asked shocking me.

“Dorms? What do you mean?” I almost yelped at her.
“Uh…. actually we all will have to stay in dorms and our dorm mates will be decided by the principal…..” Cairi informed

“I am already hating the idea of dorms…… Boo” i complained when suddenly a staff boy popped his head inside the room…

“Swara, Shanaya, Ragini, Cairi?” It came more Like a question.
“Yeah” Cairi answered for him.
“Um… well the principal has called you to assign you your dorm numbers…..” He informed.
“Okay… Thanks a lot” Cairi said as we saw the boy exit the room.
“Now what?” Ragini asked almost biting her nails.
“What now what? Let’s go…”i scowled as we four started moving out to reach the principals cabin.

I wish i get a good dorm mate! Fingers crossed?

We walked to the principal’s office and knocked on the door.
“Yes, come in girls” the principal said with a warm smile.
“Here are your dorm keys…” He added in a minute while  struggling hard to separate the keys and then handed one to each one of us……
“Thank you sir” Cairi said.
“Your dorm mate with have a spare key of your dorm…. Is that okay?” He asked like a dead end question..
“Uh that’s fine” Cairi said… What else could we expect anyone to say? He is the principal…

We quietly exited the room and started talking about our dorm numbers.

“Seventy six” i almost yelled while everyone present in the hall looked at me like i just grew ten heads.

“Calm down! We aren’t deaf!” Shanaya scowled gritting her teeth at the people looking at us.

“Woohoo!! Mine is seventy eight! We are close enough” Ragini chirped while giving a hi fi to me.
“We aren’t that far too…. Seventy two” Cairi informed while we looked at Shanaya for her dorm number but she looked upset.
“Hey Shanaya? What happened?” I asked patting her shoulder lightly like my mom would do when i was upset.
“Sadly mine is ninety seven…. We aren’t close…” Shanaya answered sadly looking down.
“Cheer up girl… we aren’t miles away from each other…. We’ll still meet… Okay?” Cairi cheered her.
” hmm…” Shanaya answered simply.
“So let’s go!!” Ragini chirped making us chuckle..

As i entered my dorm after searching it for seventy million centuries…(or okay? Maybe it wasn’t that long), i found a boy sitting on the couch watching tv… He had a popcorn bowl in his hand and was happily munching on the popcorns while laughing like a maniac… At once i knew that God listened to me… I got a perfect fun loving dorm mate..
“Ahem ahem” i coughed softly trying not to sound awkward.
The boy turns around and jumped up on seeing me.
“I have seen you somewhere….. Are you Swara Gadodia?” He asked this time shocking me.
“Yeah, but how do you know that? I don’t remember meeting you before!” I said as a matter of factly.
“You remember a girl named Riya Kapoor?” He asked and i nodded… I do remember a crazy fun loving chubby girl who could remember a song for every situation.. But how did he know her?
“She’s my girlfriend” he answered my unasked question.
” oh! Well does that mean that you are the one and only Omi Roy?” I asked remembering Riya’s rants about her perfect boyfriend.
“Yes darling…. But what are you doing in my dorm?” He asked looking confused.
“Well…. Maybe you have to change that sentence…. Now it’s our dorm… Hehe!! I’m your new dorm mate.” I replied with a chuckle.
“Wow! I got such a  beautiful dorm mate. I can keep staring her all day long” he said with a fake dreamy expression.
“I think i need to call Riya” i said playfully while he burst out laughing…

Oh! I surely got a great dorm mate.

Ragini’s point of view

I entered my room finally after struggling hard to open the lock… I could find no one so i assumed that my dorm mate is not here still now.
I lazily sat on the couch and rested my head on the side and closed my eyes when I heard the door open and i heard the most ear piercing scream i ever heard.
“Oh my gawwwdd!!!! There’s someone in my dorm.” I heard an utterly familiar voice.
I turned behind… As expected… This voice belonged to Riya… Our childhood friend.
“Riya” i only whispered being the scared soul I am.
“What?” She almost yelled and started checking me out…”oh my gawwwwd! Raginiiiiiiii” she cried and jumped on me.
“Uhh!! Hi” i managed to speak… 
“Nice meeting you after so long!!!! How are you???” She Asked in one go.
“I’m fine….” I replied softly.
“Wait… You are here… That means you are my dorm mate.. Aren’t you?” She asked squealing with happiness.
“I’m afraid I am” i replied…
“You needn’t be afraid girl…. We are childhood friends…. Go and freshen up fast.. Till then, I’ll order something for you to eat” she said and i smiled in response.
Shanaya’s point of view.

I heard the sound of the guitar from my dorm as i was about to push the door open. Hmm…i must say… This dorm mate of mine is a real good guitarist…..

I pushed the door open with a croak. I looked around to spot a boy still playing his guitar. His back facing me…
“You play so well” i commented as he stopped and turned to face me… Damn! He is cute!
“Thanks girl… But who are you?” He asked keeping the guitar on the couch and walking towards me.
“Uhh?? Well i am Shanaya Khan….. And I’m your new dorm mate” i informed with a warm smile.
” Nice meeting you Shanaya…. I’m Sanskar…. Sanskar  Maheshwari…..” He said and forwarded his hand for a hand shake.
My hands shivered as I shaked hands with him…..”nice meeting you too” i greeted hesitantly with a small faint smile.

What did he say? Sanskar….. Sanskar Maheshwari… Isn’t that the name of Swara’s enemy? That means he is Swara’s Sanskar….?? What Swara’s Sanskar Shanaya? Are you crazy?

He is the one who wanted to literally kill Ragini? He is the one who troubled her? You are so dead Shanaya!!! I must tell Ragini…. No wait!!! She’ll be scared then…. Now what am I to do?

I was brought back to original world as he snapped his fingers in front of my eyes.
“Which world are you in?” He asked sweetly handing me a glass of water.

“Uhh?? No.. Nowhere……” I answered slowly grabbing the glass he was holding.

“You came here alone?” He asked with a small smile.

“No… With my friends” I answered sipping on my water like a little baby.

“Hmm… Well who all?” He asked out of nowhere.
“Umm…..” I started to think…

Wait what? How am i suppose to tell him that I’m Swara’s friend? No way!

“Aaaaaa….aa” i kept stammering that way.
“Come on…. I just asked you the name of your friends….” He said in a matter of factly tone.
“Well i don’t know” i answered absent mindedly.
” you don’t know your friends?” He asked with astonishment.
“Huh?” I asked suddenly realizing what i just said…” No i mean…” I started thinking yet again.
“You mean..??” He asked raising his eyebrows..
“Wait…. Let me think of an excuse” i again scowled absent mindedly.
I mentally kicked myself for saying that aloud.
Having no other way out, i started laughing.
“What happened” he asked looking rather taken aback.
“I was just kidding.. I have come alone” i answered with a chuckle.
“Oh” he answered.
“You keep playing and I’ll get freshened up”i said softly and he nodded with a smile.
I immediately ran to the washroom and he started playing again.

Cairi’s point of view.
I entered my dorm to find a sweet looking boy sleeping peacefully on the couch.

Why is he sleeping here on the couch??? He has a room right?. By the way, he is looking so cute. He sleeps like a kid. With his hairs set like a bird’s destroyed nest and his mouth opened so huge that i could fit my entire bag inside it. He reminds me of my younger brother Alice. I kept my bag on the chair carefully controlling myself from putting it literally in his mouth…and kept looking at him… Gazing at him to be precise. Oh!! He woke up. He is looking really funny. All his hairs shattered here and there. And his eyes???? Oh!! They aren’t ready to open…. I found a new brother..  My little Alice…

He yawned like a kid and rubbed his eyes.
” hello! I’m Laksh… Nice meeting you” he said with another huge yawn.


“Hii Laksh… I’m Cairi….your new dorm mate… Nice meeting you too” i said cheekily… He is definitely the cuter version of my little brother…
“Welcome Cairi” he welcomed.
“Thanks…. Well can i ask you the reason why you are sleeping here in the living room instead of your bedroom?” I asked scratching the back of my head.
He frowned.
“Go… See it yourself” he said with displeasure.
I got up immediately and went to his room…

Wow! It was a matter piece!!!

A huge guitar was lying on the bed surrounded by music books. There was a packet of potato chips lying on the bed with half chips on the bed. I went to have a closer look. A water bottle was kept lying on the bed rest. It wasn’t properly closed. The bed was wet. Suddenly my leg slipped and i was about to fall but i balanced myself and found that i had stepped on an empty rio can. I saw a pair of new sports shoes below the study table and a pair of dirty socks hanging on the fan. A dirty leather jacket was lying on the chair and a yellow pant was lying below the chair. On the table, there was a clock facing the wall behind and it was accompanied by a pen stand lying besides it with all the pens scattered on the table. Some pens were lying on the floor. A pair of gloves hanging on the led bulb. The cupboard was open. Clothes were messed up inside. I looked at the washroom only to find a Rolex watch hanging on the door’s handle. I was again about to fall when i held the dressing table to balance myself… There was a banana peel on the floor. I then looked at the dressing table. There was a heap of albums there piled up like garbage. i  then noticed the tv in there. I couldn’t notice it earlier as a huge purple towel was hanging on it which just fell down. I went to pick the towel and found that it had fallen on a pair of me trendy goggles. I again tripped on something and this time I fell down. I looked around and found a pillow that had hit my leg. I got up and decided not to walk as this was the third time i tripped. There were several books kept on the split ac and i wondered how did they reach up  there. Two badminton rackets were lying on the floor. The tube light was hid with a duvet. Ohh!!! my god! This isn’t a normal human’s room..  Is it?
I came out
“Hehe…. U r just like me. My mom used to scold me for my messy room. Nice to have a partner just like me” i  cheekily

” u are the first person who liked my mess……my brother would literally kill me for the mess” Laksh said happily clapping his hands.
And then we  laughed.

End of POV

Riya runs out of her dorm and quickly calls Omi.

“Omiiii” she cried.
“What happened to my baabu?” He asked childishly.
“Ittefak se raho mein milte hai ajnabiii…. anjaanaa aaaaa.. Anjaani iiiii…. Mil ” she wished  to continue her song but Omi stopped her.
“Stop singing Riya… what happened?” Omi asked rolling his eyes at his girlfriend and her songs.
“Ragini is my dorm mate” Riya informed.
“What? And Swara is mine” Omi said Sadly.
“That means the clash is surely gonna happen.. Shit!” Riya muttered a string of curses.
“Uf oh?!! Now what?” Omi said trying hard not to bang his head somewhere…

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