Why does it still affect??? (9) (Past memories 1)


THANKS Subi, Anjali, Vb, Taiana, Manvi, Surbhi, Atiya, Aashi, Priyanshi, Angel, Twinkle, Shabrin, Nive, Shubhi.
SUBI: Dear it will be slightly long because past has all the stories but don’t worry it won’t take so long.
VB: No no relation will break.

TAIANA: Here is my next post. I hope you will like it.
AASHI: Oh dear it really did not make me feel bad. And after f bi guess your confusion will end as I started story in the mid turn so confusion is obvious. And yes due to their past deeds raglak have to agree for their engagement. Yes here is the turn that Swasan does not realize their love, Laksh still loves swara but ragini is obsessed with Sanskar. Thanks if you find it nice and you know that any suggestions of your won’t hurt me. So if you feel anything confusing you can clearly ask me.

TWINKLE: Oh your comment made my day. I am glad you liked it.
SHABRIN: It took me so much time to think about ragini’s entry and here is my next part little sissy.
SHUBHI: You know jealousy made him do that. And since his school times he is jealous of his closeness with swara. So that is why. I am glad you liked it.

Swara’s point of view:
I left his house. I can’t go there anymore. His house was something which was ours not of his any girl friend but now he is officially engaged. His house is something for his would be wife.
I am crying………………… I am trying my best to control myself but can’t do that……………. I am driving…………God knows where……….

The surroundings tell me that I am moving to a silent and rural area. Well better at least I can cry without thinking about the horns behind me.
I want to get flow away like these tears and invisible as they will be in next few seconds. I want to get away of my shitty life like these screams are leaving my throat. I want myself to get out of this world.

I knew I had lost him a long back but today that damn news just popped my bubble world. Today it was end of every hope that I had in these 4 years that someday he will come back and apologize. That he will say he loves me and…………… He will say that he left me for some reason. He will say this, he will say that but today every hope ended.
No this is it. I am not going to waste my tears for such a cheater. I will not cry but god damn why can’t I control myself.
Congratulations Laksh you made my life miserable like hell. I know I am fully drenched in tears and that will happen for my full life. Thank you so muc my best friend.

Laksh’s point of view:

She was upset because her boyfriend ditched her. Wow god. You always wanted to separate her form me. You always thought that someone like me never deserve an angel like her. That is why you did this to me. No you made me do this to myself so that I could not blame you.
You must be laughing sitting there, right??? Congratulations god. You won. She has moved on. She has forgotten me.

Ragini’s point of view:
Wow congratulations to me and my family. Today I lost the last chance of finding my happiness. I lost him. He is in love with someone. I am also engaged.
Everything is over.

Sanskar’s point of view:
Why can’t shona pick my phone??? Can’t she see I need her??? I need her. I lost the each and every hope that I can get Ragini back.
Since the day I have seen shona she has stayed with me. Why can’t she come today???

Let me make you clear about something.
Swara and Laksh was in 8th when Sanskar joined their school in the same class but different section. Since the very first day Sanskar has a crush on Swara. Nothing major just a minor teenage crush and more than a crush he admires her. He admires her for her strong stand against anything wrong, how she manages to be so perfect in her academics as well as sports, how even after studying in different sections they have a special bond and aware of the truth that her best friend hates Sanskar she manages to handle the situation. Sanskar never make a approach on her as he is also not sure of his feelings and he also knows that Swara madly loves Laksh.

Swara is the coolest and cutest girl of the school and is obviously so much close to Laksh. She loves him can’t say from when but she loves him. In her point of view Laksh is oblivious of the fact that she loves Laksh so she does not tell him anything thinking that it can ruin their friendship. She has a special bond with sanskar. She likes him for his superb academic performance but does not see him as a boyfriend thing. She gets hurt whenever Laksh flirts with other girl or make any girl friend.

Laksh is a Casanova. Total flirt and hottest and coolest guy of school. Extra protective for Swara, does not want her to talk to any guy specially Sanskar. He is in love with Swara but just like swara does not want to confess his feelings in the fear of losing of the friendship.
Currently Sanskar, Laksh and Swara are in 11th standard (junior year of high school) in a school of New Delhi and now read in same class as they all have taken commerce. Today is the first day of the session.
Everyone is greeting each other for passing 10th.

Swara’s point of view:
I came in school waiting to see my firend. This is not like I have not seen them in this holiday but last 15 days I was in Vegas enjoying y holiday with my brother and my cousins. I won’t say that I did not love that holiday but yes I definitely had missed my friend. I reached here mid night yesterday so did not even get chance to contact Lucky and I have not even told him this morning as I wanted to surprise him. I even stopped my brother and mother to contact his family as I wanted to see his surprising face.
Sana and Alya my girl best friends. We have been known each other since last 10 years.
“Hey Angel” Sana greeted

“Hey babe” I replied with the widest smile on my face.
Finally I am in class.
I hugged both and then we have a group hug.
“Hey please let’s go outside” Sana asked.

“Are you okay??? I told you I have to go to surprise LUCKY. Let me go.” I demanded.
And with the hope of seeing Laksh’s surprised face I went inside but I got shocked when a new girl was sitting beside her and he was totally engrossed in her. He didn’t even care to see me.
I felt tears forming in my eyes. All the way I came to surprise him. I did not even complete my sleep. My whole family was asking me to drop school today but for him I came and he did not even have a second to come and wish me.
I turned and hit myself with a wall like strong chest and when I looked above I saw a familiar face smiling over me. To save myself from falling I have had the clutch of clothe of his shirt.
“Hey” He greeted.

Sansakr’s point of view:
I saw her and as usual she was walking blindly and hit me. God knows why she always walks like this but then I saw her. There were tears in her eyes. I guess I knew the reason and when I saw a guy and a girl flirting there I knew my guess is right. God such a mad girl she is. How madly she is in love with him.
“Hey” I wished her.
“Oh Hi. You in this class???” She asked me with a confusing expression on her face.
Yes I and Laksh had a massive fight last year and after that we try our best to not cross our path. But for that I can’t stop being friend with Swara and neither can I change my subject. We are enough mature to handle this rift and I hope he will show the same maturity.
“Yeah I have also taken commerce and this section is allotted to me also.”
“What happened??? You look upset” I asked to her but she again turned back to see his best friend flirting and shrugged her shoulder over me. That is why I like her. She just never let her emotion has a control over her.
“Oh god, shona you know this new hottie” Sana asked her. I was really amused. I was not at all new. It is just that I only study and never waste my time in flirting with girls. I only have one friend here and that is Swara.

“Yes he is my friend” Swara replied with a mischievous smile on her face.
“Let’s do friend hunting for you Sanskar” She asked me.
In the next few minutes I was introduced to her whole class and whole class was introduced to me. I don’t remember anyone’s name because what was I noticing is frowning face of Laksh. I knew I am going to have a massive verbal argument.

First half went quite fast and I made many new friends. I sat beside Swara and Sana and Alya sat behind her. It was really a coincident that we four have exactly same subject. It was nice hanging out with friends but one thing I noticed there is that Swara is funny and entertaining just before the teachers come after that she cover her eyes with a blue framed specs and become full nerd. I will really like if she will sit beside me every day I will not have any problem. She is quite confident with her answers and explanations. I can’t assume that why such a girl is best friend of such a guy. I mean he is quite opposite of her. She just opens her mouth is class to answer and Laksh opens her mouth for everything but answer. I guess this is perfect example of opposite attracts.
In the lunch I joined Swara and her friends in canteen.
“What the hell is he doing on my chair angel???”
For a second I was shocked and thought who is angel then I saw a very unfriendly face and his gaze toward my only friend.
I thought it is better to change the seat otherwise we will get other yellow card and I can’t let that happen. So I tried to stand and change my chair but then I felt a hand on my hand and se gestured me to sit down.

“Grow up Lucky. It is just a seat. You can take other one.” Swara answered very casually.
And with her statement he went frowning and mumbling something under breath I could easily guess that he is using not so good word for me.
“Urghhh!!! I am fed up of his possessiveness.” She informed us and I could feel that she is saying right.

“My lunch gone now I will have to starve till the ending bell of school.” She told her friends and I was highly amused due to her reaction.
She left behind him.
“Oh god again” Sana said to Alya and then we did our lunch in silence.
I could not help just pray to god because I don’t want any warning card now. My dad will not pay the fine this time.

Laksh’s point of view:
I was noticing since morning not since morning since last 2 years that she always ignores me when it comes to that stupid and boring nerd. And in lunch she did too much she allowed him to sit on my seat. And why did not she tell me that she has come back from Vegas.
“Angry or upset???” A very familiar voice asked me. The voice which I hear for most of the time in a day.

“Angry, upset, irritated, frustrated, sad, feeling dejected, not in mood to talk, hate you, hate your new friend, and many more things” I replied.
“He is not my new friend” She sat beside me and came in my embrace and made my hand forcefully fall on her shoulder.
“This can’t work every time angel. You were ignoring me full day angel”
“Okay so will this work???” She gave me a tight side hug and a kiss on my cheek.
“This is school!!!”
“I am not your girl friend who is swinging her tongue in your throat. I am your best friend and just giving you a friendly kiss” She replied. And I guess this is why I can never tell her that I want us to be more than friends. I can ever lose her. But day by day it is getting difficult to hide my feelings for her.
“What about bunking class??? I have seen you after 15 days and let’s get a bit tipsy. What say???” I asked her even after knowing the fact that her answer will be no and I could recite her explanation.

“No. I can’t do this. You know right that I have badminton tournament after 2 month I have to practice for that then I have extra questions which I am going to ask to teachers. And you also have football practice Lucky, haven’t you???” She said these things in one breath as I have asked for her life.
“Okay then let’s go” I told her.
“No. First tell me we are okay, right???”
“We are fine angel” I replied and hold my hand to get up.
“Lucky who was that girl???” She asked in such a serious tone!!!
“A new girl. She has joined our school this year only. You know it was fun to be with her” I replied her by looking in her eyes.
And I was shocked her eyes were red.
“Angel don’t tell me you were crying last night”
“I was missing dad. You know this was my first summer holiday outing without dad and you were also not there. I thought to take rest today but then I was feeling suffocated home. Then I came here and thought to surprise you but you were with that new girl and I was again missing dad” She said crying and then hugged me.

I don’t know what was I feeling but I knew disgusted was on top of it. She came here to surprise me with the hope that I will help her in getting out of her dad’s memory and me I was flirting with a stupid newbie.
Oh god such a d**k head I am!!!

Ragini: She studies in a school of Mumbai and right now she does not anyone of swasanlak. She is sobbing in her own world. She was the most funny and cheerful girl but one accident during last exam of 10th made her like this. A crying baby, a girl who has lost her confidence.

I know it was a normal flashback but I thought this is important to make you guys understand the equation between all four person few years ago and don’t worry from tomorrow this flashback will go with fast speed. So in school Swasan just used to share a simple friendship bond and swalak was like best buddies and in love with each other. Ragini was a cheerful girl but one accident has made her all gloomy and sad.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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