Why does it still affect??? (7) (Family)

Thanks a lot for your support and suggestions but sorry I won’t reveal pair so soon. I hope your confusion will end with following lines so please read those lines. And don’t worry I am not going to show Laksh a heart broken person because he is great in my story who has sacrificed his love, his friendship, in short his life for his family.

THANKS Divi, Taiana, Kavya, Shabrin, Zoya Fathima,Surbhi, Jhanvi, Priyanshi, Mahi, Sara, Khusubu, Sindhuja, Nive, Pavani Bhavanam,Anjali, Swara, Aditi, Aashi, Shreya.
I hope all your confusion will be cleared through following lines.

SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION. Girls and Guys consider Aarav as Sanskar and Ahana as Swara. Singh family is no one. I was talking about Maheshwari family.
I hope you will forgive me. I know this much mistakes are not allowed but I promise I will try my best so that I can’t do it next time. SORRY SORRY SORRY.

Laksh comes to Swara’s house in the hope of seeing her for last time. He knows she would hate her but still bounded by love and old friendship he is ready to bear her all hatred just for her one glance.
Swara sees Laksh and all their old memories starts coming in her eyes in the form of tears.
Then Sanskar comes, Swara’s best friend, Laksh hates him since their school time. Sanskar was classmate of Swara and Laksh but left to some other city after school. The story shows that Laksh was forced due to some unknown circumstances to marry Ragini and to leave Swara. For this reason Swara hates Laksh. Sanskar was also a failure in his love life that’s why when Swara and Sanskar met after school while doing their post graduation they made a great friendship. They both were going through same pain which bound them really close in the most beautiful relationship of world that is friendship.
Swara and Sanskar are able to understand each other without even uttering a word. They are like soulmates. They both don’t know about each other’s past that what made the other person sad but they don’t even want to know. They just want to be at each other’s side. Sanskar knows that the person behind Swara’s state is Laksh but does not know the condition but does not show this to Swara. Last day we come to know that Laksh is unwillingly engaged to Ragini.

Let’s continue with the story:
Family time:
Sanskar and Swara leave to downstairs. Sumi saw them and asked them to come for breakfast.
Sumi: come kids, let’s have breakfast.
Sanchi: Oh do you know I have made kheer today. I hope you will like it.
Sahil: Oh god again I will have to lie just to make my wife happy.
Sanchi made face and all laughed.
At dining table:
Sanskar beside Swara; Sahil beside Sanchi; and Sharmishta at the centre.
Swara took bread-butter and salad to eat while all other took spicy and oily food like chhole, puri and spicy aloo.
Sumi: Oh god shona, at least on the first day of this year eat something nice.
Sahil: yeah princess. It is yum.
Sanchi: What shona I am a fashion designer even then I eat it.
Swara: Sanchi, you eat it because you are a fashion designer not a model.
Sanchi: But it is nice.
Swara: I don’t want to eat it.
All except Swara looked at Sanskar with an urge in their eyes to make Swara eat those food.
Sanskar made face like “why me???”
Again everyone looked at him with pleading eyes.
Sanskar again gave expression “urghhh!!! Okay.”
Sanskar just took the spoon away from swara and switchd the plate with salad to new plate.
Swara: what is it???
Sanskar served her spicy food and gestured her to eat it.
Swara: I will not.
Sanskar: Just eat it. It is nice.
Swara: But I don’t want…
Sunskar cuts her speech.
Sanskar: I want you to.
Swara: Urghhh!!!
All smiled and coughed except Swara and Sanskar.
Swara: what???
Sanchi: nothing just thinking that you directly said no when we asked you to eat this and when Sanskar just did it you agreed in 1just one second!!!
Sahil: oh Sanchi, Can’t you get it??? They are just friends that are why shona agreed.
Sumi smiled on this.
Swara: Mom you too.
Sumi: No. You both finish your breakfast. Shona you eat and Sanskar serve him perfectly because she won’t let us touch her plate.
All laughed except Swara and Sanskar.

Obviously you guys would have guessed that my family think that I and Sanskar are in a relationship and unfortunately your have guessed right. My family thinks that we both were in a live in relationship when we were doing our post graduation. They even think that we don’t confess because we feel awkward in confessing. I mean seriously!!! Okay I know that I did not agree when my family tried to convince me for heavy breakfast and I agreed when Sanskar tried to convince me. Wait a second, did he really try to convince me he just did it without convincing me. Urghhh!!! And still I am not angry to him because he is he. He is… I am not getting the correct word but he is someone in my life that no one was, no one is and I am sure no one will be.
I don’t let anyone touch my plate and when I am saying no one that means no one. I just hate this but with Sanskar it’s like we are judging each other’s taste. Last night when we were doing dinner my mother said that next time she will ask servant to arrange just one plate for both of us. And that statement was nothing new for us. My mother would have surely said it for 1000 times till now. Except Sanskar my used to say this line for other person too and that person is obviously Laksh. With Laksh also I didn’t mind when he used to touch my plate and to change my dinner forcefully. Believe me I used to love it. That behaviour used to show me that how much he cared for me. How much he wanted me to like everything which he used to like. Food, colours, subjects sometimes girls also.
But I think my mind misunderstood his habits and him that time but this time nothing like this going to happen with Sanskar and me. I will try my best to maintain our relationship status just as friend and you know what when Swara Sharma stoop to do something even that thing can’t resist itself to happen.
Okay now I should come back to my breakfast. I don’t know why but tears start forming in my eyes just after first bite.
A tear drop fell from Swara’s eyes. Sahil got up from his seat and came to Swara.
Sahil: what happened princess??? My child, don’t cry. If we have hurt you this much then you could have told us. Okay just chuck that. I promise we won’t say anything like that next time.
Swara: No, Bhai. This cholle tastes exactly same as dad used to like.
Sahil got emotional and hugged her.
Sumi: Okay now back to breakfast.
Sahil and Swara go to their mother and hug her. Sanchi also joins them.
Sanchi: Shona. Do you agree that you were not sad because we teased you???
Swara: yeah Sanchi.
Sanchi: So I guess we were right.
Swara gave a shocked expression.
Sanchi: I was asking about what Sahil said. He said that you both are just friends and this is right, isn’t it???
All gave a smile.

It was not new for us. We both are habitual of our family members’ teasing on our relationship. Earlier it looked awkward but now it is just regular. Whenever they start talking like this we give an expression of “whatever”.
I know I am the only one who can dare to change her breakfast without her approval but I also know that this is just friendship nothing more nothing less from her side.
Am I sad with the fact???
And from my side too.
A tear drop fell from her eyes. When Sahil came and tried to console her I just wanted to stop tears from her eyes but I knew I could not because they are a family. These kinds of situations are the only time when it hurts to be just a friend to her. I told you that I always wanted to be there for her but being just friend restrict me from interfering into her family matter without noticing the fact that how great bond of friendship you share.
Ap: Oh god, Laksh where were you??? You forgot that you had to visit Ragini. You promised me Laksh.
Laksh: Maa, please I was busy. She is a mature girl. I am sure she will handle it by herself.
Ap: okay. I will make some excuse to them. Now tell me where were you???
Laksh: To meet Swara.
Ap: What??? How does she look now??? It’s been a long time when I last saw her. Even photographers of PAGE 3 complain about her having this much camera phobia. You didn’t tell her that we all want to meet her. She is our daughter. You both can fight but we can’t fight our urge to see, to love our daughter. At least you could have told me that you were going I could have come with you.

My mom asked me that how could I forget that I had to visit Ragini. But frankly and rudely speaking I didn’t forget I just didn’t want to spend time with her. It’s not like I don’t like her. I like her. It is not like I don’t like her company. No, obviously I like her company but only when she is at her house and I am at mine. Actually she also does not show any interest in me so basically it is our mutual decision to do this marriage when this is the last we both want to do and with least interest.
My mother knows that I am not interested in marrying Ragini that’s why she gives me my time to adjust with her but for my mother’s disappointment even this life will be short to adjust with Ragini. No. It will take even more than life to adjust with someone other than Swara. But my mother doesn’t know about I and Swara. And unfortunately I can’t even tell her because if I will then she will surely agree in a nano second to get me marries to Swara. But I can’t do this. I can’t make myself happy by staking respect of my family.
I told my mother about the place where I went and I know her name is enough to make my mother, my whole family to dance in joy and to make me feel guilty and most unfortunate person. I lied that I have told Swara to visit my mother someday before leaving for abroad because I know I can convert this lie into a truth. I know she can never let her hatred for me to win over her urge to meet my mother.

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