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When I hugged her I could feel that she was not okay. I even asked her. “Angel, are you okay???” I whispered. She didn’t reply just nodded a yes. But I am sure she is not okay. I can feel something is troubling her. I tried to break the hug but she held my hands and didn’t let me do that.

I was sure something has happened. I guess she is missing her father but no she ever cries when she thinks about her father. Then it is surely the next option something has made her wounds fresh. I was just looking around to know what has been troubling her then I found a guy sitting behind her and looking at us with his murderous eyes. Initially I didn’t recognize him but when I did that I was sure he is responsible for her miserable situation. I know he was our classmate and so called childhood best friend of my SWARA. I don’t know what happened between them. I never had that guts to ask her about this but I always knew he is the only one who made my cutie a lifeless girl.

I don’t know how I should react. My selfish mind wanted me to thank him for sending my angel in my life because if he would have not done wrong to her then maybe I would not have got her. I don’t know what he has done to her but yes I know one thing fact, the most hurting fact and the fact is that only that person sitting there has the power to hurt her to this extent. Only he has that power to break her and even after getting hurt she can’t control himself from loving him. I am happy that that his mistake has given me her time. But I can’t be so selfish because the person who is standing in my arms with a lot of inner injuries is my life. I don’t love her like a boy loves a girl but yes she is my life.

Really I don’t love her???
I have seen her decaying herself in alcohol, parties, studies, friends, actually friends with benefits, work just o forget him. World see her as the strongest girl of a strongest mother but I know and I am happy with the fact that only I know that she is completely broken. I have seen her when she uses to drink just to kill herself before age. She could do suicide but after all her family has reputation in society and as an obedient daughter she could not spoil it. I have seen her…
Whatever it is but I can’t see my cutie weak by showing my reaction to her situation. So I just asked her to introduce me to her guest. I can feel the sudden reaction of her body on my demand. Her feet were shaking as if she has seen some dinosaur.

SANSKAR asked me to introduce him to LAKSH. I don’t know he knows about LAKSH or not. Sometime his concern makes me feel that he knows everything about me and him and at the very next moment I feel like he knows nothing.

But how can I introduce him to LAKSH. I don’t want to see the face of that person, I can’t talk to him. His demand was breaking me internally into thousands of pieces but again telepathy!!! SANSKAR kissed me on my cheek to relieve my stress and held my hand tightly to assure me that he is there for me. To tell me that he won’t let me break. His gesture turned the curve of my lips in smile and I just gave him an assuring look that he does not need to make me feel that he is with me because I know that he is there.

I saw him looking at me and now I exactly know who he is. My visibility was getting blurt seeing my love, my childhood friend so close with my childhood enemy. I always had jealousy of him but I controlled it anyhow. But now I just hate him. I know I am being selfish. I always was selfish. I think that is why fate snatched her form me.
They are coming to me. SWARA is moving with a fake smile pasted on her face as she always use to do when she was talking with a formal person or the person whom she does not care about.
It hurts, it really hurts. When I feel that she thinks something like this for me. Since the day when I left her I wanted her to move on in her life but seeing it by my own eyes was giving me an unbearable pain. REALLY UNBEARABLE…

SWARA (with an attitude on her face like a perfect business woman): Hey, SANSKAR come here I want to introduce you to our family friend LAKSH MAHESHWARI and Mr. MAHESHWARI he is my close friend and business partner SANSKAR SHARMA. I think you guys forgot each other and it’s obvious too. It’s been really a long time. So let me remind you both that we trio were classmates till our school.
LAKSH (with tears in her eyes): Nice to meet you both again but I have an urgent meeting. So I have to go. BYE.

While she was introducing me to him I could feel she was decomposing. I could feel that her knees were getting weak that is why I held her waist tightly so she could not fall.

I tried to be formal and I think I successfully fooled him but what about me. I can lie to every person in this world but not to myself and my SANSKAR. How could he read my heart so easily!!! Thanks to his hand that held my waist because I know if I had not his hand around my waist I could have fallen on ground in the very next second I saw him.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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