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Thanks to you for your support and your love. I think you didn’t like my last part that is there were very few votes. So if you are not liking because of couples then don’t worry because I have not said that swalak is couple nor I am saying that swasan is couple so have patience and keep reading.
THANKS Rhythm(darshini), Sindhuja, Subi, Needhi, Rey, Shabrin, Anu, Kittuu, Aditi singh, Bresh, Surbhi, Nive, Priyanshi, Vaishnavi, Sara.


The voice,” hey dollface” is enough to make me smile no matter whatever the situation is!!! I think something like telepathy really exists because just few minutes ago I was praying to god to do a miracle so that my mind could not go on old memories. And see now he is here, I think even god knows that he is the only one who can control my mind and my heart. I can feel that curves of my lips were turning in a smile. It made me realize that first day of this year is not that bad as I have thought about it. His next line made me realize that why mom sent 2 coffees may be she knew that he is coming. I thought to turn and to tell him everything but this thought made me remember that I have “Laksh sitting behind me”. This thought is enough to make my heart cry again but again telepathy worked and my friend came to me and hugged me from behind. He has his both hands on my abdomen and his arms have wrapped me like he just wants to leave all tensions, worries and to let my head rest carelessly on his chest.

My friend said to me,” Hey Barbie, happy new year”. Whenever he addresses me I feel like he is collection of all complementary adjectives, every time he gives me new name.
He continued,” I told you many time not to tie your hairs but you, Angel why don’t you understand your hair pins hurt me while hugging you”. I can do nothing except smiling on his sweet demands. He removed my hair pin and let my long, black, soft hair to touch his face. Every time when he does this, every time when he feels my hair I feel like crying but his arms wrapped around me really make my worries nil.

He went near her and wrapped her in his arms. I wanted to close my eyes but I could not. I just wanted to pull my Ahana away from him but I could not. I was burning like hell, I wanted myself to be in her embrace but I could not. You know the worst feeling of this world “when something bad is happening between you and your love and you know that mistake is all yours. You want to explain and apologize but you know you cannot”.

I was lost in my thoughts the next thing I saw was her hairs were open and he has indulged all his senses in playing with her hair.

Her hairs are still long exactly like before but now this is not making me happy because I am not the one standing behind her and complementing her. Although I don’t know that how is she reacting but I can clearly see that she is not protesting. In fact she is really comfortable in his arms.

Oh god finally I am here. I know she would be angry because when at 12:00 I came to wish her I just left her within two minutes. But what could I do??? I had to finish my presentation before today morning as I had an important meeting this morning. I know when I will explain her she will easily forgive me because we both have same policy “work comes first”. I called her doll face but still she didn’t turn. For a second I thought she is angry like hell that is why I went near her and hugged her but for my surprise she reciprocated. I love to keep her in my embrace. She is my addiction. Her touch, her fragrance, her cute talks, her sensible philosophy, her emotional hugs are my drugs which I am addicted to. Whenever I hide her in my arms and she carelessly let her head rest on my chest I feel like I got a new life because her gesture tells me that she is okay. I always want to hide her from this world so that nothing could happen to her because I need her. I need her like a freaking hell.

When that girl broke my heart and ran away I was broken, I wanted to die. I had no body with me then neither my family nor my friends. I knew once they will know my truth they will support me but I didn’t want to tell anyone. At that time my angel supported me unconditionally. She didn’t even ask a single question she just stayed by my side. When I needed a friend she always held my hand and walked with me, she made me laugh. When I needed my parents to guide me she has shown me right path. Her philosophy, her faith on me has made me a nice and successful person. She is my family, my friend, my world, my inspiration, my support system; she is my angel, my best friend Swara. And I am totally dependent person on her SANSKAR SHARMA.


Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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