Why does it still affect??? (12)

My dear readers I have already conveyed my message in best friends so I am going to jump for the subject directly.

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We all think we know everything about love but do we???
Even they thought that they know love but did they???
They thought they found their true love but did they???
What if expected “the one” is not “the one”???
What if they have misunderstood friendship and sympathy as love???
What if your past come back in front of you after breaking your heart very rudely???
You will go to your healer or your breaker???
Want to find the answer then follow them in their beautiful journey.


Most important Swara and Sanskar have just same sir names they are not siblings.


Yeah I thought to edit it and rewrite it. When I read it today I found it a lot confusing so for my lovely readers I am going to edit all the chapters and if you have feedbacks or suggestions you can openly give that to me.

Please don’t think that it is same as earlier yeah I agree story line is same but it is re written with many improvisations so please re read it from first part. I am going to re write all the chapters but since it was just 11 so it will take 1 week for max.
Please read it for me I promise you won’t regret it.

Chapter 1

SWARA is sitting in front of her mirror and thinking how much her life has changed in last 4 years. She can’t believe it’s been 4 years. Everyone says time heals the wound but in her case no one can heal the wound. If time could do it I would have done it in last 4 years but…. Maybe even time wants her to be punished for trusting a wrong person.
She never wanted to come back in this city, she was okay with handling their business in other cities of India. From last four years she is running from everything which can make her remember about him but she can’t get herself to forget him because no matter how much she tries she can’t run from her heart, her mind. From last four years she has rejected every invitation by her family and relatives. Whenever her mother, SUMI SHARMA demanded to visit this city she very politely rejected and asked Sumi to come visit her. Thankfully her mother did not press the subject and her brother as more than happy by seeing her focus on their business.

But this time she could not say no to Sumi. After her father’s death doctor has strictly banned Sumi to sit in flights because of her health condition and Sumi has very well used her situation to cal her daughter. “Dear I am getting old day by day and you will be gone for next 2 year. In last 3 year I never complained because I could reach you but this time I won;t be able to reach you. Please do visit me last time before going to New York” These were Sumi’s exact word to Swara and Swara didn’t say no.

She just packed her bag and came here to fulfill her mother’s wish. How could not she!!! Sumi has fulfilled every responsibility of Swara and Sahil (Swara’s elder brother). After their father’s death she managed everything and never let them feel the lack of father.

She measured the pros and cons of deal. One month would not harm her work and she was ready to risk her pain for her mother. When she reached yesterday and the look on her family was worthy the risk. Her brother’s wife, SANCHI SHARMA was ecstatic to see her. She was ready to share everything Swara has missed about this city in last 4 years and that was how they spent their last night talk about everything and anyting.

Sanchi was good and best thing happened in her brother’s life. With her brown eyes and brown hair she looks like a true beauty, perfectly sculpted by god.

‘Princess, come downstairs I have a big surprise for you.’ Sahil calls Swara. New surprise!!! Her family will never stop to treat her like a baby girl. Since yesterday everyone in family is making up for lost 4 years and upcoming 2 years. Sahil gave her the keys of her pent house in new york and also of her new audi. A freaking AUDI!!! Sanchi told her that her gift has already reached New York, Swara’s new wardrobe and whole pent house decorated by the most famous interior designer of New York and that too according to Swara’s choice. Even her old nanny, butler and chauffeur.
Her chauffeur after dropping her off from airport gave her a chocolate and told her to call him immediately if she will ever need to go somewhere in these 30 days and butler has promised her to make her favourite dishes everyday that too without repetition. The most cute reaction was of her nanny’s. She kissed her everywhere on her face and hugged her then cried for minutes telling her continuously that how much she missed Swara.

Swara decides to go downstairs before Sahil decides to come barging into her room. She leaves her wet hair down and let the droplets fall freely while she goes jumping toward the main hall excited to see her next surprise.

WHEN THIS MORNING LAKSH went to meeting with all business person of the city he expected to see Sahil but what he did not expect was the news given by him.

‘Hey Lucky Angel is in city.’ Sahil suddenly said with excitement in his voice.
‘Oh wow!!! How is she??? It’s been really long time’ Laksh says and look sadly in front of him.
‘She is good but if you want to see her then come along with me I am going straight to home’ Sahil said actually ordered. You can never guess with his polite face that he can be so bossy. Both siblings are same. Even his angel was like this, always bossing around with her angelic face.
‘So let’s go’ Sahil again ordered and Laksh could not bring himself to say no to him. It would be true to say that Laksh was scared of him. After all Laksh has faced his wrath all the time when Swara and he were together.
Oh those good days!!!

But the scare was not the only reason he agreed to visit their house. He agreed due to other information Sahil has given him few days ago while they were in a business meeting. When one business associate asked him that who is going to expand the business in outside of Asia then Sahil told him that he has decided to give the responsibility to his sister as she is the most hard working and intelligent person he has ever seen and with her good knowledge in international languages she is perfect for the job. That day his heart sank. He thought he will never be able to meet her and apologize to her for his mistakes.

Obviously it would take her years to set up the business outside of asia and till then his life………. So he just wanted to see her once since that day and today when opportunity came knocking to his door he would be a stupid to deny the offer.
Here he is in the front of iron gate of a mansion. HER MANSION. Her father has renamed this mansion and on her name “ANGEL’s Villa” Now when here he is in front of her house, he is sweating. You can clearly hear him taking Lucky uneven breath as if he could smell their childhood, their teen life in the air.

He is scared of her reaction. He can clearly see that she does not want to see him anymore but he will go and see her even it is for once. He will apologize even if she will not accept it. It’s the least he could do after what he has done to her four years ago.
How will she look. Does she still have long hair??? Does she still sneeze whenever she smells any hard smell??? Does she still frowns whenever she is confuse??? Her frown!!! It used to look so cute, every time she used to make a face like that he wanted to kiss her senselessly. Oh god if he will go into the details of her face and attitude he thinks even one day would not be enough. How could it be??? It’s not possible to describe an angel.

He has seen her in tabloids but no picture taken by media do her justice. He always look far away in those pictures and whenever he see those pictures he just wants to hold her in his arms and never let her go.
‘Princess, come downstairs I have a big surprise for you.’ Sahil calls her and he is ready to run. He can’t face her, after what he did how can he!!! What was he thinking that he will apologize and she will happily forget and forgive. Doesn’t he remember the look on her face when he broke her heart. She was killing herself for trusting him. She was not just crying, she was hurting herself for his mistake.
NO he can’t see her. He can’t!!!! He will never!!!

AUTHOR’s Note:

So how did you like this first part. I hope you liked it more than last one.

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