Why does it still affect??? (1)


WHY DOES IT STILL AFFECT (1) they saw each other again:

Guys this is Deepa Sharma again. If you read the fan fiction best friends on swaragini then let me tell you that I am it’s writer.
I am here with another fan fiction on swaragini. And I give you the chance to choose couples but this time you just have 2 days to choose. So please vote.
And I hope you will like this. Let me tell you this is totally different from swaragini and best friends.

Her point of view:

My brother brought him to my house on the occasion of new year thinking that he is still my friend. So basically I saw him back on the very first day of this year and I really hate that moment.

He is wishing my family members New Year and taking their blessings. My mom told me to take him to my room but we both refused in unison by screaming nooooo. Then we both looked at each other. I don’t know that why did he refuse but I know about the reason why I refused. It’s not like his presence affects me. My mind asked me sarcastically: really??? I replied: okay I agree it affects me a little bit but just a bit. The main reason is that I have started smiling again after lot of efforts and I don’t want to lose it by recalling all those moments again because you know what, my mind and my heart are my enemies whenever my heart starts crying or makes me sad, my mind starts recollecting all his memory from its subconscious part. It is not at all like he has given me happiness only. Not at all. In fact the quotient of tears and sadness are higher but still my heart remembers him whenever it cries. I wanted to know the reason behind his refusal that’s why I was looking into his eyes and my gaze got disturbed due to my brother’s (bhaiya’s) call. But there was not only me whose gaze got disturbed, whose concentration broke, yes he was also looking at me. I saw his gaze getting disturbed due to my brother’s call. But why was he looking at me??? May be he also wanted to know the reason behind my refusal. That was so funny, we both wanted to talk to each other but still we were not talking “we were not talking”. Before 4 years no, actually 3 years 10 months no one could have imagined that we can live without talking to each other. My mom told me, no actually ordered me to take him to terrace. And without any argument we both left for terrace together. No I was leading.

His point of view:

I was at the entry gate of her house. I was feeling really awkward. It was not the first time that I was at her house but still that feeling was really different. It was hurting me. I could clearly see the memories of this house flashing in front of me eyes and in every image she was with me. She has always been there. Before that day it was like if she would die then I would also die. I can’t say the same about her because I always knew she is enough strong to deal with this world alone. And see, she did it. I am happy for her but really sad for myself. Her brother told me to come fast and again I started taking steps toward her house. Her brother ordered me to come here today. As mine and her family know that we both are having some problems so all are trying to sort it out. This is not like that her brother forced me, no. I could have easily refused him just like we are doing with each other’s family since last 3 years and 10 months.

But I saw her status on social sites that she is leaving in next 20 days for abroad to start her new business branch there and that can take 2 years. I wanted to see her for last time because I don’t know that where we would be after 2 years. I wanted to see her. I wanted to see whether she has changed herself or not. I wanted to know that does she still look the same. It is not like that her looks could change my thinking about her. No for me she is the cutest lady in the world and will be same always. She is the most beautiful thing happened to me in my life and she is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone in his life. In these years I have not seen her not even a picture of her. In these years she has not uploaded any picture on her social sites neither did I. Actually she does not like to get clicked. I have her only pic which I have clicked secretly on 22nd February 2009. Our farewell party in school!!!

She was looking damn cute that day in her dark green suit (an Indian dress) with some brown flower made on it. She has used a brown butterfly shaped clutch on half of her hair and left her long her open. She came and started chewing her nails; actually that is her childhood habit. I didn’t know if she still does it or not. But you can’t even imagine how cute she use to look while chewing her nails with her full concentration (actually sorry but really it is above anyone’s imagination to imagine the cutest face in the world while doing cutest activity). Her blue framed spectacles came on her nose as she was continuously looking downward and was busy in chewing. She was that much busy that she did not even realized that her veil has fallen on the ground. Thanks to her friend who came at the time and returned her. I knew she would face difficulties actually she was not habitual of that much heavy dress.

I and her brother were in drawing room and her brother called her. My heart was celebrating that finally I would see her. She came running from her room but her steps froze when she saw me. I saw the change in her facial expression. I realized she was not at all happy. I hate that moment. I just wanted to go away from her. If she will be happy without seeing me then I can also live happily without her but I will stay always with her memories. I thought about the excuse and turned to her brother to tell him the excuse but she started to walk again. When I saw her walking my heart smiled. I felt relieved that if she could bear me in her house then this means that she does not hate me that much. Her mother told her to take me to her room but we both refused. I said no because I did not want to hurt her. I started thinking about reason behind her refusal but I thought I came here to see her once and then my work would be done. So I started seeing her eyes. Oh god her eyes!!! I can even die to just have a look at them. I thought to look her full face but as always her eyes took the whole attention. My gaze got disturbed because of her brother’s call. Then we left for terrace.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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