Hello guys….this article would be useful for the one who wants to register in telly updates as i found many are having difficult in registering….

In System:

step 1:There will be a register option at the top of the page….pls click that option…then a tab opens…

step 2:Then enter ur user name,email id(original),password and confirm password in the respective boxes….

step 3:Then click the box to confirm u r a human….

       step 4:Then select the pictures as they ask(for example if they ask to click the pictures of lake then click all the pictures which show waters)

  step 5:Then click register button….

step 6:U will get a confirmation mail in ur mail box….click that link….u will get registered in telly updates…..

In Mobile:

All the steps are same but pls do use chrome….dont use any other browser…..only chrome can be successful in registering…..


    Guys u have to wait for confirmation mail….it will take time….it wont come immediately after u follow these steps…..

If you don’t get email in inbox, be sure to check spam folder. If no email in inbox AND spam folder, then use contact us page to send an email to admin. They will verify your email and approve your account.

Hope its useful for u guys….


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  1. aliya zain abdullah

    thanx yarr u r so nyc

  2. Akshaya

    Nice work

  3. Thanks shanu. Love u. Muaa. He he he. Ta ta

  4. Shakaib

    Can you please tell me how to update episode

    1. Abirsha

      There is an option submit article dr….. Click that option dr…… There u can update ur articles….. ?

  5. Chinna

    I registered thanx 4 ur help

  6. Hey shan.. thank u sooo much.. 🙂

  7. Piyu

    Awesome dear ???? it helps lots of people ???

  8. Its A Wonderfull Job Dear.

  9. Anki

    Thank u very much …Miss shan u help many people like me who want to get in this but unable to do ……

  10. Priya tripathi

    Thanks shaan but i want to through my mobile n use tha browser opera mini so is there any prob with this

    1. Abirsha

      Through opera u will find difficult when u go for i m not a robot option…. If it doesnt give pblm for u…. U can use opera….

  11. heyy shan naa naraya time try panne..but enaku invalid charctrs nu varudhu…orey confusion..plzzz rply pannu..

    1. Abirsha

      In which its showing invalid characters dr????

  12. In my username ?

    1. Abirsha

      then just give ur name alone…dont give any characters or numbers….

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