A Step Ahead (KRPKAB) Episode-4


Thankq everyone for their gr8 reviews 🙂 highly obliged

The clock shows 8
Dev lights up candles in his room he hears some footsteps coming from behind
As he moves backward and turns he finds Sonakshi dressed in pink saree purple blouse..!
He was all mesmerized and with a romantic smile moves towards Sonakshi
She blushes
Dev:hmm…..i fell in love with you again and again and again ! how I stop my heart
Sona: you don’t need to ….
He moves closer to her….she steps backward he moves…she moves and she runs away !
He holds her dances with her
She caresses his face

Mami ji shouts Dev and moves towards his room..
Dev and Sonakshi hides

Mamiji: yeh toh kamre mein hai hi nhi…lagta hai office se abhi aaya hi nhi…

Dev and Sonakshi comes out as mamiji leaves

Dev: yahan toh koi na koi aata hi rahega..
He holds sonakshi’s hand and starts walking out of his room
Sona: kahan?
Dev: wo….jahan hum pyaar karne walon ko koi disturb nhi karega..

Elena’s secret admirer messages her to meet him first time in his bungalow as his birthday is tomorrow
She gets excited and asks for address

Dev and sona enters garden
Sona remembers her dream of garden when she dreamt of dev proposing her…
Dev: kya hua
Sona: (comes out of her dream) kuch nhi
Dev holds her hand and moves inside the garden
They both sit down on the grass bed
Looking into each other’s eyes

Vicky comes to Ishwari and Radharani
Vicky: woh mujhe na aapke Sarojini wale flat ki chabi chahiye the
Ishwari : bilkul beta par wo dev ke pass hai …mein usse manglungi.. par kyun chahiye thi ?
Vicky: woh bua..mere iss exam mein number ache hai toh saare dost party mang rahe the meine socha ghar par dunga toh aap sab ko dikkat na ho.. and looks at Radharani
Radharani: ab mein garib beti kya bolu akhir Vicky ke saath dev ka bhi toh naam juda hai
Ishwari: mein chabi dilwati hun

Sonakshi lays down her head on Dev’s shoulder and they both enjoy the moments…

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  1. It was really nice

    1. 4nshika

      thankq 🙂

  2. Superb 4nshika

    1. 4nshika

      hey.. thankxx…keep reading

  3. Shalini Naicker

    I am worried about Elena.

    1. 4nshika

      things will go on for next 2-3 episodes….but it will definately be a gr8 change

  4. Simplesweety1

    Nice .. But Don’t Pair Up Elena And Vicky Cheapster

    1. 4nshika

      Love <3 can change a person…may be that cheapster too…well i haven't lookd it this way…Don't worry !

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