A Step Ahead (KRPKAB) Episode-2


Dev decides to give Sonakshi a Pair of earring as gift
He messages her to meet him in his room….

Dev comes back from office..

As sona receives the messages she smiles and moves towards his room just then
Ishwari enters and asks her for the lunch sona steps backward and serves her food
Ishwari asks her to have lunch with her…sona nods with a formal smile

Sona thinks dev intezaar kar rahe honge.. ab kaise niklun yahan se..

Dev In his room is waiting for sonakshi….. just then he gets Tina’s call who informs her about an important and unavoidable meeting…Dev after lot of effort to postponed meeting finally decides to leave for office

Sona after finishing lunch with ishwari finally gets time to meet Dev she smiles blushes and heads towards Dev’s room

Dev comes downstairs and sees Sona coming

Sona: mein aa rhi thi..
Dev: sorry ! sonakshi yeh meeting zaruri mein turant khatam kar ke aata hun bye !
Sona: Ok (with sad face)
Dev: leaves with sad face

Elena is msging some unknown guy with lot of interest to meet him
Elena: oh wow ! yeh bhi mujhse milna chahta hai aur mein bhi so cool ek date fix kar
Hi leti hun..she carries on her chat with that guy

Dev Office
Dev: Tina ! kya hua ki tumne mujhe itna urgently bula liya
Tina: Sir ! who income tax office se log aayein hai?
Dev: What? I mean humne toh time se sari formalities ki thi fir..
Tina: I know Sir ! par..they have some queries
Dev: hmm…Ok !

Sona is waiting for Dev to arrive…

Dev enters his cabin ( the guy who took his signature in the last tv episode smirks)
Dev: Hello ! What’s the issue ?
Officer: hume information milli hai ki aapke income tax mein kuch issues hai we want to check papers
Dev: Tina ! show them the details….
Song plays “tu mujh mujhse jada zada hai” and sona and dev are shown waiting to meet each other
Officers: all details are correct lagta hume galat info milli thi Sorry to disturb you..
Dev : its ok sir !
The same fraud guy calls and informs someone that officers has gone..

Dev reaches home Sona is busy in working ..
Time passes but they couldn’t meet..

Clock shows 8

Sona is leaving …Dev holds her hand and pull her behind the door…
Dev: suna hai log pyar mein 7 samundar par kar lete hain aur aap hall se mere kamre tak nhi aa payi
Sona: ab baatein karni hai ya gift bhi dena
Dev : gift dena
As he takes out gift from his pocket it fell down and ria picks it
Dev and Sona shocked
Ria: yeh kiske liye hai ……mere liye?

Ria hugs him and say thankq bhai !! mein abhi nikki ko dikha ke chidati hun
Dev looks at Sona and Sona laughs
Dev: aapko gift toh nahi de paya par ghar toh drop kar hi sakta hun
Sona: Aur ghar par kissine pucha toh..
Dev: pta chalega toh puchenge na..
Sona: Acha…!
Dev and Sona smiles…

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  1. Cute episode 4nshika

    1. 4nshika

      thankq so much ….keep following lot more cuteness to cme 🙂

  2. Hey plzz make some changes in the storyline..it is very much similar to d actual story..don’t mind but it will make your ff more interesting

    1. 4nshika

      A Step Ahead actually means my imagination before d actual episode !
      there will be changes as the story unfolds thanks for d review…keep viewing

  3. Partho

    Aww such a nice episode 4nshika

    1. 4nshika

      thanq so much keep following

  4. Nivika

    awesome 4nshika

    1. 4nshika

      thankq Snehal..! Read 3rd episode hope you will like it too..

      1. Nivika

        yup…i will surely read it

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