A Step Ahead (KRPKAB) Episode 15


Sona reaches her house…
Elena: so, finally aap aa gyi….how was the coffee…(in naughty way)
Sona puts her bag on bad and sits on the sofa…
Sona: funny ! (with a mischievous smile)
Elena: funny? I thought it to be romantic… (confused)
Sona: Actually mr.dixit couldn’t come…and I met chatter box who was funny
Elena: chatter box?
Sona: yah ! Shivam
Elena: interesting !
Sona: I m hungry…elena….jaldi chal..

Asha and Bijoy’s room
Bijoy: tumhe yaad hai asha jab sona chhoti thi….she used to say mein kabhi baba ko chodd kar nhi jaungi…
Asha: haan! Mein bhi apne baba se yahi kahti thi…but look here I am sitting with you…

Sona’s room
Dev texts sona that he is waiting outside, and she must come soon
Sonakshi walks down the stairs of her house slowly slowly…and reaches out..

Asha’s phone ring and the phone was from her friend who wants her son’s alliance with sonakshi…and our asha happily agrees and calls them for dinner tomorrow. She goes to tell sona about her but doesn’t find her in her room.
Elena was to lie but just couldn’t

Dev’s home,
Ishwari is so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t realized that clock stuck 12:00 of night, she could not escape from the thoughts of losing Dev…Radha’s voice is haunting her mind and her eyes imagine dev-sonakshi together…. It is all going on rollercoaster in her mind…She goes check whether dev slept or not…But dev’s was missing from his room…Ishwari returned unsatisfied with her dilemma in mind..!

Sona: aap itni raat ko yahan…
Dev: itni raat ko kya…tum toh isse bhi zada raat ko aati ho
Sona: mein kab aayi apke ghar..?
Dev: ghar nhi sapno mein…
Sona: dev !…its late you should go and sleep…
Dev: I will but only after ice-cream..
Sona: array !….zeeddi !
Dev: tum se hi seekha..

Asha: Elena ! where is sona?
#mahaepisode: …..kya hoga dev aur sonakshi ke pyaar ka jab ishwari ko pta chalega ye sach???
…dev ke badalte vichar (thoughts)…aur sonakshi ke liye uska pyaar kya bus itna hi tha inka saath????

Elena: maasi ! wo she is in washroom…yah she is there (pointing towards the washroom)
Asha: it is locked from outside..! ki haulo ? sona kauthaye ? (what happened… where is sona ? )
Elena: maasi..!
Asha (senses that something is fishy): whenever she returns take her to my room….however late it is…
Elena nods and asha leaves with straight face look
Elena: gayyi bhansh pani mein…

Dev and sona returns from ice cream
Sona: thank you for the ice cream !…
Dev: you know what sonakshi…when we will get married this things will transform into memories ….OUR LOVESTORY..!
Sonakshi hugs dev and leaves for her house

Asha is waiting for her in hall..
Sonakshi enters with her smiling-shying face….with jumping legs…
And she sees asha walking her and there in hall
Sona: maa ! ki haulo ? you didn’t slept yet…
Asha: I was waiting for you…is there anyone in your life you are hiding from us…
And the tale ends on sona’s worried face

Hey ppl ! ty to everyone who loved shivam and his ways! …hope you will accept him inwhatever way he comes in future…I hope not hinting your imagination for a high speed drive…but do tell me what you thought…! Where? In the comment box..!
All your views are welcomed with an open heart !

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  3. Lovely and i think the boy will be shivam

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  4. Shivam will be none other than asha’s friend’s son.,…..
    And the villain in devakshi’s story

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      ahhaaan ! i made the shivam’s character wid full devotion and u made him villain i m not yet over with radharani…! but yes thankq for thinking so deep…lets see
      Thankq for d comment ?

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