A Step Ahead (KRPKAB) Episode 13


Sonakshi wait the door of dev’s cabin for the meeting to end…
As the meeting ends sonakshi enters dev’s cabin
Dev: aap ? sonakshi…..ab aapko mujhe mille begar raha nhi jata….heheh
Sonakshi: dev !….i know ki aapke business things are not going good…
Dev: sona…I told you ….you don’t need to worry about this….i will handle it…trust me..
Sonakshi: I do trust you but dev !..i think I m responsible for this
Dev: sonakshi !

Sona: dev !….i really want to do something…
Dev: sona !…yeh job hi I m responsible for it not you…
Dev holds sona’s hand and leaves his chair to sit beside sona .they engrossed into each other’s eye
Sonakshi: if you don’t mind I have plan….y don’t you bring scheme for new comers …they already have so expenses in building their careers…if they cut out something on their calls spcl on the calls to their loved ones…it will halp them…don’t you think?
Dev: that’s brilliant idea….lemme talk to the board members I will work out…
Sonakshi hugs dev and says…I know our togetherness brought many new issues in your life but I am sure we will work it out together….Always ! you are not alone anymore !
Dev breaks the hug holds her from waist

#mahaepisode: 10 july…..kya hoga dev aur sonakshi ke pyaar ka jab ishwari ko pta chalega ye sach???
…dev ke badalte vichar (thoughts)…aur sonakshi ke liye uska pyaar kya bus itna hi tha inka saath????

Dev: our togetherness doesn’t brought any issues but only love ! and colors in my life…..but yes there is a issue
Sonakshi: what issue…
Dev: wo girlfriend na ms. Obodhro hai
Sonakshi: dev !!!

They both laugh and hug each other
Sona: everything will be fine
Dev: agar tum saath….everything will be fine
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi plays…..
Sonakshi reaches dev’s house
Radharani: Namaste memsahib aayegi aap…
Sona: sorry auntyji woh..
Radharani: sarry ! teri in harkato jiji aur dev chodd sakte par mein…
Ishwari: bhabhi jane dona…nutrition ja rasoi mein se mera nasta le aa
Sona: ji auntyji…!
Dev calls sonakshi…

Dev:sona ! sona ! I just love you…
Sonakshi: Ihahhaha….kya hua dev..
Dev: your idea….everyone just loved it….we are launching the new communication lane on this Saturday..i knw this will bring new heights to business……thank you ! for the idea…thank you for being with me…thank you for coming in my life…
Sonakshi: thankq for giving all the pleasures of life…I love uh !
Dev : toh fir ek coffee date…
Sonakshi: hmmm…8o’clock at CCD…done
Dev: done …mein office seedha aa jaunga
Coffee Shop,
Sonakshi doesn’t find any table empty . But a table of four had a single guy sitting. So sonakshi asked if she can share the table.The guy allowed..
Guy: hi..
Sonakshi: hi….

What twist will this new guy bring in the tale or he will remain an untold story….
What will Dev’s work on sonakshi ‘s idea bring in the tale sonakshi….love …twist ….passion !

Precap: Guy: myself shivam
Sonakshi: i didn’t asked…
Guy: agar sundar ladki samne toh mauka dekhte hi dosti kar leni chhahiye
Sonakshi: pagal ho tum
Guy: yeh bhi koi phuchne wali baat hai…oooppps !

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