the stength of love …an ishqbaaz ff..part 4


hello ishqbaazians this is pallavi back with the part 4…firstly i would like to thank kanfi,lauren,nikita_jai29,niriha,Fffan1234,sairan,aashi,adhya,charita,dhar,gayatri.visu,UF,lulu_ani,sagithya,ashwinee,mrunal,madhuani,ankita27,neha17,banita,fathima,crazygirls.p,debdutta,alekhika20 for all ur precious comments.this gives me inspiration and encouragement to write the further episodes..pls ignore the grammatical errors..

the episode starts with annika talking with sleeping shivaay
annika:shivaay ye sub kya hogaya shivaay…suddenly everything spoiled…saying this she was crying bitterly..
meanwhile she saw shivika crawling towards shivaay and trying to wake him up
shivika:papa…papa…(saying this she was beating shivaays chest with her little fingers…)
this was seen by whole oberoi family…pinky just went away as she was not able to see her son and bahu in this condition…
in rikaras room:

om:gauri…tumhe pata hai jab mein chota tha tho shivaay mere ek papa ki tarah khyal rakhta tha…aaj shivaay ko is condition mein mujhse dekha nahi jaaraha (saying this om hugged gauri and cried very badly)
gauri:om mujhe annika bhabhi ki bahut chinta ho rahi hai…banglore se aane ke baad bhabhi ne ek boond paani tak nahi piya hai…hume annika bhabhi ke paas jana chahiye..
(saying this they leave to shivikas room)
in rumyas room
ru:sumo…u know till now shivaay bhaiya has saved me from each and every problem….but now shivaay bhaiya….(saying this rudra broke down completely and huged sumo and she reciprocated)
sumo:shhhh…rudra everything will be fine…if u cry like this then think about annika bhabhi and family how will we manage them especially annika bhabhi…i think we need to go and check her…she didnt even have a drop of water since we came from banglore
rudra:wiping his tears….yes sumo u r right we need to be strong…come lets go
both went to shivikas room and saw rikara standing outside the room
ru:o …what r u doing here???
om signs rudra to see into the room..both rikara and rumya see shivika trying to wake shivaay by beating on his chest with her little fingers..
seeing this both rikara and rumyas eyes filled with tears and both the couples went inside the room..rudra asks annika to have a little food but annika denied…but after a lot of insistance om ru fed annika with some roti while gauri and saumya were managing shivika….

tej and shakti are seen talking about business..
tej:shakti….our stocks are decreasing day by day….if shivaay was here in my place then he would handle all these problems easily…
shakti:yes bhai saab if stocks will not be increased in a month then the situation will arise where we need to sell this mansion…
their conversation was heard by annika.annika walks to them…
annika:papa,bade papa i have decided that i will join u to office from tomorrow….in shivaays place…i will manage shivaays responsibility….
tej and shakti get shocked by her words…
tej:but beta…what about shivika?
pinky and jhanvi along with dadi come to them…
dadi:tej,shakti hum hai na…we will take care about shivika…what say pinky?,jhanvi?
pinky:yes mummyji i agree with u we will take careof shivika..
jhanvi:pata nahi puttar hum ne kya acche karam ki hai ki hume tumhare jaisi bahu mili hai…i am really proud of u annika
saying this jhanvi,pinky and dadi hug annika….
tej and shakti feel proud of annika
annika enters shivaays room…
annika:shivaay u know from tomorrow i am going to office to fullfill all ur responsibilities..i hope i can keep up to their expectations…..
saying this annika goes to sleep hugging shivika….
its morning….
tej asks annika to reach office by 9am..and annika obliged..saying this tej and shakti left to office..
annika makes shivika ready…meanwhile pinky comes to annika
pinky:annika puttar i will make shivika readyu go and get ready for office…annika obliges and gets ready for office
annika gets ready in a professional business suit…(guys i am poor in describing the outfits u can imagine ur own outfits or u can open this link here
she gets ready to leave to the office…she comes to the hall…omru gauri and saumya compliment her….she takes the blessing of pinky and jhanvi…rikara and rumya hug her wish her good luck…..she kisses shivika and bids bye to her….she leaves to the office inher audi driving herself…….

annika enters the office and all her staff wish her…tej welcomes annika..and guides her to shivaays cabin which is her cabin too…
tej:annika this is nisha ur P.A….and annika this is urs and shivaays cabin…when shivaay gets recovered u both can work together.
annika passes a weak smile to him..tej leaves to his cabin
annika asks nisha to to get the files and keep in her cabin….nisha leaves….
annika sees the namplate of hers on ther cabin door……besides shivaays name plate
ANNIKA S.OBEROI………she touches her namplate and remembers shivaay…some layer of tears form in annikas eyes….
she wipes the tears enters the cabin and start to work…
soon in 6 months the companys stocks increase and the oberoi empire is back to its standard once again…all the investors praise annikas idea of business….
tej and shakti see shivaay in annika…they feel proud that annika is their bahu
everyone are sitting in the hall talking with each other…..
om brings gauri to the hall carefully…and makes her to sit on the sofa as she is 9 months pregnant…..annika sees this and remembers shivaay who used to pamper her a lot when she was 9 months pregnant…
pinky:annika puttar we r going to temple to pray for shivaay, gauri and her baby….can u pls stay back and look after gauri..?
annika:sure ma…i will be here only….
jhanvi,pinky,shivika,om,rudra,leave for temple where as tej and shakti leave for office…

Thats it for now guys..will post the next part soon…pls leave ur precious comments if u like it….
NOTE:guys in my ff gauri is a software engineer and soumya is a gynacologyst..rudra is also an software engineer…

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    Hello everyone I am really sorry guys … actually I have mentioned all the names of the person’s who commented on my ff…but I don’t know only some of the names got into it once again I would like to thank aashi,adya,charita,dhar,gayatri,UF,lulu_ani,sagithya, ashwinee, mrunal, madhuani, ankita27,neha,banita,fathima,crazy girls,debdutta, alekhika20.for sparing some of Ur precious time to read my ff….I am sorry if I missed any names

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