If you stay with me…. part 6 teaser

Hello fellas.
I know I have not updated for a long time I’m sorry for that.
I decided to give you guys a teaser.
So here:
Rotten eggs ? and tomatoes ? or potatoes ? are welcome here.

B: Di….
P: Yes?
B: You have changed……
P: What happened?
B: Your personality has changed.
P: I told you everything you are still asking?
B: Okay so what is your biggest fear?
P: My biggest fear is losing my loved ones.
B: Okay so what will happen to you if your biggest fear comes true?
P: I don’t know….. I guess I’ll………be heartbroken.
B: SEE di you have changed!
P: Now what?
B: First your biggest fear was heights, then your biggest fear fear was darkness and now losing your loved ones!
P: Bulbul, people change.
B: Okay so let’s say your biggest fear is about to come true.
B: Do you know what is after 2 months?
P: Yes, wait ……… nooooooo!
B: Yeeeessssssssss.

2 months later.
Collage graduation day.
Pragya is crying.
Pragya: Bulbul my biggest fear is about to come true!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bulbul: I told you.
P: So you think this is the best time to say I told you so?
B: Look Di before it happens you one last time can spend time with your loved ones.
That heard a voice.
Voice: Pragya?

So this is it.
I’ll say again, Rotten eggs ? and tomatoes ? or potatoes ? are welcome here.
So see ya.

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  1. interesting yaaaaaa

  2. Nice…

  3. nice one !
    waiting for the next one !

  4. B_Ani

    making me curious yaa…know what really missed u, even thought of asking prabhi, but u urself posted it! post the epi soon…

  5. Why rotten eggs and tomatoes I will give my support to you and this is nail biting teaser yaa soo waiting for the update.

  6. Prabhish

    Hello guys!
    Thanks for you’re love and don’t forget to read the next part as I will reveal my name.
    Stay tuned.

  7. waiting like something after your teaser…update soon …

  8. Sowji

    Good going on keep writing..give long ff…it’s too small

  9. Maya

    Awesome as usual!!??

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