next day

both twinj wakeup see eo pic and say *good morning love* both goes to washroom and come after freshenup twi is wearing pink jumpsuit and kunj is wearing brown pant,white T and brown lather jacket both goes down stair have their bf and kunj say
k: bebe i am going office
t: haww. bebe dekha ap na is na kaha tha ya mujha outing ka liya la kr jaya ga and now he is going office and she has a naught smile
k: but…
be: kunj puttar now you have to go with twi

k: bebe i have imp meeting
be: kah dita ta kah dita now you both go
both goes outside kunj is angry but fake twi say
t: kunj suno na
k: bolain
t: i am sorry i just wanted to spend some time with you
k: ohh… now sit in car he is still angry both sit in car twi again speak
t: plz i am sorry ok.. i am raedy to bear any punishment
k: soch lo

t: soch lia
kunj stop car at corner he come closer to her she close her eyes he took belt and bolt it twi open her eyes and make haww.. face kunj say
k: what you think dirty mind
t: ahh.. i am dirty minded and she start hitting him kunj hold her hand both share an eyelock both are coming closer but suddenly beep beep its kunj phone by bebe
k: g bebe
b: kunj puttar tum ghar ajao pandit ji aya hain
k: ok bebe we are coming

t: what happened
k: pandit ji aya hain
t: ohh.. now lets go bebe will be waiting
k: ok
both come sarna mansion but twi jump in exitement (pandit ji ko dekh kr itna kush) ara wait there is a girl she is chinki twi bestest frnd twi shout
t: chinkii tu i am so happy
c: same here how are you
t: i am fit infront of you
c: wasa jijo is na ap ko preshan tu nahi kia
t: tera mtlb kia ha ka main itni irritating hon
c: yeah

t: you don’t talk to me
k: chinki is right siyyapa queen
he start running and twi behind him both are running but suddenly twi stumble and fall on kunj both share an eyelock but come to sense when chinki cough fake one kunj say
k: kitni moti hogayi ha twi
t: kunj main moti nahi hon
k: tum ho fatso
c: yeah he is right twi

t: tum dono…
c and k: kia
t: i won’t talk to you and she goes to her
c amd k: ara sun na
but she is already gone both burst into laugh bebe come and say
b: pandit ji came and say weddimg date will be after 3 days or 5 years
k: no bebe 3 days are ok
b: so tommorow for shopping with twi
k: ok bebe and he goes to twi room
twi is sitting on bed he goes closer and say

k: sorry
t: its ok
k: you know na how much i love to irritate my siyyapa queen
t: i know sadu sarna and she start tickling him
kunj try to stop her but no use he hold her hand again share an eyelock but this time chinki come kunj get up and go out and both twiki start bestie talk

hi guys i try to make it long but can’t bcuz i am in no mood to write today no more bakbak bye guys love you all and i am not writing os

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  1. Sohi

    Nice episode

  2. nice epi

  3. Presha

    Gud one

  4. lovely

  5. SidMin23

    Sweet episode chinki and kunj pulling twinkle leg ????? twinj were cute and some scene recall from tei episode missing them keep posting

  6. Twinj

    Hey loveyz
    Sry sry I know I am cmting after a long gap….sry for that….
    The epi was awesome…
    Amazing…twinj convo. were cute….
    Cute as usual n wat not I loved it…
    Post asap.

  7. Ramya

    Awesome nisa amazing one
    Loved it

  8. Baby

    OMG!!!! ♥
    pata hai nisa wen u r nt in mood to write still u write u write more beautiful n more cute………♥
    haha srsly luvd it sooooooooooo mch……..♥
    marveleous ♥
    cute ♥
    loved it ♥
    speechless ♥
    osm ♥
    post nxt asap…………♥
    lods of love…..♥♥♥♥

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