STAY AWAY!! ……(thahaan two shots) part 2


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SPLASH!!! She jumped back in Shock. Cold water ran down her cheeks sending cold shiver down spine. She looked up to find a pair of Red furious eyes glaring down at her.
“bihaan” she muttered under her breath. Well aware of his anger. Off course she was afraid of him and she should be. He must have found out that she has fooled him so easily. And her hangover confirmed it to him. She collected her courage and stood up to face him. “b…b..bbihaan” She finally managed to speak.
He took few steps towards her closing the gap between them.
“what the hell u think u are doing” his harsh words was loud enough to scare her. He held her shoulders tightly and drew her closer. She could feel his warm breath on her cheeks. “don’t come in my way thapki” she shivered by his dangerous tone of voice “this is my last warning” “bihaan listen.… …” she tried to speak But he raised his hands to stop her “listening to u” he said while laughing sarcastically “I don’t even want to see ur face” he mocked at her.
she was hell shocked. His bitter words poked through her heart ripping it away. She was feeling immense pain in the left side of her chest. Is it her heart that is paining like hell?? Words died in her throat Was she so bad!! What did she do wrong?? First time in her life she did something for herself. She stood for her self respected. She has the full right to know about her marriage truth to move on in her life. Then What did she do wrong?? Didn’t he lied to her just for saving his maa from humiliation. Off course she lied to him She admitted it but this was the only way to save her self respect. But at a same time she was guilty too. She apologized to him a million time for that!!
She kept one of her palm on the left side of her chest hoping that if it would lessen the pain of her heart. Tears made its way down her cheeks unknowingly but she refused to wipe them away.
He clenched his fist and slammed on the wall making it bleed. He cursed himself for being rude to her. Though he is angry on her but he can’t prevent himself from loving her. He knew she has a heart of gold but her one lie shook the foundation of trust in Their relationship. What was the need to do that!! He wanted to start afresh. He was ready to tell her the truth, he was ready to confess his love. But she ruined every thing.
It is better to STAY AWAY!! from her or that’s what he believed.

Days were flowing like water In their lives with restless days and sleepless night. both of them were giving their best to avoid each other. Thapki was totally broken and was behaving like a mere robot, his silence, His ignorance, his hatred killed her while bihaan lost his charming smile his innocent nature but he some how managed to get to know her whereabouts. To satisfy himself. He still cared for her!!!
Whole family noticed their strange behavior and was worried about them. So, they secretly planned a Family holiday leaving both of them to look after the house(an excuse) for a week or two. But they both were well aware of the hidden reason behind that.
But that didn’t work too. Bihaan used to spend the whole day outside leaving her at home alone. And used to sleep in guest room. She was worried about him. If her presence effect him so much, disturbs him. Then she wouldn’t mind leaving him for his sake!! She just want to see him happy. She wanted her old bihaan back. Unaware of the fact that his happiness lies in her. So she decided to talk to him.
She was waiting for him for hours she glanced at the clock which struck 12. this is when she heard his bike she found herself running towards the door.
“bihaan” she opened the door but was shocked to see the sight infront of her. She hid herself behind the pillar and took in the scene.
His arms around a girl and hers around him. The girl tightly embraced herself in his arms as if she doesn’t want to leave him.
With in a split of second thapki found herself running to the farthest corner of mansion To hid herself somewhere, away from him. She felt her whole world falling apart, bihaan with some other girl.
She sat down in the corner and sobbed.
As soon as he entered he felt her presence in the hall but she was know where in sight. His heart raced he thought to call her but soon changed his mind and ignoring it he went up to the dining table. To his surprise he found her plate as it is. didn’t she had her dinner???
“thapki” he called trying to sound a little bit rude. “thapki where are u” terror swept over his heart as he was welcomed with silence. He stood up hastily and went to look for her in their room hoping to see her there but She wasn’t there too.
“thapki” he was frantically searching for her almost everywhere. He felt as if his heart is going to stop. He almost searched the whole mansion. He wouldn’t forgive himself and cursed his moti buddhi for being so rude, so wild so rough with her. How can u do this with love of your life?? How can you do this to your thapki?? He remembered how she saved his maa risking her life so many times. “thapki plzz come back to me” He pleaded with himself. His chain of thought disturbed as he heard her weeping from one of old dark guest room.
He stormed inside to find her sitting and weeping.
He held her hand, pulled her up and slammed her on his chest. He held her tightly in his embrace making sure that she is alright. “thapki. …u scared me”. Thapki was shocked by his action. He still care for me!! Her heart spoke. My bihaan still care for me!! But she controlled her emotions and pushed him back.
He came to his senses as he felt her going away from him.
“thapki what happened” he tried to get close to her. But her hands stopped him and pushed him away.
STAY AWAY!! She cried.
She was crying harshly holding her face in her palms.
He was shocked by her sudden outburst. Her words poked through his heart. He now realized what he did with her. How much he had hurt her. This is what she must have felt when he asked her to stay away. He smiled sadly at his state. He wanted to take away all her pain. He wanted to apologize to her. He wanted to tell Her how much he loves her.
He saw her muttering something to her self. He tried to focus on her voice. “how can u do this to me” “how can u hug her like that” “I hate her didn’t she know U are married” “didn’t she know u are my husband” His skipped a beat he can’t believe his ears Did he heard the word my husband??? Or she is jealous???
She stormed out of the room leaving him shocked behind.

Thapki was sitting silently on one side of the bed in her room. While he was sat on the other side. Its been an hour they both were quietly sitting stealing glances at each other.
“she is divya… …my childhood friend” he spoke breaking the awkward silence between them “actually we met after a long time.……so…” he stopped as he saw her glaring at him as if she is going to jump on him like an angry kitten.
He gulped but decided to continue as he don’t want any kind of misunderstanding now. “divya is like…my” she got up to leave but he held her hand “divya is like my sister” he spoke quietly. Her eyes widened in shock. What!! She turned around to face him and saw his lips curving into a smile. He was elated by the thought that she accepted him as her husband. What else he need!!
She saw him hiding his smile. But inside she was screaming with happiness. He only my bihaan!! Her heart told her.
He took few steps towards her closing the gap between them and took her cheeks in her hand caressing, “I am sorry thapki” “I was going to tell u everything that night I was going to confess my feelings to u but then that shraddha came and ruined everything” he whispered. She stood there listening to him Though she wanted to hug him and tell him how his thapki was yearning for him these days how much she had missed him. She really wanted to hug him.
She turned her face away and bit Lower lip trying to get away from those thought. Bihaan looked at her and his eyes caught her lips. He felt A sudden urge to taste those lips. Couldn’t resist himself he held her arm and gently pulled her towards him “I love u thapki” He whispered softly in her ear. Before she could understand anything she found her body crushed by his. She slowly hugged him back. She now realized how much she was yearning to feel him. She now realized how she is in love with him. He slightly parted himself from her and lifted up her Chin. slowly placing a kiss on her lower lip. She closed her eyes in pleasure of his touch. He again kissed her this time locked her lips with his lovingly. She felt her knees going weak and slid her hand in his neck for support. He felt the touch of her lips far more relaxing than he ever thought. Off course he thought!! They slowly parted to find the other panting and leaned their forehead against each other. “I love u too bihaan” she whispered while looking down. They both looked at each other their eyes reflecting their love for each other, smiled and went on for another kiss.

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    1. ha ha!! it is for u “too long”

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    1. u are welcomed vinlora my friend. Its my pleasure to entertian u guyz. And u are correct i don’t think they are going to show this In reak TPK, writer have some other plan.Umm……i think they are going to turn bihaan negative Villan.

  4. Actually i have no words to explain…because,its such a fascinating ff.really its a heart touching one…….when i read this i can get the feeling……THAHAAN FOR EVER.miss you dear…….i wish all success in your life……

    1. thankyou pooja. I am really happy that u liked it. Love u for that. And yess THAHAAN FOREVER!!

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