Stay away…. I m nt ur husband!!… (Episode 9) ” I am urs n u r mine “


Hii guys. .. I m totally overwhelmed by earlier ep response…A gr8 thanX to all the ppl who commented… n I will miss you the most sissy (natasha ) will have to wait for 15 days to resume our none stop bakwass… In two days u literally created a sis – sis bond with me… now let’s leave the emotional talk…

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Chapter starts :


Swara : sanky…

Sanskar : ( cutting off n looking at his mobile ) hmm swara I know…. let’s go.. We will see more clothes…(just thn he saw..her… from toe to bottom… He just dropped the phn n the shopping bags on the floor n had a open mouth… He was nt able to believe his eyes…He thought he is seeing a dream…)

Swara was in front of him in a torquisue blue colour short dress
Link of the dress : here

He was nt able to say a word
Swara : ( comes near him… With a finger in his chin shut his mouth ) mr. Sanskar maheshwari how’s ur wife looking (she winked )

Sanskar : ( without realising what he is saying ) hott…

Swara blushed n sanskar smiled…

Sanskar : I never thought u will wear these dresses…

Swara : I never used to wear these dresses before memory loss… (shocked ) thn what I used to wear…. I thought u married a modern girl who wear these typs of dresses means me…

Sanskar : ( thinking – I don’t know only which typ of dresses she used to wear ) Swara u don’t have to wear anything for me… buy clothes for urself nt for others (he winked )
*remember guys swara said the same dialogue*

Swara : ( naughty smile ) accha ji… copying my dialogue… (thn watches her dress ) n I lyk this… I m comfortable. .. atleast 100 tyms more than that saree… (make faces )

Sanskar : ( laughed ) I don’t have any problm… u show me others what have you bought…

Swara : hmm hm.. give me 2 mins I will come wearing other dress which I have selected… (n she goes to trial room)
Sanskar is giving his idiotic grin…remember the scene of his HOT presumed wife…

??????15 mins later??????

Sanskar ws waiting for her for last 15 mins… 2 mins have turned 15 mins..He is becoming restless… walking here n there n waiting for her… Every secend seeing the watch…

Sanskar : ( to himself ) this is her 2 mins… I don’t know why girls take so much of tym also in trial room… (frustrated)
Thn swara comes n sanskar was mesmerised….

Swara wore crop top n long skirt… she was looking breath-taking. ..
Frst sanskar was nt able to take his eyes off her…. whn he comes to his senses he founds that she is totally nt comfortable in those clothes n ppl around are staring her… He gave thm I-will-take-ur-eyes-off-from-the-socket-if-u-continue-watching-her-like-this look…

Crop top link to make imagination easy : here
He goes near her n hugs her so that she doesn’t feel more discomfort because of her naked belly… He was frst angry on her if she was nt feeling comfortable thn why she wore that…

Sanskar : ( whispers in her ear while hugging ) Swara why are you wearing this?..

Swara : huh.. mmm.. u didn’t lyk it. ..

Sanskar : I loved it but…….


In a party…
Kavita n sanskar entered a wild party…. music is on… mood is on… alcohol is full… its party tym…
Kavita was in a black dress n sanskar in dashing black shirt n pant…

Kavita dress : here
It was a pub… party was in full mood. ..

Sanskar : ( uninteresting mood ) Kavi whn we will go.. u know na I don’t lyk these high music n loud parties…

Kavita : sanky… plz. .. now only we have come… let’s enjoy.. don’t b a spoil sport….

Sanskar : ok… as u say… bt plz jaldi Haa. ..

Kavita : ok.. will try….u r just opposite of me… urggg. ..

Sanskar : ( smiled ) n opposite attracts (he winked )

Party was full on… thn sanky saw boys flirting n talking to kavita…. n he felt bad bcoz kavita was enjoying it even if they are committed….
He catched her with arm n dragged her to the corner…

Kavita : what the hell sanky… I was talking…

Sanskar : talking or flirting

Kavita : don’t act like a jerk ok… don’t b a hypocrite…

Sanskar : hypocrite. … wow… I would have nt have been a problm if u were nt committed bt u r committed to me dammit…

Kavita : (jerking her arms from his grip ) so what haa… I m committed bt I am nt ur slave ok…. I m also an independent human.. n every human lyk attention… even if the human is u….

Sanskar : ( speechless ) they were eyeing u badly I was nt able to control..

Kavita : so what.. its there problm nt urs…

Sanskar : why you wear yâar so small clothes… I love even if you will nt wear it. ..

Kavita : I am nt wearing it for u…I m wearing it for myself.. I lyk it…n u r my boyfriend nt my husband to guide me what to wear…n if u have so much of problm. .. plz plz leave the party I will go with anirudh.. (saying this she left )

Sanskar : ( broken down ) I am nothing to her or what. … I don’t lyk ppl staring her…. she doesn’t care abt my attention bt others. .. m I important to her… (wiping tears ) yup dumbo u r… u r her boyfriend.. n u must have only reacted very much so she yelled at u…

Sanskar : ( in mind ) I should nt make swara angry too…by saying those stupid words again… n this tym I am not her her bf or husband.. (disappointed )

Sanskar : but it’s ur life u can wear anything….

Swara : I… actually… I didn’t lyk it.. I thought u will lyk ur wife to be lyk this so I wore it…

Sanskar : ( still hugging n disbelief look ) Swara now only I told… u don’t have to do this. ..

Swara : ( cut off ) sshhh.. I know bt I am happy I did this. .. as I saw how possessive my hubby is…

Thn he realised he is still hugging her… He parted away…

Sanskar : u r fine….

Swara : haan mujhe kya hona h… (confused look )

Sanskar : actually u r girl… mm. I shouldn’t interfere in ur dressing…(remembering kavitas word )

Swara : shut up Patidev. .. now as I am nt comfortable in it. …u know my Patidev is also becoming possessive (sanskar unknowingly smiled ) so u choose a dress for me… A casual one…

Sanskar : are you sure…

Swara : double sure… (happily ) as…
What u will choose for me
Will be divine
Bcoz I am urs n u r mine…

*guys I just wrote these lines as they just popped up in my mind I know it’s nt too good nt frst tym writing some poetic lines so don’t bash me…*

Sanskar : aahaa shayari n All..

Swara : yup ur Patni is multitalented

Sanskar : ( smirked ) hmm.. If pati will be multitalented thn company ka asar toh padega…

Swara : now stop praising urself. . Or I will nt able to digest more…n haan digest se yaad aaya. .. plz do fast I am hungry…

Sanskar started to stare at tops n tees.. frst of all he was totally confused what yo select what nt too..

Sanskar : u girls get many choices… its complicated

Swara : I know ri8… ab start… don’t waste tym…

He was going through different collection n was getting very confused

Looking at his confused face she starts laughing…

Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon
Tum pe hi aa ke rukta hoon
Kya yeh sab ko hota hai

Hum ko kya lena hai sab se
Tum se hi sab batein ab se
Ban gaye ho tum meri dua

( sanskar hears laughing sound n peeps from the clothes collection in front of him.. only to see swara laughing heartedly… After seeing it he too had a curve on his face..)

Khuda Jaane ke mein fida hun
Khuda Jaane mein mit gaya
Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai
Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda

Tu kahe to tere hi kadam ke
main nishanon pe
Chalun rukun ishaare pe
Tu kahe tho khwabon ka bana ke
Main bahana sa
Mila karu sirhaane pe

( while he was in his dreamland.. He got a tap on his shoulder he turned to see it was swara… He was confused as she was there so he again sees there where she was earlier to find no one there… swara signed what happened n he nodded as nothing… n again start to choose something )

Tum se dil ki baatein seekhi
Tum se hi yeh raahe seekhi
Tum pe marr ke mein tho
Jjee gaya

Khuda Jaane ke mein fida hun
Khuda Jaane mein mit gaya
Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai
Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda

( he again got a tap…. n again it was swara… He showed what expression bt she showed him the clothes he was selecting. .. n thn he looked at thm at it was all dress collection thn he remembers swara wanted casual… so he swifts his hands through his hairs n smiled foolishly for his foolishness n again swara laughed at his expression n sanskar was in his own land )

Dil kahe ke aaj tho, chupa lo tum
panahon mein
Ke darr hai tum ko kho doonga
Dil kahe ki sambhal zara khushi ko
Na nazar laga
Ke darr hai mein tho ro dunga

Karthi hoon sao vaade tum se
Bandhe dil ke dhaage tum se
Yeh tumhe na jane kya hua

( whn swara ended her laughing session she took his hands n took him to the casual section. ..In the way too his concentration was only on swara..he again saw the clothes n gave confused look )

Khuda Jaane ke mein fida hun
Khuda Jaane mein mit gaya
Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai
Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda

( this tym swara gave him leave it typ expression n started to search herself… bt he stopped her hand n now became serious n watched all clothes there )

Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon
Tum pe hi aa ke rukta hoon
Kya yeh sab ko hota hai

Hum ko kya lena hai sab se
Tum se hi sab batein ab se
Ban gaye ho tum meri dua

Khuda Jaane ke mein fida hun
Khuda Jaane mein mit gaya
Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai
Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda

Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda

( sanskar was watching everything perfectly thn his eyes fall in a top n he showed it to her. … she too loved it..n ran n kissed him on the cheeks… n showed him thumbs up )

Dress Link : here

Swara : ohho Patidev. .. choice toh bht achi h… offcourse it will be na what a stupid question… I m ur choice.. bt soo much of tym…. I thought u will never find one

Sanskar : ( confidence ) every precious thing needs tym

Swara : Hmmm. (Winked n left for trial room..)

Sanskar was smiling continuesly… n again waiting period started… n again mr. Business man become impatient…

Now whn swara came she was looking too classy… With high platform heels n high pony tail n matching accessories….

Sanskar : now let’s go…n u r looking divine in my divine choice…

Swara blushed n they cleared there bills n moved towards the food court….

Ppl were staring swara n as sanskar saw any prsn giving scnd look to her his grip in her waist goes more firm. .. swara was smiling in this process…atlast they went to the table. .n sat opposite to each other…

Swara : ( smiling )

Sanskar : swara yâar why you are smiling from that tymm…

Swara : wo chodo …. u r very possessive yâar. .. n I am…..

Sanskar : ( cutting off ) srry don’t be angry I some times become hyper… plz sorry… I know every body lyk attention… bt…I…

*He is remembering kavita’s statement n after break up he compare every girl with her so he is reacting as if he wanna mend his earlier mistakes *

Swara : ( cutting off ) hey hey wait… u r telling me a attention seeker. .. u r so mean sanskar… u should have frst listened my words I was going to tell I am so lucky to have u…n u… I hate u…

Sanskar : what lucky… bt I was behaving lyk a… jerk..

Swara : hey how dare you called my husband jerk (sanskar amused ) I will punch u if u repeat it.. I lyked it… It gives so much relief whn u will feel that there is someone who cares for u… who is there for u… u don’t know how much protected I feel whn I am

with u… u will never understand… bcoz u have never gone through a pain ( sanskar saw swara’s eyes which was only filled with pain )

Sanskar : what pain..

Swara : ummm….umm.. nothing just aayese hi… n forget that bt now I am angry with u… Sanskar I only want ur attention… what will I do of others attention they are no body to me bt the prsn who is sitting in front of me is everything…
♡“U r everything to me
Others are nothing
Ur arms whn around me
Gives me the feeling as
I am nt ur anything bt everything…”♡

Sanskar : (overwhelmed n moist eyes ) yâar swara sorry…

Swara was silent no response

Sanskar : again mon vrat shuru… urggg…

They completed the lunch silently… bcoz a naughty idea was going on in sanskar’s mind…

All of a sudden a big ice cream bowl came on the table…

Swara glared at it with hungry eyes bt can’t do anything bcoz of her ego…Sanskar was enjoying it. ..

Sanskar : ( took the frst the frst spoon of ice cream in his mouth n saw swara’s watery mouth n smiled) u want some ( showing a spoon towards her n again taking it back ) no no no u r angry with me… thn why will u…( again he started to eat it…swara was seeing him from corner of her eyes )

As sanskar took more two spoon. .. now it was enough for swara. …she snatched the bowl from his hand n started it eating..

Sanskar : Arre what is this

Swara : ( eating ) forgiving u last tym… I m nt an attention seeker ok.. I can even live with u in that saree if you gaurentee me it will nt fall… n now don’t disturb me I am eating… ( n thn she became fully involve in the ice cream..)

Sanskar was adorning her childish acts.. n was smiling ..

While eating the ice cream…. In middle…

Swara : sanky… I forgot only… I have to buy some more clothes what will I do with only two pair…

Sanskar : I know…. finish it thn we will buy..

Swara : sanky what papa will think.. He was against the marriage n now this (nervous look)

Sanskar : what what..?

Swara : I m the bahu of the house n I am in jeans… n I have only bought jeans n dresses… I forgot only. .. awww… how papa will react

Sanskar : ( smilingly ) (in mind ) she doesn’t know baba is broad minded… now let’s take it as an advantage n let’s tease her

Sanskar : yup u r ri8 swara

Swara : hmm.. If he will become angry n will kick out me our of the house thn..

Sanskar : thn what I will get u in..

Swara : shut up stupid… how can u go againSt papa’s order…

Sanskar : thn what you will do. .

Swara : shopping…

Sanskar : that only we are doing from morning. ..

Swara : ( stands up from seat to go ahead ) let’s go. …

Sanskar : ( murmurs ) baba was ri8 shopping with women are not atall a easy job… (sighed n stood up n start to go ahead )

Swara : ( turned ) jaldi

Sanskar : hmm hmm..

BT suddenly a girl came n closed sanskar’s eyes from behind…n ws giggling… swara was shocked…

Girl : guess it dude….

Sanskar : hmm hmm it’s yup… its u.. its u…( touching her hand to guess )

Screen freezes at swara’s shocked
Sanskar’s excited n girls happy face….

Tomorrow : girl revealed, traditional avtaar , ACP calling…

Who is the girl? A girl hater happy to find a girl something fishy? How Swara will react? What pain Swara was talking about? Is she getting her memory back? Will she leave sanky thn?… lots of questions right…. let’s see what happens…
How ws the ep guys…hope u lyked it…
Acha I wanna do a poll
Story needs a couples entry so choose guys :

● randhir n sanyukta (sadda haq )
● asad n zoya ( qubool hai season one )
● arjun arohi (kitni mohobbat hai )
● manik nandini (kyy )
N others u can also suggest.
Actually I can imagine these couple easily n can’t write the nxt. ..I give preferences to SanDhir n asYA… as they will perfectly fit in the story… bt every thing depends on u all…


Guys cvs have gone mad… I have heard many spoilers… bt recent is shomi prego …. swara kidnap… Memory loss n swara will act lyk kid… bt I don’t lyk it… I will love If she forgets everything except shomi n dida.. means back to modern swara n swasan love again blossom. .. This swara will act lyk a child is pathetic… earlier also this concept ruined the show madhubala…

Acha ek aur poll..

□ swara as a kid after memory loss
□ swara only remember shomi n dida
□ swara remember laksh n loves him

Choose which u lyk…?..

Credit to: Sujata

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