Stay away…. I m nt ur husband!!… (Episode 8) “ur voice is cure to my soul”

Hii guys… sujata once again. ..srry guys late post today… yesterday was a fresher’s party in hostel… It was too boring bt had to attend… actually I only lyk hostel’s 12 am parties… I know every day I tell a reason bt reason’s are true dr… yesterday my room was painted as new roomie is coming… leave it.. let’s start the chapter

Wanna have chapters link.:

Chapter starts :

They went to a near by mall for shopping… swara was jumping n all excited…

Sanskar : what you are doing yâar. .. u r running n as well as making me run… why u r so excited as if you never went to a mall..

Swara : may be or may be not… sanky I don’t remember anything so it’s new to me…n Mr. Sanskar maheshwari keep ur purse with u… bcoz it’s going to be empty by me… (n she winked at him )

Sanskar : ( smiled ) I just wanna c u happy like this forever…

Swara : ( turned as she was walking ahead ) u said anything…

Sanskar : huh.. no. .. u will allow me to say anything thn only na… u keep on blabbering so I don’t get chance to speak

Swara give him a angry glare…shows him her Tongue … n pouts n moves ahead…

Sanskar laughs at her antics…

Swara : I speak a lot na…

Sanskar : ( making innocent face ) sad but true… ?

Swara : ok I can’t see you sad so from now I will nt say any word to u…n u just follow me…

N she just started to walk ahead… Sanskar’s mouth fell till ground as no orders himm… He orders every one… atleast no one ordered him after kavita…

As she was going he held her arm n dragged her to himself… they had an short eyelock…

Sanskar : u know no one’s order me…I m sans…..
Until he can complete his sentence swara jerked her hand from his hands.. n started to walk… Sanskar was lyk what was that..

Now he has no other option other than to follow her… n saw she has gone too far…

Sanskar : oyye… oyye… Ms. Afat.. swara wait….

Swara turned n waited for him… He came running to her… thn they started to walk ahead….

Literally swara was nt saying a word… now sanky was nt feeling good… He wanted to talk to her but Mr. Business man ego… He try to do many things bt she ignored …

Atlast ½ hour passed bt swara didn’t utter a single word. … now sanskar can’t handle more…

Sanskar : ( irked ) Swara yâar. .. plz now say na something yâar plz… I m getting bored… from half n hour ur lyk u never spoke anything in ur whole life… (swara turned n was going to melt ) bt u know na reality u speak like all India radio lyk non stop… (just he said that swara again turned ahead n to avoid him she entered the frst left shop she found )… Arre Arre where u r going leaving me… n that too In men’s section.. urggg this girl n her tantrums….

He followed her. .. n after entering she realised that it’s a men’s section…

Sanskar : ( funny tone ) why you came here? … forgot ur gender or what ?.. till now I was thinking I married a girl… but now I am having a doubt…Shona…now let’s go… (He was about to go)

Thn shona picked a light sky blue colour shirt n keep in front of him to see he is looking nyc or nt… He was overwhelmed that someone is choosing dress for him….



Sanskar : kavita which one is good? .. purple or blue? …

Kavita : baby anything will look good on u…(she was seeing dresses on ladies section )

Sanskar : I know dat ?. .. bt thn also see na. .

Kavita : plz sanky see urself na… u boys don’t have so many choices bt we girls have to look at 100 dresses to select one…

Sanskar : ( pouty face ) so pls select na… I will nt take more tym…

Kavita : (in rage ) Arre sanky I am nt ur mother…. that I will do dat stuffs.. u r nt child… I have to look best in the party so I have to select dress for me…

Sanskar was in tears… as mother was his weak point…n kavita was knowing his all history thn also She hurt him…

After kavita gave some more words thn she looked at him n understood what she said

Kavita : sanky I am soo sorry u know na I whn become irritated thn I talk rubbish…srry na sanskar. ..plz forgive me… (she was going to hold her ears )

Sanskar : ( he hold her hand before going to ears ) no kavita. .. u r nt at fault… I was irritating u… n u didn’t speak anything wrong… its true why will u do any mothery stuffs… I should nt have been crying at this small thing I should b strong… u r nt sorry I m sorry…

Kavita : yup u should b strong… don’t b so emotional sanky…

Sanskar hugged her n said : u will never leave me na lyk dat lady….

Kavita : aa… (releasing the hug ) sanky let’s c ur shirts n cheer up…

Sanskar : see I selected this royal blue n purple….. which is good. …

Kavita : none of thm… Thank god I saw thm.. Dr u r my bf… kavita rathore’s … u should wear some thing classy dear lyk dat black white dotted shirt…

Sanskar : u know na… I don’t lyk those dull colours… (makes faces )

Kavita : bt they are classy na Sanky… If you will wear these loud colours I will nt come with u for the party…

Sanskar : I will buy ur choice only as I know ur choices are best as I was ur choice(he laughed n she rolled her eyes )…… bt if u will nt come with me thn whom.. (asked playfully )

Kavita : ( smilingly ) Acha. ..u don’t know any guy whom I will ask will nt refuse me…n I will go with anirudh. ..

Sanskar : ( jealous ) I some time feel jealous of anirudh u spend most of the college tym with him more than me… I can only spend tym with you in parties, shopping or restaurants…

Kavita : (laughed ) so Mr. Jealous u know na he his my best friend n ur good frnd too… u share ur flat with him. ..

Sanskar : hmm… He is a good frnd thn only na I let him be with you… n now come let’s select ur one dress between 100 dresses.. (teasingly )

Kavita : may be 1000 too..

Sanskar : can search even million for u.. (winked at her )..

N they both went to the ladies section…


Sanskar had teary eyes whn swara tried to see shirts for him… as no one ever from himself bought a dress for him… He was very much overwhelmed…

Kabhi gardishon ka maara
Kabhi khwahishon se haara
Roothe chaand ka hai chakor
Zara se bhi samjhote se
Yeh parhez rakhta hai kyun
Maane na kabhi koi zor
Duniya jahaan ki bandishon ki
Yeh kahaan parwaah kare
Jab kheenche teri dor
Kheenche teri dor…

Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore

( swara kept a black shirt in front of sanskar n nodded a no n made a yuk like face…. Sanskar was just admiring her actions n smiling..thn she kept a light green shirt n smiled a lil..thn again start to find other shirts)

Khamoshiyon ki sooraton mein
Dhoondhe tera shor
Dhoondhe tera shor
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore

Rookhi-sookhi dil ki hai zameen
Jaane kahaan gum hui nami
Meri ummeed hai teri baarishein
Ye sahe kayi baar pyaar ke
Tujhe har baar haar ke
Seekhe phir bhi kabhi nahi saazishein

( She was keeping every shirt in front of him to see which suites him… lyk red, violet , yellow etc… He made a yuk face… n thn she removed thm as she understood that he didn’t like thm )
*I know what you guys will be thinking I know VK looks smocking hot in black bt swara has to feel colours in his colourless life so have to write it. .. hope u can understand. .. *

Ho.. tere liye aaj khud se hi bhaage hain
Himmat ke tukde bator
Ho bhaage zamaane se
Chhup ke dabe paanv jaise koi chor
Jaise koi chor…

(She got a baby pink colour shirt a naughty smile comes on her lips as she remembered their morning’s discussion.. n showed it too him n showed a thumps up to him bt he gave a death glare to her so she silently kept it again in its place )

Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Manchala.. mann chala teri ore
Khamoshiyon ki sooraton mein
Dhoondhe tera shor
Dhoondhe tera shor

Manchala.. mann chala teri ore.. (repeats)

She saw every kind of shirt for him from funky to formal… Sanskar was so happy that anyone was making so effort to select his clothes….

At last he spoke : swara I don’t wear so loud clothes n I most probably wear Tshirt n blazer…

Swara saw him with visible disappointment on her face… n without again uttering a word was going to go out of the showroom…bt sanskar pulled her to himself

Sanskar : ( husky voice that made shiver in her spine ) Swara u will nt speak plz speak na… I m really sorry I shouldn’t have said that… I m really missing your voice… ur silence is pricking.. ur silence is killing me… ur voice gives light to my dark world…. ur voice is the most melodious voice I ever heard n the only voice I will always pray to hear… ur voice is lyk medicine to my soul… ur voice is lyk remedy of my every disease… If I will nt hear ur voice it pains me inside…. its making me feel death every sec of ur silence… I feel lyk die…. ( before he can speak more swara kept her hand on his mouth n nodded as no)
*sanskar is nt in his own sense. ..He is speaking these words direct through his heart with all emotions… truth was very much visible from his voice n words *

Sanskar : so u forgave me? .. ( happily )

Swara : ( nodded yes smilingly )

Sanskar : thn speak na

Swara : I can never b angry on u sanky… being angry with u was giving me hundred tym more pain than u… I was too dieing inside…

N thn sanskar hugged her passionately… n thy were disturbed from their own bubble by the sound of the claps. …
Yes the whole showroom was seeing their bond. .. they were clapping n claiming them as made for each other… even ppl were clicking their pics… swasan were embarrassed n then they heard a couple

Boys : such a cute couple na just lyk Made for each other typs… such a chemistry they have

Girl : true. .. guy is so nyc so nycly accepted his mistake n made her feel so special…

Boy: what do you wanna say that all the times there is mistake of boys …

Girl : I never told that u only admitted the truth just now. ..

Boy : u know what that girl is so nyc quicky accepted his apology nt lyk others who show tantrums…

Girl : what do you mean I show tantrums. ..

Boy : I never took ur name….c u urself admitted the truth just now…

Sanskar n swara smiles seeing their nok jhok…. n thn continued their shopping….

Sanskar started to select his clothes n on other side swara thought to buy some Tshirts for Dp so she didn’t give any notice to sanskar. …

??????? BILL COUNTER ?????

Swara was in the line with the 2 T shirts she bought for Dp thn sanskar joined her with his bundles

Swara : this much (was a lil disappointed as he didn’t lyk her choice bt ignored it )

Sanskar : can’t resist. .. ?

Thn sanskar gave his shopping to the cashier to scan the tags present in the clothes to make the bill.. swara was shocked as they were the clothes which she selected for him lyk blue; yellow; green etc. . Actually those shirt on which swara smiled sanskar noticed thm.. n now took those only…

Swara : these are my..

Sanskar : yup I know ur choice

Swara : bt u didn’t lyk thm..

Sanskar : bt u selected thm for me…

Swara : no need sanky… onl9 buy those which satisfy ur mind… nt for others bt for urself. ..

Sanskar : ( overwhelmed ) u r ri8 swara I dint lyk thm… why will I lyk thm ( swara’s face fall bt soon lighten up) … I can’t lyk thm bcoz I loved thm… u selected thm for me how can I resist…

Swara had an urge to hug him bt she composed herself. … bt sanskar understood that. ..

Sanskar : what you are thinking about. .. can be done anywhere else… I m nt going anywhere(he winked )

Swara blushed n sanskar smiled

Swara : bt how do you know I liked these only…(innocently )

Sanskar : sanskar’s magic.. u will nt understand (he smirked )
Swara rolled her eyes. …

Atlast they are done with men’s shopping…they came outside the men’s section …Sanskar had lots of bags of shopping on his both hands…

Sanskar : swara. ..

Swara : hmm..

Sanskar : u did my shopping with baba’s shopping too bt u forgot we came here for ur shopping

Swara : ( hits her head ) true… I forgot only… I just want to get rid of this saree. .. I feel lyk anytime it can open…

Sanskar laughs…

Sanskar : now say ms. Patni shree where is our nxt station? ..

Swara : ummm.. Patidev let’s c… (she looked all around n saw a showroom n got really excited ) see sanskar we will go there…

Sanskar : no…. that’s nt ur typ…

Swara : ( putting both her hands on her waist ) what do you mean by that typ… are you underestimating me thn it’s ur life’s worst mistake. …

Sanskar : ( thinking ) Arre she wanna go to a showroom which is full of modern dresses top n tees… I saw on accident day she was wearing a churidar suit… uff she will go their it will be literally very embarrassing… she is nt understanding only… urggg miss afat…

Sanskar : see na their we should go there it will have nyc dress for u (he pointed at a showroom which had salwar suits )

Swara : Arre how can you say they will nt suite me… let’s frst try thn will say… n we will go to that shop too… bt before there ( she started to pull sanskar with her.. He went with her unwillingly making excuses bt nthing worked )

?????dress showroom?????
She went in…n started to see dresses n tops. .. He noticed her watching her n nodding no. … He ws lyk sure that she will disappointly come soon… so he diverted his whole attention to his phn n started to check his work mails… n started to even reply them.. He didn’t notice the tym in work n nor even looked at her once… He was very busy… bt his concentration was broken bt a familiar voice. … swara’s voice…

Swara : sanky…

Sanskar : ( cutting off n looking at his mobile ) hmm swara I know…. let’s go.. We will see more clothes…(just thn he saw..her… from toe to bottom… He just dropped the phn n the shopping bags on the floor n had a open mouth… He was nt able to believe his eyes…He thought he is seeing a dream…)

He was nt able to say a word. ..n screen freezed on his shocked face…

NEXT : shopping continue. … modern plus traditional avtaar… ACP calling…
Why is ACP calling? ?.. Is swara’s real identity revealed? … now what swasan will separate? … will sanskar understand his love for her? .. will swara regain her memory? ..
These questions will be answered soon…


Ppl how was the ep ?…I think so I will b able to entertain u?.. u nt disappointed na? …

Ppl u heard that crap cvs are going to do shomi’s pregnancy n murder attempt n memory loss… really they have gone mad. word for their this stupid shit work… I read the chapter analysis of this three topic. .. read comments of meher n sissy(nats – natasha ) …. was rolling n laughing. .. ur comments were lyk so hell comical… spcly meher that comment : It will be so awkward for swaragini… to announce their mother’s pregnancy…
Swara be lyk” sanskar ma ma banne wali h”
San: swara ma ma hai phle se..
Swra: are ni vo toh h.. bt ma fir se ma bnne wale h..
San:(in mind) input to humne dala output waha se kaise !!?? Kuch to gadbad hai

N sissy’s every comment was rofl :
●Just think Sumi ki moodswings… At midnight if c wants to eat pizza dn Either Shekharji or sumi ki do damad will bring pizza for her…and Shekhar will tell to Sumi” Princess,my baby I want a lil princess just like u..” Dn Sanky will think hayyyyyyyeee…yeh kya hogaya.. meri princess ki mom bhi Princess ban gayi..,

●Suhagraat mana liya itna kuch kar liya Hume pata v nahi chala..ekdm RESULT OUT.. boss Shekharji bht aage nikli..sasurji Zara apko do damad ko bhi bata dijiye apki secret formula.. Hume lil Sanky and lil lucky dkhna hai.. nt Lil Shekhar..

● I think Sumi ke baad dadi dn Ap and dn hilarious SUJJU will get pregnant …Swaragini and SanLak Sadhu banke Himalaya me chali jayegi…they will say,”That much insult we just CNT tolerate .. We CNT do anything ..and our papa,badepapa and Sasurji and Dadaji have done EVERYTHING..WO BHI CHUP CHUPKE..audience and him sabko pata v nahi chala.. WE won’t show dis face to anyone..”..
●Yup..Sumi and Shekhar thought chalo kuch asanskari karte hai.. our daughters and son-in-laws CNT do nythng…we should start ..we should show dem DEMO..
●Sanky and lucky will get a heart attack after hearing this news…Wn Sanky and lucky will take their children to school at the same time GREAT shekharji will take his child to school..sasur and damad will attend PTM together..

I was just rolling on my bed even fall down after reading thm. .sorry meher n sissy if you didn’t lyk my posting these bt was nt able to control… u r two wrote logics so comical that wanted to share with every one who didn’t see that post n reads my post. ..

It’s literally like swasan k action ka result shomi n shekhar de rahe h… shomi is such a good mother can’t even see her daughter having labour pain.. so herself is going to have for her…?

Abt memory loss I m ok with every thing until my sanky suffers with it… bt if it happens wanna c swara in modern avtaar…. bechari jab se sanky k life mai aae h traditional hi pehnti h… will love to see love blossoming before marriage as we only saw swasan after marriage. ..let’s c what happens


Credit to: sujata


  1. Natasha

    Thank you thank you Sissy…Love u soooooo much behena…U r not less babe…And till now I didn’t read ur update..just commenting before reading it..after all its my sissy’s ff..Love u behena..after reading I’ll comment again..?☺☺☺☺ We are partner after all .?????

    • Yup nats dats lyk sissy power ??. .
      Really the update behena… ek surprise h tere liye…?..
      Love you too behena❤?.. I r nt less than a dude ?…
      Yup partners in crime ??. .. crime is discussing VK…
      Just waiting for ur comment after reading…..jaldi comment karo yâar .. waiting for ur reaction ??

    • Natasha

      And darling just think If it will continue like ds dn what will hppn?? I mean to say sanky and Lucky will be continuously giving input and output will come through Sumi..Dn am sure Sanky and lucky will have to maintain a diary to remember their sali sahebas and sala sahebs name..chalo guys plzzz everyone sanky and lucky ko Sb ek ek diary gift kardo..????✏✏✏✏ ???????

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      • True behena sab ek ek diary gift karenge sanky n lucky ko….unlogo ko record maintain karna padega.…. ????
        Yup nats I am also a gr8 fan of neha’s ff …Both. TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES n FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT are my favourite….I read thm all…. literally HR ffs separation was also nt painful…
        True ekta kapoor ko koe consult karo yâar. …

  2. Mona (ash)

    You are giving us a full packed entertainment for its suju di ( Will you mind me call that). The way you portray swasan is awesome.

    I am also on with the tracks if of is not hurting sanky. I really started to watch the show for him. He have already gone through a lot pain. Now if they are again doing it , it’s injustice.

    • Thnx mona ( ash ) ?
      Yup u can call me anything u want dr.. suju di name is most welcome..?
      Will always entertain you dr. …atleast try to ?
      I just wanted to show their emotional bond today….

      Same pinch dr sissy…?… actually I only started to watch it for VK…. now also I dont watch the whole crap just swasan scenes ?…. literally sanky hs gone through so much.. now his only happiness is shona m they are even taking her away…
      Let’s hope for the beSt dr….?
      Love you sissy actually chotti sissy (CS )
      can I call you that ?…
      Love you ?

  3. Hope it’s bigger than earlier… guys I posted it nearly at yesterday 8 or 9 o’clock bt after 12 hrs it’s being posted… so what ever I wrote as my explanation was for yesterday. …
    Hope u will lyk it. .. I m slowly slowly making it intense…

  4. Anjali

    Lol…..I was laughing for what you wrote…. Not the chapter but about shomi…. I really couldn’t care less about her pregnancy…
    It’s very weird but we always knew that the cvs were mad….
    I’m more worried about the memory loss thing…. If she remembers only laksh… I swear idk what I’ll do.. I cannot see my vk in pain…. Poor sanskaar….

    Coming to ur chapter, it was mind blowing su…. Absolutely loved it. The way you portrayed sanskaars happiness and emotions when swara chose clothes for him…. The way kavita spoke to him…. All made me sooooo connected with the story .

    You are an amazing author… Loved today…waiting for the next su…. Love you

    • Thnx anjali. .?
      I know these were so comical plus logical…. I just read thm n I was laughing lyk anything. … thnk god my roommate was nt in room…. I just can’t control my self n posted thm..even now I read thm n imagine the situation I burst into laughter……. truely cvs are disgusting… VK always gives credit to cvs thn I just wanna say himm.. yaar we don’t watch show for their crap bt to watch u ??…

      True I was also disappointed for memory loss bt it has a positive too… We will see her again falling in love with sanskar… We have always seen her married to sanky bt thn they will date bcoz modern swara will be back. .. just vk will have to face the pain to see her with lucky… bt she will sacrifice him as she will come to know raglak love each other. .. sanky will again make her fall for him.. just swara ko negative na bana se. ..cvs ka koe bharosa nhi…

      Glad you liked it anjie. … I just wanted to show the connection that kavita only used sanky for clothes party n food… bt mostly she spends time with anirudh… Other things will be revealed after Sanky’s past revealation….
      Our story has a similarity both sanky hs a misconception… ur one that he can nt achieve more than his BP n mine one that love cant happen twice…

      Will upload nxt ASAP ?
      Love you too anjie ??

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    Ur epi was really good yaar loved d way sanky apologised……n his caring nature 2 buy all d shirts swara smiled at…….DONT SEPARATE THEM……i liked d boy n grls nok jok…….
    All ri8 enjoy d weekend n upload regularly….
    Love u n take care…..

    • Thnx dev ?. .. ikr.. they are breathtaking funny…my stomach was aching after reading it. …was nt able to control my laughter for long. … ur sisso is literally so cute… thnk god my roommate was nt at home or she would have hit me with some thing. .. or would have called mental asylums….lol.???….

      Yup twins. …haha. .. SanLak in the age of handling their children will handle their sala or saali safiba….?… up twins is best… parents should nt b biased for children so shekhar n shumi thought abt both swaragini n one for each???…. I never saw so caring parents. … can do anything for children…. unhone dekha ense kuch na hone wala so they only gave thm the product…. without any suffering…?????

      Glad you liked the chapter yâar. ..
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      • Dev

        Yaar u dont know abt my sis…..she wil plan something in near future 2 pull me down…..
        N ya nc thought if it was twins

      • Hmm dev.. siblings are lyk this only… I truely miss my siblings cat fights n competition for everything even may be a pend. .. ..?…

  6. Lol … actully i also go rofl… yr suhargaat SwaSan ki n bachha shomi n skekhar ka… just imagine swasan n raglak ki mehnat ka result shomi n shekhar dene lge to ho gya kaam… but it will be difficult na.. yaha se double efforts (swasan n raglak) but result bear krne k lye only shomi n shek..
    Nice epi… i feel bad the way kavita behaves with him..

    • Thnx meher ?
      True yâar suhagraat swasan ka n result shomi de rahi h… n pregnancy ka tym b kya h just swasan k suhagraat k baad…. nati khelane k umar mai wo apne bacchi khelayegi… swaragini k mommy sunne k umar mai wo behen sunegi…. hadd kar di rashmi ne b… ??

      Glad you liked it meher
      I too feel bad while writing kavSan scenes bt what to do its necessary. ….
      Keep reading n enjoying ?

  7. Natasha

    Behena amazing chapter..I just loved it..u portrayed Sanskar’s past beautifully..Kavita treated him so badly..??tera and mera Sanky..??? Swara’s dress selection part was very sweet..I know my behen will become a good writer in future..and behena update next chap ASAP..BT behena I am going offline from tonight for 15days…will miss u very much..and our chats..after coming back I’ll chat WD u 1st sissy..????? love u soo much..(siblings wali..haa??? don’t think anything a Sanskari ladki..not DT type girl.._??????) lol..kidding..?????

    • Natasha

      And thank you for surprise baby…?????? and u r my sissy no??? then why r u telling me sorry behena??????? Not good..?? And I’ve commented again under previous comment in this chap..just read and reply me DAT..Behena DAT day I was in masti wrote all those things..later I was thinking people will think that yeh ladki bht besharam..???? actually I went mad seeing sumi to get prego..Biology ka watt laga medical knowledge…hawwwwwww…????? MAD CVS..????

      • Ab se no sorry no thnk u in siblings too..?
        Will reply that too….
        N behena tune jo b likha tha truth tha..n koe tereko besharam nhi bolega bcoz cvs ne toh besharmi ki hadd paar kar di h….
        N I love ur masti mood yâar. .. abhi b mai wo comments padh rahi hu thn hassi ruk hi nhi raha. . Spcly ek sath PTM attend karenge. ..

    • Thnx behena ?….hmm kavita toh badly treat karengi hi. .. wo uske emotions k sath khel rahi.. n sanskar blind ho gaya h pyaar mai…
      Haye haye writer…. zyada ho gaya sisso I am nt so good… etni tarif mat karo yâar sharm aati h..??
      Aww…. 15 days k liye offline ?. .. tune toh heart attack se diya yâar. … mAi toh addict ho gayi thi tere se baat karne k liye. .??
      Will try to upload nxt ASAP for u behena… bt school work h toh gaurentee nhi De sakti. … srry…
      Bhul mat jana. ..

      Will wait…
      N love you too nats n siblings wala hi… don’t forget both r vks girl ???. ..
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      • Awww… more than 15 days… ? yup come soon bt nt to irritate me bt entertain me… u never irritated me… meri behena ???. ..

      • Natasha

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      • Behena…bhae hame toh chota sanky ya lucky dekhna tha…bt ab chota shekhar dekhne ko milega…
        Saae baat h bechare sanky ne etna kharcha karke helicopter n date etc planning kiya. …. even unki SR b grand thi b result zero bt shekhar ne band kamre mai kya kar diya that result positive aagaya
        Mujhe b lagta h gangour pooja ka hi aasar h ye… thnk god shumi bengoli thi… pata nhi agar ek baar marwari banne ka ye asar h thn pata nhi agar hamesha marwamarwari hoti toh kya hota… swaraginio ki barish ho jati….

        Swasan bechare family ko bacchane mai busy the n ye apne room mai. … literally shekhar ko class dena chahiye SanLak. Ko …..Shekhar is too talented. … usse do baitiya h do alag ladki se… agar janki nhi karti toh ragini k aur bhai behen hote… phir jab sumi ki reentry hui… thn phir ek… yaha pe SanLak k shaddi ko ek saal ho gaya n wo abhi SR mana rahe h… too slow… kuch apne sasur se sikhe


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    • Thnx ireena…?
      True tips toh ab dena hoga shekhar ko SanLak ko.. bhae hame toh chota sanky ya lucky dekhna tha…bt ab chota shekhar dekhne ko milega…
      Saae baat h bechare sanky ne etna kharcha karke helicopter n date etc planning kiya. …. even unki SR b grand thi b result zero bt shekhar ne band kamre mai kya kar diya that result positive aagaya ???
      Mujhe b lagta h gangour pooja ka hi aasar h ye… thnk god shumi bengoli thi… pata nhi agar ek baar marwari banne ka ye asar h thn pata nhi agar hamesha marwamarwari hoti toh kya hota… swaraginio ki barish ho jati….

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      Yup swasan deserve each other. ..

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    Me: I DON’T THINK SO..ATLEAST NOT SO FAST..MAY BE IF U WISH MAY B DEY WILL GET A SIS OR BRO..after all Sumi n Shekar R ALSO NEWLYWEDS.. Lol.. I just said dis to make fun of my bff..and we both 4got abt it..i remembers it well bcoz my bff called me yday and gave me an earful of abusive words..and said dat she’s gonna literally murder me if i said anything after.. Dis is d 3rd tym my guesses r being true… d 1st one was anyones guess,abt Lucky falling 4 swara..2nd one was d gr8 Sanskar falling 4 swara and i wanted dem both to b true..but i didn’t wanted dis to happen even in my worst nytmare..

    • Thnx hope ?
      Omg. ..hope literally I would also warn u nt speak abt swaragini ???. … yaar shubh shubh bola kar… agar shubh shubh aayese hi pehle guess karti thn abhi tak do tin chotte sanky. .. sanky k lap pe khel rahe hote… ?… just kidding yâar. .. bt yâar ur guess is rofl…????…. I would have been ur thn would have done the same. ..even I would have send u too kon banega crorpati yâar…. yaar u guessed some thing which no body imagined except cvs… u will paka win 3 to 5 crore n come. .. just kidding dr.. don’t take my words at heart… ok? .. bt litrally it was ultimate… I m till now laughing after reading your comment … literay it is a nightmare dr…

      Glad you liked my work Dr….
      Thnk you ?

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    • Thnx neha dr ?. …
      Omg all at a stretch… good going ya… thnx neha for lyking my ff… Acha u r the neha of TLND n FDTL? ??… just an enquiry dr…
      My pleasure that u lyked the way I portraying the story so far…
      Yup truely meher n sissy(natasha ) are damn hilarious. … I just went mad by reading those comments n there are many more in episode analysis… All are damn funny…

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      Just following it Dr. ..
      Thnx Dr for being constant reader…

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    • Thnx aanya ? ?. ..
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      True yâar cvs have become mad…
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    • Thnx shan dr ?
      Well shan wait n watch what happens ?. .. as sabar ka phal meetha hota h ?
      I dont know abt kavita entry as many ppl where against of it… will conduct a poll let’s c what happens
      Keep reading n enjoying Dr ?

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      Glad you liked this n my way of writing. …
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      Glad you liked the chapter yâar
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    • Thnx purva dr ??
      Sure purva why nt we are already frnds… TU is like family to me….yup I read ur story. … I literally liked ur concept a lot…The war between heart n mind…. that is the world’s toughest war every person face in this world… In my story too sanky is facing the same war…

      True yâar cvs have become mad… dheere dheere ap sujata n all ko b pregnantkar dete bt jinhe karna h wo nhi hote… matlb hadd h… hahah. .. Dp pregnant… ???….

      Sanlak ko toh tution lena chaiye shekhar se…
      Glad you liked my style of writing dr…
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    And u make me laugh like a mad person..i agree i 2 want to see swara (helly) in modern dress like she used to in starting episode.
    Sbke comment pad kr to itne hassi a rahi sochho agar samishta ji ko serial me aisa dekhaya to hass hass k burra hall ho jayega……..

    • Thnx aeisha ?
      Ikr.. mai b pagalo typ hi hass rahi thi comments padh k…
      Literally Sarre comments ko print kar k swaragini k sets pe bhejna chahiye…. tab unki b halat haste haste kharab ho jayegi….

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    Acp calling?? Hmm something will get intense then and lol yaar..what type of comments did you post on our SR show.they really don’t have any values I must say
    Sorry for typing this much only because my vision is getting blur.

    • Thnx sree ?
      glad you are lyking the plot…
      I always end up writing something funny n cute… yesterday I had other plan for the ff bt this idea stricked me while writing to show emotional bond of swasan….
      Yup I know even I feel irked while writing her part. ..
      Hmm let’s see what ACP has to say…
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    • Thnx vinita ?
      Thnx for the compliment yâar. .?
      About shomi n shekhar I too have the same opinion let’s distribute their god bharai cards…
      Literally yâar nani banne k umar maI maa….n swaraginI maa bane k umar mai didi…

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        I have bro n sis bt mai hamesha single child k tarah rahi hu… so I can understand

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      OmgHe is soo possessive. … checking phn is ultimate yaaar…. let’s find any solution together abt it after u come… will miss you

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      • sujata

        Omg yâar ye banda bada complicated h… kaha phasa liye tune apne aapko sisso… ab kya are Love is blind ?. ..
        Etna possessive…. literally…. aapko usse confront karna chaiye wo Mr. Chahta kya h…. Mr. Over possessive… maine toh naam rakh diya h aaj se possible future jijjs ka???

      • sujata

        I was thinking if galati se b Mr. OPPFJ (over possissive possible future jeejs ) ne yr hamare comments padena thn hamdono ka murder pakka hoga…?..

        Mujhe toh lagta h jaise uska over possissiveNess k kahi ek din wo tumhe ladkiyo se b baat karne nhi degaya. .. ?? lol…

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    Being very serious now..jokes apart….i think Sanlak will support Sumi and Shekhar while others will feel disgusted…..and Swara’s memory loss….i just hope they end this memory thingi in 3 to 4 months(Swaragini writers drag topics to 9 or 10 months so 3-4 months is less…Couples set karte karte toh inhone ek saal barbad kardiya…)……i can’t see my swasan apart…….

    • Thnx Eva ?
      True bechari swaragini n SanLak tips toh ab dena hoga shekhar ko SanLak ko.. bhae hame toh chota sanky ya lucky dekhna tha…bt ab chota shekhar dekhne ko milega…
      Saae baat h bechare sanky ne etna kharcha karke helicopter n date etc planning kiya. …. even unki SR b grand thi b result zero bt shekhar ne band kamre mai kya kar diya that result positive aagaya
      Mujhe b lagta h gangour pooja ka hi aasar h ye… thnk god shumi bengoli thi… pata nhi agar ek baar marwari banne ka ye asar h thn pata nhi agar hamesha marwamarwari hoti toh kya hota… swaraginio ki barish ho jati….

      Most funny part sasur damad ek Saath apne baccho ka PTM attend karenge…

      Hope so SanLak support kare unhe…
      Just can say cvs have gone mad…..

      • Eva

        Sujata..I think Swara will turn in try to seperate raglak….but swasan should be together…par cvs ka ki bharosa nehi..kab kinda couple banate hai pata hii nehi chalta…shadi hogayi sabki phor bhi couples change hote rehte hai…yaha toh swaragini ka sibling bhi araha hai…this serial is not gong to have a good future if it keeps on making a joke of love like this…

      • sujata

        Hmm Eva… rumours are there that swara can b negative. .. bt whn swara used to love laksh thn also She loved ragini more so I thnk so she sacrifice her love for raglak… n thn sanskar will give a supportive shoulder to her as all ways n love will re kindle again…

        BT cvs ka koe bharosa nhi they can do anything. … even after showing laksh love for ragini they can again show swalak track. .. bt one thng is sure if they do so they’ will be badly bashed by swasan n raglak fans..

        Hope for the best yâar. .
        Actually Eva I have read ur all ff… bt as a silent reader… from I hate u too to now Riston ki dastan u write too well Dr. .?

      • Eva

        Thank u Sujata? and now I don’t want swalak…swasan is better…they r married….how can they separate the married couples….

      • sujata

        True Eva. .. actually I am swasan fan only from starting… I started to watch swaragini for sanskar… so I never wanted swalk. .. bt cvs ka koe bharosa nhi wo toh married couple ko b alag kar dete h.. till now they are confused for pairs…
        *fingers crossed *
        Bas swaSan ko change na kare…

        Waise whn will u upload ur nxt? ?…

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    I’m so sure I’m the last person to comment here. Sorry but I was actually studying. Today was really a sad day for me. Firstly, I writing a bad update, and secondly, RCB lost inspite of Virat’s 100. I’m a cricket fanatic. But after reading this episode finally something good happened in this otherwise black Sunday for me. Thanks Sujata. And coming to the episode, it was awesome. Mr. Funny bones (DP) was again awesome and SwaSan are really adorable.

    And about Sumi track, I’m upset with that but I think memory loss might be good track if they show SwaSan falling in love all over again without any pain. Its like a 360 for me cause in Destiny too, I showed memory loss track and now that’s gonna happen in the serial too. But I hope it goes well.

    • sujata

      Thnx anu ??
      Atlast anu was waiting for ur comment. … Dr even if you are last bt nt the least…
      Anu frndship mai no sorry no thank you. ..u forgot… n studies r most important. …
      Waiting for ur upload….
      Was a sad Sunday for me too bt lightened up by comments. ..
      Sad for VK yâar this tym speaking abt virat kohli… ?…
      It’s a honour anu that u are saying after reading my ff u r feeling good…

      Shomi track now I only wanna comment cvs have become mad…
      Memory loss I m only excited if again swasan unmarried love story will b shown..

      Yup after hearing memory loss track I only remembered ur ff.. bt just crossing finger no ishaan comes in a serial lyk kabab mai haddi..
      Yup de just hoping for the best .???

  30. priya tripathi

    Awesome so nice lov this n i don’t like swaragini track that shomi is pregnancy swara loss her memory good but pregnancy woh bhi shoomi such a idoitic thing

    • sujata

      Thnx priya. .. ikr.. cvs have give mad completely. … If asayesa hi chalta raha thn bht Acha future nhi h swaragini ka

  31. Shabrin

    I am late I know that…I didn’t comment earlier but I have read all the parts of ur ff and today’s part was the best and I have become a fan of your ff

  32. Natasha

    Hahahaha..??????u know he read our chats..smtyms ago called me…he told me If u wanna tell abt my possessiveness to the whole world u can..plz proceed..but I don’t care abt possessive .. I asked him y?? He remained silent and dn told me Cz ur my good friend..???? dn I told him to hang up..another call is coming..he asked who is calling u..I told him my friend..he asked who is that bl***y??? I told him my bestie..he asked are u sure?? Dn at last..phewwwwww…I went mad to control his anger..BT in general He is very sweet…he told me that he’ll talk to u also his sissy..?☺☺☺

    • Natasha

      No dear..u r thinking wrong..he is a very sensible guy..just over possessive.. he NVR tried to sort from my friends..even from my male friends..BT Male friends should HV limits..he clearly told them..nd my friends know abt his they follow his RULES..and he told me U r soooo sweet sissy..He is also a single he is like ur bro.. he’ll chat WD u..may be from my Id..or else his own id..Then u’ll get to know he is so sweet..?☺☺☺☺?

      • sujata

        Ikr… its ur choice thn he must be good I know. .. n what ever I told was just for fun…? trying to make u laugh. ..

        BT yâar I am angry ? pehle na batana tha wo padh raha h I would have control my feeling a lil more n would have nt talked rubbish ???. .

        Waise awww I got one sis n bro in just two days ??. …

        N waise Mr. Big brother don’t keep my rubbish in ur mind if you read that eg : mr. Ovr possessive n that mr. OPPFJ. … that was all joke dr ??. … coming out in extempore. .

        Waise all the fault is of nats agar pEhle bata deti padh raha h thn mai etna tarif nhi karti ? so no hurt feelings dude…… n will love to talk with you too…?

      • sujata

        Ikr… its ur choice thn he must be good I know. .. n what ever I told was just for fun…? trying to make u laugh. ..

        BT yâar I am angry ? pehle na batana tha wo padh raha h I would have control my feeling a lil more n would have nt talked rubbish ???. .

        Waise awww I got one sis n bro in just two days ??. …

        N waise Mr. Big brother don’t keep my rubbish in ur mind if you read that eg : mr. Ovr possessive n that mr. OPPFJ. … that was all joke dr ??. … coming out in extempore. .

        Waise all the fault is of nats agar pEhle bata deti padh raha h thn mai etna tarif nhi karti ? so no hurt feelings dude…… n will love to talk with you too…?n will miss you nats

  33. zellafarook

    U r awesome .u know I’m still revive each scene and laughing full hearted… really awesome.and I mean it

    • sujata

      Actually emz fasa at dat tym I had my vacation from school….. bt now I have school so hectic schedule dr… sorry

  34. jitha

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    • sujata

      Thnx jitna. ..?
      Thnx for the gr8 compliment u gave me dr ?. ..
      Thnx for reading this. … n ikr.. cvs have gone mad.. shomi pregnent is just typical…n those input n output credit goes to meher….

  35. Natasha

    Bye bye Sissy..BT rp my cmmnts..I’ll c those cmmnts..and I’ll come back may be after 21st may or JUNE 1st WK..not so sure..if possible then before it..BT nt before 21st May..and till then miss me..and Wish me Best f luck for my “do or die” exams..:-P 😛 😛 😛 😛 and I’ll miss u..take care u sooooo much..??????? Tata..???

    • sujata

      Bye bye ??… will miss you dr… ok waiting till 21. .. huh… patience is the least thing I have in me. .. bt will have to wait…
      Replied to your comments yâar. ..
      N best of luck ye b koe puchne wali baat h sissy. … my best wishes r always with u….dear do bt don’t die in the exams…

      Will miss you….. n plz u don’t miss me n give company to ur books…
      Love you loads dr…
      take care
      N tata nhi. .. phir milenge chalte Chalte. .. srk fan ?
      Rock the ppr or crack the ppr… as u wish ?

  36. Raj

    Hiii friend f Nats…How are u dear???? and I didn’t mind anything…U are my sissy dear..I don’t HV NY any sissy..dn??? and after all u are talking right.. am Mr.over possessive..????

  37. Raj

    OK sissy..Today only intro..after 21st May full chat..till then bye behena…I also have exams..soooo byeeeeeee sissy..c u later..nd till then miss us (me ur sissy).. and plzzzzz take care of urself…?☺☺☺???Bye bye..??kp writing..u r an awesome writer..I read ur ff..U will become a great writer in future dear..I’ll read a novel written by sissy..☺???????Nd plz don’t wrap up ds until we both make a come back…OK????☺☺☺

    • sujata

      Hii.. I also always wanted a big brother. …. ????
      I have siblings bt I have always lived as a single child ? family problm… so I can understand…. now toh u r my brother so name change I will call you Mr big brother..?…
      N now if any one will call u Mr over possessive I will spat that prsn’s face ?. ..

      COol will wait for u both till 21st. ..
      Take care
      N best of luck for the exam…?
      N wo writer wali baat u return thn we will discuss quki zyada ho gaya… novel omg… ?

  38. Raj

    Hi sissy ..Raj here..friend f Natasha.. how are you dear???? And I didn’t mind u r my lil sissy..and u were saying Mr.over possessive..?TU didn’t upload this writing this comment again..?☺☺

  39. divya

    Di loved ur ff and I even tell it to my frnds they are also vey interested in it anjalis and urs ff are the one that made me really crazy u two are searously creation of god love u loads do upload soon

    • sujata

      Thnx divya Dr ❤
      Say ur frnds also thnx from my side…..
      N Dr why r u acting lyk a fan.. n m nt so gr8 so that I will have a fan…. Dr act lyk a frnd nt a fan… ok? …
      Thnx u loads for your compliment ?

  40. Natasha

    Behena..Just came online for few minutes..I read a spoiler..they said that After ML Swara will completely forget Sanskar and will love Lucky boy madly..and C’ll turn into negative..c’ll try to break RagLak relation..and C won’t give any look to Sanky..this will break Sanky..he’ll turn into a DEVDAS..Ragini will also be broken..but c will help swara to get back her memory..BT sanky will turn completely into a DEVDAS..AND pari bhabi joins Hand with Rakesh to kill Swara…What’s wrong WD that lady????????????

    I read another spoiler..they said ML is just a drama of RAG_______SAN,..

    I don’t know which spoiler is true..BT if 1st spoiler is true DN I”LL SURELY QUIT SWARAGINI..CZ I CNT HANDLE DT CRAP SWA_____LAK DRAMA..I CNT C MY SANKY LIKE DT..???????? bye..

    • sujata

      Cvs have totally gone mad behena… mental asylum mai ek seat unke liye book kar dena chaiye… I can’t see sanskar in devdas mode…. swasan n raglak fan should stop watching thn only they will understand… abhi bas Ek SR kiya swasan ka n trp 8 se 3 pe chala gaya… phir b in dumbos ko samjh nhi aarahi. … wow ye turn by turn kar rahe h pehle ragini n thn swara….negative… jab enhe negative hi banana tha toh leads q banaya…. aur ye luvky ko hI swaragini psyco lover q milte h…. I too will quit swaragini agar enhone torture kiya sanky ko toh…

      • Raj

        Ur sissy has said something in Anjali’s Page..Just go and check dear…Dn reply there..I’ll tell ur sissy to check ur reply..OK??? ??????

      • sujata

        I replied Mr big brother ?. … n what are you doing here… jao n do studies….best of luck

  41. Sorry suji for vry late comment.. just nw got tym nd read d epi….. superb awesime epi suji…. sanskar speaking from his heart and apology scene ws tremendous loved it….. dhn ur epibis not boring… superb nd i wil b waiting for ur nxt part….plz post asap….

    • sujata

      Thnx navi…?
      No need to say sorry I am happy atleast I read it…
      Will upload nxt by afternoon dr…

  42. juan

    awesome di nd sry for late comment
    even though i comment rarely but i always read every single epi

    • sujata

      Dr my upload got cancelled now every ep will be uploaded after 29th as site is going through server maintenance

  43. Raj

    Ur sissy is really very naughty.. Today she got angry..?? To convince her It took 4hrs..Today there’s a b’day party for our friend… U knw wat sisso today to convince her I had to sing for her..?☺☺after long 4hrs she smiled…????? I was sooooooo happy at that time..???????Wn she stops smiling my world stops right there..U r my just wanna share WD u..bye sujata..??☺

    • sujata

      Ohh.. gr8… I have a nakrebaaz sisso… so u have to tackle her…??… 4 hrs lol…
      Aahhha.. so Mr big brother u r a would be doc n singer too… ppl around me are multitalented…??…
      AfterAll what was the song ?? ?..
      Ur world is dependent on her smile. . Thats so sweet ??… waise Congo for convincing my dramebaaz sis…… really man u did a tough job…
      N stop being formal Mr. Big brother … u don’t need reason to talk to me. …. n nxt tym if you give explanation lyk ” u r my sissy so wanna share ” thn I will also nt talk to you ??. .. ovio bro u can share with me anything anytime… I love to know it…

      N take care… n my prayers r with u..??? this tym it was 4hrs n a song. .. don’t know what will be nxt ??

      • Raj

        Yeah..I need that badly..Plzz wish me BEST OF LUCK to handle ur dramebaaz sis…uggggghhhh..r8 now c is again angry..??Poor me..??Nd I am a singer dear..from class 7..ur siss is also a singer,dancer,brilliant student..c plays piano and guitar..c is more multi talented than me ..and ur siss is an angry bird..??

  44. Natasha

    Sujata..sorry dear..after my exams may be I can’t come to chat with u..sorry dear..90% chances of that…Kp writing..God bless u..nd reason!!!!????..there’s some problem..that’s y..we all can’t come..will try to read urs and Anjali’s and sree’s ff..BT Can’t promise dear..and yeah..I’ll try to mail u after my exams..I’ll contact u via email or fb..God promise..☺?cz I think u r my sissy..thats y..but not here..OK?? TAKE CARE Sujata..Love u loads..,Stusy of luck…☺????

    • sujata

      Dr behena… I my ultimate motive is to talk to you… ab I have no problm if it’s happens on TU or mails. .. ??
      N again sorry ??… how much tym sorry… u think of me as ur sissy na thn u dont need to give explanation for ur act… I can understand…
      N Dr hope ur problm gets solved soon….
      Will eagarly wait for your mail…
      U too take care n do well I’m everything…n dont irritate mr. Big brother so much ???. ..hahah
      Love you too…?

  45. Raj

    And the song was Raabta..

    Every line of this song perfectly goes for her from my side ..but am helpless..I can’t confess it publicly..???Thats y c GT angry frequently..

    • sujata

      Hawww. . Again angry… either she is literally an angry bird ( srry for changing party behena bt for some tym?) or u are literally doing some nonsense ??. ..

      Hawww… literally I feel lyk dumb in between extraordinary ppl lyk u. .. oye nats kitna kuch aata h tujhe mujhe b kuch gyaan de de… lol… kidding…

      Nyc choice bro… bt why don’t you confess publicly…. what’s the problm… I too wanted to ask it… u r nt only ignoring ur feelings bt hers too… its literally hurting whn ppl do this… atleast give a reason for ur action.. bro there is nothing in the world which can’t be solved… n there is no one in the world who don’t have problm. .. bt what ever we do should effect our love ones… I know I m talking clueless… I must even nt be near ur problm.. bt whatever I am saying u can’t deny… I have nt talked to you much bt I thnk so there muSt be a very big reason for u nt accepting ur feelings… bt Dr every coin has 2 faces… aS u r nt accepting ur feelings u r also ignoring her feeling..
      Whatever u thought while compressing ur feelings.. must have been her happiness bt Dr also remember this is also nt giving her happiness bt giving more pain…

      So sorry for going too much inside both of us matter…

  46. Raj

    Sujata..don’t be so formal..I didn’t mind anything…u r my ur bro..u have the right to tell me anything…and yeah..I know am hurting her…BT sissy there’s big problem…If I tell her abt my feelings publicly c’ll be in biggg trouble..DTS y..and I know its hurting her more than me..I care for her,show her that c is my everything but can’t tell her my gf in front of also pains me..BT thinking about her security I am doing DT..Jiski aankho mein main kabhi aansu nahi dkhna chahti ussi aankho mein kabhi kabhi meri wajah se hi aansu aa jati hai..DT time I hate myself like hell..If u have any solution of my problem then plz share with me…and if u do all these formalities again then I won’t talk to u..???I’ll get angry..?? and ur sissy is an angry bird..C always searches for any single chance to be angry on that I’ll convince her via CHOCOLATES.. bhukkad kahika..??

    • sujata

      Ok ok. Paka no formality from now. . If you will share the problm from me thn I will also try to find solutions for it… I too dont lyk to see two love birds in different trees…??….
      N try Mr big brother as there is nothing in the world which has no solution. ..

  47. Raj

    Ek good news hai..Natasha got good marks in physics..c appeared in a competitive exam…c got 90 out of 100 in physics,85 out of 100 in chemistry and 92 out of 100 in botany and 90 out of 100 in sooooo happy for her..????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.