Stay away…. I m nt ur husband!!… (Episode 7) “I forget my marriage plz explain “

Hii my Dr frnds… thnx for ur heart touching comments… guys will try to be regular
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So guys today’s ep :

Swara : when we got married actually Panchi told she never saw me before in this house..? Where was I before? .. where are my parents they didn’t came to see me after my accident? ?..

Dp who was drinking water spit it out on sanky….

Sanskar : ( irked ) what’s it dad…

Dp makes puppy apologising face…but swara immediately moves from her seat n gives tissue to sanskar

Sanskar : thnx (taking the tissue n was wiping his face while Panchi n swara were giggling..)

●●●●●●●●●●●FLASHBACK ●●●●●●●●●●●
Sanskar n kavita are in canteen..n eating noodles n pizza…
Sanskar was eating n talking continously n was dropping food on his clothes
Kavita : sanky eat properly see how u r eating u r eating less n dropping more. .plz take care…

Sanskar : u r there na to take care (kavita rolled her eyes ) n plz pass tissue na need to clean my self… There it is in nxt table

Kavita : ( pissed ) take it my hanky … I dont lyk to keep my food waiting for ur childish behaviour..

Sanskar : baby it’s just in nxt table… anyone can do that…

Kavita : I can not… n I gave u na hanky… clean ur self…

Sanskar : hmm.. Sanskar cleans himself

After eating….

Kavita : ( sweetly ) sanky baby… I have class plz pay the bill I am getting late…

Sanskar : wait na baby we will go together we r in same class u r forgetting…

Kavita : sanky do na what I say… see anirudhh came I am going with himm.. u come later

Sanskar : par…

Kavita : can’t do this much for me…

Sanskar : anything for you sweetie…

Saying this sanskar went to pay the bill n thn do some of the kavita’s work which she told…. n missed the lecture. .n kavita went with anirudhh

Swara : what happened papa.?

Dp : nothing beta just something choked In. .. now I am fine…

Sanskar : ( murmurs ) ur questions only chocked n dont know why always I only become the victim of every situation..

Swara : u told something (to sanskar )

Sanskar : huh??.. na no..

Swara : toh answer na sanky… I m so excited to hear my marriage story.. I thnk so it will be an arranged marriage ofcourse. ..bcoz I don’t thnk so i would marry a bore lyk u willingly. ..

All giggled n sanskar was again embarrassed

Sanskar : ( in extempore ) Arre no we did a love marriage…

All shocked. .. even sanskar was shocked bcoz in saving his ego he said this lie but now who will save him from her questions. ..

Swara : ( excited ) really.. wow. .so how our love story started? …

Sanskar : hmm am. .wo actually. .. hmm it was a love at frst sight…

Swara : woohoo.. who had a love at first sight… I know of course u… ri8? … I know I m beautiful don’t need to praise (n started acting )

Sanskar : ( laughed innerly. .- now I will take revenge of my earlier insult this morning so now I am making a love story shona baby…. wait n watch n he smirked ) no wrong it was u who fell for me frst…

Swara : ( mouth fell open due to shock..) what.. (sanskar nodded ) ok ok.. happens some times thn? … thn I must say I had a very bad choice before memory loss…

Sanskar : n thn u started to follow me… where ever I used to go u used to come. ..

Swara : ( murmurs ) Swara chii I am ashamed of u…. u followed a guy…

Sanskar hear this n smiles n DP also by now comes to know that it’s his plan of revenge…..

Sanskar : thn one day i was pissed off of u.. n I confronted u…

Swara : ( curosity ) thn ?

Sanskar : thn what u were so obsessed abt me dat u proposed me in front of every one in middle of the road by going down on knees….u know it was so embarrassing. .

Swara : what!!! I did that…how stupid u r u even allowed me to do so… n now I know what’s coming nxt u accepted n we married ri8?

Sanskar : ( smirked ) Again a wrong.. I rejected u… In the middle of the road…

Swara : what! U rejected me… n wo b in middle of the road… Omg…. even after hearing I am feeling so embarrassing don’t know what happened that day.. (she murmurs this last line )

Sanskar : thn I went from their bt ur chase didn’t stop (swara murmurs : bht chikpu thi mai yâar ) thn u threatened me dat u will kill ur self …

Swara : what. .. u r giving me shock after shock..

Sanskar : ( now sees that now it’s peek tym..or swara will kill him as what so ever is the situation he has to only be the victim ) so thn one day I saw u cutting ur wrist. .. I lift u in my arms n took u to hospital

Swara : huh? … (unbelievable look ) mad me

Sanskar : thn after being stable u begged me to accept ur love

Swara : what begged!!! Are you mad…

Sanskar : yup u literally begged thn I thought that she is a poor girl shouldn’t torcher her much…n give her a chance…

Swara : ( starts to playfully beat sanskar ) Acha u will give me a change… gande… I hate u…

Sanskar : Acha at that tym toh u used to say I love you. … now after trapping me u r saying I hate u… yaar u should have said this earlier I had a queue of girls for marriage I would have chosen some s*xy one nt a kid of 5 lyk u… (said playfully while saving himself from her attacks )

Swara : ( hits more ) Acha. .. go to thm only I hate u… I hate u…

After a while she was exhausted of hitting him…

Swara : ( in serious tone n moist eyes ) Sanskar I literally forced myself on u… say na… I m a burden na…(This tym Dp became angry as sanskar was doing things truely nt correct n this girl was going to cry bt before he could do something sanskar did something )

Sanskar : never say that. .. (cupped her face) (Dp thought – from the moment this girl has entered sanskar’s life I am getting shock after shock…. Mr. Dp u should control urself or one day u will get a heart attack from them)

Sanskar : now listen what happened nxt… (swara nodded cryingly )
Thn I gave you a chance n that was the best decision I have ever taken n always will be… We started to spend tym… I started to lyk ur company….n thn I too fall for u… n we are married now…

Swara : ok ok.. Acha where are our marriage pics n videos… I wanna c… I want to relive those moments…

Sanskar n DP : no!!…

Swara : ( confused ) Arre what!!!… don’t say u don’t have one…. u r sanskar maheshwari the gr8 business man how can u not do that… now no bahana… show or I will bring volcano in this house…

Sanskar : Acha swara I am going I have office na ask rest from baba ( sanskar tried to run away… n DP was now shocked n worried as now everything will come in his head )

Swara : sanskar don’t run away…. n u r forgetting something….

Sanskar : ( remembered shopping ) ohh.. ya ya..

Swara : what happened say na why running away…

Dp : that only happened

Swara n Sanskar – gave confused looks

Dp : Arre u both ran away n married na so no photos…. (n sanskar n DP sighed )

Swara : n why so?.. must have my parents have disagreed… Acha sanky were are my parents. .. I will plead thm to accept us… plz take me to thm…

Sanskar : ( off.. now where I will find her family. .. no no no I can’t say she has a family or she will demand to see her whole dynasty… n paying ppl to play roles as her parents are risky as they can spill the beans… think something sanky… run ur brain’s train…. IDEA. .. sorry swara I know this idea will disheart u… bt no other option )

Swara : say na… uff again in dreamland.. again a trait of girls n then he says “ I don’t do girl stuffs I am sanskar maheshwari “ (mimics him )

Dp was going to ask question abt it.. bt before that sanskar said : swara I am sorry to say bt u r an orphan…

Everyone shock… swara sad just was able to say : why u r sorry sanky… its my destiny… n now I am happy that atleast they r nt disheartened from me bt actually they are not with me only…. now I will nt feel bad about that they didn’t come after my accident….

Sanskar : ( thinking ) sorry swara I only made u parent less this very moment… as there was no other option…

Dp understanding the situation : how can you say u r orphan… n parents didn’t come to see u… u r forgetting I was there…n if u don’t consider me ur father n only just say me papa just for formality…

Swara : (cutting Dp ) goes n hugs him n says : papa don’t say lyk dat.. Dp also caresses her hair. . Sanskar n panchi smiles seeing this

Soon she releases the hug n thn again asked : sanky as I don’t have my parents… thn why we ran n married who will go againSt our marriage now…

Sanskar : ( thinking ) omg she asks too much…. I will one day die answering her…n before dieing also She will ask “why you are dying sanskar “ ….uff ms afat… she had a memory loss but has a brilliant memory power….

Sanskar : wo wo…

Swara : again what wo wo. ..

Sanskar : wo baba was against our marriage

Dp : ( shocked ) what me… but I. … (thn he saw sanskar’s pleading face to manage the situation ) yup I was against it…

Swara : ( moist eye ) why baba? … If you didn’t like me or what. … sorry baba…. We go againSt ur will… It must have been this duffers idea (looking at sanskar… Sanskar was going to say something) shut up u don’t speak a word (sanskar stopped. … Dp was amazing that what a control she had on him.. In just one day…) n baba why you rejected me what was my fault? …

Dp : beta it was nt u why I didn’t agreed… It was bcoz of sanky…

Swara : what sanky did? .. affair, gambling , alcohol ( sanskars mouth fell on the ground) these are nt his cup of tea. … leave it I will nt guess u only say…

Dp : u have seen himm… He is such a bore … I thought girl has gone mad so is marrying himm… so to save the girl from this bore I rejected but u both ran away. ..

Swara laughed laughed….Sanskar gave what-the-f**k look to Dp. .. Dp just shrugged smilingly….
Sanskar : ( thought ) in ur house only there is a party anti – sanky party…urggg…

Sanskar : now ur questions ended or more are there? ..

Swara : last last..

Sanskar : ok but last …

Swara : where was I before? As I was nt in this house? .. n how much days have happened to our marriage. ..

Sanskar : ( uff Panchi u.. bt what is her fault she is child… stop to be angry n find a solution ) hmm… 1 week before we married so u were nt here… u were before… ahh.. leave it its past.. ( swara was going to ask anything ) I know what’s nxt.. whn on accident day u came to house Panchi was nt here so didn’t saw u… u came kept ur suitcase… After few hours we had n argument…n u became angry… u took the suitcase again…n left me…n thn accident… n now it’s present…

Swara: ( hugging sanskar ) sorry sanskar…bt I will never leave u…

Sanskar : ( mind ) I pray to god that… might it be truth.. bt soon u will gain memory n will leave me…

They parted away. .. swara : now no more question…n I am coming in 5 mins… thn we will leave…ok.. (sanskar nodded )

Dp : where r u going? …

Swara : ( excited ) shopping

Dp : ( surprised ) what shopping n that too… nyc go… u know he rarely goes somewhere else than office….

Swara : I know my Patidev is workholic… bt now he has a family.. so he have to change… Acha bye..
N she left for room…

Sanskar : sorry baba I forgot to tell..n sorry today I realised how much I have ignored my love ones…. For those who never loved me…

Dp : beta my happiness always lies in urs… ( he patted his shoulder ) n have a nyc journey n enjoy… n remember one thng shopping with ladies is nt a easy job…

Dp went leaving sanskar confused lyk what was that. .. soon swara came n they both went for shopping to explore mall n each other…

Guys saw yesterday’s ep… that was truely awesome… Sanskar was looking damn cute…n helly acted so well the emotional scenes… just loved it… raglak..was also so adorable…

Credit to: sujata


  1. Dhara

    u r talking about yesterday’s episode den u will die after watching today’s episode,, btw this part is just awesome.

  2. salluzz

    have any one watched colors golden petal awards…if so then plz say..There was a group dance na…with swara ragini anandi shivanya simar tannu and who the girl wearing blue coloured dress….plz help me

  3. shan

    wow very nice…..but its short when compared to last epi but its k…..update next asap…..i love dis ff a lot

    • Thnx shan…?? yup it’s short as I wrote previous ep as a compensation on nt writing… n today I had room shifting n painting in hostel… total chaos… hope u will understand. … will try to write big… will upload soon…thnx for loving it dr ?

  4. Shagun

    Awessome ep
    U r so lucky u can watch swaragini on tv
    But i cant
    And now adys epis are also nt on you tube
    I feel like crying
    Plz give me liks of ep if anybody have
    #wish – i can see atleast swasan scenes

  5. jaf

    Are yaar!!!! Crucial moment pe hi khataam!
    It was going to b exciting & u ended there itself!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 :'(
    Pls post nxt part asap!!!
    Nyc one i loved it !!!
    Love u dr…….

  6. Really suji… today epi ws tremenendous.. swara shooting out question nd sanskar stammering nd sumhw cooked up stories nd statisfied hr….
    in today epi i loved dis part
    Sanskar : ( thinking ) omg she asks too much…. I will one day die answering her…n before dieing also She will ask “why you are dying sanskar “ 
    hahehe vry funny situation 😀 lol..
    thnk u for amazing epi suji… hats off

    • Thnx navI.?? ….. For loving it… n thnx for the compliments u gave… will try to live upto ur hope…?…I wrote all possible questions a memory loss patient can ask…. hope u will lyk it further too. ..
      Keep reading n enjoying Dr ?
      Love ya ?

    • Thnx navI.?? ….. For loving it… n thnx for the compliments u gave… will try to live upto ur hope…?…I wrote all possible questions a memory loss patient can ask…. hope u will lyk it further too. ..
      Keep reading n enjoying Dr ?
      Love ya ? keep smiling

    • Thnx priya tripathi…
      Thnx for the compliments Dr?… will try to live upto ur hope…?…
      Keep reading n enjoying Dr
      Love ya ?

    • Thnx radhika ?. …
      Haha… true. .. Sanskar has forgot the word ‘win ‘ after swara arrived
      Keep reading n enjoying Dr ?

    • Thnx misti ?. .. will try to upload regularly…. as I have a hectic schedule so it’s difficult… hope u will understand ?. ..
      Thnx for reading
      Love ya ?

  7. vaishnavi

    Hey sujatha ….u r extraordinary yaar wowwww i loved it… I read all the chapters at one stretch nd I must say all r superbbbbb dear….swasan bond is superbbbb nd dp charecter is tooo good ….while reading today’s episode I was laughing like anything …..I saw ur comment in sree’s ff dat u r writing ff I thought to read it dat day only but I forgot finally today I read …. in ur 1st ff only u r mindblowing yaar

    • Thnx vaishavi… ?..
      Glad you liked this
      Extraordinary omg… literally a very big complement…wow All chptrs at a stretch…. its a honour dr …. I will try to live upto ur hope… thnx for lyking it. …
      Keep reading n enjoying

  8. heena

    what a epi sujata dr awsm lv ur ff it was so funny dp thinking that he will die wid heart attack cnt stop laughing amazing dr hatts off

  9. sneha

    Omg!!! Wow sujata…m still laughing imagining those scenes…nd ANTI SANKY PARTY…serioslyyyy t was hilariouss!!! Lovd it…update the nxt part soon..thnxx… 🙂

  10. Dev

    Oye sujatha…..wat a epi yaar ….how does sanky make a story out of his head n convince swara….so d epi was good….keep smiling n writing… u n lots of hugs….

    • Hey dev… thnx yâar. .
      Glad you liked it…
      U too keep reading smiling n enjoying ??
      Love you too Dr. .. ?
      Will upload nxt soon

  11. Natasha

    Its hilarious..nice..actually till now CNT GT over SWASAN’S speechless..??awwwwww..its the bestest SR I HV ever seen in tellywood..????such hot passionate SR..ufffff..??????

    • Natasha

      Aaaaaahhhhh..Such hot SR..still burning dead..reporting from heaven..????? Sanskar’s gaze..??? sorry guys..again cmmntng..BT kya karu?? ajk epi ke baad I am dead..??

      • Thnx natasha..?
        Yup I know that was the best SR I ever saw… literally how varun was seeing helly was lyk they are literally in love. … just loved it… I was thinking I will get a heart attack. .. It was so nyc… u know while seeing I was blushing continuously. …

    • Thnx ireena…?…
      Glad you liked it. ..
      Thnx for the compliment…
      It’s truely a big complement for me…
      Keep reading n enjoying ?

  12. Lol !! Poor sanky.. i feel pity for him.. n the way dp n sanky answer her questions were hillarious …. best was swara’s dialogue . Gambling , affair etc… lol…

    • Thnx meher. ..yup I know. .. While writing that dialogue just popped up on my mind from no where…
      Glad you liked it. ..
      Will try my best to make u laugh always..
      Keep reading n enjoying Dr ? ?

    • Thnx zellafarook….
      I think so u commenting frst tym… thnx Dr for reading n commenting…
      It’s an honour that someone is dieheart fan of my ff…
      Keep reading n enjoying Dr ?

    • Thnx ema fasa. … I thnk so u r commenting frst tymm. .. thnx Dr for lyking it n reading it…?..
      Will try to write bigger parts…

  13. tani

    loved it. d story which sanskar created is too good… A great change has seen in sanskar after d entry of swara in his life….I wanted to read more,but u gave very short episode….pls next time make it long…n update soon

    • Thnx anjie..?.
      Can I call you anjie? …
      Actually I was a DMG fan so anjie…
      Thnx for lyking it Dr
      Keep reading n enjoying Dr ?

  14. Sree harini

    Uff….finally, finally I read it dear..oh God, this is so cute and you said that you don’t write well..the story line is a bit different so maintain it.
    Coming to today’s episode, I loved swara, sanskar and dp even. Dp is at top.I just loved him and throughout the episode, I was laughing like a lunatic imagining swara and sanskar’s expressions. And I hate kavitha, she is just using him.eagerly waiting.

    • Thnx sree harini ?
      I was long waiting for ur comment… atlast u did…glad you liked it. … will try to maintain my story…
      Yup every one is lyking dp a lot… I have made him just reverse of the serial ??…
      Yup dat only I wanted to show dat kavita is greedy..
      Love you ?

      • Sree harini

        Hii sujju, I thought that you were angry on mefor 50shades dear. This comment seriously made my day.

      • Sree dr… are you mad? … why will I be angry at you for such a silly thing.. everyone has its own choices. . U can’t force anyone for your own choice… I liked it u didn’t… simple… n Dr u called me a frnd n frndship k rule mai ek aur rule h that’s understanding… I will nt understand u thn who will….n I felt very good. . As u give me that importance that I can make your day…. u made my day dr….??….

  15. Natasha

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    • Yup nats. .. can I call you nat’s? .. yup if ppl will call you mad thn me too… I was completely red while watching the scene as if it’s my SR…????…. my roomie said even that I have gone mad… I saw it after saw ur comment n thn I saw it number of tym. ..even I was nt willing to go to school.. but phewww. .. school is imp… thn whn I came again hostel frst thing I did to see it Again… n literally varun was watching swara whn they were taking rounds lyk literally he is her husband… I was going mad..After seeing his gaze I has butterfly in my stomach… pPl will say me mad bt what to do varunholic n sanskarholic too… so was a double dhamaka… just wanna say best SR ever in tellyupdate…n dat pepper spray scene was do unexpected… never thought that he will do dat… even now writing this I am blushing… best ep of swaragini

      • Natasha

        Yup sure friends cl me Nats… nd I’ll call u Su..OK????? Nw am thinking Varun’s wife will surely beat him…dear am not bothered abt anyone’s personal life..BT Smtyms me too want kash SwaSan Real life couple hota..BT I know he is married..and I respect him..BT A crazy fan u know..??? Again am seeing it..uuuuuu…I was blushing like idiot..u said right as if its my SR…I was looking like tomatoes.. My mom told me Am mad…I told her yup..swasan ki deewani hoon main..specially Varun ki..and Varun’s eyes ..awwwwwww…I have a wish to God..plzzz god give those type eyes to my future hubby..and make him like Sanskar..dn I’ll stare at him whole day..Varun’s wife is soooo lucky..and helly bhi..????? Varun’s killer smile..I think I HV gone totally mad..that’s y am blabbering all these..????

      • Natasha

        And yeah right..I didn’t expect that Varun will touch Helly’s bare waist..wn I was seeing it I WS like ????? my eyes got wide opened and mouth too…Its not Vulgar..BT at d same time its hot passionate damn romantic and killer..Thanks to Lucky boy and our hilarious Sujju for giving SwaSan that type SR..BT I know its all cz CVS..??? After my exam I’ll watch it day and night…uuuuuuu..??? each and every scene was beyond perfect..and u noticed wn sanskar Was making her wear pendant DT tym “Ban ke mala prem ki tere tan pe zhar zhar jau..”..apt for that scene..”Saiyaan”…awwwww…

      • Natasha

        And yesterday Varun was looking smoking white shirt he looks extra hot..breathtaking.. hayyyyyeee..yeh kyun itna hot dashing handsome sizzling hai yaar??? meri najar hi nahi hathi..such killer eyes and dead and mad…Mujhe koi sambhalo..?????

      • True yâar varun is such a sweetheart. … literally he was a smocking hot… n that was literally a unexpected pepper spray one.. I literally didn’t expected him to do so. .. sometimes I feel jealous of dhanya… I know it’s silly ??. .. but at least I m a girl… even every swasanrian fan girl will be… varun kapoor is really was a sweetheart in real life too… can b seen IVs mature and genuine prsn…

  16. Dat dialogue was also nyc dat jo maa mujhe thuss thuss k khilati thi aaj bhuka rakh rahi… dat was literally funny…??… thn lucky showing care…??… varun’s expression were awesome. ..

    • Natasha

      Yup Su..Kash main dhanya ki jayga hoti..meri toh lottery lag jati…Uuuuuuuuuuuu…VK is very genuine,down to earth and gentleman… I respect him a lot..But I love him more than that..katilana smile,eyes…kya style hai boss…simple..BT damn cute handsome and HOT…yesterday wn I was watching SR f Swasan then I WS totally forgot its reel life..not real life..such a fabulous acting ..HeRun Nailed it.. Su,u and me became mad…am 100% sure..awwwwwww..My first love VK..???????

      • True nats PPl will read our comments n will say do pagal VK ki diwani….bt I respect VK more than love…. He is very honest too… In award function he didn’t dedicated any award to himself… He dedicated to those crap CVS… He doesn’t know we are watching for him nt for crack CVS story… He is lyk simple n elegent… In SR he looked most hot from always…

        Herun are soo gud… In real life n reel life too… n In reel life we know varun consider her as bacchi..??

        BT my 3rd love is varun..?
        Frst is srk whn I was of 2 yrs old tabs
        Scnd is KSG whn I ws of 8 yrs old
        N now VK whn I am 16…

        Literally mad sanskarholic n varunholic we both are… hamari bht jamegi…. what u do nats? .. means now a days. . I m toh student of 12… taking engg coaching ?. ..from fiitjee… what abt u?

  17. Natasha

    Am a would be Doctor Su..2nd year..nw plzzz don’t cl me di and OK WD Nats..I was coached by Aakash…No.1 in medical exams..and smtyms my all male friends get jealous f VK….they say that cz f VK they are in last line…We girls don’t care abt them…u know We all VK fans made a group in WhatsApp…there we always discuss abt VK..if one day Dhanya will c DT dn am sure c will defintly kill us…we discuss EVERYTHING abt VK in that group..??? u knw wat I mean..????

  18. Natasha

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    • Natasha

      U know Su wn I watch sanskar in Swaragini I behave just like mad..nt roomie also..we all are mad fan of VK…I live in hostel..We all watch Swaragini online..and If in any episode Sanskar’s screen space is enuf dn We instantly download DT episode..and we all smile like mad..And nw Am in my my exam is Wn I do all those funny and crazy acts my mom-dad just give me “What the…and c is mad” look..par kya karu..And if one day my hottie looks extra hot and handsome dn I start dancing on bed..BT in my home..I used to do it wn am in hostel..Such crack person I am..???????

  19. Natasha

    Su meri behena…Did u See latest spoiler..Sumi to get prego and Swara’s memory loss track..and swara will again start to love laksh..did u notice DT??? What do u think about that behena???????? Su I do lots f chapar chapar…ek no.1 ki chatter box hoon main..??? sorry if u feel irritated WD my chapar chapar..????

    • Kya nats. .. behena bol rahi h n phir bol rahi mai irritate houngi… kabhi koe apni behen se irritate hota h kya…
      Haan yâar padha. … CVS are discusting…. thik h prego karo thk h murder attempt b karwao bt memory loss wo q yâar. ..

      Enlog se swasan ki khushi Dekhi nhi jati… pata nhi memory loss swara ka hoga sanskar ka kya haal hoga… bechare ki duniya palat jayegi.. wo toh tab usse pehchanegi b nhi… bcoz tab tak wo sanskar ko nhi janti thi… even raglak fans k liye bura hoga…
      Mujhe toh darr lag raha h kahi ess bar negative banne ki baari swara ki toh nhi… ragini ka turn khatam ho gaya so swara. .. means soch ab toh laksh ragini se pyaar karta h… swara laksh se pyaar karengi n thn swara negative. … bechare VK ka kya hoga ????what do think babe

      • Natasha

        Yup Sissy..I HV read it somewhere that swara will be negative..c will love Laksh madly..BT will fl a spcl attraction towards my hottie..and that pendant and bangles will remind her abt my Janu..And after sometyms c’ll fall in love WD my janu..He will make her fall in love WD him..BT till then C will be with lucky boy..just think behena wn our prince will c his princess WD lucky boy dn wat he’ll fl..His world WD his hottie to ro roke pagla ho jayegi..BT I want sanky will make her fall in love WD him NAUGHTILY.. BT we will GT to c again SWASAN’s love story..that too unmarried..

  20. Natasha

    And behena again I read somewhere that it’ll be a plan of Swasanraglak to trap Uttara’s bf..I want Sanky to punish uttara’s bf badly..and if CVS will start to show SWA______LAK all over again then SwaSan and RagLak fans Milke marenge..and Behena just HV a look last episodic analysis of Swaragini..just have a look..I HV commented there as “unknown”..just c..after reading those comments u will go ROFL..

    • Plz swara negative na ho… dumb cvs kahi k… bt I love to c swara in again modern avtaar bcoz jabse wo VK k paas aae wo traditional ho gayi…. bechare VK ne toh usse modern mai dekha hi nhi… aaesa kar sakte h dat usse batae ragini n laksh love each other. … wo laksh ko chod degi ragini k liye bcoz sissy k liye wo kuch b kar sakti h.. thn she will again bcome modern n all n swasan love story fir se start ho… sanky usse phir se feeling ka ehsaas dilaaye… n jab ek dusre se phir pyaar ho jaye thn usse phir se sab yaad aajaye n thn VK ko culprit ka pata chal jayega that it’s her boyfriend n he will punish him…

  21. Natasha

    My two comments is still waiting for moderation..Am going to be a doctor..2nd year..I wrote it..BT its not posted..long comment tha..sorry..I didn’t see its not posted..???

    • Don’t worry nats darling… mai 6 yrs tak k barre ko bada nhi manti… haye bechare aapke batch k boys… VK khud toh book ho gaya bt unhe book nhi hone de raha…??… wow kitna Acha h apke paas VK fan club h.. hamare hostel mai toh no interested ppl rehte h..?… literally dhanya ko kabhi mauka milna chiye aap log k chats padhne ka ?. .. usne jitna research nhi kiya hoga VK k baare mai.. aur aap log phd le k behthe hoge ?. .. wo IV dekha h jisme dhanya se pucha tha that u r nt jealous by romantic scenes n female fan following.. bechari kuch zyada bol nhi paae… n tabhi VK apna killer smile de raha tha… uff.. mera toh dhyan uske answer pe gaya hi nhi….
      Me too do the same fb pe onl9 watching… bt only swasan scenes as I can’thandle the crap… I too behave like luniac in VK k scenes… laptop nhi toh can’t download all videos as storage problm ?. .. waise how you download eps dr sissy? …

      • Natasha website..that department is for my roomie..c is more mad than me..c alltyms dreams about VK…c can die for VK..and yeah darling..I saw DT be honest If in any IV der is VK I can’t see others..Mera hottie..??? Ek baat puchu behena?????????? Hayyyyyyyeeeee…tu or main toh gayi..and u posted..OK..good good behena..??

  22. Natasha

    frankly speaking Varun looks Best WD helly than Dhanya…its my POV..VK is so sweet and humble…BT Dhanya is somewhat diff..Though I don’t know her..after watching some IV WD VK I concluded that..may be am wrong..BT I don’t like her…what u say my darling sissy???

    • Yup varun n helly becomes soo cute couple… literally dhanya doesn’t look so good… bt what to do… VK ko bht jaldi thi shaadi karne ki ??…. actually mujhe lagta h… VK mature n funny b h… bt dhanya is much mature than VK…. n she is a lil camera shy…

      Acha I love heva too… bt whn in IV there are all 4 cast… All three mostly ignores helly…. I have seen most of the tym… VK is also a more good frnd of tejaswi… I lyk tejaswi. … bt why all of thm ignore helly… don’t know. ..tumne notice kiya behena? ..

      • Natasha

        Yup behena..notice kiya..When VK gives IV WD helly dn he becomes tooooooo much serious…never smile..laugh to dur ki baat..BUT wn he gives IV WD Teju dn he laughs..nt smiles only but laughs loud..I don’t like DT..Helly is so innocent..c is youngest among all cast..dn y??? I think something is fishy..BT Sonica mam,Amar sir and all other cast love Helly more..just check their insta account..and Dhanya is camera-Shy..BT c has too much attitude…Varun down to earth…BT c is not like DT..BT what to do??? akhir Bhabi hai hamari..??????????????

  23. Natasha

    Tera ff abhi bhi upload nahi hua…and question is DO U LIKE DHANYA? Dhanya-Varun /Varun-Helly who is best acc to u???

  24. Natasha

    Dhanya is somewhat rough and tough..not so sweet..did u notice c don’t take any selfie wd Helly..never stand beside her..I didn’t c her beside hellu in any Colors party c took selfie WD teju,DT Nikita(I don’t like her) and roop..but not with helly …in Rashmi mam’s b’day party too..why??? Jealous?? insecure??? cmon Yarr..he is ur hubby..and Helly bachchi ur sis..I don’t understand DT..

    • Nats tu jo likhti h… mai padh padh k etna hasti hu yâar. .. tera sense of humour kamala ka h yaar… tu Ek ff q nhi shuru karti yâar. .. ek bar try maar…
      Yaar mera abhi tak upload nhi hua ?

      Heva ka offscreen chemistry thik thak h… bt tejva oa mindblowing… ess liye etne ragsan fan h…pata nhi helly se Sab ko kya problm h. ..kavita se mujhe prsonal koe problm nhi… personally she is too good.. helly ki best frnd h set ki jab thi set mai…

      Hmm attitude toh h dhanya mai…. mai you naah utna lyk karti hu na hi hate…n ofcourse heva is the best… ye b koe puchne wali baat h sissy. ..

      Pata nhi sab etna ignore q marte h helly ko… maine toh IVs mai dekha h.. ragsan toh apni hi duniya mai rehte h… laksh b unke Saath hi rehta h… bt wo beech beech mai helly se b baat kar leta h….nhi toh sanlakrag ek ho jate h bechari helly ?

      • Natasha

        Oye behena..tera ff abhi bhi upload nahi hua..????? arre behena mere pass utna tym nahi hai..BT after my exam I’ll try to write an OS..nt os..its my life story..I’ll swasan replace instead f me and sm1 else…??? behena bht kuch saha Maine zindagi mein..???????and HV u read DT Episodic Analysis???????

      • Yup baby… tune kaha aur maine nhi padha ho sakta h… tune aur meher ne etna dhamakedaar likha tha bt I have gave a surprise for you both in my nxt ep…pata nhi q nhi upload kar rahe…?… waise sab ka late post hi ho raha h sree ne afternoon mai post kiya tha so uska midnight mai aaya… pata nhi mera kav aayega…

        Haye tera life b jhand hua h paSt mai… yup mere life mai toh nhi hua kuch bt bestis k life mai bade drama hua h… esliye say relationship sucks…. bcoz sab sorry nt sab… koe sanskar jaisa nhi hota h…
        I will wait for your os…

  25. Natasha

    But The problem is that Its not happy ending..every love story does not have Happy u r seeing me like ds..BT Am FD up being like ds in front f this whole world..sorry..u r younger than me..I should not tell u..BT kya karu yaar???? am not like this..just masked my original broken feelings..Try to be happy..BT I CNT..try my best..BT it pains dear..????

    • Yup true… they are always give me feeling of sis n bro… I just don’t understand how ragSan fans have formed…. as ragsan were never couples… I can understand swalak fan. ragsan has no logic literally…. don’t I can’t even imagine thm as couples….

  26. Natasha

    One sided love is the most painful punishment in this world I day my eyes met with his eyes..after repeating this for some days I found that its smthng different..he cares for me..dn I became friend of him..I started to open up my secrets my liking and dislikings..he also told abt his secrets..after some month f spending time together I started to fall for him..I started to adore his smile,gestures everything..he also started to care abt me a lot..It bothered him when I was not around him..dn I fl madly in love WD him..I wanna have him always by my side..BT this was the time of destruction.. he told me that he does not want to accompany me all the time..he started to avoid me..BT In the mean time I was madly in love WD him..and I always waited for his single cl or sms..BT noo..BL**dy reality hits fine day He told me that its just an infatuation .. BT I was damn serious..I can die for him..BT nooooo..he told that he already have a gf..I was broken..???..BT he didn’t listen anything..Jane se pehle sirf bola “plz move on..try to forget me..” hurts..heart screamed “Why me?? am not worthy for him?? wat fault I have??” BT none was there to answer u…BT still I can’t hate till now he is my HEARTBEAT..Its may be filmy..BT its my personal hppnd Wd me..Nw am alone..only living WD his memories.

    • Nats… I can’t understand the pain or no one can except u… I can understand how painful it must b…. Dr never think urself to be nt deserving bcoz he was nt deserving for ur golden heart… u believe in God? .. Dr everything is done for a reason… I know that the pain is there bcoz of the wound he gave u… bt time can heAl every wound. .. its true whom we love we can’t never hate thm because they resides in our heart… bt we can try to forget thm.. I know saying these words are very easy bt dear u can’t stop ur life for who is nt worth it to ur love…. its painful whn u find its one sided love bt that means other hearts are also present in this world to give you solence…. just u have choose thm…. I know these words are nt enough bt bitter truth is better than sweet hopes…

  27. Natasha

    He also shows jealousy, possessiveness,protectiveness towards me TILL NOW…Then how should I realise that its just crush/infatuation/flirting???hw??? Can anyone tell me???what mistake have I done?? What fault was there??! why he left me?? Is loving someone fault?? is it crime??? Tell me anyone..Why he left me?? till now am waiting for him..I know He won’t come..BT I CNT give his place to anyone..he was the first feeling f my first love..BT it all dream shattered DT day..I wish him a happy life..wherever he is he just stays pains..

    • He is himself confuse dr…. He just made u clear that he doesn’t love you it was an infaguation bt he still feels for you I guess… these all traits r same. … bt he is nt ready to accept the truth… He doesn’t want to confront himself… He doesn’t wanna mess his current life so he is doing so… srry if you will feel bad sissy bt these pPl remains always confused… through out the life…

      Dr love isn’t a crime… n who told scnd love is nt true… This guy is ur frst love may be he is nt ur true love…

  28. Natasha

    he was so possessive ..once his friend best buddy told him casually that Am looking very beautiful..he strangled him in front f whole class..He was soo much protective.. we used to chat at late night ..even wn his gf was badmouthing me He supported me..He warned his gf not to badmouth me..He was that much classroom wn He could not c me he always stood up and c me..sirs used tp scold him for that..BT he showed don’t care atti..Till now he can’t c me wd ny1 else..One day there’s a wedding ceremony.. I danced WD sm1 else in front f him..DT day he drank sooo much for the first time..BT still I CNT understand why he left me..??? if u HV soooo much possessiveness and jealousy dn come back to me. am waiting..???

  29. See in swasan case only… swara used to love laksh… It was nt lyk dat uske pyaar mai kami thi…. wo uska pehle pyaar tha true love nhi tha.. Some ppl are nt ment to be together only….

    Swara ko bas Ek golden heart chunna tha… usne tym liya bt took a best decision of her life to move on. .usse laksh k betrayal se bht dukh hua tha… phir wo laksh ko apna sakti thi… bt nhi aapnaya usne bcoz wo uske pyaar k layak nhi tha…

    Just lyk that agar ye banda aapke paas phiri se aaya… again u will gain hopes n again wo usko thod k chala gaya toh… again by saying that it was a teenager galati ya phir immaturity thn?..

  30. Natasha

    Sometimes some f my friends told me that it was my fault..I cnt understand wat is my love some1 madly??????????? I don’t know..if its crime to love him dn I wanna do this crime again and HE IS MY FIRST LOVE..BT sissy j just tell me why he always shows DT much possessiveness and u HV NY reason??? dn plzz tell me..???

  31. Natasha

    May be u r right..BT he is not confused..he told to his friend circle that after meeting me he is not at all interested in his gf..theb his friends told him to propose me..BT he denied..his friend told me that he was scared..something is there which is preventing him..he just wanna to make me move on from him..I don’t know y..Smtyms ai guess that he is in pressure or something..if anyone hurts me lil then He gets hell scared..he panicks like anything..Smthng is fishy..don’t u think that??

      • The only thing you can do now is jealousy… He had told you to move on bt he will nt be able to see you moved on if he still have the felling. .. take help of ur any other male frnd… chances are this will work dr

  32. Natasha

    U know there is a psycho lover of me in my college..disgusting…smtyms I guess he is the one behind all these mess..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.