Stay away…. I m nt ur husband!!… (Episode 6)


Hi guys thanks for appreciating my work…. literally I didn’t expected this much response. .. atleast nt in my last update as I wrote it in a complete hurry.. In half n hour I completed it… thnx for all the response is all I can say.. will try to entertain you as much as I can. ..
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7 : 30 AM

It’s morning… as usual birds r chirping. … no one can stop sun so it’s light is disturbing our hero as always… bt for the frst tym in these 5 years he didn’t want the sun to come so fast n disturb his peaceful sleep. … yup after 5 years he is sleep so peacefully…..

The senario is that sanskar n swara are sleeping close to each other can’t say cuddling…bt were close. .. n that was the thing sanskar was afraid most of. … He didn’t wanna go close. .. so dat again he have to repent for it…

Sanskar had his hand in swara’s waist n swara’s head was on his chest… He frst felt that he is the luckiest man on this earth. … He wanted that this moment this secnd should be lyk this forever n ever… bt he is not a person to live in a dream land. … bt he also know the fact that all have right to see dream bt not expect that it will be fulfilled. …

He looked at her as if capturing this view for lifetime. … thn he caresses her cheeks… left a sigh n also left the bed but without even letting her know that anyone got off the bed… as if her sleep ment world to him n if it will get disturbed his world will shatter. …He even closed the curtains so that even sunray can’t b the reason for breaking her sleep. …

Giving her last look he went to washroom….washroom is the place where he confronts himself …. try to find answers to unknown questions… ( u know na all gr8 personalities use washroom for thinking purpose actually srk does so why our sanskar should be back of him… actually I am srkholic too… since I was 2 years old… its lil stupid but true…)

Again went near his mirror of the bathroom as if it’s the mirror step mom of snow white had….. who will give his all answers (hope so all remember the mirror of snow white? Just giving a comparison )

Sanskar : ( washed his face with water… face is watery…. Water droplets moving from his face through neck n thn under his shirt… m this wet hair due to vigorously washing face… making him smocking hot?)
What I am doing I am nt able to understand my own actions… I don’t know this girl is giving me a positive or negative effect… but I can deny to the whole world bt nt to myself this girl is giving me a gr8 effect. .. The effect what she haves on me… that I loose my cool.. loose my control. …was nt even when I was with kavita. … (He sighed ). .. just I know I can’t see her sad face…. her every worry gives me million tym more pain… even her thoughts make me smile… she so childish… don’t know why those ppl did so bad with her… I can’t believe that this girl can harm any one why those ppl harmed her… don’t forget sanskar this world is selfish… bt she thinks I love her… poor she. .. she doesn’t know that I can love no body bcoz I had my frst n last love with…. kavita… who ditched me… wait. . Wait a min (his expression was of excitement )… I didn’t had nightmare last ni8… Omg I didn’t had one literally. … I m coming out of the pit… Omg. … wait a min… isn’t it the effect of this girl… am I in love with her…. (confused look ) no no no… It can’t be I know…. ham matte ek baar h(we die only once in life ) pyaar bhi ek baar hi hota h (n love also happen once ) n shaadi ki toh baat hi nhi quki mera pyaar hi mujhe chod k chala gaya… (n talking about marriage thn it’s waste of time to think about this bcoz my love only left me )…. leave it yâar. .. just remember this girl is making u mad had gone in ur nerves n ur brain ( bt what does sanky know dat this girl has gone in his nerves n brain too bt had also passed through his heart ??)…

Sanky came from bathroom bt getting ready in pink blazer white tshirt n blue faded jeans…n saw swara was siting in the corner of the bed burring her face in her hands…she was in the same light pink shirt she wore yesterday. ..

Sanskar : ( confused look ) what happened swara? …

Swara : oh sanskar u came ( thn her eyes went to sanskar’s she checked him out from head to toe )…. (sanskar’s thoughts – plz stop checking me out I have seen many girls doing dat bt for u it’s … its awkward )…. looking hot Patidev. ..

It was a shock for sanskar to find a complement directly coming to him n that to so sudden… He heard girls saying so bt no one had dare to say it in front of his mouth… thn suddenly heat raised in his cheeks in from no where he started blushing a lil…

As soon as swara saw the face change she jumped from her place n in next secnd she was in front of sanskar pointing her index finger toward his face…

Swara : sanskar u r blushing (with utter shock)…. Omg u r blushing

Sanskar : ( again coming to form ) whattt !!!.. no…. how can you say dat. … I. . I. ..I don’t do girl stuffs ok… I. . I m sanskar maheshwari keep dat in ur mind…

Swara : (coming out of shock ) ofcourse I know my husband’s name… u don’t need to remind me ur name…why u always remind me ur name… hello I had a memory loss I don’t have short time memory loss ok… (with full attitude )

Sanskar : ( thinking ) she is so cute n innocence is the only word comes in my mind

for her… she doesn’t know anything abt the outer world… so don’t forget sanskar she doesn’t have sanskar maheshwari’s fear or even she doesn’t know abt ur popularity… she is soo different ( said admiring her cuteness n he had a small smile in his face )

Swara : ( waving hands in front of him to bring him to this world ) ohh.. hello where are you… I m speaking to u Mr maheshwari… give ur attention to ur dear wife… n haan u were saying girly stuff ri8 thn let me remind you that yesterday only i proved u… how u r related to pregnancy… n pregnancy is a girly stuff… (Sanky’s face paled at her bakwas talks..) n scndly let me also remind u that pink is a girly colour too… n u r wearing it… ( He thn looked at himself n cursed himself for wearing pink today…. whn this argument was going on.. thn when he was about to give an explanation abt it thn she did again a thing that was literally nt expected ) bt I must say Patidev the only man I have seen in earth who looks so damn cute in pink… sorry to say bt pink suits you…. cutie pie (n thn she pulled his cheeks ) n u were blushing admit it…

Sanskar : I was nt (fake anger as he was smiling inwardly for her actions ) I am nt cute ok?.. ur earlier complement was million tym better than that…

Swara : ( attitude ) I know. .. that is why u blushed…u some times do some actions that force me to think that u r facing me frst tym…

Sanskar : ( to avoid the topic as he doesn’t wanna lie every time ) I am nt cute. …

Swara : yes u r…

Sanskar : no I m nt

Swara : yes

Sanskar : no

Swara : yes

Sanskar : no

Swara : yes

Sanskar : no

Swara : yes yes yes yes… ( she started jumping lyk a child )…

Now Sanskar thought no other way just should divert the topic

Sanskar : Acha swara… I forgot only why were u sad…

Swara : ( stopped jumping ) yup… I don’t have any thing to wear sanskar. … (making cute faces )

Sanskar : ( smiling ) sanky

Swara : ( confusingly ) huh?

Sanskar : family members call me sanky…

Swara : ( smiles ) hmm.. sanky say na what to do now…
Sanskar : now ms. STML (Short time memory loss ) I told you yesterday I am taking u for shopping…

Swara : ( irked ) n Mr. OVER SMART even I need some thing to wear so that I can go for shopping… My earlier dress is torn…

Realisation stuck sanskar n now he was clueless what to do…

Swara : ( giving a naughty smile seeing Sanky’s blank face ) ya even I am fine with a shirt while going to mall.. bt I don’t know if ppl will stare me my Mr. HUSBAND can become MR. JEALOUS OR MR. POSSESSIVE. .. ( she smirked )

Sanskar : ( thinking – yup she looks s*xy in this bt can’t say her this… prasing a girl not my cup of tea…

A girl comes from a mall’s trial room… In a black short dress looking hot…
Girl : how I am looking sanky? …

Sanskar : looking good as always kavita

Kavita : sanky u don’t even know to give a complement…

Sanskar : u know na…

Kavita : ya ya it’s nt ur cup of tea… ok leave that pay it’s bill fast we have to do more shopping..

Sanskar : ok baby let’s go…

Saying this girl again go to change it to her earlier dress n sanskar went to pay the bill

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤FLASHBACK ENDS¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

Swara : ( waving hands) Again where lost Patidev. .. what u r thinking about ur ex girlfriend (Sanky’s heart beat paused for a secnd hearing ex girlfriend ) thn forget her ur wife is standing in front of u.. n answer me…

Sanskar : ppl will stare u… ohh plz… frst see yourself in mirror ppl stare s*xy ladies nt a child of six lyk u.. u r even more immature than Panchi…. ppl will thnk a kid is walking with a hot man…(saying this he was laughing)

Swara : are you laughing at me? ..

Sanskar : ( while laughing) any doubt.. thn don’t keep any… bcoz answer is yes…

Swara : thn let me show u… If ppl don’t stare me thn I will change my name…. ( saying this she started to walk to the door )

Sanskar : ( monologue ) she is looking s*xy…. n ovio ppl will pass comments…what!!…she took it seriously. .. Omg she is going outside… There are so many servents there… Omg this girl….is impossible… why every ppl around me is lyk dat… why god why…

As she was going to open the door… Sanskar pulled her to himself by pulling her arm.. now there was only few inches difference between their faces n they can feel each others breath

Sanskar : ( in husky voice ) wait shona here… I m arranging clothes for u…

He left her n when he reached the door nob he turned his face n said : n u looking smocking hot in this shirt.. now I will never clean this shirt n it will always b with me… (He also don’t realise what he said )

Saying this he left the room leaving swara confused n thn she blushed….

After some times a female staff came n gave her a saree saying it’s barimalkin’s saree… n immediately left the room…

Swara : Arre who is barimalkin… oh haan may be Sanky’s Mom… means my sasu Maa where is she now… (thn looked at saree n gave a confused look ) will ask him later bt what to do of it now. …

8:30 AM

Sanskar was seeing some files thn he watched his watch
Sanskar : ( monologue ) Arre it has been half an hour of sending her saree… why she didn’t come till now… don’t forget sanky she is MS. AFAT. … let’s c what afat queen is doing now. ..
Saying this he closed his laptop n file n went up stairs to see his ms. Troublesome…

Sanskar went in to the room while opening the door he said : what’s taking so m_u_c_h t_y_m… (He was in shock as he saw her n thn burst into laughter )

Swara was trying to wear saree from past half an hour… n now she ws in a condition which was worth watching… It was lyk some body has rolled her in a piece of cloth…

Sanskar was holding his stomach n laughing n atlast he got energy to speak : shona what is this?

Swara : ( cute puppy face ) sanky u r too bad… c I am trying to make it ri8 from last half an hour…. but don’t know from where it’s start n where it ends… (gave a confused look )

Sanskar : ok wait… I m sending some one for help…

He send the same maid to help her n himself went for breakfast…

9:00 AM

Sanskar was sitting on the table n reading newspaper n waiting for the breakfast… thn only Dp n Panchi came n wished him good morning n he too wished back… n as I told earlier he don’t lyk to talk much while eating…
Thn he saw swara ascending for breakfast in a light orange saree n open curled hair… looking perfectly gorgeous n a perfect wife… bt without sindoor and mangalsutra… bt he frowned at the part that she was wearing that lady’s clothes whom he hate the most…

She came n wished every one…n gave a smirking look to sanskar… n he just gave a thumbs up to her… n thn she winked at Panchi. .n she winked at her back. .. Sanskar found something fishy bt ignored it…

She came n sat beside Dp
Swara : papa I can ask a question..?

Dp : ( smilingly ) hmm beta anything

Swara : u r such a sweetheart… thn why he is a angry bird…

Dp : (laughed n sanky frowned ) all traits r from nt me some are from his moth… (He paused n gave a apologising look to sanky )

Sanskar : ( arrogantly ) Swara eat…. I don’t lyk ppl talking while eating…

Swara : ( angry for his arrogent behaviour ) Mr. Maheshwari c… frst of all food has nt come n secnd don’t teach me manners… thirdly frst answer my few questions thn say the same sentence…

Sanskar : n why should I answer u

Swara : ( in same tone ) bcoz I am ur wife is that reason enough. …

Everyone one is shocked as no body talked to sanskar lyk this before nt even Dp. ..

Sanskar : ( sighed ) shoot

Swara : whn u wake up? ..

Sanskar : ( unbelievable look ) what?!!..

Swara : just answer

Sanskar : 7:00 or 7:30… ( not interested look )

Swara : n u come from Wash room by 8:00 n thn I are at ur study till 9:00… am I ri8? .
Sanskar : ya.. so what. ..

Swara : thn talking is nt allowed at breakfast n thn u leave for office..n thn whn u come back…

Sanskar : ( nt interested look ).. Some times 11:00 or sometimes even late… Some times early at 8:30.. n sometimes at afternoon..

Swara : means mostly at 11:00 or late? .. (sanky nodded ) so till thn papa and Panchi goes to sleep ri8? (Sanskar again nodded ) so now tell me Mr. So called sanskar maheshwari if talking is nt allowed in breakfast thn whn u talk to papa n Panchi? ..whn u give tym to family… work is important Mr. . But family should b too nt the priority bt atleast in ur priority list…

Sanskar was numb by her statement…as she was speaking truth… He rarely talks to baba n Panchi. he can’t accept his defeat…

Sanskar : ( looking some where else ) bt talking while eating is nt a good table manners. ..

Swara : ( smirked ) can’t accept defeat huh? .. ( sanskar was shocked as how can she know him so well even in a day ) n c’mmom sanskar those table manners where in nursery books… don’t b a nursery kid…

Sanskar : those where there so that we can follow them now. ..

Swara : ok If is that so thn I am ready for another argument….

Sanskar : u r entertaining me.. by ur speaking skills didn’t know being a kiddo u also can have a gr8 verbal fi8..ok challenge accepted….

Swara : ok sanskar… simple question… India has what form of government..? May b read in junior classes… lyk table habits remember this or nt? ..

Sanskar : u ask so lame questions… ofcourse democracy…

Swara : n In this lame questions u lost one time… so now tell me where is this house? ..

Sanskar : swara … don’t irritate ok..

Swara : answer na mr. Maheshwari or forget the address ….n someone ws telling me STML this morning…

Sanskar : urggg. ..u… ok in kolkata… now ok..

Swara : ok.. n where is kolkata

Sanskar : ( waste of time is to fight with her must give her answer n shut this topic ) in India now? ..

Swara : do this house is also democratic ri8? ..

Sanskar : yup so…

Swara : so mr. Maheshwari forgetting junior lessons…. democracy gives ppl ri8 to take their decision … so we will vote that will to talk or nt at breakfast…

Sanskar had shocked expression as he know he is again going to lost it…

Dp was giving smirking look.. as he thought this girl knows how to handle his son…Panchi gave an hi fi to swara… n sanky knew wat was going to be next…

Swara : so who don’t lyk this rule raise their hand…

N immediately Dp, Panchi n swara lift their hand…

Swara : ( with attitude ) so now Mr. Maheshwari let me remind you democracy also says that majority wins… n ¾ is clear majority… so we won.. n all started laughing n enjoying…

Sanskar was left embarrassed…n thn breakfast came… He started taking toast n thn swara again winked at Panchi…. n Panchi dropped a spoon n she went inside the table to take… n swara changed the butter container with some other container…


After some time sanky took knife to put butter on his toast… n as he was reading the business news nt gave a glance to the container… n made a sandwich of bread n butter n without looking took a bite….. After chewing few tym. ..his eyes n face become red… n he threw paper in the ground… n just vomited the bite he had taken…n he had tears in his eyes

Sanskar : ahh… ahh.. Water .. Water. .. plz gives water.. baba…. rama kaka… aha. .

Dp became tensed seeing him n immediately gave him water n swara n Panchi were laughing loudly….

Dp : (with concern ) what happen sanky

Sanskar : ( unable to speak bt trying ) .. ahh.. hmm.. baba chilly l…. I ate chilly…

Dp : bt sanky u ate bread butter thn how… n thn he saw swara n Panchi laughing n understood it’s their prank…

Sanskar : ( after drinking 5 glass of water became normal bt had burning sensation in tongue… ) u both will nt leave u.. He stood at his place with lion lyk anger…

Swara n Panchi too stand up n said : frst catch…n they started to run…

Whn sanskar started to run… bt before he can he falls down. ..n Panchi n swara starts to laugh more loudly… thn sanskar comes to know that they had tied his shoe laces… He looked more angrily at both… bt don’t know he was nt able to get angry with her… but he got hurt in his right hand…n blood came out… but he didn’t notice it… bcoz he was busy in staring swara…. seeing this swara came running to him…

She then came n said : Omg srry srry srry sanky. … literally sorry I never thought my prank will hurt u…

She went to untie the shoelace as he was hurt…

Sanskar : Arre what are you doing. .. don’t … how can you touch my shoes…

Swara : frst of all I can’t c u in pain… scnd I am nt doing a gr8 thng u have branded shoes so not touching anything Cheap (sanskar laughed at it ) n doing this I m helping my self nt u…. bcoz I love you. ..n doing work for family doesn’t make u small… (sanskar n DP both were overwhelmed by her words..thn a incident came in sanskar’s mind)


Sanskar : kavita plz help me na in bandaging. ..

Kavita : plz sanky u know na I can’t do these stuffs I am nt a servant… u know na how I am. .. n u have to accept it as it is…

Sanskar : hmm.. but love you. ..

Kavita : I too love you. ..n bye good ni8.. going back to hostel

Sanskar : ( smiled ) good ni8 Dr. ..n he difficultly bandaged himself…

¤¤¤¤¤¤FLASHBACK ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

Now swara makes him sit in the chair n he is only staring her lovingly while she is bandaging him…
Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi
Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohalat main ik nayi
Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri
Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan
Inme hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai


Teri dhadkano se hai zindagi meri
Khwahishein teri ab duaaein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lotunga yahaan tere paas main haan
Waada hai mera mar bhi jaaun kahin
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai
hmmm.. humdard hai…

While bandaging a hair strand was disturbing her…n sanskar pushed it behind her ears.. they had an eye lock. .. bt was broken by Dp. ..

Dp : beta but whn u planned this prank..

Swara : ( cutely holding her ears… Sanskar was so happy from inside had he can’t utter any word n was just able to nod his head n had moist eyes ) sorry sanky for all this. . (Thn looked at Dp ) baba this was planned by me n Panchi. ..yesterday. ..

Sanskar was noticing every action of her… how she talks her hand movements n her facial changes after every talk… He was in his own land. ..

While swara was explaining how it happened

○○○○○○FLASHBACK ○○○○○○
Yesterday when swara came to senses thn she saw Panchi n tried to talk to her..
Swara : hi kiddo…

Panchi : hii.. but I can’t talk to you. .. u r a bad girl na..

Swara : who told… m I looking lyk a bad girl (making childish faces )

Panchi : but Chachu told.. n u know he told not to call you Chachi… u know he is very strict… never talks to me… n Panchi told all rules made by sanskar… soon they became good frnds…

Swara : wait for tomorrow I will teach ur Chacha a great lesson…will u be my partner in crime

Panchi : sure but u will have to save me from Chacha’s lecture… they shake hand…
○○○○○○○FLASHBACK ○○○○○○

Swara : so I replaced butter by chilly powder mixture…making its solid n Panchi tied his shoe laces…

Dp : so all of you became together n attacked my one n only son… n thn he held both Panchi’s n swara’s ear…

Panchi & swara : ahhh… its paining plz leave…

Dp left them n thn said : but I must say plan was awesome… atlast that breakfast rule is gone… but why did you had this prank

Swara : so that atlast in breakfast sanky can b with his family. .. n now he will never read newspaper while having breakfast (all laughed )

Dp : but I m disappointed (swara gave confused look) next tym u should add me also to ur pranks ok ?..

Swara nodded…

Sanskar was now also in his dream world but now comes out. .. n said : baba u r my side or at their side..

Dp : ( confusingly looked at both groups face who were eagar to hear his answer..) ammm… I left my breakfast I am going to finish that. ..n he left for dinning table..

Sanskar n swara sighed n followed him for breakfast. ..

Thn again swara asked : sanky? ?..

Sanskar : hmm..(He was eating omelette n DP was drinking water ).

Swara : when we got married actually Panchi told she never saw me before in the house..? Where was I before? .. where are my parents they didn’t came to see me after my accident? ?..

Dp who was drinking water spit it out on sanky. .. n the screen freezed on confused face of Dp n angry n confused face of sanky with eagar face of Swara. …

TOMORROW : marriage information, shopping, whn reality hit sanskar….

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ guys I am really sorry for nt posting these two days literally I am sorry… these two days were really hectic for me… so this is super long chapter to compensate for my absence. … hope u will lyk it n will nt get bore reading it… I know swasan scenes are nt too good. .. srry for dat trying as much I can to entertain u… In real life I am nt atall a pranksters so no idea about pranks so by giving much effort to my lil brain I got this simple prank hope you will nt get bored… adding song in between is fine with u or not? .. actually while writing that scene I started hmming that song so I wrote it.. If u didn’t lyk it I will nt do nxt tym. . Showing kavitas scene parallel to swara’s scene is it good?.. I thought to give shopping too but it already become so long so I stopped here… even I am nt able to complete breakfast in one ep.. sorry for that… even I deleted some of scenes I thought thn also it came out to be so big. … n will upload now regularly. …

Now coming to story plan are u guys feeling bore by these light scenes thn I can make my ff fast n end these cute scenes asap to add intense scenes. .. actually for their love story to build up it is necessary…. if I m going too slow plz say me… actually I will show frst sanskar’s confusion thn his past thn his feelings thn love thn lakshs entry n more scenes n thn swara’s past n thn ending… so I can make it fast too or I must go in the way story is going. …may I go with the flow or make it more fast? .. u all suggest..may I add kavitas re entry or nt? …


Ppl heard about SWASAN MUCH AWAITED SUHAGRAAT. … I m so hell excited about it. .. have u guys seen the photo… Red saree of Swara n sanskar’s white kurta. … Both complementing each other. .. This sequence will b after sanskar slaps swara… I was thinking if 1 slaps lands them to suhagrat thn I will nt have any problm if sanskar even gives more 2-3 slaps. … just kidding guys … n by the way that slap was by mistake…
N hear is the link for suhagrat thing hope you will enjoy:

TALKING ABOUT ROMANCE I tell guys I am hopelessly unromantic every time I try to write a romantic scenes n I end up writing some comedy scene. .. don’t know how comedy pops up in my mind whn I thnk abt their romance. … u must have find it by now. .. will try to write romantic scenes. .. anu u were telling u can’t write romantic scenes Dr u r million times better than me… ur scenes r truely very intense. .. n my romantic scenes turn up to be something funny.. huh.. will try. ..



Credit to: sujata

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