Stay away…. I m nt ur husband (episode 5)

Hi guys thanks for appreciating my work…. hope u will lyk it further too. … so today no bak bak…
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9:00 PM
Sanskar came back from his meeting…He saw Dp watching t.v.. He was eager to know about swara even whole day he was thinking about her only….but he is Mr sanskar maheshwari will not ask directly. …

Sanskar : hmm..ahem. . Baba!…

Dp : (responding without looking at sanskar n watching TV ) yes sanky. ..

Sanskar : I have to ask you something. … no no. .. actually u should say something to me u r nt forgetting something. .. that u should say to me…

Dp : what beta… I don’t remember anything like dat… (sanskar chukled )

Sanskar : baba try to remember. ..

Dp : now don’t tell me to resolve ur stupid mystery if have very important work than doing that… say directly…

Sanskar : ( irked ) n what work u have? … soo important

Dp : u can’t c I am doing day work only… today only it will show who murdered her husband. … Omg I can’t believe he did dat ( responding to something he watched in tv )… no no no plz don’t give a break now. ..shit. .. now I will have a dreamless ni8 bt thinking abt the murderer ( he switched off the tv n looked at sanky whose mouth was wide open lyk he saw biggest surprise of his life ) soon close ur mouth as flies will go in (sanskar closed it ) Now say na I am literally confused suraj murdered tanveer or asad? …ohh.. These serials na. … now I will have for Monday to c it … ( Dp sighed )

Sanskar : ( unbelievable look ) so this is ur very important work? ?…

Dp : of course

Sanskar : ( irked ) dad! !… u. . U. .. u r impossible. … forget it… n say how is swara. .?

Dp : ( giggles ) so this was ur important work

Sanskar : ( irritated ) nothing lyk dat… bt frst answer my question. …

Dp : woke up at noon…. talked a lil with me… childish n sweet girl she is (sanky smiled ) ur opinion changed or nt? …

Sanskar : yes baba. … now I am feeling guilty. … her hurt is genuine. ..

Dp : I told u. .. bt who hears talks of this old man huh…

Sanskar : baba! No melodrama plz. … n I know u are always ri8 (Dp smiled ) now leave dat I am going to c her…



Sanskar was standing in front of his room n thought how to get in…
Sanskar : ( thinking ) Arre how To go in… just go in or knock the door… uff stupid sanky frst off all its ur room u don’t need permission. .. n scnd she thinks u as ur husband (sighed )

Sanskar goes inside n found no body… so he thought she must be in Panchi’s room… n he started to take out his clothes. … atlast he took out his shirt by whistling…n took his shirt in his hand n turned to go to washroom ( he was only shirtless ) thn he heard some one saying : Omg six pack abs. .. not bad Patidev. ..

He was totally horrified he immediately turned around n again wore his shirt….n while wearing talked to swara…

Sanskar : Arre don’t have manner I was striping clothes n u were watching… shameless

Swara : (surprised voice ) Arre u r my husband…. n how I am shameless… I must have seen u lyk this before too… I had a memory loss I should have awkwardness but instead u r having it… as If I was never ur wife…

Sanskar : ( thinking ) it’s true bt how to tell u… I don’t wanna take advantage of ur helpless situation… how to tell you that STAY AWAY…. I M NT UR HUSBAND. ..

Now he wore his shirt n turned around n was surprised to see swara. …his jaw dropped till floor. … He can’t believe wat he saw.. He saw swara in his shirt…. she was looking lyk an angel he ws nt able to take his eye off her… bt his inner voice : stop staring at her idiot… don’t bring bad ideas at ur dirty mind… even u keep in ur mind STAY AWAY … U R NT HER HUSBAND….

He thn atlast came to sense n thought : is she trying to seduce me… Omg what the…no no no sanskar don’t bring bad ideas to ur mind lyk in the morning… just ask her. …

Sanskar : swara why r u wearing my shirt just give it back…

Swara heard it n sat on bed n started crying lyk a baby whose parents has taken his chocolate. … Sanskar was confused

Swara : u don’t love me… u r nt atall a good husband. …u don’t care about me… If u would have been then u would nt have done this to me… u r nt even a human… how. .. can you do this to ur wife…. n started crying more loud. ..

Sanskar : swara swara. … princess … shona. .. what I did. … ( yâar this girl will make me mad in one day only. .. again what I did that I am inhuman. .. today toh whole day I was on office)

Swara : u don’t know? .. (innocently )

Sanskar nodded in no…n she started to cry more..

Sanskar : ( softly ) Swara tell na what I did? …

Swara : u were angry I know bt how can you do this. ..

Sanskar : ( now angry can’t pamper more ) now enough split up the beans … WHAT I DID?…

Swara : (now afraid stopped sobbing )… We are married ri8 ? (Sanskar nodded ) thn were r my clothes. … u were angry I know bt this much dat u threw my clothes. .. n now I wore urs thn u want it too…

Sanskar : ( thinking ) yup I never thought she don’t have clothes to wear how she will.. shit sanky… now run ur genius brain n cook some explanation for it….

Sanskar : swara. .. shona. .. (swara looked at him ) wo… wo..

Swara : what wo wo… don’t have any explanation na I know u did in anger… now say what I will wear…

Sanskar : Arre no no I didn’t do… actually u were upset from me.. thn u took everything from ur cupboard n left… thn u met up with the accident so the clothes gone…

Swara : ohh… is that so… (sanky nodded m innerly praised himself for the lie…) thn sorry sanskar

Sanskar : oh.. hello now I will nt talk to u… (acting )..

Swara : sorry na. ..I m holding my ears. ..

Sanskar mesmerised by her cuteness…

Sanskar : (bt continued acting )… that’s why I am nt talking

Swara : matlb? ..

Sanskar : ( softly ) c swara before being a husband n wife we r frnds… bcoz friendship is the purest form of relation found in world. .. n lastly… frndship me no sorry no thank you… so manzur hai? … ( He gave his hand for handshake )

Swara : ( laughed ) yup mazur h…

N the nxt moment she hugged hum which gave shiver to his spine he didn’t expect this… n all of a sudden

Swara : (while hugging ) dats why I love you even after memory loss. …n thn moved from his hug…( n suddenly kisses on his cheeks )

It was a electric shock for sanky bt…

Sanskar just smiled n thought : such an innocent soul she is…bt dear I can’t again fall in the pit called love….

Sanskar again came to sense n saw swara’s sad face : Arre now what happened? ..

Swara : I am still angry to u for morning incident. …u r so confusing some time soft as cotton n some times hard as nut. ..u r nt a complete softy nor a coconut n nt even a hardy…

Sanskar : off that’s a big problm thn…

Swara : I am nt talking to you sanskar. …don’t even try I will nt melt

Sanskar : shona are you sure? ..

Swara : absolutely

Sanskar : ohh.. ok.. no problem tomorrow I thought to take u to shopping bt no problm. … u r angry….

Swara : what shopping! !!!…. no no who told I am angry I will cut his/her tongue…

Sanskar : u only told… no no now I can’t disobey u I am a good husband… u r angry na…

Swara : no now I am nt… I m very good hearted prsn I forgave u…

Sanskar : ( murmurs) nautanki..

Swara : sanskar u know… u get so many mood swings… yesterday once I thought that you are pregnant or what ?. .. no.. u can also beat a pregnant women in mood swings matter…

Saying this she turned n saw sanskar’s angry face…n start to run…Sanskar started to chase her…

Swara : (while running ) c now also u got mood swing…. A scnd ago u were so sweet n now angry…

After chasing her all around the room… atlast sanskar get her arm… bt as she jerked it both of thm fall on the bed… lyk sanskar on top of Swara. …

He suddenly had n urge to kiss he controlled his emotions…n start to tickle her a lot… she was begging him nt to do. he didn’t agree… atlast some how she got a hold of a pillow n started hitting him…A pillow fight started. … whn both became literally tired they slept on the bed.. having a genuine smile on their faces…

TOMORROW : morning prank, shopping…

How was it guys hope you all lyked it….
I m sorry for delaying…
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I know this ep is nt so good.. bt live in hostel n dadi has come to visit so lil busy… n sorry for small update too…n sorry for every typo n grammatical mistake. …

Credit to: sujata


  1. Anu

    So cute af ^_^
    I’m already ur fan! Loved Sanky and Swara Ish shooo cute. Please update…like really soon. Okay?

  2. Silent reader

    It’s amazing I guess it is a ragsan ff as the real name of swara would be ragini so from swasan it would become ragsan but the concept is awesom u nailed it. I am a silent reader but couldn’t stop myself from writing this comment all the best

    • Thnx silent reader from commenting… I m honoured the way u praised my ff… ur guess is in the ri8 direction Dr .. bt mystery is even more larger… n Dr it will be swasan only….

    • Silent reader

      I really meant by saying it is owsum fantastic fabuolous I really loved the concept u deserved it

  3. hey suju liked ur stry…mainly di heading aatracts me to d stry….nd u said dat it is swasan nd ragini sanskar ff….its really confusing…dnt dare to make sanskar nd ragini as a pair….nd yar dis is dis girl is really swara????paka na she is swara…bcz sanky give her dat name..she didnt knw her name…nd dnt dare to change swara to ragini when she gain memory…its only my assumption….pls yarr pls make it only swasan no ragini…pls ….swasan swasan swasan…….

    • Angel thnx for reading b commenting… Dr don’t get confused… All will be crystal clear after the mystery is revealed. … n Dr don’t worry it will be swasan only…bt I can’t reveal the mystery so soon as thn story will be finished in 2-3 chapters only…I thnk so u won’t lyk it… so plz have patience n a lil more faith on me. ..

    • unknown

      Yeah i also think so because Sanskar was the one who gave her the name Swara and her real name might be Ragini and we are not even sure if she is the real Swara and not Ragini

  4. sneha

    Hey sujata…t was awsom dear…i hv literally bcom ur JABRA FAN ;). Hehehe
    Nice epi…update the nxt asap…thnxx.. 🙂

    • Thnx sneha. … its an honour dat u are calling urself my fan… now I m literally nervous as I will be able to maintian it or nt…will try to upload nxt ASAP

    • Hhaha… true meher. ..hope u are lyking it… thnx for the comments. … I m truly waiting for ur nxt revenge ep… love revenge love stories n spcly whn sanskar is a beast ruthless arrogent etc typs… I know it’s weard bt love this shade of sanskar

    • Thnx anjali for lyking it… actually my dadi came to visit me so I wrote it in really hurry… thnk god it’s nt bad as I thought. … waiting for ur nxt update Dr. . Literally excited for sanskar’s beast side

  5. heena

    no words to praise u dr u r an awsm writer keep it up ur all epi are always fab… Jst lv ur ff especailly ur tittle… Waiting 4ur next epi

  6. Sus

    Hey dear it’s so nice emotions with fun, it’s always exciting to imagine swara and sanskar nature like this

      • Sus

        And may be sometimes I m not able to comment but I always Read your this story, srry but I m swasan fan and raglak and only read their story only

      • Sus. … that’s nt a problm just read it… that’s enough. .. n I am too a great fan of swasan. .. don’t know I don’t feel a pair wala feeling for ragsan bt a sis Bro typ bond. . Srry don’t b offended ragSan fans it’s my personal opinion

  7. divya

    awesome episode sujata loved it hope you will upload longer ones eagerly waiting for next part

    • Thnx divya… yup I will try to give a bigger ep nXT tym… If possible bcoz of dadI I am literally busy…. so plz forgive me I will nt b able to

  8. Sree

    can’t say how much I wanted to read this one!!

    Swasan is soo adorable. Sanskar can’t really resist Swara now can he? I think Swara and DP has made this plan to make him fall in love again and marry her. She might be faking her memory loss and DP must have chose her and told her that this is the only way to get to his son’s heart!! It my guess!!

    When is the next update?

    • Sree u r nt totally correct bt neither totally wrong… I wanna say mystery will be intense let’s c where it takes the story…thnx for adoring my chapter. .. n will post asap. …

    • Thnx twinj swasan ff a lot… ItS an honour how u addressed my story… bt it’s nt lyk dat even ppl have more interesting stories than me… now I lil nervous to write the nxt as if I will b able to keep ur hope up or nt…

  9. Mona (ash)

    I think that Swara’s real name is Ragini. I think that is what you meant by its swasan ff and it is ragsan too. It’s just my guess. ?

    • Thnx navi… glad you liked the nok jhok as I wrote it in a hurry… was worried dat ppl lyk it or nt.. n thnx for lyking it

    • Thnx dev for commenting. .. no need to be sorry… at least u read it n lyked it… its enough for me… n every one has a personal life behind TU… so need to ask sorry…

  10. Sree harini

    I am so sorry for being late sujatha. And again sorry to say that I haven’t read this one but just assuring you that I saw if and understood by the comments that it is really an interesting one.will compete reading it by tomorrow. Sorry once again

    • No need to be sorry sree… its enough that you will read it… n dat u consider it interesting that’s enough. … once read do comment ur opinion. . Even negative opinion is welcome….
      Loved ur today’s ep. .
      Love you. ..??

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