Stay away…. I m nt ur husband (episode 2)


Hii…guys thnx for loving my ff this much I nevery expected such a response. .. I will try my best so dat u ppl are satisfied by my ff… In next ep u will come to know abt mystry girl… sorry if I can’t match ur expectance. … bt i will try my best… hope u will lyk it… guys don’t get confused it’s swasan ff from beginning to end but after the mystery is revealed u will get to know dat I was ragsan ff also ironically… u can imagine both helly or tejaswi as per ur comfort. … u will come to know why I said so in next ep… hope u lyk this ep…


Hi guys hope you lyked my story…n now it’s scnd chap…

We found this girl in road thrown by a van… seeing us those goons ran away… she was bleeding as suggested by Singhania uncle I am taking her home even called our family doctor sinha uncle to come for her fast aid… don’t know why I am feeling restless after seeing her in this condition even though I don’t know her…. huh… I have become mad… may b sympathy for her has come in my mind. .. pata nhi how dad will react. … I know the frst question will b is she my girlfriend? … urggg… I m now tired of this question. .. After kavita my love or say ex love or never a love a one sided love left or actually ditched me my faith in love has completely gone….. kabhi Kabhi sochta hu sayad mere hi pyaar mai koe kami hogi… sayad mai hi pyaar k kabil nhi pehle mom phir kavita…no no no sanskar phir se mat soch uske barre mai tere pyaar mai koe kami nhi thi usne tujhe paiso k liye choda….Pyaar hota hi nhi h aur agar hota h toh ab tereko nhi hoga pyaar ek baar hota h (a drop of tear comes in his eyes which he immediately rubs so dat Mr. Singhania doesn’t c it) pata nhi sab mere shaadi k peeche q pare h..don’t thnk much sanskar drive… kahi tera b accident na ho jaye…n u should be happy today u won ur frst award n frst step towards success bas ab ye accident ko le k koe problm na ho…

While sanskar was in his thoughts they reached his house. Sanskar took the girl in his arms n started to go to his house n Mr Singhania pressed the bell.. they knew what was going to happen. ..n they sighed…

As the door opened they heard CONGRATULATIONS
whole colony was present there n was shocked to c sanskar with a girl….
Frst Dp came out of shock n said
Dp: am I dreaming plz anyone pinch me…I m seeing a girl with sanskar in his arms OMG!!.. n why she is unconscious n blood oh god… what u did sanky…she loves you why u did this to her… I will never go againSt u beta…I know u love her I allow u….bechari bacchi. …tumhare pyaar mai suicide attempt mujhse pucha toh hota sanky I will nt talk to you. .. Dp pouts
Sanskar roled his eyes at his drama n looked at Mr Singhania with pleading eyes to stop it..

All the guest left gossiping
Thn Mr. S came to Dp n pinched him..
Mr.s : my dear frnd ur nt dreaming
DP : ouch… ( n thn the question which sanskar expected ) is she ur lover? I forgot to ask I was in my dream land . don’t worry son I am nt lyk those 80s father I have no problm I will meet her family n convince thm heera h mera beta heera kaanch nhi kohinoor h…n he kept blabbering….

Now sanskar can’t handle more…
Sanskar : ENOUGH. .. frst of all my arms r aching I will keep her in sofa n thn will answer ur questions. ..
He keeps her in sofa…n explains everything to Dp… thn doc came n does her fast aid…

Doc : there are many injuries mainly in head pray dat internal injuries na hue ho… I can say further only after she gain conciousness…
Sanskar says sorry for disturbing you late
Doc said actually I was coming here only to congratulate you as DP called me…
N he n Mr Singhania left…
Thn sanskar gave a glare 2 DP n he pouted n murmurs sorry due to excitement. .. ( as sanskar does lyk extra attention…)
Seeing his cute face sanskar laughs…

In hall after 1hr..
DP : sanskar take her to ur room she need rest
San : my room!!!… Wat r u saying.. thn where I will sleep. … I m taking her to guest room…n he lifts her in his arms..
DP: sanky listen.. guest room is in renovation… my room has single bed… Panchi room too have a single bed only ur room left dat too with a double bed. .
San : urggg… ye musibat hi h… huh.. ok..
DP : waise beta ladki khubsurat h hosh aane k baad tumhare riste ki baat karu kya… tum dono ki jori bht acchi lagegi. …

Sanskar gives him a death glare n without answering takes her to his bed room n DP giggles

Sanky’s bed room..
He keeps her on his bed n switch on the lights of the room…
N he gets mesmerised by seeing her..
Sanskar : (in mind) baba was nt wrong even after having a accident she has a charm. … she is. .. she is. .. she is beautiful. … ..maine toh pehle dhyan se dekha hi nhi…bhap what r u saying sanskar shut up u r nt in ur sense sayad drink chad gayi h n har aurat ek daisi hoti h dhokebaaz … ( now says loudly ) … urggg…. she will make me mad… aaj ek din mai ye haal h pata nhi kya hoga aage. .. afat h ye…kal kya. .. kal mai ese ghar pohucha dunga… n afat khatam… ab so ja jaldi uthna h…

N without thnking much he sleeps on the opposite side of the bed. …

In same tym DPs room…
Dp : mujhe q lag raha h yahi ladki mere beete ki zindagi badle gi.. par mai galat hu kal ye apne pariwaar k paas chali jayegi… uff.. mai b pagal hu mujhe unhe paas lane ka ye step lena hi nhi chahiye tha srry sanky aaj tere se pehli baar jhuth bola guest room ka renovation aaj hi complete ho gaya h… ( a tear drop come in his eyes ) par kya karu tumse bht pyaar karta hu hamesha tumhe khush dekhna chahta hu… tumhe kabhi Maa ka pyaar Nhi milla n phir wo kavita ne tumhe tod diya… tumhe aurato pe vishwas karana hoga..  pata nhi ye kaise hoga… par mai tumhe koe false hope nhi dena chahta beta.. so kal se mai uss ladki aur Teri rishteh k baare mai nhi sochunga. .. saying this he dozed off…
How was this ep guys… I thought to introduce the grl bt father son bonding dikhana zaruri tha…hope u can undersrand. ..kal uss mysterygrl ka pata chalega… hope u lyked it..I know it was boring.. n plz suggestions r openly invited…I hope I have nt let you down. ..

Credit to: sujata

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  1. Hi ur ff is woo nice…but type it in English pls…I can’t understand Hindi pls…pls…

    1. Ok friend I will typ in English nxt tym srry for the discomfort. … or else I will give a substitute for hindi dialogue. … plz manage in this ep…n thnx for lyking it

  2. update n english…..cant understand how it s ragsan???i only read swasan bcoz i cant accept ragsan as pair… pls clr it soon…..

    1. Sorry shan for discomfort. … I will write in English from nxt tym… It is swasan. … how it b ragSan too it’s a mystry have patience dude….

  3. Nice… But please don’t make it as Swasan and ragsan at the same time….if it’s swasan keep as Swasan… Cuz ragsan fans will be disheartened after their separation… Just saying… Ur story u know better,..

    1. It will be swasan only. after the mystery revealed thn u will find out it was ragsan too…n their is no separation here… finishing will be happy ending for both fans…If I will reveal more thn no mystery will be left

  4. Interesting

  5. superb.interesting. mujhe srif swasan chaiya….

    1. Yup mou it’s swasan only… u will nt b disheartened. … don’t worry have patience

  6. Thamiazh Magan

    Plz try to be in english…. I couldn’t follow completely.

    1. Sure… thamiazh. … nxt will be comppetely in eng… n keep commenting

  7. amazing waiting for next hey dont get sad we all r enjoying your ff keep writing ur good at it.

    1. Thnx for motivating ritu… will upload nxt by evenING. …..

  8. i think its swara

    1. Let’s c in the nxt chapter riha. …. n thnx for commenting

  9. Gud…. When will you post the next ff?????

    1. Deeksha I will post it by evening…. bt don’t know reviews will take time…

  10. Hai your ff is good, but please try to post it fully in English as am not getting the lines in hindi

    1. Don’t worry monika from nxt ep… It will be in eng…..n if I write in hindi. … its translation will be available

  11. amazing…………..yr,,,,,,,……….

    1. Thnx pooja…. keep liking it

  12. your story line is very nice ,awsm bur eksath do pairs mat karo atleast swasan karo ya ragsan karo but my first preference is swasan
    i’m the biggest fan of swasan so please make swasan

    1. Pair is swasan only… but whn mystery will be revealed thn u will find out dat it was ragsan also at the same time… adi thnx for commenting n I am also a big fan of swasan

  13. it was no at all boring dear….
    rather it was awsm….
    really luvd it…

    1. Thnx janvi for saying it’s nt boring… actually I was really worried writing this ep. …as I thought you ppl will find it boring… n thnx for commenting. .. love you

  14. Awesome sujata di
    Reveal the girl soon

    1. Keep patience shagun girl will be revealed soon…

  15. It was awesome but could you please write in English. Actually whenever I read Hindi stuff in English my brain starts throbbing seriously. Anyways I loved ur ff so much that I’ll probably read it even if its posted in Spanish. Love ya!

    1. Don’t worry anu u will nt face this difficulty next tym….n thnx for lyking it…

      1. Tysm Sujata. Cant wait to read more x x

  16. Omg !!! I love dp’s character …. he rockxx …. update soon 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thnx meher for lyking DPs character. … I was lil nervous on writing him lyk this as he is just opposite in the serial… bt thnx god u lyked him… n keep commenting

    1. Thnx anu Ann. ..

  17. Guys I will upload nXT soonbefore 7 o’clock or even before 6. …. bt don’t know how much tym it will take to be reviewed. …

  18. Lovely epi cant think real dpblike this hihi

    1. I know dev… real Dp is just opposite. … hope u lyked his character. …
      N keep commenting

  19. Awesome dear

    1. Thnx Juan. … continue reading it…

  20. Awesome

    1. Thnx priya. … keep supporting me

  21. Good one yaar….

    1. Thnx sethooty ….. hope u will lyk the nxt too….

  22. It was really very good nd please post the next epi ASAP?

    1. Thnx kavya for loving my ff… I have done the rough work… whn fare is done I will post…. n next will be really a very big ep…. my thumbs were paining after writing it as I write in mobile…..

  23. priya tripathi

    Superb wait for next episode

    1. Thnx priya tripathi I have uploaded the next…go n read it…

  24. Hey Sujata,

    Nice beginning. Just read both of the episodes now. Can you keep the conversation in English, please. When will you update next?

    1. Hii sree … yup next tym u will nt face this difficulty as next ep is full English…. n I have already uploaded the nxt episode. .. hope u will lyk dat too

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