Stay away…. I m nt ur husband!!… (Episode 17)

The episode starts with :
Sanskar was in car driving to home to take swara with him to the party n was really excited…. smiling like an idiot…. whispered….

Sanskar : I can’t wait to see u in my surprise ur face will b worth to watch…. let’s see how my surprise horrifies u…. I still remember last time how u made a fuss of urself by it…. scene was worth watching….. still if I remember the scene I laugh at ur antics…. I m coming soon princess let’s c how u will manage it…. but don’t worry I can’t see u in much trouble so I have a solution too…. n even I m going early…. (watches a packet in side seat )

Sanskar happily arrives at the house…. He was not excited by the party of something like that but by swara’s reaction of his gift…. ??

He hurriedly enters the house…. drawing room was empty as expected as Panchi n DP had gone for evening as every day they do…

Sanskar : ( smirks n whispers himself ) let’s c who will save u as ur whole team is out today….

He runs towards the stairs

Sanskar : ( shouted ) Swara u ready… (in mind) I know u cant b… but let’s play along…

Sanskar : swara… come fast…

No response

Sanskar : swara we r literally getting late… (smirks) come fast…

No response

Sanskaar: ( now worried) Swara. … u there…. reply plz… u r there na….

Still no response….

Now he was hell worried….
Bad thoughts again started to occupy his mind with several questions n no answers….

Has she got her memory?…

Something happened to her??…

Had she had a head spin as doc said it’s common if she gets her memory flashes???…

May b she has gone…. writing a stupid letter like people do??…

There were lot more questions but no answer…. It was getting him more worried…. an every question’s only one answer was popping in his mind…


He without wasting a single moment rushed upstairs because he was panic stricken… about her… sometimes he thinks why is he so overprotective about her but his mind gives the answer….

Because she is the one making all things right in ur life or rather messed up life….. n specially I care because I have faced the situation once in the mall… don’t wanna experience once more….

Again brain popped up…. but u have to face it one day or other…..

Now brushing off his all thoughts he fastened his speed towards THEIR room….

Sanskar : SWARA!!…

Sanskar : swara answer dammit…. swara…

Atlast he reached till the door n banged it open… n the scene infront of him made his eyes wide open n throat dry…. his words even ended up in his mouth….

This is the effect this girl. have on him…. even her one look does this to him…. only he know how has he maintained his sanity even after sharing a bed with her n not doing a thing…. may b his name inspired him… Hmmm… SANSKAR…

She was there infront of mirror in golden glittery ¾th blouse with silver border…. n black damn gorgeous saree which is neatly pinned to her blouse…. n saree with a golden border making it elegant…. It look magnificent in her….

Her eyes smoking black…. Giving it a killer effect…. that make him thought that…. Is she trying to kill me with those eyes….

Her cheeks had blush it’s natural or make up that she knows but that make an inner urge to kiss them….

Her twinkling long earrings that are touching her nape are even lucky than me…. I never thought I will be jealous of an earring…

Her lips had a cherish type pink lipstick….. n her lips…. let’s not talk about it…. It will take my sanity one day….

That leads the eyes to her neck occupied by a single strand simple yet elegant diamond necklace… It makes me remember how stubborn she can b it was too hard to gift her that as from her point of view it was too expensive to be given as a gift…. as if I have sold my kidney to give it to her…. never mind…. but looking that she wore it brought a smile on my face….

That leads to her waist it has a perfect curve just make u forget the world n take her in ur arms…. but… uff. … my life is fill of this buts… I hate the word but….
Waist is adored by a think silver waistband (kamarband ) that makes her look more… umm… s*xy…..

That leads to her long silky black hairs that always pleaded me to run my hands in it…. its now curled up perfectly in lower portion… she looks even prettier in curls… that is now kept on right shoulder…

Atlast her back… that milky back like made up of pearl… Make me feel like giving trails of kisses on them…. hey hey hey… control sanskar….
She looked the most gorgeous women he has ever seen… she always looks pretty gorgeous fabulous words are less for her…

People say when we fall in love our love whatever she wears however she looks will always be the most beautiful women in the world… even swara seems to be the most beautiful woman in his life… that means is m i in love again….

No no!! No… its not the thing I m over thinking…. It can’t b… yup… I m over thinking… she is beautiful then of course will look beautiful to me na… haan… she is genuinely beautiful that’s why I think so…

Swara : sirf ghuro hi rahoge… madat kar do ( u will stare only…. come n help me…)

Then he comes to land from his fairy land after seeing her in that black saree….
Then reality strike him…. He saw her struggling from her Dore(thread that is to tie in the blouse) she kept one end in her mouth other on her left hand n with right hand she is trying to tie them…

While seeing her struggle bought a chuckle from him… but she looks cute….

Yup! Indeed…. but u can only do is to see….

Swara : u r laughing at me…. (glaring at me)

Sanskar : seems like u were so busy that u didn’t respond to my shouts… ( best thing in swara’s case is to divert the topic or it will never end)

Swara : Arre u cant see i m busy….

Sanskar : ( chuckled ) yup… I can see… like this u will try na them we will not be able to go until secnd reunion…

Swara : so… Mr. Over intelligent…. plz come forward n help me… or I will give u an application letter….

Sanskar : no no… Mrs maheshwari…. Mr. Maheshwari is always at ur service….

Swara : that sounds good….

He came forward… but he was not aware that it was going to be really difficult… For him to just concentrate on his task…

He came near her n his breath was landing on her neck… He can easily see that her body stiffened…. means she also has effect of his presence….

Swara : umm… hmm… Sanskar…

Sanskar : ( concentrating on his work n watching her moves) hmm…

Swara : vo…

Sanskar : ( smirks ) haan bolo na shona (say na shona ) seems like u r the one who now starting vo radio…

Swara : aa… hmm… (saw that sanskar tied the thread n so she turned towards sanskar n sanskar kept his hand around her neck) soo…

Sanskar : ( slowly ) soo…
Swara : ( more slowly ) soo…

Sanskar : ( husky voice ) sooooo….

Swara : sooooo…. u…

Sanskar : hmm… me…

Swara : u…

Sanskar : haan me…

Swara : u own n apology to me… (she removed his hands around her n started to laugh )

Sanskar : ( then land in reality n sighs n slaps himself mentally for going in flow n losing self control ) hmm….umm… let me know why apology…

Swara : vo bcoz staring is wrong Mr. Maheshwari….

Sanskar : ooo.. aayesa kya ( is that so)..

Swara : yup…. any doubt…

Sanskar : ( sanskar comes forward n swara’s body again stiffens he come near her ear n swara was breathing heavily ) but dear when the person is ur husband it’s called admiring not ogling or staring….

Sanskar then removes his face n she was like in the same position he smiles seeing the effect he haves on her…

Sanskar : now it seems u r in dream land Mrs. Maheshwari….

Swara : ( comes In reality) umm.. naah… nothing like dat… don’t fly high will fall down with same intensity )

Sanskar : we will c… because if we will not take the risk then how will we reach our destination which destiny has written….

Swara was going to answer back but sanskar’s eyes caught a thing…..

Sanskar : ( shocked ) how u did this…???..

Swara : what… (but later understood…) ohh. .. This. .. its talent Mr.

Sanskar : no u were not able to do this earlier na… I still remember….

Swara : Mr. Dumb maheshwari… what u think u will give me a saree n will get entertainment…. n will make fun of me…. haan…

{ so this was the surprise sanskar was talking about if u remember the earlier episode swara was not able to wear saree..}

Sanskar : u know me too well ( sheepishly smiling n scratching his head) but how u did this….

Swara : (walked towards dressing table n took her phone n showed him) Sanskar it’s called mobile n it has a app called you tube u know…. In which videos are there to wear a saree…. I think u got it…

Sanskar : ( smiles) so technology freak Mrs. Maheshwari…. but I bought a gown too as an alternative…. I bought this saree casually without much interest but it looks fabulous on u… I will return the gown…

Swara : ( blushes ) thanks for the compliment sanskar…. umm… don’t return the gown if u have bought it with very much interest I will change the dress… is that okkk… its in car na I m going to take it…

She was going but he hold her wrist….

Sanskar : no… wait u look awesome in it don’t change….

Swara : ok…

Sanskar : now only one thing is left…

Swara : what? ?.. ( watches herself from top to bottom ) I m toh ready….

Sanskar : hmm… but ( he takes her to the dressing table n make her sit on the stool… ) this is left…

He takes a pinch of Sindoor n makes her apply on her head… He looks n see swara is hesitating… He gives a what look n in return she gives a smile that doesn’t touch her eyes….. she closed her eyes when he applied the Sindoor…. n then took the Mangalsutra an adored her neck with the black beads chain…

She turned n he looked at those eyes which were little moist now….

Sanskar gave a what look… swara shook her head as nothing… but said…

Swara : frst time u took a action as if I m ur wife not only a friend… so little overwhelmed… come I m going…

Sanskar stood there soaking her world n he hit his hand in wall with frustrating… shit why I always have no control on my self control… shit…. dammit sanskar one day u will screw every thing up…. I m telling u….

He went to freshen up n went downstairs….

In the car most part of the journey was silence just some exchange in glances n some romantic song on the radio… that even irked him… why every thing is so romantic today it’s raining outside n inside romantic songs n with my assumed wife who is the most beautiful woman for me… why god is hell bend to take my sanity today…

Now I can just pray to god that give me power to maintain my self control… but I feel like soon i will do something stupid that I will regret later….

Just swara should not hate me…

Now I wana shout pls swara STAY AWAY… I M NT UR HUSBAND!!… because whatever I will do u will not oppose me as u r thing it’s my right….

N those lovingly look u give me makes it even more difficult for me to avoid u….

But God did a small blessing for sanskar as they reached the venue but this blessing didn’t last long…

As they sanskar stepped out from the car in full black form… n opened the door for swara…. they were around media flashes soon were surrounded by media all over…. this was very scary for Swara she clutched sanskar’s hand tightly… sanskar was surprised because he was not expecting them…. He cursed under his breath…. n there aimless question only worked as a fuel in the fire…

Sir… is she ur girlfriend? ?….

U r having an affair with her?…

But we heard u hate women??..

Is she only the mystery girl we found earlier with u??..

From how long u both r dating??..

But she has Sindoor n Mangalsutra??.. she is married??.. she is having an extramarital affair with you….??…

After this question sanskar saw swara her eyes were filled with tears n were brimming to come anytime… This was it for sanskar…

Sanskar : just shut up…. u don’t have any work other than involving in our personal life…

One reporter : then why r u hiding her from world… If it’s so pious? ?..

Sanskar : just shut up… shut up… I have heard a lot now no word against her… u will not b able to see mike n camera again… u wanna know na who is she. .. then listen…. she is my WIFE…

All became silent…. when lion is roaring then jungle has to b silent…

Sanskar : yup… u heard it right… she is my wife… MRS. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI… ( kept his hand on swara’s waist ) n this Mangalsutra n Sindoor is of my name… now if u wana continue ur career plz leave….

He then looked at his security general who with more few bodyguard was protecting him with swara…

Sanskar : Akhil (security general ) take all the memory cards from their camera’s no photos should b leaked.. is that clear…

Akhil : no worries Sir…

He started to move with traumatised swara…. supporting with keeping his hand on her waist possessively…..

N now bodyguards were indulged in the media people to snatch their cameras….

One reporter was giving report : so the mystery girl is found to b Mrs sanskar maheshwari… Mr SM was very possessive about her…. it has been ordered to snatch all cameras it seems like a love Marriage… so the news is that kolkata’s one of the most eligible bachelor is hooked up don’t know when it all happened it was an secret affair… now they have come in a party and…

Before he could finish the news one bodyguard took camera from the camera man… not giving any heads to pleads n cries…

Tada… completed this chapter uff… atlast…
How’s was the chapter…
Hope u liked it… little asanskari sanskar….
U will get little only now…
Secnd ep will have confrontation with past…. u know only who… n who don’t know will get to know ok…
Now a days are so boring no single scene of swasan as if directors have forgotten there is swasan also… just hate it… when TRP will come low na then they will understand… huh… dying to see one jhalak of swasan… waise loved helly’s performance… I just was thinking it will b so good na if varun comes to motivate helly… like once radhika had gone to motivate shakti… n some more tv couple do so…
But alas hamari acchi kismat kaha….
N haan don’t forget to leave comment…

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